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Comments: Good string, great spin and power. 3.5 player with an I Radical (small head size) usually play with TechneFiber NRG 17 at 59 lbs. Had this strung down at 55 lbs. Offers good control, spin, and power. But if you are used to playing with non-poly string it can seem hard on the arm. Switching to this significantly upped my game in terms of spin. I take the word of the other reviewers that its easier/softer on the arm than RPM blast.
From: Garret, 10/14

Comments: Strung my Pure Drive with these on the mains at 55 lbs. and XCel on the crosses at 57 lbs. Amazing touch and feel with excellent power and control. I used 17 gauge and they played really well and didn't need to dampen the strings.
From: Bob, 7/14

Comments: Tried this string again in a low tension setup (38/33 lbs) in a 16x19 pattern. Most control at low tensions of any poly I've tried. Excellent tension maintenance (holds tension longer than RPM Blast and much longer than Cyclone). Great spin generation at low tension (better than Cyclone or any non-shaped poly, slightly less that RPM Blast). I've never felt the "softness" difference vs. RPM Blast at high or low tensions. This is a very firm string with slightly less power than RPM Blast or Cyclone, more control, comparable spin, and great tension maintenance (especially if you pre-stretch).
From: Mason, 5/14

Comments: String is very firm. Tension maintenance is good. It is hard on my arm at high tensions. I always hybrid it with Volkl Synthetic Gut. The spin generation is good but not as good as RPM Blast or Cyclone. I've strung it at 63, 60, and 52 pounds in a Head Graphene Speed MP (16x19).
From: Mason, 7/13

Comments: Lots of people talk about this string, so I decided to give it a try. This string is hard for my shoulder and my arm and it's way too stiff.
From: Tom, 2/13

Comments: As a main string with VS Gut in the crosses RPM Team 17g plays very similarly to RPM Blast 17g at the same tension, with a few subtle differences. I notice Team isn't quite as powerful or precise as Blast when I'm hitting out, but is better able to get consistently good depth at lower swing speeds. Comfort is a bit better as well.
From: Anon, 12/12

Comments: Just strung my 2012 Roddick with RPM Team 17g on the mains and crossed it with XCel French Open 17g @ 60 lbs and I love it. I have had elbow problems before, so I played with gut for the last 6 months, but I missed the spin from poly. I tried the Team/Excel combo and no elbow problems yet. I love the low powered and soft feel of this combo. I have never made so many shots two inches inside the lines I'm aiming for, and it drives my opponets crazy! It's great!
From: Tony, 9/12

Comments: I have found this to be the best string I have used. I strung my Prince EXO3 Red (first version) in May at 60 lbs figuring tension would lower to 58. We can only play about twice a week. String lasted 2 1/2 months when it lost resiliency. I had increased power and control on all shots with greater control on backhands and lobs. The sweet spot was the face, the entire face, of the racquet. I found this string very comfortable, my tennis elbow almost disappeared, but has come back some when string lost resiliency. Unlike a lot of poly's, I never lost playability until the strings went bad at the 2 1/2 months I mentioned above. My previous string was Babolat Pro Hurricane.
From: Steve, 8/12

Comments: Even though there's no such thing as a "soft" poly, RPM Team is noticeably "softer" in feel than RPM Blast and otherwise much the same with great spin and low power. Still on the pricier end of new polys though. It may be tough for Jim to put topspin on a volley, because a volley is hit with underspin. If you had elbow surgery Ben and want arm-friendly string, you shouldn't be playing with polys at all! Stick to multis and natural gut, drop your tension, and find a more flexible frame.
From: JJ, 6/12

Comments: It's exactly what it is advertised as: a softer version of RPM Blast. It's not so soft that it has a mushy feeling, but it is noticeably softer than RPM Blast at the same tension. Otherwise, it plays exactly the same: insane spin potential and very controllable power. Seemed like my serves had a bit more pace and spin than usual, but that could just be because I was having a good day or that it was fresh strings. Very impressed overall.
From: Chris, 4/12

Comments: This is truly some of the worst string I have ever played with. Absolutely no feel on the ball. Can't even tell I'm hitting the ball at times on ground-strokes. It's far worse on the serve. Might as well just walk to the other side of the court and put it on a tee for my opponent. No power at all. Nothing but RPM Blast from here on out
From: TK, 4/12

Comments: Not a good choice in string if looking for spin and control. Way too soft in feel. Tough to put topspin on volleys. Babolat Addiction is a much better choice.
From: Jim, 3/12

Comments: Love these strings, don't know what Ben is saying, these strings are really soft and offer a lot of touch and feel compared to the RPM Blast (hence the name "team"). It still has the same spin, power and control you would expect from RPM but now it's just a little bit softer. Overall great string!
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: I really don't know what Ben is talking about but for me this string is not hard on your shoulders or elbows but the string is amazing I get everything I could ever ask for I'm using rpm team with conquest and it's the best hybrid out on the market in my opinion!
From: Aaron, 2/12

Comments: I do not agree with Babolat that this new string is softer than RPM Blast. I had tennis elbow surgery two years ago so I am very conscientious about strings that are not not arm friendly. I hit for 2 hours hoping the string would soften a little but it maintained it's stiff feeling. The string has more power than RPM Blast but it does not offer the spin or control.
From: Ben, 2/12

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