Babolat Hybrid RPM Blast 17+ VS 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I am a 3.0 player and usually break a multi in 10 hours. But this string's durability is absolutely incredible. I have already played with this string for 25 hours and it only has a little notch. Strung on Pure Drive 2012 at 52 lbs.
From: Nikhil, 5/16

Comments: I'm a 4.5 player. So far, I am enjoying this as a comfort hybrid in my Babolat Pure Drive. I have my racquet customized with weight. VS in the mains at 60 lbs and RPM at 59 lbs in the crosses. I feel very connected with the ball. Taking huge cuts. Hoping that this will be my set up for a long time to come.
From: Robert, 3/16

Comments: I am a 3.0 player and I love to hit strokes with a lot of topspin. Coming from Xcel, I like this string but I have some dislikes. I gain a lot of topspin and my shot fly very high over the net but still land in the court. I also think this is a very comfortable string. However, I find this string a little bit underpowered and I feel very tired after hitting a three-hour session. In addition, I really don't like the sound when the ball collide with this string, the sound makes me feel uncomfortable. Overall, I think this is a great string, but I would definitely recommend to custom a hybrid since this string is a little bit expensive for its qualities. For example, you can buy two full set of string and ask the stringers to cut them and create 2 set of hybrids. TW strung this string at 54 lbs on Babolat Pure Drive 2012 when I purchased the racquet.
From: Kevin, 3/16

Comments: I am a 4.0 player with a serve and volley game. One of the best strings I have used. I went with gut on the mains as I generate enough topspin and was lacking that extra power. Mains - VS 16 at 55 lbs; crosses - RPM at 55 lbs. This string is a keeper!!
From: Vimal, 2/16

Comments: I gave up using polys a long time ago, as a full set-up would immediately hurt my elbow, even at low tensions. A good friend of mine came to use the same racquet as me, and during a training session, he asked me to try his set-up, even for a few groundstrokes. Gut mains and RPM crosses he said. Amazing that I felt no pain. And I borrowed his racquet again and again. I have now switched to that hybrid, Gut mains at 55 lbs and RPM crosses at 50 lbs and the result is amazing, a mix of power and control with good spin. I wish i would have switched to it before.
From: Sebastien, 10/15

Comments: Went from the XCel string to this and I love it. Noticed an immediate difference in control of the ball. Will definitely go back to this hybrid setup again.
From: Fred, 7/15

Comments: Excellent! I used this in my Wilson RF97 Autograph. Tremendous spin, power and touch and easy on the arm too. I went with the VS in the mains and it provides extra pop and touch. It's a great choice for newer racquets like the RF97 that have lots of power. It helps me keep my shots in the court and deep.
From: Dan, 5/15

Comments: What can I say...this hybrid is superb in my AeroPro Drive! I always put the gut in the mains, and I get power and spin when I need it along with touch for drop shots. It's the bomb, baby! The durability is great as well. Order some right now!
From: Anon, 5/15

Comments: I've had this hybrid strung on my Pro Staff 90 BLX with RPM in the mains and VS in the crosses and vice versa but I get the best with VS in the mains/RPM in the crosses. Power, feel, control and spin on every shot, it doesn't get better than that. My go-to hybrid!
From: Marc, 2/15

Comments: I compared this hybrid to Champions Choice on identical Prince racquets with identical tensions, with gut on the mains and poly on the crosses. The winner is the RPM-VS hybrid. This combo generates more power and spin.
From: Dr. B, 11/14

Comments: Superb power, control and comfort. Was a little boardy at first, but has settled in beautifully now. I use string savers to increase durability. Gut in mains all the time. Looks pretty slick with a white logo on my Wilson Pro Staff 100 BLX. No better combo than gut in mains and poly in crosses in my experience. The string savers will make it last 3-4 months for me.
From: Anon, 5/14

Comments: My Yamaha Secret 04 felt muted at first. But after my second session playing, I'm loving this string combo. I put the gut in the crosses at 60 lbs and RPM in the mains at 57. Can't get enough. Only issue I have 5 to 6 sessions in is the RPM mains are moving way too much on me now and I'm constantly having to pull them back in place.
From: Ari, 2/14

Comments: I strung it at 53 lbs with gut in the mains in my POG oversize. Usually I play with a full bed of RPM 16g at 50 lbs. I like it a lot. Volleys jump off the strings and I'm very happy with the performance off the ground, as well as with my serve. I have an extra set of Champions Choice that I believe I will put in my other POG at the same tension or maybe at 55 and see how they compare.
From: Walter, 12/12

