Babolat RPM Blast 17 660 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I play with the Babolat Pure Aero and like the 17 gauge for the spin. When I go to hybrid with RPM Blast 17 gauge in the mains and NXT Power X 16 gauge in the crosses, I still get the same amount of spin and control, but more power.
From: Mel, 11/16

Comments: I'm a 5.0 senior player, using a Yonex DR 98, with topspin off both sides, slice volleys and an all- court game. Wow -- surprising spin for my opponents and myself! Slice serves swing and top-spinners dip significantly more. Topspin groundstrokes kick up higher. Great feel at the net on volleys. Only used it for 5 hours, so can't comment on durability. Power was Ok but control was great. Strung at 54 lbs.
From: Andrew, 6/16

Comments: I'm a moderate level social competitive player who plays 2-3 times a week (I'm an aggressive baseliner with very heavy topspin off both sides). Strung RPM Blast in my Babolat AeroPro Drive+ at 54 lbs and a great string when fresh with good feel and spin, albeit with a slightly stiff feeling. It unfortunately looses tension very quickly, with feel (and shot confidence) deteriorating also. Whilst I do string my own racquets, RPM is to expensive to have to restring for every match and as a result I will look for something else with more durability.
From: David, 5/16

Comments: Just tried this tonight in a Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 at 55 lbs. My usual string is Volkl Cyclone and I couldn't tell much difference in spin except the occasional forehand topspin that jumped up off the bounce. But, Cyclone produces the same spin for me. The string does feel different though, maybe pockets a bit more? The thing that was weird was how much it stretched when installing it on my dropweight. Really it is the most I've seen any string stretch. Definitely the stretchiest poly I've done, by far. Weird.
From: Greg, 3/16

Comments: Super string overall. Great control spin and power. Cons -- after 10 hours of play its texture looses its characterized spin -- I would guess and spin control are performing around 30 percent compared to when it is first strung. Also, the tension durability is a problem after 10 hours of hitting and it needs to be restrung.
From: Nuri, 10/15

Comments: I use a Babolat AeroPro and have it strung with Luxilon 4G 16L or 4G Rough (47 lbs) in the mains and Head FXP Power 17 (51 lbs) in the crosses. I thought I would give the RPM a try and was really surprised how much stiffer this string is. I used them on the mains and kept the Head FXP Power in the crosses and tried them at 48/53 and 46/51 lbs. I played about 4 hours with both different set ups and neither time I could find the right pop and comfort. I actually had a minor pain in the elbow and medium pain in shoulder. I am actually glad I feel this since now I know that the Luxilon 4G 16L or the Rough versions are so much more comfortable. I'm a 5.0 level player.
From: Trey, 5/15

Comments: I bought a stringing machine a year ago and over the winter and experimented with all kinds of string set ups -- both full beds and hybrids. This experiment included poly, synthetic gut, kevlar, and multifilaments. I always wanted to do this and just see which string would be the best. Well, a full bed of RPM Blast is by far the best. I strung it on my AeroPro Drive GT at 58 lbs and couldn't be happier.
From: Eric, 4/15

Comments: I strung this at the typical 50 lbs for all polys I use in my 100 square inch tweener frame. I have to say I was underwhelmed. Luxilon, Gamma, and Volkl products I've tried all had better overall performance than RPM Blast did. I will say the RPM Blast created slightly more spin than other polys I tried, but the harsh, lifeless feel wasn't to my liking.
From: Steve, 8/14

Comments: I hit with plenty of pace and spin and I am primarily a baseliner (NTRP level 5.0). For the last 6 years, I have been using the hybrid set-up of kevlar and synthetic gut (I am a chronic string breaker). One day I decided to try RPM Blast (replacing the syn. gut) and holy cow, this string is awesome. So much more spin and control, and that is just from replacing the crosses. Just as others are saying, it is a little stiff, so if you have arm issues my advice is to pass on this one. However if you don't, and you want a string that will give you lots of spin -- try this. My current set-up: Prince Tour 100T ESP with Ashway Kevlar Mains and RPM Blast crosses (at 55 lbs).
From: Matt, 6/14

Comments: My all time favorite string! I'm an offensive baseliner, around 4.5 skill level, currently using Babolat Pure Drives. I string my frames with this string at 57 lbs, and for me, this string works wonders. I'm able to hit solid groundstrokes, my volleys are very crisp and sharp, and my serves/overheads are overwhelming for my opponents. This string is softer compared to other poly's that I've tried. I do enjoy the flexibility of the string, in terms of it permitting me to hit spin and flat shots, even though I am more of a spin-based player. This string has made it easier for me to learn how to hit flat, while still having the option of hitting with my usual spin. Awesome string in my opinion!
From: Kris, 6/14

