Babolat Synthetic Gut 16 String Natural Customer feedback

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Comments: I strung Babolat Synthetic Gut 16 in my Microgel Radical MP at 54/52 lbs. I generally play with a full bed of polyester so this felt quite nice and soft. The ball pocketing was pretty good -- there was good power and just enough spin for me. Control is surprisingly good for an elastic string. Durability, as expected, was its main weak point, lasting me about 14 hours before snapping. Overall, a nice value string that could work well in a full bed as well as a hybrid.
From: SN, 11/16

Comments: This could be one of the worst strinngs. It moves like mad and therefore you really lose the control. When I said move, it really moves!
From: TT, 9/16

Comments: This string seemed very well at first, very fresh. On the 3rd week I was hitting a serve at around 50 mph and it broke. Now I want to switch back to Volkl Cyclone.
From: Charles, 5/15

Comments: Love this string. I've compared it now to other multi filaments including Wilson NXT, Wilson's Gamma and Babolat Xcel. These 3 strings I combined with Big Banger, but the Synthetic Babolat I strung alone. In my opinion the synthetic Babolat by itself played better than all the others combo'd with BigBanger. There's a nice pop with the synthetic that I didn't feel with the others. But still you have plenty of control. I strung all the racquets at around 50 lbs. This synthetic Babolat is a really good string and I'll stick with it.
From: Charlie, 1/15

Comments: I used these strings for the mains in my hybrid and they broke in a week. Decent before they broke, but I wouldn't recommend it.
From: Tyler, 8/13

Comments: I am not a very advanced player and have just started stringing a few months ago, but I found if you cannot generate your own power these strings do help. I use them in the crosses with a poly in the mains and it softens up the bed and gives you a little more pop. Along with Gamma Zo Twist or Big Banger Rough it works pretty well.
From: Dustin, 7/13

Comments: I just bought my new Babolat AeroPro Drive yesterday and I strung it with Babolat Synthetic Gut 16 on 57 lbs. I played with it first time today in the morning and seriously I am shocked with disappointment. The strings never feel like they have been strung at 57 lbs because they move so much after every stoke that you got to re- arrange them again and again. They have very little control and almost null comfort. The feel is nowhere to be found. The only good thing about the strings was some power and durability. I would not recommend these strings to anyone.
From: Jafar, 6/12

Comments: These strings are terrible.Power: these strings are not very powerful, I've played with other synthetics by Prince and Wilson and these simply do not match up. Control: there is none, the strings move so much that the ball is literally unpredictable. Spin with these strings was non existent. Durability: I broke these strings in under 5 hours of play. Value: low value.
From: John, 5/12

Comments: I love this string for power! That being said I would not use it as mains and crosses. I use it along with RPM Blast or Red Code. Comfort is average, spin is low to moderate, power is where this string really shines. I had a oversized head and did experience some tension loss at about 3 weeks. I actually have some on my main racquet right now.
From: Zach. 7/11

Comments: These strings came with my Wilson BLX Tempest 4 and I hate them. The ball feels like it's sliding off. I also get shoulder pain. After 3 months of playing with these strings, I'm going back to my stringer to get something else.
From: Jean. 5/11

Comments: The replacement of Super Fine Play changed not just the name, but feel as well. This string is a bit stiffer than the old SFP it replaced, which is actually a good thing for the frames that I'm using. It still has good feel and a fair price tag. It works wonder for my 2nd-tier racquets like K Tour, EXO3 Black, BLX 6.1 Team as main. Noticed these frames have unconventional string holes, which requires stiffer string to counter the string flex movement and maintain control.
From: Jack, MD, USA, 12/10

Comments: Worst strings I have ever used. If you're returning a kick serve, just 1 shot will move every string out of place. It was ridiculous. My friends got extremely annoyed because I had to move at least 6 strings between every point. Then you'd think the power, feel, control, or spin would be good as a tradeoff, but that's wrong. Everything else was subpar as well. I understand these strings were very cheap but they're still not worth the money.
From: Jimmy, USA. 09/09

Comments: This string moves like crazy and is tough on the arm. There is very little comfort. My friend played with this string for a couple of hours and experienced shoulder pain. The spin potential is just average. Power to control ratio is good. After about 3 weeks, whether you broke the string or not, it's time to cut it out and restring. The strings move so much, all of your control is gone. For the money, you can get something better. Try Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex or Prince Original Synthetic Gut. You'll be much happier. Strung on a Dunlop M-fil 500 at 58 lbs.
From: Anon. 08/09

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