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Comments: Chronic arm problems for me, I generally hate everything Babolat, but have to admit that this helps. I use very thin duct tape wrapped around it to secure tightly to the frame so it doesn't move. It's pretty heavy though, imagine adding 6g of lead at 6 o'clock, because that's basically what you're doing.
From: Anonymous, 7/16

Comments: By the way, I do not believe in arm protection by any dampener. Impact is harmful, not the vibrations. If you have TE, try a head-light stick that weigh more than 12 ounces, 65 stiffness or lower, and put in natural gut at mid tension. But if you like your racquet very well dampened, as I do, put in this dampener. It gives me a much better feel for the ball. And the low position does not "break up" the consistency of the string bed, as most others do that you have to push up against the first cross string to get the effect and keep it in place. Definitely recommended.
From: Andrew, 2/16

Comments: Heavier than most dampeners which is what I wanted. Great at reducing vibrations. Doesn't move if installed correctly. Terrible durability; splits down the middle probably from frequent restringing.
From: Rogue, 2/16

Comments: I bought two of these for my son and I. They work good but the durability is poor. One of ours split in less than 2 months. They also tend to move and need to be pushed down. If you string your racquets often, they won't last long because taking them off and on will put stress on them until they split. I can't justify paying the price for these again even though they feel good.
From: Barney, 9/15

Comments: I believe this thing actually does prevent some vibrations from being transmitted to your arm. Using it on my APD and it has reduced some minor shoulder pain.
From: Anon, 1/15

Comments: I installed this on my Babolat Drive Z Lite since it's a very light racquet with a lot of vibration in off hits. While it does the job of dampening well there was a noticeable increase in weight and the balance of the racquet was re- shifted, hence I lost control. The solid metal piece in the dampener is what makes it so heavy.
From: Melvin, 11/14

Comments: I am using it on my Babolat Play Pure Drive and in my opinio it is a good dampner. It doesn't move much, and it doesn't fly away on a bad hit so you have to search the entire court to find a small piece of rubber. I'm happy with it!
From: Gustavo, 10/14

Comments: It is great dampener. I have about 6 or 7 of these. Only problem I have is the rubber quality. It will break into two pieces from the middle. One of them have broken into two pieces, another is going to soon.
From: Ming, 4/14

Comments: Very good dampener. But it moves when it is not on a Babolat racquet. Also, it eliminates a lot of vibrations. It's 100% worth it.
From: Matt, 11/13

Comments: The Babolat RVS Dampener is a winner! I purchased one to help dampen my 2013 Babolat Aero Pro Drive+ which is a very stiff frame. I will be purchasing two more today. This dampener is a must for players with arm problems. The reason? It dampens shock and vibration from a racquet's strings and frame (on most racquets even on mishits)! It's designed so that the curved rubber makes contact with the bottom of the hoop of the racquet to dampen the frame. The metal on the dampener (which makes no contact with anything) then dissipates the shock. Unlike other reviewers, I found that this dampener greatly improved the feel of my APD+. There are two downsides to the Babolat RVS. For one, it tends to do its job best only on certain racquets. I installed it on some of my other racquets, and it provided almost no change for the feel of the stringbed (it did still dampen frame vibrations). On raquets with more open string spacing of the 4 middle mains (Yonnex in particular), I found that the RVS could easily slide up and lose contact with the frame. Hence, the RVS is clearly designed for use in Babolat racquets. My answer to dampening the stringbed on certain frames was to use the RVS in conjunction with a traditional "O" ring dampener. On most racquets: I found a 2-dampener setup to provide the best combination of shock absorption from both the strings and the frame while still providing all of the feel I need for precise, powerful hitting. 8.5 out of 10 stars! I would highly recommend the RVS. Try one for yourself and you will be glad you did.
From: Steve, 11/13

Comments: No way someone claims it moves; it actually stays and won't move a bit, nor break. I wonder if you guys put it on correctly. It delivers what it is meant to deliver: dampens whatever hits the string and racquet. If you like a dampened feel, go ahead and test hit some balls with it.
From: Ira, 6/13

Comments: I had a severe case of tennis elbow and other dampeners didn't help me. True to its name, it dampened vibrations of the racquet not the string. Actually the string vibrations are needed to get good feel on the ball. The result is good feel and control but the racquet will not hurt at all when you hit the ball. Thank you Babolat for creating the first useful dampener in history.
From: Rohan, 4/13

