Babolat Syntec Replacement Grips Customer feedback

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Comments: I was a former user of the now-discontinued Prince DuraTac grips, which for me were the best I had ever used. When they were axed, I tried just about everything under the sun but never found the same feel and feedback. Then I chanced upon the Syntec, and was sad no more. Like the DuraTac, it has just the right heft, just the right tack, and just the right feel. It even improves upon the one minus of the DuraTac, longevity. I routinely get an extra few months out of the Syntec. Thanks Babolat and as always, thanks TW!
From: Liam, 8/12

Comments: This is the best grip that I've tried so far. It has the right tackiness and feel in my opinion. It's a perfect combination with my RG Aeropro Drive Gt. The issue with the grip is that the white version gets dirty easily. What I do is I clean it with bleach.
From: Angela, 2/12

Comments: Too bulky to give you that precise bevel feel that you get with leather or skin feel grip. On the other hand, this grip is very cushioned and comfortable and has a medium tack that is hard to beat. Note, this grip is about 3 or 4 grams more than most synthetic grips and also adds about 1/2 size to your grip. I've found you can pull it really tight to flatten it out a bit (not much but some) anyway, worth a try if you looking for comfort and a nice tack for sweaty hands. If you're a young gun, flat bellied, pro "wanna be", then give up the comfort grips and get a skin feel or leather grip. For my 43 year old self, comfort is the answer. Thanks Babolat.
From: Nate

Comments: I bought the Babalot Bure Drive racquet and within a dozen times of slight use the grip ripped. I believe there is a quality issue with the Babalot grip and will replace it with a different brand.
From: Jim. 08/11

Comments: When I first put on this grip the pillow feel was amazing! It feels as if I got a new Babolat racquet. The sweat absorbing was also great. I recommend it to anyone who needs a replacement grip but sweats profusely in the hands.
From: Andy, 8/11

Comments: VERY GOOD GRIP... Black is the only way to go if you don't want to SEE the dirt. My pinky finger and that half of my hand sweat a lot, so this grip stays tacky and is not bulky, it really good feel. So, if you want a tacky grip that feels good, I say "Syntec."
From: Steve, Plymouth Meeting, PA, USA. 09/10

Comments: I used overgrip (Wilson Pro) on top of this replacement grip. I like the feel of leather grip more, but I started to getting pain after few hours of tennis each time (with leather grip). This grip is really comfortable, it does lose some feel when compare with the leather grip, but I would rather lose some of the feel and save my arm without getting injury. I highly recommend this grip for people who look for extra cushion and arm-friendly grip.
From: Jack, Denver, CO, USA, 09/10

Comments: This is a great grip. I have used it several times, first when it came with my Babolat pure drive, for some reason it came with a blue grip and it worked fine. The blue grip got dirty though after about 2 weeks worth of everyday tennis. It has just the right amount of thickness, not too thick but still no over grip was needed. The white grip gets really dirty after about 3 days playing tennis but pretty much all white grip is like that, the grip lasted good for about a month of every day tennis. I would get the black grip unless you are willing to buy new white grip every 2-4 uses because of how dirty it gets.
From: Josh, OH USA 03/10

Comments: Awesome grip! Tacky, but not too tacky. Comfortable, but doesn't take feel away. Thick, but does not require an overgrip. The tack stays even when sweaty. However, as a white grip (and others below have mentioned) it gets dirty really quickly. Mine came with the aeropro drive GT in white, and it got very dirty within 10 hours. I would recommend getting this grip in black. This grip is also fairly absorbent, and even if your hands get super sweaty there is still enough tack/grip so it doesn't feel like its going to fly out of your hands. Again, awesome grip, highly recommended.
From: London, Ontario. 03/10

Comments: Best grip out there. Feels perfect with my Babolat AeroPro Drive. I use a VS overgrip for added feel and keeps it clean ;)Try It!
From: Patrick, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 3/10

Comments: Some people think that it is too cushy, that is what I think too. I unwrapped it from my racket and pulled it while wrapping it back. It will have more solid feel. I did that to decrease the thickness too since I switched from Babolat Vs Original Overgrip to Wilson Pro Overgrip which is much thicker.
From: Praj, Jakarta, Indonesia 12/09

