Babolat Sonic Damp Blue (Single) Customer feedback

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Comments: These Babolat dampeners fit great on the Prince EXo3 or O3 racquets. I know it's cross dressing but the pointy end slides right into the port so it never slides out. The EXO sticks already whistles and this just makes it even more prominent. It freaks some of my opponents out because they wonder how I could be possibly swinging so fast. It feels as good as another 2 string dampener, but I wish it came in other colors.
From: Tom, 1/13

Comments: This is a great dampener. I get all the kids I coach to use it as it notifies them whether or not they are accelerating through their swing. I would recommend this for the learner, not the advanced player.
From: James, 8/12

Comments: I found it very annoying. When it flight away during the game I realized that my Babolat Pure Drive 2012 became more sensible. I'm going to play without any dampeners.
From: Ramil, 4/12

Comments: Great dampener. Mutes my Babolat Pure storm GT, as much as my Novak Head shocker, but doesn't reduce shock as much. It has a pretty high shock absorption, but not enough compared to full dampen designs. The whistle part is a training thing. If you hear the whistle, you have a proper swing, and if you don't hear it, you didn't have a proper swing. Definitely giving it to my kids as they are developing their strokes.
From: Jayson, 12/11

Comments: The whistle thing is kind of cool, but this thing will not stay on my racquet! It usually goes flying off within minutes of play. I would not recommend.
From: Jared, 12/11

Comments: I found this to be one of the most annoying things ever. The whistle sound is too much to handle, I had to take it off.
From: Anon, 7/11

Comments: The shock dampener was definitely a very good shock reliever. But at some times it does annoy my coach and he always tells me to take it off, but it's that good of a shock dampener I don't listen to him! My coach can hear it because he always stands next to me, but the whistle is a very good gauge on how hard you are swinging. Overall I will rate this shock a 10/10!
From: Jason, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 01/11

Comments: I got this on my Babolat Pure Drive Roddick and it was cool having the whistle but I didn't think it was changing much on vibration so one time it fell off and I tried hitting with it and it vibrated a million times more than before and I couldn't volley. Good, great dampener I recommend you guys who are reading this to buy it
From: Richie, Rockport, TX, USA, 01/11

Comments: With its main intention to reduce vibration, it's really good. But one thing: it's always getting thrown away by my Babolat pure drive Roddick; I don't know where to position it ahaha I just followed the picture at the back portion... and now still a problem.
From: Lawrenz, Philippines, 07/10

Comments: At first I thought it was strange to hear the whistle sound when I swung, but got used to it quickly. Now I think I would miss gives you a sense of swing speed.
From: Karen, Oakwood, Ohio, USA. 01/10

Comments: Great dampener. Not so muted that it loses feel, like other dampeners. Love the whistling sound. It gives me a gauge on whether I am swinging fast enough!
From: Anon. 10/09

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