Comments: This dampener is amazing. I found it at Omega Sports and decided to give it a try. True, it's just Babolat ripping off the findings of another company, but it works. I have tennis elbow, so I'll take anything that lessens the deep frame vibration. This won't take the shock out of, say, a RZR 100T, but it will take a little bit of the sting off. It doesn't silence conventional string vibrations, but hey, that's not its job. It's called the Racquet Vibration System for a reason.
From: Jack, 7/12

Comments: I use this dampener and love it but I use it up-side-down by affixing the bottom of the dampener to the lowest cross string so that it comes into contact with the lowest cross string as well as 4 or 5 main strings. The metal tip is pointing down rather than up. For the dampener to best dampen (silence the strings) it needs to come into contact with the bottom cross string as well as main strings.
From: JD, 5/12

Comments: I like the idea of how this stays at the bottom of the racquet so I decided to give it a try. But it does not work. It is nowhere near the Babolat Custom Damp (solid inside). I got elbow pain after one night of hitting. Going back to the original Babolat Custom Damp.
From: Brian, 2/12

Comments: This is a fantastic dampener! I use it with my Dunlop 500 tour and it almost kills all the vibration. However, like some guy here, it keep moving up and down. My solution: put a rubber band and this dampener at the same time. The rubber band keeps this dampener in place while make the racquet even more arm friendly.
From: Drake, 11/11

Comments: I really think this is a very good dampener compared with other dampener (It never comes off). I have used the RVS in my AeroPro Drive GT for a year, the feel is very good. If you have a good hit on the sweet spot you almost don't need to correct the position of your RVS.
From: Juan Pablo, Bogota, Colombia, 7/11

Comments: Wow what a great dampener! It stays put and won't fall off. I'm so happy; all the others would always fall off. The Gamma Shockbuster was also great until it busted and got stuff all over my string. This one is the best damper I've had. Good job!
From: Carlos. 6/11

Comments: I like this dampener. I feel no vibrations on my racquet but the problem is that I have to adjust it after each time I hit the ball.
From: Srin. 5/11

Comments: How do people write in and say this rides up, or comes off ? The design prevents that even with 17 and 18 gauge string. I am baffled at the comments. I can hit the ball a ton and it has never moved at all. It does what it says. It's a dampener and a rubber band will dampen the 2 main stings vibration. This one does the 4 mains and rests on the frame and deadens the frame shock. Some players like that, some do not. But for sure it stays put. Does it make one play better, NO. Just the feel is different. Better? dead? For me it works. The sound the racquet make is a thud, pop.
From: Mark, USA. 4/11

Comments: Bad, I use the RVS dampener on my Pure Drive GT, at first, this dampener does great, and does what is claims to do, it absorbs a lot of the string vibration, and also a little frame vibration. What made me hate this dampener is that it rides up every single point, it rides up at least half an inch every point I play, and I'm not even a very hard hitter. If you enjoy moving the dampener down every point I really recommend this dampener, otherwise, keep looking.
From: Santiago, Falls Church, VA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Does this work on any Babolat racket?
From: Nickyy, Albany, NY, USA, 01/11
(Nickyy, yes, this dampener will work on any racquet.--TW Staff)

Comments: I really have no idea how you can break this dampener!! This dampener is amazing no vibration in your hand when you miss hit the ball! And it rarely comes off, maybe other people aren't putting it on right! But this is an overall amazing dampener!
From: Matt, Morrisonville, NY, USA, 01/11

Comments: I bought this dampener after the regular ones kept flying away from my racquet every time I hit the ball too low (off the sweet spot). With this one I never had this issue and it also works great. I own a Babolat Pure Drive and this has been my favorite dampener since I bought it.
From: Marcelo, Martinez, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 11/10

Comments: The RVS is a very good dampener that you can't feel any vibrations on the strings after the hit the ball. It works for my two T-Flight 325 and my T-Fight 320, which I got all my three rackets fit with RVS
From: Leung, Hong Kong, SAR People, Republic of China, 09/10

Comments: Poor product. I guess it does its job, but having to continually adjust it is a hassle. It also breaks easily!
From: Stilianos, Greece, 09/10

