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Comments: I bought a used Volkl PB 10 with 4 1/2 grip size which was slightly too large for me (I'm most comfortable at a 4 3/8). I removed the standard grip and replaced it with the Babolat Skin Feel to lower the grip size without altering the handle itself. This was very successful. The grip size now fits just like a 4 3/8 with the Skin Feel on it. The grip itself it very slick, just the right amount of comfort, and doesn't have tough ridges which I prefer. My one knock is that I do not use an overgrip and the Babolat Skin Feel lacks tackiness that keeps my hand firmly on the grip. Once I start sweating, the grip feels very slick, so I have to wipe my hands and the handle regularly. It can be a hassle but I feel its worth it to have the right feeling grip size.
From: Jeremy, 6/16

Comments: This grip was first purchased to reduce grip size but later I realized I liked the feel better than over grips due to reminiscing genuine leather feel and getting rid of the irritating ridges that you get with an over grip, but with great grip instead of the sometimes slippery feel that leather has. The grip has a great feel and feedback. Highly recommended!
From: Christian, 5/16

Comments: Best grip I have used for my situation. I used to not use overgrips and really liked the Wilson Hybrid. But after spending a lot of money replacing grips as I would change them out after about 8 hours of use or so, I decided to start using overgrips as they are much much cheaper. The only problem was I have small hands and adding an overgrip to a Wilson grip made it feel too big. The Skin Feel grip really lets you feel the bevels even with an overgrip. Can't really speak to the tackiness as I always use an overgrip (the VS grip). I have smaller hands and this grip plus the Babolat VS overgrip plays like a regular grip.
From: Brian, 2/14

Comments: This is definitely my favorite grip. It accentuates the bevels in the handle, and very slightly brings down the size about 1/2. I use it on by Babolat AeroPro Drive and use a Wilson Pro overgrip. I love this set up. Try it.
From: Dan, 10/11

Comments: If you are having issues due to buying a grip size that is too large, then this is probably the overgrip for you. I bought a 5/8 racquet that feels like a 3/8 (even with my over grip) thanks to this stock grip and now have to buy a replacement Babolat Syntec replacements to get it back up to a 5/8. As I mentioned before if you are trying to reduce grip size this is the one for you. Otherwise I would suggest looking elsewhere.
From: Don, 9/11

Comments: Have you ever had that "I bought a grip size too big" feeling? This is the only replacement grip that solves that problem. Applied tightly and tautly, Babolat Skin Feel definitely reduces the size compared to whatever your original-fit grip. I prefer 1 plus over grip on my racquets but when I applied a Skin Feel grip to it, it is still marginally too thick, so I'd have to use it without an over grip to achieve my desired size but your grip design may vary to mine. I thought it came packaged with micro-thin plastic surface wrapping but it was merely the product's very shiny black finish; it doesn't feel tacky first up but with sweaty use it becomes tacky enough.
From: Herman, 7/11

Comments: Best grip I have ever used. It has great bevel definition. I've always had the problem of the regular grip being fine but getting too thick when adding an overgrip. The skin grip is so thin that when I do add the OG it brings it up to my ideal size. I never thought I would give up leather but this did it.
From: Rob, Seattle, WA, USA, 11/10

Comments: I bought this grip based on customer reviews. I never thought a replacement grip can bring a change to my game. This grip perfected my strokes. I always struggled to change from continental to semi-western grip when while facing a service return. Now it disappeared. Also I found it tough to find the right grip for slice backhand, it is now gone. Awesome grip, great feel. Suits me perfectly. I want Babolat to keep producing it. Will buy few more soon.
From: Anon. 10/10

Comments: The surface of this grip is basically a Gamma Hi-Tech clone. It is, however, rather thin and very little cushion behind that. If one is looking for downsizing the grip size, this is one of the two choices I recommend.
From: Jack, Maryland, U.S. 7/10

Comments: Really thin and firm. Not quite as tacky as some, but tack is hanging in there very well at 10+ hours. If your grip is too big this is a great option as a replacement. Without overgrip it reduced my handles by nearly a full size. With overgrip it's still, as other reviewers have mentioned, smaller than original leather grip. Feel is tacky, smooth and firm with excellent bevel definition. Without overgrip, it feels like a leather grip combined with a tacky overgrip. Add an overgrip and you've got a very firm and tacky alternative to leather + overgrip but a size almost 1 full size down from that route.
From: Corners, 03/10

Comments: This is the best grip I have used to date. It really accentuates the bevels to the max. If you like a rock hard feel to your handle, and need to feel the bevels, this grip is for you.. I coupled this with the Babolat VS overgrip, which is paper thin, and i have my new set up.. I used to feel somewhat uncertain about where my hand was on my handle when switching to my semi-western forehand position, but this set up has given me enough feel to be confident when rotating my hand, in fractions of a second.. It truly allows the user to be more aggressive.. Buy it.
From: Danny, Long Branch, N.J. US 03/10

Comments: Used these on 3 Tecnifibre 320 rackets. I like them a lot. I use a Gamma Supreme overgrip over the Babolat Skin Feel grip and it works great. You still have fairly sharp bevels and the end thickness feels slightly smaller than the original Tecnifibre 3/8 grip - that's Gamma overgrip plus Babolat Skin Feel feels a tad smaller than manufacturer's standard grip. Durability is good but the overgrip protects the Babolat Skin Feel Grip. Just change the overgrip when it wears out, and you can keep the Babolat on for a few months with this approach.
From: Chris, Atlanta, GA USA 02/10

Comments: Bought 2 of these to replace the grips on my sons new Youteks as these seem to come with a really thick cushioned grip and for a grip size 3 made the grip seem really large. The skin feel really worked when applying you could see the bevels more, put an overgrip on top and grip size seems spot on. Really glad that we found these.
From: Gary, Sutton England 01/10

Comments: My favorite grip of all time. Lowers the grip size by between 1/2 and a full size depending on what you are switching from. Offers great feel of the bevels.
From: Anon, 10/09

Comments: My favorite grip by far. Extremely thin - thinner than leather and you can feel the bevels even better vs. a leather grip. Reduces by about 1/2 a size...e.g. a 4 3/8" with this grip and an overgrip is 4 3/8". Outstanding.
From: Steve, Lincoln, NE, USA, 10/09

Comments: Awesome grip; if you feel like there's no replacing leather with an overgrip on it in the feel department give this thing a try. Simply replace the leather keep the overgrip and you won't go back-ever. I didn't believe it either but after a month everything is still great.
From: Julian, Farmington, MI, USA, 10/09
18g syn gut @ 60 lbs
4.0-4.5 NTRP

Comments: Compared with the Babolat Syntec grip, this grip lowers the grip size by almost a full size.
From: Anon. 9/09

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