Comments: This is one of the best grips you can get. Yeah it gets dirty but who cares? What do you expect from a white grip? Overall the best grip you can get.Try it trust me you'll like it.
From: Dominic, Lima, Ohio, USA. 6/09

Comments: This grip is the best one out there!! It last a long time although it gets dirty after a while but still a good grip!
From: Tyler, CA, USA, 05/09

Comments: Not for me. It was slippery and too cushy and the white gets gross after just a few days of playing. I recommend the Wilson Micro Dry Comfort. It's very tacky and lasts a lot longer than the Syntec. I play with the AeroPro Drive and it still wasn't as good as the Wilson.
From: Pete, Boston, MA. 3/09

Comments: Honestly, this Syntec grip always slips out of my hand, especially when I brush the ball for topspin stroke. It moves a bit and causes many errors on my hits.
From: Helta, Jakarta, Indonesia. 3/09

Comments: Nice feel to it, has pretty good comfort/cushion level. Not as tacky as advertised, but overall I'm pleased with it.
From: Corey, Coral Springs, FL. 11/07

Comments: Unbelievably comfortable. The best tennis grip I've ever played with.Try it, I dare you.
From: Richie, Dublin,Ireland. 11/07
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I've been looking for a replacement grip that doesn't slip when my hand gets sweaty. I've tried many different grips and I have been using Tournagrip. This works well, but gives me blisters when I play a lot. I thought I'd give the Syntec a try, and it works brilliantly. No slippage yesterday when it was 85 degrees, and it feels like blisters won't be a problem. I don't know how Babolat did it, but I'm sold.
From: Ken, Boulder, CO, USA, 05/07

Comments: Amazing grip! I use a Babolat Aero drive racquet and have tried other grips but none are as this one. I play 3-5 days a week and the grip last me about three months. Very tacky, absorbent, and durable.
From: Cody, MT, USA, 02/07

Comments: One of the best grips I have ever used. It came on my pure drive when I bought it and it wore out and I put Wilson grips on it. The Wilson grips weren't very good and I much prefer this grip. Works wonders with the pure drive. Highly recommend it.
From: Eric, Edmonds, WA, USA. 11/06

Comments:Best grip I have ever used. I demoed a Pure Drive with this on it and I must say, it was amazing. It had the best, soft feel to it that was so addicting. The moisture absorption was amazing, it never slipped in my hands, and didn't dirty up or rip.
From: Jud, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 11/06

Comments: I just bought a Babolat racket and traditionally play with a leather grip but the Syntec grip that came on the racket was so nice I've totally changed my opinion and I don't even need an overgrip because the grip stays tacky no matter how much wear there is.
From: Tyler, Chicago, IL, U.S. 6/06

Comments: This grip is a great grip for any tennis players who maintain a firm grip on the handle. It is tacky, absorbs sweat brilliantly but it also can give you blisters. Overall, not a bad grip. I have one on my Pure Drive which I received on Friday and I must say the Syntec grip and Pure Drive are a good combination. If you were thinking of buying this grip then I would get it but there are better grips out there like the Wilson Micro-Dry Comfort.
From: Gavin, Glasgow, UK. 12/05

Comments: Not as tacky as some grips, but has a pretty good feel to it. Wears out really fast for me. I tear through the rubber after 2-3 matches. It has a little more durability than an OVERGRIP. Also it leaves black imprints on my hands. I wouldn't recommend this.
From: Dominika, NY, USA 11/05

Comments: A horrible grip. Not absorbent and always slips out of my hand. The Syntec overgrip is better, but still not very good.
From: Trevor, TX, USA. 08/04

Comments: This is the best grip out there. It fits perfectly with my Babolat Pure Drive tennis racquet. This is the grip for real tennis players.
From: Ashley, Scottsdale, AZ, USA. 08/04

Comments: This replacement grip is the best. It lasts a while and is really tacky and absorbent. I would really recommend this to anyone. It really goes well with Babolat racquets, though.
From: Adam, CA, USA. 4/04

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