Comments: Very nice string. I switched to this after using ALU Power for a long time. Strung itat 58 lbs.
From: Tom, 11/13

Comments: Wow is all I have to say. This string is pure epicness. Strung it in my Pure Drive with 54 lbs. Best co- poly I've ever used. The string was addictive and lasted pretty long as well. Other strings, like Excel, would break in 2 weeks. The tension also maintained well and stayed pretty much the same.
From: Seb, 11/13

Comments: Great string on my 2013 Aeropro Drive GT. However, it's a bit too stiff for me (3.5 player) and has given me slight soreness in my elbow after a few weeks of using it. I know the racquet I use is stiff to begin with so I will see if a switch to Xcel or Bablolat VS 17G will allow for more comfort. Still, delivers loads of spin as promised.
From: Eugene, 10/13

Comments: The snap back is awesome. Strung at 55lbs. This has the greatest elastic snapback of any string. Cyclone does not compare -- it doesn't have the snapback. This is the greatest string out there!
From: Dan, 10/13

Comments: I'm a 4.5 all around player that plays 3 to 4 times a week. I use a Head Youtek IG Prestige MP and it has a 18x20 pattern, so it lacks spin, especially since I had accepted it with a free full bed of synthetic string (grave mistake). I had this string recommended to me by a friend since I had been out of the tennis loop for 3 years and I would've just gone with a Luxilon ALU Rough hybrid. This string is absolutely amazing when combined with the control of the Prestige. Great spin and also defensive shots are almost identical to my offensive shots. Taking balls on the rise or sitting slices get returned with a ton of pace and depth. Volleys and ground strokes feel fantastic with my big cuts. Touch shots are what impressed me, the ball dies once I even attempt a drop shot. Great string, I'll probably stick to this for a while.
From: Rai, 9/13

Comments: I'm a baseliner, with a long and fast swing. I hit the ball with topspin and have a two-handed backhand. I used a full bed of RPM Blast 17 and had it strung at 56 lbs on my Head Flexpoint Instinct Team. I liked this setup for my racquet, as it offered the "plush-feel," comfort and power that I needed. And this string also produces a really nice sound.
From: James, 9/13

Comments: Let me start by saying that this is a great string and my string of choice. But for anyone who is considering making a choice between the 17 and 18 gauge, here's some feedback: The 18G has amazing bite, power, feel, spin and control, from the baseline and on serves, however, when you get to the net the string is a little jumpy and you lose some touch, control and sharpness. Conversely, the 17G has pretty good bite, good power, pretty good spin and control from the baseline, lacks some punch on the serve compared to 18G but is incredibly stable at the net. It's not quite as jumpy at the net as the 18G, thus allowing you to volley with a little more precision, sharpness and confidence compared to the 18G which can be hit or miss at the net and tends to not have as much of a solid feel due to the thinness of the 1.20 string diameter. The 17G plays flatter than the 18G, what I mean by that is when you hit with the 18G the ball comes up off the string bed and then angles down based on the spin generated from better ball pocketing and the bite of a thinner string, while a shot using the 17G stays a little straighter coming off the string bed without as much arch to the shot and doesn't pocket quite as much as the 18G because it's a tad thicker. In summation, they are both great strings but one is like dating someone who loves to party, go out and rock while the other is like dating someone who likes to stay home, cooks great and likes to relax on the couch & watch TV, you really want both so you can get the best experience possible depending on what mood you'™re in. So the perfect RPM Blast string would be a 17L, it would give you the pop on the serves and a strong baseline game with killer spin and controllable power but still provide enough string mass to handle heavy shots at the net without fizzling out or acting too jumpy, giving you the best of all worlds in one package and allowing you to be confident in both singles and doubles.
From: Jason, 7/13

Comments: String is firm (but not as firm as RPM Team). Tension maintenance is good. It is hard on my arm at high tensions. I always hybrid it with Volkl Synthetic Gut. Spin generation is excellent. I've strung it at 63, 60, and 52 pounds in a Head Graphene Speed MP (16x19).
From: Mason, 7/13

Comments: I love these strings! I play with Head IG Radical Pro and I have this strung at 50 lbs. I took a risk stringing it at such a low tension because I'm afraid that it will be overpowering and my control will be diminished. But I was impressed with how well I could pocket/control my shots and power, especially my drop shots. My serves have more kick and spin as well as my groundstrokes. It is pretty durable as well and has lasted me a good solid 6 months (playing twice a week). Definitely sticking with these strings.
From: Paul, 7/13

