Babolat RPM Blast 18 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I would mostly agree with the comments made about this 18 gauge string with one exception. I am now on my second set in the past month. I find that around 20 hours of play the string begins a downhill slide in reference to its playability. The 18 gauge just begins to go "dead" in fairly short order following 20 or more hours of play. Maybe that's normal but it calls for more frequent stringing than I expected.
From: Bob, 11/16

Comments: I have tried many strings these days and I can now say that RPM Blast is indeed my string of choice. I'm a baseline player and heavy-spin hitter. Now the problem is RPM Blast. I have tried 16 and 17 gauge before and it was nice. The spin potential in both gauges is amazing. It all changed once I tried the 18 gauge (at 57 lbs in a Babolat Pure Drive Play). It has better feel, that's for sure. It's much more lively than the other gauges. So far, I'm measuring its durability, which of course it's the 18 gauge's only downfall. TW, could you please place a review on the 18 gauge RPM Blast?
From: Leonardo, 6/15

Comments: I have tried the 16 and the 18. I have yet to try the 17 but I find the 16 works best in a hybrid with gut, but I wouldn't put the gut in the mains with RPM, it will shred. But a hybrid with RPM 16 in mains and gut in crosses is an awesome set up. The 18 gauge, however, is amazing in a full bed. It's a little softer, and the spin and power are great. If you like RPM Blast you need to try the 18G.
From: Jay, 4/15

Comments: I had to come back to this string because it is so good. The first time I tried it I got tennis elbow. I decided to give it another go 4 years later. I'm trying the 18 gauge at 58 lbs on my Pure Drive. It's great. I love it, but I'm starting to feel pain in my arm again. I really don't want to give up these strings. Any suggestions?
From: James, 3/14

Comments: Love this in my APD in the mains and a multi/syn gut in the crosses. A little easier on the elbow and arm in a thinner version. The crosses always pop before these. Great alternative to a 16g version and the spin is ridiculous.
From: B, 11/13

Comments: There is tremendous spin, the ability to create extreme angles, and pop in this string in the right hands but it demands high racquet head speed and a solid foundation behind each shot to keep the errors down. I wanted more explosiveness behind my shots and strung it with 16/17g without increasing racquet weight and this fit the bill perfectly for me. Pretty good playability, even as the tension drops and eventually snaps from notching, but much longer lasting than any hybrid. Fresh off the stringer the feel and ball control is unreal.
From: Al, 9/13

Comments: Let me start by saying that this is a great string and my string of choice. But for anyone who is considering making a choice between the 17 and 18 gauge, here's some feedback: The 18G has amazing bite, power, feel, spin and control, from the baseline and on serves, however, when you get to the net the string is a little jumpy and you lose some touch, control and sharpness. Conversely, the 17G has pretty good bite, good power, pretty good spin and control from the baseline, lacks some punch on the serve compared to 18G but is incredibly stable at the net. It's not quite as jumpy at the net as the 18G, thus allowing you to volley with a little more precision, sharpness and confidence compared to the 18G which can be hit or miss at the net and tends to not have as much of a solid feel due to the thinness of the 1.20 string diameter. The 17G plays flatter than the 18G, what I mean by that is when you hit with the 18G the ball comes up off the string bed and then angles down based on the spin generated from better ball pocketing and the bite of a thinner string, while a shot using the 17G stays a little straighter coming off the string bed without as much arch to the shot and doesn't pocket quite as much as the 18G because it's a tad thicker. In summation, they are both great strings but one is like dating someone who loves to party, go out and rock while the other is like dating someone who likes to stay home, cooks great and likes to relax on the couch & watch TV, you really want both so you can get the best experience possible depending on what mood you'™re in. So the perfect RPM Blast string would be a 17L, it would give you the pop on the serves and a strong baseline game with killer spin and controllable power but still provide enough string mass to handle heavy shots at the net without fizzling out or acting too jumpy, giving you the best of all worlds in one package and allowing you to be confident in both singles and doubles.
From: Jason, 7/13

Comments: This is the best string I have ever used. I use the Aero Pro, and with a new set strung at 56 lbs my service ace percentage goes up dramatically. The only issue is I get about two matches out of it before I need to restring to get the optimum pop on the ball.
From: Mike, 4/13