Comments: This combo played extremely well for the duration of about 2 weeks for me. I play 4.5 singles during the summer and occasional hitting during the winter. I play mostly along the lines of serve and volley and with this set up in my Pro Staff 6.1 90 at 51/49 lbs with gut in the crosses, I find the volley has quite a bit of comfort and control to it. The ball pocketing ability is spectacular from the baseline and you get some extra pop on serve. I'm pretty happy with this setup and will use it again. Another thing as well would be if you hit a one handed BH like I do with an eastern backhand grip you will definitely notice some consistent depth and predictable power off the stringbed.
From: Jeff, 12/12

Comments: The greatest string I have ever tried. It's amazing! I bought 2 and put them on my AeroPro Drive. First, gut in the mains and then the other with poly in the mains. Both were great, but my advice would be to put the gut in the mains if you aren't a string breaker like me. I stung the gut at 58 lbs and the RPM at 56. Vamos my friend!
From: Essy, 11/12

Comments: I had this strung up at 50 lbs with the gut in the crosses in my Wilson PS 6.1 90. The guy who strung it read the order backwards which is why the RPM was in the mains. I really didn't like it at all. I had been playing with Tonic 15L in the mains with Lux Alu Rough in the crosses at the same tension, which seemed to have tons more feel. Since someone provided me with an two sets of this Babolat hybrid, I think I'll string it up the way I wanted it in the first place and see what difference there is. I might drop it a couple of pounds as well.
From: Walter, 11/12

Comments: So I strung this in the recommended fashion; RPM Blast on the mains and the VS Natural Gut on the crosses, both at 55lbs. My first thoughts were that it was a pretty firm setup, you do get some good spin though, which helps to get the ball down onto the baseline. I don't rate the power quite as much, which was expected given that these were not power strings to start with. I'll post back once I have had a lot more hours with this.
From: Robby, 10/12

Comments: When I bought my Babolat Storm GT, I strung it with this string. I have read some good reviews about it. At first it felt nice. After a month or so, my string broke and I tried Babolat Addiction. The Addiction gave me a really nice feeling and it was really soft on my arms, but the string didn't have a good durability. A month later I played again with the RPM Blast. I really love the feeling when the ball is hitting the strings. The spin is great and I don't have moving strings in my racquet. It gave me less of a trampoline effect than the Addiction. For me, this is the string I have liked the most of the strings I have played with.
From: Danny, 8/12

Comments: This string works really well for flat hitters, it puts enough spin on the ball for players who like to play with topspin defensively. It's really flexible in style of plays as you can attack using flat shots. Really comfortable on serve. Although, the natural gut coding start to wear off early, and the wires of natural gut started to peel off after about 6-8 weeks.
From: Bimal, 3/12

Comments: As a 3.5/4.0 flat hitter who has struggled to hit with top spin, this string has a bite that seems to hold the ball for a split second giving me a fighting chance to hit w/top spin and it allows for better directional ball control (changing the direction of the ball during a rally) than any string used prior to, including Tecnifibre Biphase 17g. Very good power also, and in my opinion a much better choice than the Hurricane/VS Gut hybrid. Lots of potential with this string.
From: JD, 1/12

Comments: hat's interesting about this combination of string is that they covered the VS in a some kind of gray coating which allows it to last a lot longer that the VS in the Pro Hurricane Tour Hybrid. Definitely a plus for life of the string. From a financial standpoint, totally worth it. Do I notice a difference between the Pro Hurricane Tour and RPM? not really. It's all mental due to the color of VS.
From: Ian. 10/11

Comments: Great string. It lasts about a week but I play 40 hours a week so I can understand. Feels like all VS Touch except 20 times as durable use RPM in mains @ 53 lbs and gut in crosses at 56 lbs.
From: Mike. 6/11

Comments: This is a very nice string! I didn't know what to expect seeing as I rarely play with natural. Overall, it's a very responsive string with plenty of spin from the RPM. The gut was very comfortable and provided even more power. Control was there along with a razor like feel. On durability, it greatly exceeded my expectations. As mentioned before I only thought I'd get about 10 hours, instead got 20+ with the gut still holding tension. RPM went kind of dead but was still playable. 9.5/10
From: Luke, AZ, US. 05/11

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