Comments: I have a full bed of RPM Blast, strung at 60 lbs, on my Pure Storm Ltd. I found this to be a very control oriented and durable string that has lasted me about 25 hours of quality play. I enjoy the crispness that it provides. I highly recommend this string if you are looking for a quality monofilament.
From: Matt, 4/13

Comments: Great string! A lot power with spin. Also very soft to the elbow but not durable enough. I'm a 4.5 player that hits the ball hard and flat with spin every now and then and I use a lot of kick on my serve; I hit my volleys and under spin also hard. But be careful, I used this string on a Wilson Steam 99S and I like this string very much but it only lasted a couple of matches. Four sets each one. That's the only problem. If you have the time and deep pockets you will enjoy it.
From: Jose, 4/13 Note from TW: The string life in a Wilson Steam 99S is significantly shorter because of the open string pattern and racquet technology, so going through strings quickly in this racquet has no reflection on the life of the strings.

Comments: I am a 4.0 level player, single backhand, semi-big serve and power forehand. You honestly can't go wrong with this string. If you play spin, it gives you spin. If you play flat, it gives you power. If you want control, it gives you control. I think if you are considering this string, get the 17g. The 18g loses tension way too fast. In conclusion, just buy this string and give it a go. As I said, you can't go wrong.
From: Ryan, 2/13

Comments: Long time Sonic Pro user, ~50lbs. RPM at 50 lbs and it couldn't be more different. More spin for sure and nice pop are definitely pros. Cons; I felt that, all other variables being equal, I had to restrict or limit my swing. The ball explodes off the string bed. I will try increasing the tension, but for a poly it plays much more like a multifilament.
From: William, 1/13

Comments: I was using Hurricane Pro @ 52 lbs which was bit too hard on my arm after a week. I switched to RPM Blast and reduced tension to 50 lbs which perhaps wasn't the right thing for me. Though the feel is quite good I can get topspin. I think RPM Blast needs to be strung at least at 55 lbs.
From: Sharad, 1/13

Comments: I used to play with X-one Biphase, but then I switched to the string eating brute, the Wilson Steam 99S, and broke the strings faster than you can say "Roger Federer". So I tried out a few polys, like Luxilon 4G, Ruff Code, Black code, and I asked the guy at the shop, "what's the poly I should get if I want power, spin, durability and touch?" and I got this. It is amazing! You get everything out of this string! Granted, the feel is not as good as multifilaments, but the gap isn't big at all. If you are smart, get this string.
From: Ryan, 1/13

Comments: I use the Prestige Pro, and am a 5.5 player. I used to use the 16g but I switched to 17g for more feel. These strings have a bit more spin and pocketing. Overall, I'm happy with the string. More advanced players will appreciate it and feel the difference between this and other polys.
From: Paul, 9/12

Comments: I had just switched from a full bed of Pro Hurricane Tour 16 to RPM Blast 17 and Synthetic Gut 16 and it feels very nice. I have a ton of topspin now and it works with my power racquet, the Pure Drive Lite 2012.
From: Neal, 8/12

Comments: I used a poly years ago and developed tennis elbow and was unable to play for 1.5 years. Time and stretching healed it, nothing else. To try and prevent it developing again I used a Luxilon ALU power in the mains and Wilson Sensation in the crosses, and no issues at all with tennis elbow or my shoulder. However, I found the Sensation only lasted 3-4 hours so I thought I'd give RPM Blast 16g and 17g a try (full bed). Two sessions of hitting and my arm and elbow are starting to feel it. I also started to feel golfers elbow coming on. I have recently changed back to the hybrid. Luxilon Rough in the mains and Wilson Sensation in the crosses, and my arm issues have gone. I have read that softer syn gut reduces/adsorbs the vibration rather than your arm. I'd rather break strings regularly than deal with tennis elbow.
From: JD, 8/12

Comments: As an addendum to my previous comment, I still enjoy the RPM string, but will switch out the crosses for something softer. The ol' tennis elbow has come back. Still, the strings don't move around much and they are holding up fine after a month of playing 3 times a week for 3-5 hours each session.
From: Jake, 8/12

Comments: Tried the 17's out on my new Wilson 6.1 Prostaff @ 58 lbs. Nice spin as mentioned. Nice amount of power, just lacking in the feel department for me. I wasn't impressed for all the hype, but it is a decent string. I really like the Solinco Tour Bite 17 better. It's got more spin and feel (and it's cheaper).
From: Jam, 7/12

Comments: I've played with both the 16 and 17 and prefer the 17 as they feel more responsive. As previously mentioned, these strings are great for spin. I hit with a healthy amount of topspin, and these strings helped exaggerate the spin. Opponents discovered some kick from my backhand that never appeared with other strings. I would certainly recommend. I've never been happier with a string. I used a full bed at 60lbs on a Wilson 5.2 MidPlus Hammer.
From: Jake, 7/12

