Babolat RPM Team 16 String Pink Customer feedback

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Comments: Babolat's quality control with this string is terrible. I bought a reel a month ago and there was no problem with the strings in the first 4 racquets I strung. The next four racquets were a nightmare. The mains broke immediately after stringing. In fact, the mains on the last racquet I strung with this reel snapped while the racquet was still on my stringer! All eight racquets were strung using the same stringer and at the same tension (50 lbs). Never in my 15 years of stringing racquets have I experienced such poor string quality. Stay away from the RPM Team and stick with RPM Blast. I should have suspected there might be a quality issue with the RPM Team since it is priced $30 lower than the Blast.
From: Larry, 10/15

Comments: Just put this string in the mains with Luxilon ALU Power Rough in the crosses and I've never played better. I love the power from the RPM Team and the control from the Luxilon ALU Power Rough. I would highly recommend it.
From: Skyler, 3/15 Comments: These strings are great. I'm a 4.0 player and typically play heavy topspin forehands and slice backhands. These strings added significant levels of spin and control to all my shots. The strings seem to really grip the ball. My kick serve is really jumping out off out of the service box. I was using Babolat Spiral Tek strings and those were certainly very inferior to the RPM Team. Much softer, much more control, and as I mentioned, tons of action. I also noticed that these strings tend to move a lot less so I'm not constantly fixing my string patterns during matches. The pink also looks pretty cool.
From: Patrick, 4/14

Comments: I recently strung this racquet in my Juice 100L. I found it had nice access to spin and power, but not enough control. Shots that I wanted to go down the line went the other way, my slice didn't drop as far as I like, and my topspin didn't really "pop" up too far. I strung it at 56 lbs, and found it lost tension very quickly. Good string if you are looking for sheer power, but I felt I had no control of my shots. I'm a 3.5 player with a one handed backhand.
From: Davis, 12/14

Comments: Good at first, but then tension differs and there was a big impact on my elbow. Started to hit long and erratic, and I lost feel of the strings. The stiffness (strung only at 54 lbs) had serious physical damage/impact to my elbow. Had to cut the strings out. I had better luck with Solinco Barbwire. I am an active 4.5 player in So Cal.
From: Scott, 10/14

Comments: Favorite string. Creates a lot of spin and control and is also very comfortable to play with.
From: Ian, 7/13

Comments: This string is good. It has good control and great durability with mid power.
From: MZ, 7/13

Comments: This string is in my Pro Staff 16x19 at 54lbs and is not as stiff as lux ALU Power. The power level is ok. Though it is soft but grips the ball well. It grips the ball better than ALU power and it is not move. The strings keep in place also.
From: Joe, 6/13

Comments: Good string. Not as good as Babolat's RPM Blast 16. So, overall, if you have arm/elbow problems, I would get this instead of the Blast 16, but otherwise I would definitely go for the RPM Blast 16.
From: Daniel, 6/12

Comments: It plays nothing like original Babolat RPM Blast. This string feels dull and seems to lose its playability in just a few hours. Original Babolat RPM is much crisper and bites the ball way better than this soft version.
From: First Name: Brad, 5/12

Comments: I'm a 4.5 flat hitting ground stroke player with a hard flat first serve, and I've had arm problems for some time and this was awesome. A lot softer than RPM Blast, this string is what I needed in my game - crossed it with Polyfibre Black Venom Rough at 59 lbs on a Wilson Six.One. 95 BLX racquet and it was amazing. It was soft but still quite powerful for my serve and ground strokes while still having that control that I needed to keep the ball in play.
From: Ian, 3/12

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