Comments: Strung this 18g up in the whole bed of my Pure Storm Ltd. It's been awesome. You get the durability of a full poly bed, and the playability of the thin gauge.
From: James, 9/12

Comments: I've experimented with many strings in the past 18 months. I have had arm issues several times this year. This is the best string on the market. Now, I've only played one match with it. I'm a 3.5. I serve hard, but don't return that hard. I was skeptical of 18 gauge breaking. Not the case so far. I have Wilson BLX Juice 100. 18 g strung on mains and Gamma Playability 16 g on crosses. Crisp shots, comfortable and power is high. I think I've finally found what I've been looking for. I ill never go back to 16 g again on mains.
From: Mark, 8/12

Comments: I've tried many different strings in the past 12 months, and I keep coming back to RPM Blast. It's by far the best string I have hit with. Great feel, superb power and spin and durability. I don't think I will be changing to any other string for a while! Strung the 18g @ 57lbs in a Babolat Aero Pro Team.
From: Mike, 7/12

Comments: Have only used this as part of a hybrid job: RPM 18 on the crosses at 48 pounds and VS gut 17 on the mains at 52 pounds. Very very nice combination. My all-time favorite. Tried same setup once with RPM 17 and it was not nearly as nice. I was surprised at the difference. The polyester lasts a long time; many times longer than the gut of course.
From: Ed, 5/12

Comments: This is a great string. I just got it for my Babolat AeroPro Drive GT. This is the best string with lots of pop and nice topspin. I strung mine at 57 lbs and after 30 hours it still has not broken. A very thin string that is expensive but worth it. I found it way better than Babolat Pro Hurricane.
From: George, 10/11

Comments: Comfortable and great pocketing for a poly. Also for an 18 gauge it is quite durable. I broke my mains after about 20 hours, and it was actually a bit of a mis-hit that broke it. Impressive control, precision and feel. I've played with Tecnifibre Black 17, Luxilon ALU Power 16, hybrids with both of those poly's. Babolat RPM 18 has the best feel, spin, control and pop. Truly is the total package if you have a fairly developed stroke and not too prone to arm troubles. The 18 gauge does help if you are borderline with arm problems when using poly's. I had elbow and shoulder issues with other string configurations mentioned and have had shoulder surgery, but after a couple of months with this so far no issues. I can't play multi's or synthetic gut, as I break either in about 4-6 hours of play.
From: Lee, 8/11

Comments: Great string! It performs better with lower tensions, such as 52-54 lbs.
From: Fernando, 8/11

Comments: Babolat RPM Blast is a great string just not in the 18 gauge version. I really enjoy hitting with RPM Blast so I thought I'd try out the 18 gauge version. Bad idea. I'm really not a player who breaks strings very often but I broke these after around 4.5 hours of play time (it usually takes a full 15+ hours for me to break most strings). I actually strung this in the mains at 55 lbs with Wilson NXT Tour 18 in the crosses also at 55 lbs. Naturally I though the NXT would break since it has a reputation of short life span but that wasn't the case. This was actually an excellent combination for a player that is seeking a nice blend of power, feel, and control. However, it would be very wise to try the 16 or 17 gauge of RPM Blast as I'm sure they will last much longer. Best string combination I have ever tried was Luxilon Alu Power 16L mains with Babolat Natural Gut 16 in the crosses (natural gut is just too expensive). For those who are wondering I strung this on my Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT+, which I would strongly recommend to take out for a demo!!!
From: Austin. 6/11
NTRP Rating: 3.5-4.0

Comments: I strung it at 52lbs on a Volkl PB 10 Mid. Love the strings. There's great feel, control and power. I can hit out with lots of power, but balls still drop in. I hit some nice dipping passing shots, too. It has less ball pocketing and not as comfortable as Klip Screamer, but the enhanced control more than makes up for it.
From: Jan, Arlington, VA, USA. 4/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Liked the 17 version, 18 is better! Works great as a hybrid with Gamma Prodigy!
From: Ed, Church Hill, TN, USA, 02/11

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