Comments: I've never posted about a string before. I used a poly years ago and developed tennis elbow. Started using a Luxilon ALU in the mains and Wilson Sensation in the crosses, and no longer had any problem with tennis elbow or my shoulder. However, I found the Sensation only lasted 3-4 hours so I thought I'd give RPM Blast 17 a try (full bed). Two sessions of hitting and my arm and elbow are starting to feel it. Going to change back to the hybrid. I'd rather break strings regularly than deal with tennis elbow.
From: JD, 7/12

Comments: I recommend using RPM Blast as a hybrid. I do and I LOVE it! I have RPM in the mains and Xcel Power in the crosses, and I play with the Wilson Kobra Tour (K-Factor). Great spin and control for a power hitter like me. I love the bite I get with the different spins. I also played with another RPM combo - RPM and Luxilon Adrenaline and loved that one as well. Great tension maintenance, and I didn't break. Granted, I don't play every single day - maybe 3-4 times a week. But I wasn't breaking strings often at all. I've been playing around with hybrid combos a lot, and I really like RPM as the mains choice!
From: Justin, 6/12

Comments: Good string but I just broke it 4 times in the past ten days. I hit heavy spin but it is not durable at all.
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: Finally, after 20 tries at different strings combos I have found the perfect string. I strung it at 54 lbs on my Volkl Organix 8 315 and I have a weapon! Plenty of power and control and it lasts without dying out. It is very easy to string. Well worth it, thank you Babolat.
From: Jo, 4/12

Comments: Pretty decent string, definitely worth a try. Nice pop, excellent dwell time, easy on the arm. Actually prefer Weiss TurboTwist, though, since it has a slightly crisper feel and retains tension better.
From: ZekeZ

Comments: BETTER THAN NATURAL GUT! Yes, go ahead and raise your eyebrow. Listen, I have 2 exactly the same racquets, one with with Babolat VS Team 17g Natural Gut and the other with Babolat RPM Blast 17g. I keep switching the 2 racquets after every 15 minutes and found the RPM Blast 17g to be a lot softer, more powerful, and way more spinnier than the Natural Gut strung racquet. The only real advantage that Natural Gut have is its crisper, control feel. Other than that, RPM Blast tops it all. This type of string should be illegal. That's how good it really is!
From: Philip, 3/12

Comments: After trying so many polys and experiencing the same things, GREAT TO START, uncontrollable after 3- 5 hours of play. So far first hour this string is AWESOME, I like control over power so I decided to string at 64 to see if when tension dropped it would stabilize in a good range. Thought the string would be harsh at 64 but was surprised that it played softer than I thought. Great bite, pocketing and control, plenty of spin. Ill post more updates as time goes. I hope someday to find a poly that stays good for a decent amount of time, otherwise Im back to my X-One Biphase which plays stiff for first hour but then is good till the string breaks, I tell people that many times I pop the string on a winner.
From: Eddie Muniz, 3/12

Comments: I never associated tennis performance to equipment alone, such as racquets or strings, but I truly believe that this string will improve your game. RPM Blast is the BEST string out there. This is the only string that maintains control and spin potential, even after dropping in tension. It offers a great combination of power, spin, and control, as well as a good pocketing of the ball. When I strung my Youtek Prestige MP with this string, all of my usual hitting partners were having trouble returning my shots and all of them stated that I was hitting unorthodox heavy balls. I have not changed my technique and believe the capacity of pace and spin allows for this heavy ball effect, where your shots will land in the court with dangerous spin and pace. I highly recommend this string, despite its high price as it also lasts a relatively long time compared to other polyesters.
From: Tony, 3/12

Comments: Played two and half sets strung at 57 w/ soft multi crosses. My arm was KILLING me the next day. Strings were shot after 1.5 hours. Moved all over the place, no control on groundies.
From: Kevin, 2/12

Comments: A coach of a nationally ranked junior player recommended the string to me. I love the playability of it. It has great control, great power and tremendous bite. What he failed to tell me is that I would be lucky to get 4 hours of tennis out of each stringing. At its price, it's hard to justify the bang for the buck! Time to make a change and save some money.
From: Matt, 10/11

Comments: I used this on a Babolat Pure Drive GT and a full bed killed my arm, if I was to use this I'd recommend using it in the mains and a softer string for the crosses.
From: Oscar, 10/11

Comments: First I used Babolat RPM Blast 16g then switched to the 17g and loved the feel it gave me with more power. So I went a step further and tried the 18g and it ruined my game. The 17g is perfect for my game (a lot of topspin) and helps add power to my shots. It normally only last me a month due to the amount I play so it's an expensive string, but I believe it's worth it!
From: Zach, 9/11

