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Comments: I strung this at the typical 50 lbs for all polys I use in my 100 square inch tweener frame. I have to say I was underwhelmed. Luxilon, Gamma, and Volkl products I've tried all had better overall performance than RPM Blast did. I will say the RPM Blast created slightly more spin than other polys I tried, but the harsh, lifeless feel wasn't to my liking.
From: Steve, 8/14

Comments: I hit with plenty of pace and spin and I am primarily a baseliner (NTRP level 5.0). For the last 6 years, I have been using the hybrid set-up of kevlar and synthetic gut (I am a chronic string breaker). One day I decided to try RPM Blast (replacing the syn. gut) and holy cow, this string is awesome. So much more spin and control, and that is just from replacing the crosses. Just as others are saying, it is a little stiff, so if you have arm issues my advice is to pass on this one. However if you don't, and you want a string that will give you lots of spin -- try this. My current set-up: Prince Tour 100T ESP with Ashway Kevlar Mains and RPM Blast crosses (at 55 lbs).
From: Matt, 6/14

Comments: My all time favorite string! I'm an offensive baseliner, around 4.5 skill level, currently using Babolat Pure Drives. I string my frames with this string at 57 lbs, and for me, this string works wonders. I'm able to hit solid groundstrokes, my volleys are very crisp and sharp, and my serves/overheads are overwhelming for my opponents. This string is softer compared to other poly's that I've tried. I do enjoy the flexibility of the string, in terms of it permitting me to hit spin and flat shots, even though I am more of a spin-based player. This string has made it easier for me to learn how to hit flat, while still having the option of hitting with my usual spin. Awesome string in my opinion!
From: Kris, 6/14

Comments: I'm a 4.0 player playing with NXT 16g for two years due to tennis elbow. Elbow is better and my pro recommended a hybrid of NXT and RPM to better grip my baseline topspin. Thinking NXT mains and RPM crosses. What do you think?
From: Jay, 2/14

Comments: Very nice string. I switched to this after using ALU Power for a long time. Strung itat 58 lbs.
From: Tom, 11/13

Comments: Wow is all I have to say. This string is pure epicness. Strung it in my Pure Drive with 54 lbs. Best co- poly I've ever used. The string was addictive and lasted pretty long as well. Other strings, like Excel, would break in 2 weeks. The tension also maintained well and stayed pretty much the same.
From: Seb, 11/13

Comments: Great string on my 2013 Aeropro Drive GT. However, it's a bit too stiff for me (3.5 player) and has given me slight soreness in my elbow after a few weeks of using it. I know the racquet I use is stiff to begin with so I will see if a switch to Xcel or Bablolat VS 17G will allow for more comfort. Still, delivers loads of spin as promised.
From: Eugene, 10/13

Comments: The snap back is awesome. Strung at 55lbs. This has the greatest elastic snapback of any string. Cyclone does not compare -- it doesn't have the snapback. This is the greatest string out there!
From: Dan, 10/13

Comments: I'm a 4.5 all around player that plays 3 to 4 times a week. I use a Head Youtek IG Prestige MP and it has a 18x20 pattern, so it lacks spin, especially since I had accepted it with a free full bed of synthetic string (grave mistake). I had this string recommended to me by a friend since I had been out of the tennis loop for 3 years and I would've just gone with a Luxilon ALU Rough hybrid. This string is absolutely amazing when combined with the control of the Prestige. Great spin and also defensive shots are almost identical to my offensive shots. Taking balls on the rise or sitting slices get returned with a ton of pace and depth. Volleys and ground strokes feel fantastic with my big cuts. Touch shots are what impressed me, the ball dies once I even attempt a drop shot. Great string, I'll probably stick to this for a while.
From: Rai, 9/13

Comments: I'm a baseliner, with a long and fast swing. I hit the ball with topspin and have a two-handed backhand. I used a full bed of RPM Blast 17 and had it strung at 56 lbs on my Head Flexpoint Instinct Team. I liked this setup for my racquet, as it offered the "plush-feel," comfort and power that I needed. And this string also produces a really nice sound.
From: James, 9/13

Comments: I am really on the fence with this one. First off, I went from using a HEAD Extreme with a full bed of Black Code to the Wilson Juice Pro with the full bed of RPM 17. Basically with the HEAD I could place my first serve anywhere with great pace but my confidence lacked on groundstrokes. With this, my first serve is entirely in the gutter, but I can kick it in all day and my groundstrokes are amazing. It took 2 hours of frustrating tennis but after that I felt like a new player. If only my first serve was on key I wouldn't have to look any further for my go to string. If you don't care for a flat serve, get this string.
From: Kyle, 8/13

Comments: I am a Signum Pro Firestorm full set up user. Then I tried this 17g RPM Blast string -- I liked it, but can I use it as hybrid on mains and firestorm at crosses? What do you think TW? Need some advice please -- thanks.
From: Jomz, 7/13
Answer from TW: Sure you can try it. We don't love the poly hybrid personally and prefer either a full bed of the same poly, or a hybrid of a poly and syn gut or multi. But you can definitely try it!