Comments: Used it on my APDGT & it worked a little too well. I agree with the other users when they say it totally killed the feel. Every shot just felt muted. Then I put it on my older Pure Drive Team (pre-cortex version) and it worked wonders! My pure drive used to make my wrist/elbow hurt after a bit of playing but with the RVS installed, I was able to play all day! As for my APDGT, I will be sticking to the custom damp it came with. This dampener is tricky to put on/take off because it can easily rip in more than one spot, so be careful! Overall, this a great dampener for any racquet that doesn't have cortex.
From: Gerald, San Diego, CA, USA, 08/10

Comments: Some racquets, like the Kinetics, I don't need it. But if your racquet is like my Yonex RDIS lite, it vibrates a lot, then this thing is revolutionary. RVS cut out almost all the frame vibration and my wrist pain has gone away. Amazing product, no other dampener works like it.
From: Jaime, Ontario, Canada. 06/10

Comments: I agree with some reviewers. This is just terrible. It really killed the feel, maybe because it's doing too good a job in dampening the vibrations. But using it on my APDC was a disaster.
From: AJ, 02/10

Comments:Great dampener, it does a good job of stopping vibrations without sacrificing much feel but if you need to take it out a lot it starts to rip. I think that I will stick to the Babolat Custom Dampener.
From: Zach, OR, USA, 10/09

Comments: I put this dampener on my Babolat aero pro drive and it felt horrible! It gave me a really awkward feel and took away the control. From now on I will just stick to the more traditional dampener.
From: Joe, Makati, Philippines. 10/09

Comments: This dampener works great. The only problem I have with the dampener is that I have to constantly adjust it when I play. Another thin with the dampener is that after a few weeks the dampener start to break. Other than that it's pretty good. I feel no vibrations on the racquet.
From: Von, Dededo, Guam, USA 09/09

Comments: AMAZING! Please buy this. It takes so much shock off. Now be aware if you hit frame shots a lot it will move around, but it stays on like no other. I recommend this item to everyone, you will not lose it, unless you are completely careless, buy one for every single one of your rackets. You'll be happy you spent your money on this. I will use it till I die. 5 out of 5. for sure.
From: Logan, Bloomington, Indiana, United states. 8/09

Comments: Looks and it is great, different to others, not saying is better the sound and vibrationless in my opinion are good; some friends didn't like it because in their cases jumps a lot (I dunno how, mines never went out)
From: Jorge, Buenos Aires, ARG 08/09

Comments: Tennis players are creatures of habit; once we find something that works, we'll stick by it religiously. I tried out a variety of the usual dampeners and they all have the same problem of dislodging during play and it's downright sickening to be looking for them around the court no matter how "cute" (Spongebob, Smiley face) they are. I do not like the way the 2 mains are distorted by a rubber band either. Then I chanced upon this little baby. Was initially skeptical about it being able to dampen string AND FRAME vibration but was fortunate to be proven wrong. Sure, some of you might say, all a dampener does is just to remove the "ping" but hell, try this first then make up your mind. I'm not sure what the metal head does, but I suspect it "absorbs" (or centralizes) all the vibration and vibrates off the excess kinetic energy. They should have explained it on the card. I SWEAR BY THESE. Of course, that's just my opinion.... I may be wrong. *INSTALLATION in 15secs* - Simply insert the dampener to fit the center 2 holes first. Then push up on the 2 end holes to slide them in. It will fit snug (tried it out both on my 16 and 18 mains). During play, if it shifts, just push them onto the frame. THIS WILL NOT (it's impossible!) FLY OUT like the other dampeners.
From: Clement the Element, Singapore 06/09

Comments: I like it as a dampener, but you should buy several at once, because after a while it starts coming off at every point.
From: Beth, Brooklyn, NY. 5/09

Comments: Dampening is efficient. At first it appears to be perfect since it it fits beautifully and snugly in the bottom part of the stringbed. For those who find it difficult to place/remove it's easier to start with their middle part first since the grooves where the strings get into are on both sides of the dampener. As ingenious as this design may seem to be that's exactly where the problem resides. It requires constant minor adjustment. Mine never actually flew out of the racquet - I can't see that happening unless when it breaks and that's exactly what happened to mine. All those deep grooves make it fragile and it ended being ripped apart in the middle rending the neat device pretty much useless. I guess nothing replaces the good ole rubber band.
From: Adriano, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 05/09