Comments: I never post but this string really killed my arm after playing only a few hours with it. My son loves it so I tried it but it was just painful. If you are young and have a good arm it should be fine.
From: Doug, 9/11

Comments: I thought this was a fantastic string. A lot of spin and A LOT of pop and power if strung a few pounds lower than usual. Though control was sacrificed. I had a hard time stringing it as well.
From: Benjamin, 8/11

Comments: Probably the best string I've ever played with. The RPM Blast set up is like no other string I have ever used. They seem to die after about 2 or 3 good sessions, but somehow they come back. So if you have these strings, and they seem dead really fast, give them some time, and they come back stronger and better than ever.
From: Brad, 8/11

Comments: This string is the best I've ever used. I play well over 10 hours a week, and it lasts quite a while. I haven't seen any signs of the string being dead.
From: Sam, 7/11

Comments:I have tried to string a new Babolat Aero Pro Drive twice with the Babolat RPM Blast 1.25. And twice the string broke when I worked on the crosses on different places.
From: Bas. 6/11

Comments: I agree with many of the comments above. RPM Blast does die pretty quickly, and it's super soft. First time, I was like, this is better than anything else I've ever tried, and the crisp, pop, and spin was more than I would have ever asked for. After 6 hrs of playing, it does seem dead.
From: Hyeoncheol. 6/11

Comments: This is a awesome string. Before this string I used Luxilon Big Banger Original and was not getting enough topspin. So I switched and now I have more than enough. I really recommend this string to anyone who wants to put more spin on the ball.
From: Kyle. 5/11

Comments: Babolat strings have really only gotten stiffer as they keep developing their technology. Pro Hurricane is a great string while it lasts, but it dies quickly as does RPM Blast. The 17 Gauge is great, but it only lasts for about 2 hours of hitting. After that, the balls really start flying off of the strings and I lost all control over the ball.
From: Alex. 5/11

Comments: One great thing about this string is it always springs back into place. This should make for a more consistent ball. I'm still playing with different tensions. I started at 57 lbs and have been working my way down with last at 45 lbs. Even at 45 the strings still snap back and self realign.
From: Keith, Sacramento. 5/11
3.5 / Babolat AeroPro Drive GT

Comments: Below is the rundown of my string history. I thought players who like what I like might get a better idea of the type of player this string appeals to. Former "go to" strings: Unique Big Hitter mains, Wilson Stamina crosses. I tried and liked (hybrid everything with Stamina in the crosses): Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour, Luxilon ALU Rough, Luxilon Adrenaline and Signum Pro Poly Plasma Orange. I also tried and didn't like: Babolat Revenge, Kirschbaum Spiky Shark, Wilson Enduro Pro and Pacific X Force. My current Setup with a Babolat Pure Storm Tour. RPM Blast 17 mains @ 58lbs with Stamina crosses @ 58lbs. Bottom line: I like the crisp sound and pocketing feel. Good controlled "ball grab" and so far seems to hold its tension well. Also important-I think it looks amazing in a PST.
From: T, NC, USA. 4/11

Comments: I was able to get RPM Blast before it was being fully marketed. I was told it was "the best thing on the market", so I tried it out. Three days into it, I finally broke down and cut the strings out of my racquet. My elbow was killing me. I'm a tennis director at a club in SC, and I would never recommend this string to anyone. It dies too quickly and is way too unforgiving on your body.
From: Josh, Colombia, SC, USA. 4/11
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Overrated in my opinion. It was just like the Pro Hurricane Tour, but it's black and stiffer feeling.
From: Paul, USA. 4/11

Comments: It's a great string with a lot of pop, power and spin. The durability and elasticity are bad if you are a flat hard hitter and have it strung more than 55 lbs. There is lots of spin potential even with less spin friendly racquets. It definitely has a softer feel when compared to other poly strings with the same gauge. The backhand slice is more technique demanding for speed and precision.
From: Jerry, Queensland, Australia. 4/11

Comments: Comfortable string for my golfers elbow. When I dropped the tension to 58lbs from 60lbs the ball pocketing dramatically increased. I can also cut loose with confidence on a flat serve and the ball drops right in. For my backhand I have to really close the face to keep it in.
From: Paul, Fullerton, CA, USA, 03/11
Level 4.0

Comments: This string made my elbow hurt so much after 5 or 6 hours of playing.
From: Jon, Pittsford, NY. 3/11