Comments: I like the design of this dampener. Getting it on/off is a little difficult because I feel like I'm going to break it. I have to constantly adjust it between points because it comes off the frame. Other than that, it is very good at dampening racquet/string vibration. I had no issues with torsion. A shank still felt the same as any other shank. 4.0 S&V
From: Neil, Denton, TX, USA. 4/09

Comments: This dampener is one of the greatest inventions in the tennis industry I've seen in my over 30 years of playing the sport! I have just recently had to switch from the original Babolat Pure Drive + racket to the current generation of the same racket (with Cortex). Immediately upon playing with the Cortex version, my elbow started hurting (as many other players have mentioned on under the user reviews for that racket). Since I love the racket (either generation), I've been trying many different changes including string tension, etc. Nothing seemed to work until I used this RVS dampener over this past weekend in a very important tournament I played in. Upon the first shot with the dampener, my elbow pain at shot impact completely went away! I can't believe how the dampener can immediately solve this problem for me but it did. I was afraid I would have to stop playing for 6 months to relieve the severe tennis elbow that was created when I changed rackets but now I can play completely pain free. THANK YOU Babolat!
From: Chris, Saratoga, CA, USA, 10/08

Comments: I used this on my Aero Pro Drive and it took away massive amounts of control and the torsion problem is a major problem. I could not hit a single good ball and all feel in the racquet was gone. It seems to work better on other racquets but not mine.
From: Daniel, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 10/08

Comments:I have no clue how you can break this dampener... but anyway it is solid but I can't say it's the most attractive thing in the world.
From: Adam, MN, USA, 09/08

Comments: Fairly substantial dampening of vibration. However, it does change the torsional stability of the racquet, which has more of a tendency to rotate in your hand on off-center hits.
From: Anon, PA. 7/08

Comments: Relatively effective dampener with an annoying side effect: It seems to increase the torsional instability of the racquet, meaning that the racquet has more of a tendency to spin around its axis on an off-center shot. I first thought it was an illusion. After switching back and forth between this dampener and a Gamma Shockbuster II I can confirm that I was not dreaming, the racket has an increased tendency to spin in your hand. The Gamma also absorbs more of the vibrations.
From: Alex, PA. 7/08

Comments: Normally use the Gamma Shockbuster II's, but my store ran out, so tried this. This does not absorb as much vibration and noise as Gamma's...roughly absorbs half of Gamma's. I enjoy super dampened feel, so I will go back to Gamma's, but for people that like some feel, try this. However, this dampener is heavy for a dampener; roughly double the weight of the Gamma's, so it did affect my swing a little bit.
From: Anon, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 04/08

Comments: I've been using this thing for a while now and really like it, it does not kill all the feeling like with some of the gel dampeners. So it allows for more control, I can't stand feeling nothing, so it's the perfect mix of shock absorption and control.
From: Mitch, Westerly, RI, USA, 04/08

Comments: Amazing indeed! It stops 100% of vibrations without sacrificing feel. Truly a marvelous dampener.
From: Ravi, Birmingham, West Midlands. 11/07

Comments: Great dampener. I loved it the first time I tried it. Well done, Babolat!
From: Alex, Louisville, KY, USA. 11/07

Comments: I tried this thing when I first got my Pure Drive Plus, it wasn't bad, it's just that I really couldn't feel anything. After a few days, I bought a new dampener, the Babolat Custom Damp, and I love that thing. This isn't bad, but there is absolutely no feel after the initial use.
From: Jase, Manhattan, NY, USA, 09/07

Comments: *whistle* I knew I said I'd never go off Gamma Shockbusters but I changed my mind. These suckers are AMAZING! I always had reservations about the amount of power that was taken away when I used a Shockbuster, and I never liked the vibrations of the racquet without them. But the RVS dampens the strings just enough, and provides great feel with minimal racquet vibration. A+++ rating!
From: Wesley, Suffern, NY, USA, 07/07

Comments: This is amazing. It is like having a portable cortex system that you can put on any racket.
From: Scott, Dearborn Heights, MI, USA, 04/07

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