Comments:Very good string although not at first feel. :D I first Strung it in Babolat AeroPro Drive GT + and I hybrid it with ebox natural gut (I think this string only at Indonesia) Strung @ 54/56lbs. It had too much power; there is no control at all. But when my Babolat Pure Drive GT + string broke I used this string in the mains along pro hurricane feel at crosses @ 58lbs. It changed my opinion about this string. This string came with good spin potential and control and it does not hurt my arm like Ashaway crossfire 18. It makes me very happy. I'd rate it 9.5/10
From: Chandra, Pekanbaru, Indonesia, 02/11

Comments: Very good string, especially when used in a hybrid setup. Great spin, good feel and power. Much better than the 16 gauge!
From: D.R., VA, 02/11

Comments: AMAZING! These are outstanding strings for players seeking to enhance spin. Amazing control and feel with these. I have them in my Babolat Aero ProDrive Team Gt, Strung @ 57lbs and they are ideal. The most notable difference with these was my serve. I was instantly hitting serves much better and using it as a weapon.
From: Ryan, Seattle, WA, USA, 01/11

Comments: I'm currently fourteen and play with a Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200. I think the only problem with this string is the power. I feel I really just don't get enough power to deliver the ball well. I can get perfect spin and great control but I suspect, because of the small head size, I don't get as much power as I would like. I don't want to turn you off to this string though, it is a good one if you have a larger headsize.
From: Danny, New York City, NY, USA, 01/11

Comments: I just got these strings on my new Babolat Pure Drive. I don't know if it's just me but I'm getting no bite out of them. My serve is normally fast but with these strings I'm finding that my serve has been slower then normal. But the spin is great!
From: Matt, Australia, 01/11

Comments: These strings are awesome. It's quite a bit softer then PH's and pockets really well. Spin generation is pretty good. For me I had just as good feel and power as synthetic gut. I was playing with OS Micro before. Just liked the feeling but this is amazing string. Tried a myriad of other strings, from Lux to TopSpin to Blue Gear. Amazing stuff.... But trick is to string 2-3 lbs above normal. I play on 90 frames and first 2 hours going to be break in, but after that you really have a string that perform pretty consistently. I believe this is the tip from the forums.
From: Ken, San Francisco, CA, 01/11
NTRP 4.0

Comments: Definitely softer than Pro Hurricane 17 but after 2 times out with my new Prestige MP it's bothering me (at 60 lbs). That's just not comfortable enough for me. Spin production is good and I hit some monster serves (125 +) with great control but it's bothering me on forehands. It does have some better pocketing than even PH 18 but I guess I should go back to using Gamma synthetic gut, which I reverted back to when PH 18 in a hybrid set up made my elbow sensitive. RPM does pocket much better just not enough. I guess I'm just an older school player.
From: John, Portland, OR, USA, 01/11

Comments: I put this string on a Babolat Pure Drive. Strung it on mains at 52 and on the crosses i used Babolat Duralast at 54. Best feeling strings that I have ever used. Nice pop and control of the shots. Not too worried about over-swinging with these strings, the ball tends to always land in the court.
From: Stephen, Lake Charles, LA, 11/10

Comments: This string started out sick with spin and pop, but after about 10hrs it just went flat. I strung a full bed at 57 and it really is a great feeling string with bite like Ive never seen. I would highly recommend for a tournament, but be prepared to restring often. If I try it again, I'll probably mix it with syn gut to make it last longer.
From: Chad, Arlington, TX, USA, 11/10, 4.0

Comments: From the first time I hit with this string, I thought that I would love PHT more than RPM. But after 2 hours of play, I started to feel the spin, accuracy and the forgiveness of this string. Spin cross court backhands become so easy and my forehand kept inside the baseline. So far so good for this string except the price. The best string I have ever used. I strung it at 60 lbs but maybe I'll put it 56 lbs for next string job.
From: Nikki, 10/10

Comments: What is there to say? I use an APDC formally with PHT strings @61 lbs. A buddy of mine recently told me that I should try these RPM's. At first I shied away from it because I'm a fan of the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" motto but when I restrung my APDC with RPMs and went out to hit, I was simply amazed. This string holds tension very well, better control, more pop, and you can actually feel a better bite on the ball than PHT. For me, definitely worth the money.
From: Marshall, Greencastle, Pa USA, 10/10

Comments: I strung this on my EXO3 Ignite Team at 52 as suggested on the package, which is lower than I have strung any other string on my racquets. Even at such a low tension, I found this string to be just as stiff as most other polys and it didn't feel too good on my arm. Playability was fine but I didn't find it to be as spectacular as most claim. Definitely not worth the high price tag that Babolat is gouging everyone for.
From: Bill, Cincinnati, OH, USA. 09/10
Level: 4.0

Comments: I was playing with the Tecnifibre X-One 17G and it felt great, the only problem was that I kept breaking strings every 2 days and it became expensive for me. After trying the RPM 17G at 56lbs, it felt harder and I didn't get feedback on my shots so I decided to lower the tension to 54lbs with awesome results. I love to hit heavy topspin shots and this string gave me an extra bite that my partners can't handle very well. Overall great string at the right tension. My racquet is a YONEX RDIS 300.
From: Carlos, Monterrey, Mexico. 08/10

Comments: If you've never felt that a string was too stiff, too spinny, or too powerful for you, this is a must-try string. Not for everyone, but for the power baseliner this is a treat rivaled by the best textured polyesters (in my experience Black Code and Spiky Shark).
From: Anon. 8/10

Comments: I have a Wilson K Six.One 95 16x18 that I strung with RPM Blast 17 in the mains and Gamma Live Wire XP 17 in the crosses, both at 57 tension. I saw another player use this hybrid at my club so I decided to try it out. RPM Blast and Live Wire XP provides great feel, great spin, and moderate power and control. I had previously tried out the RPM Blast by itself, but it loses tension much too quickly. It's good for a couple hours of vigorous play, then it starts to die. Also, RPM by itself didn't give me the desired pop and feel that I discovered when I hybrided it. Basically, RPM Blast alone is alright, but when you hybrid it the result is excellent!! STRONGLY RECOMMEND.
From: Joel, NY, USA. 07/10

Comments: This string is quite a good choice for the competitive player with quite a bit of experience and skill. I use a Head Microgel Prestige Pro Mid Plus, and with this string I was able to create more power, control and definitely more comfort. I am a hitting partner at the Hyundai Hopman Cup, held in Perth when I tried this string once and felt as though It was a great string. Highly recommend this string as a try. Go for the thinner gauge, it doesn't lose any durability but gives you more power and feel. Definitely a good string.
From: Matt, Perth, WA, Australia. 6/10

Comments: Update: This is an ok poly (soft) for about 10-12 hrs, after that you're on your own, meaning it gets mushy so you have to constantly adjust your strokes. Maybe @ 60-62 gets better result or if you hybrid it.
From: Mort.Darius. level 5.0, Bethesda, MD, USA. 6/10

Comments: I thought this string was ok. It has a soft mushy feel to it. I prefer a more clean crisp feel. Spin was great, power and control ok. It took a lot of effort to hit the ball with power compared to other strings.
From: Ryan, Toronto, Canada. 6/10

Comments: I have this strung @ 60 lbs on my Pure Drive Cortex and clocked in about 5.5 hours so far. For a poly, it's pretty comfortable and control is still manageable. The string allows for good ball pocketing and power is definitely there. The spin characteristics makes as if the ball lands further than you intend then drops it at the last moment literally on the line, which is pretty cool once you adjust to it.
From: Ben, W.P.B., Florida, USA. 06/10

Comments: I feel this string is more comfortable and soft than other polys I have tried. However, I don't believe that this string allowed me to hit with any more topspin than I already had. I'm not to sure if I can exactly feel the ball and how much spin I put on the ball. I think I have to hit with it for a while longer. I hit with a semi to full western grip, and a lot of topspin. I hit twice for a bout 4 hours each and the string seems to maintain tension very well. Other than that, I don't think this string is unique compared to any other brands. It does look cooler than any other string on my APDGT.
From: Anon. 06/10

Comments: Good string, but did not exceed my expectation with spins. Advertisement made it seem like the string would bite more into the ball than it did (shaped string... not much of an effect). Hard hitting baseline player. NTRP 4.0-4.5
From: John, USA. 6/10

Comments: It is softer! THANK GOD I can use a Poly string now that doesn't give me arm problem! Superb power and feel
From: Allan, Murrieta, CA, USA. 06/10

Comments: The Best String I've ever used. If someone hits the ball hard, you can feel the ball spinning and flying into the string, it was the ultimate experience I've ever had. Even if you hate polys, give this a try!
From: Steven, California. 5/10

Comments: Great string. Excellent spin production, great power and control. Switched to this from Luxilon because Luxilon hurt my arm, and to my pleasant surprise this caused no arm pain AND it was better on the court. Good cosmetic too on my orange + black Youtek Radical. Highly recommended.
From: Jason. 5/10

Comments: I have been playing for the past 3 years with a hybrid of Luxilon Big Banger 16 (crosses) and Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18 (mains). Liked the combo, although it is a bit unresponsive for net play (I'm a baseliner anyway). So when this string came out I decided to give it a shot. I strung one racquet (Babolat AeroPro Drive) with this string at 57 pounds and performance was amazing. Everything was dropping in, and even at the net it felt responsive. However, after the match I ended up with a very sore shoulder (something that has never ever happened to me). So thinking that it was the tension, I strung a second one at 55. I played last night with it, and although it still had the same topspin generation, it felt extremely spongy and some balls were flying out. But, my shoulder was still sore! So I guess this is a great string but for some reason it bothers my shoulder and so will have to go back to my regular string setup. Too bad, because I liked how the string plays.
From: Enrique, NY, NY. 5/10
Level: 4.5

Comments: BEST STRING EVER. I recently switched from Luxilon Big Banger in the mains and crosses and have noticed an amazing difference in my game. My serve has a whole lot more kick on it and get more spin on my groundstrokes. This string has a nice clean crisp feel but it doesn't have an overwhelming power. I am a 4.5 player and used this in the mains and crosses and think this is by far the best string I have ever used.
From: Anon. 5/10

Comments: The French make fine wine, and they now make the finest string in my opinion. I have tried about every co-poly out there and this has the best feel and control with just enough power. I used a hybrid set-up on my Wilson BLX Six.One 95, 16 X 18: RPM Blast 17 - M- 58: X: TF X-One Bi-Phase 18.
From: Chris, Fort Myers, FL. USA. 5/10

Comments: I'd like to add to my other statement that they seem more durable than the PHT and any other string I've ever used, syth, natural, or poly. It's been about 2 weeks now since I got them and they're still going strong. I'm not a string breaker, but other strings lose there tension faster and/or lose all feel and control within 5 or so sets. Crazy good string, love it. NTRP Rating: 5.0
From: Chris, Redlands, CA, USA. 5/10

Comments: Too much hype with great players using this string. RPM Blast let me down despite the high expectations I had based on marketing spin. My normal setup of Pacific 17G poly and 16G Gamma TNT2 or Sensation for the crosses produced just as much spin and control while delivering better power and touch. I had to work much harder using RPM Blast and my timing seemed off to produce similar net clearance and serve velocity. It wasn't harsh, but I strung mains at 56 lbs and crosses at 54 lbs. Even Kevlar wouldn't hurt at those tensions. The cost for a full bed of RPM Blast isn't warranted for strings that won't add to your game. I'm going back to a proven hybrid setup and ignoring marketing buzz in the future.
From: Jim, Montgomery, TX. 5/10

Comments: These strings have it all, feel, spin, power,and control. A little hard to use in the beginning, but once you get used to them they have some dirty spin that's hard to fight. Thanks, Babolat, for a good string. NTRP 3.5
From: Alex, USA. 5/10

Comments: Great string! Been playing on Hurricane Pro Tour for a couple years, these are waaayyy better. Nice soft feel, strings don't move around, solid returns. I had tried the Volkl Cyclone, polar opposites - Cyclones no feel, trampoline-like aluminum - yuk! Get the RPM's!!
From: Terry, Los Angeles, CA. 5/10
Dunlop 4D 300 Tour - 60lbs.

Comments: Fantastic. I'd like to say that it's a less stiff version of the PHT, but it's much more than that. Strung it up on my APDC at 60lbs and let the strings talk for themselves. Deep, heavy topspin forehands, slice backhands that barely bounce, and serves with more kick than an extremely mad donkey. I will definitely be buying more of these strings. Biggest difference to me was although they felt more powerful than the PHT, these were way more controllable than the PHT. NTRP Rating: 5.0
From: Chris, Redlands, CA, USA. 5/10
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I play with the Babolat AeroPro Drive GT with Tecnifibre Black Code 17 @ 63 lbs. As a RAFA fan I needed to try these strings. These strings are awesome. I got a ton of spin out of them and got some great serves with great kick. I did not find the strings stiff and had no arm problems. The recommended tension for this string was 56 lbs I believe and not knowing anybody that has used them I went conservative at 60 lbs and wished I went 63. Great job, Babolat!! I will use this and Black Code.
From: Christian, Miami, FL, USA, 5/10

Comments: Awesome string! I switched from Black Code. For me the main difference was the spin! This string has awesome spin. I really noticed it on kick serves. When I kicked it the ball jumped up on my opponent causing shanks or short replies. Drop shots came easily. Forehands and backhands dropped in. No fear of hitting over the baseline. Barely hit into the net. Awesome string! Nothing else like it. Soft, durable, tons of spin, power, control. Their is nothing this string cant do! Try it out!
From: Johnny, San Diego, CA. USA. 05/10

Comments: Great string. I got a set from one of the players I coach who is sponsored by Babolat. I found it gave me more spin than Pro Hurricane Tour and a little more feel. I'm using it in a hybrid with Sensation in the crosses in my K 6.1 Tour. I would highly recommend it to any poly users.
From: Justin, Tucson, AZ, USA, 04/10
Level: 4.5

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