Comments: Let me start by saying that this is a great string and my string of choice. But for anyone who is considering making a choice between the 17 and 18 gauge, here's some feedback: The 18G has amazing bite, power, feel, spin and control, from the baseline and on serves, however, when you get to the net the string is a little jumpy and you lose some touch, control and sharpness. Conversely, the 17G has pretty good bite, good power, pretty good spin and control from the baseline, lacks some punch on the serve compared to 18G but is incredibly stable at the net. It's not quite as jumpy at the net as the 18G, thus allowing you to volley with a little more precision, sharpness and confidence compared to the 18G which can be hit or miss at the net and tends to not have as much of a solid feel due to the thinness of the 1.20 string diameter. The 17G plays flatter than the 18G, what I mean by that is when you hit with the 18G the ball comes up off the string bed and then angles down based on the spin generated from better ball pocketing and the bite of a thinner string, while a shot using the 17G stays a little straighter coming off the string bed without as much arch to the shot and doesn't pocket quite as much as the 18G because it's a tad thicker. In summation, they are both great strings but one is like dating someone who loves to party, go out and rock while the other is like dating someone who likes to stay home, cooks great and likes to relax on the couch & watch TV, you really want both so you can get the best experience possible depending on what mood you'™re in. So the perfect RPM Blast string would be a 17L, it would give you the pop on the serves and a strong baseline game with killer spin and controllable power but still provide enough string mass to handle heavy shots at the net without fizzling out or acting too jumpy, giving you the best of all worlds in one package and allowing you to be confident in both singles and doubles.
From: Jason, 7/13

Comments: String is firm (but not as firm as RPM Team). Tension maintenance is good. It is hard on my arm at high tensions. I always hybrid it with Volkl Synthetic Gut. Spin generation is excellent. I've strung it at 63, 60, and 52 pounds in a Head Graphene Speed MP (16x19).
From: Mason, 7/13

Comments: I love these strings! I play with Head IG Radical Pro and I have this strung at 50 lbs. I took a risk stringing it at such a low tension because I'm afraid that it will be overpowering and my control will be diminished. But I was impressed with how well I could pocket/control my shots and power, especially my drop shots. My serves have more kick and spin as well as my groundstrokes. It is pretty durable as well and has lasted me a good solid 6 months (playing twice a week). Definitely sticking with these strings.
From: Paul, 7/13

Comments: This is the one of the greatest strings. I used it on my Head Elite Speed Pro and what amazing feel. But after playing with it at 57lbs for 2 months, I got some arm issues. Now, I'm looking for another equivalent co-poly. Hopefully I will find one. If you dont have any arm issues, then go for it, you won't regret it.
From: Ram, 4/13

Comments: I have a full bed of RPM Blast, strung at 60 lbs, on my Pure Storm Ltd. I found this to be a very control oriented and durable string that has lasted me about 25 hours of quality play. I enjoy the crispness that it provides. I highly recommend this string if you are looking for a quality monofilament.
From: Matt, 4/13

Comments: Great string! A lot power with spin. Also very soft to the elbow but not durable enough. I'm a 4.5 player that hits the ball hard and flat with spin every now and then and I use a lot of kick on my serve; I hit my volleys and under spin also hard. But be careful, I used this string on a Wilson Steam 99S and I like this string very much but it only lasted a couple of matches. Four sets each one. That's the only problem. If you have the time and deep pockets you will enjoy it.
From: Jose, 4/13 Note from TW: The string life in a Wilson Steam 99S is significantly shorter because of the open string pattern and racquet technology, so going through strings quickly in this racquet has no reflection on the life of the strings.

Comments: I am a 4.0 level player, single backhand, semi-big serve and power forehand. You honestly can't go wrong with this string. If you play spin, it gives you spin. If you play flat, it gives you power. If you want control, it gives you control. I think if you are considering this string, get the 17g. The 18g loses tension way too fast. In conclusion, just buy this string and give it a go. As I said, you can't go wrong.
From: Ryan, 2/13

Comments: Long time Sonic Pro user, ~50lbs. RPM at 50 lbs and it couldn't be more different. More spin for sure and nice pop are definitely pros. Cons; I felt that, all other variables being equal, I had to restrict or limit my swing. The ball explodes off the string bed. I will try increasing the tension, but for a poly it plays much more like a multifilament.
From: William, 1/13

Comments: I was using Hurricane Pro @ 52 lbs which was bit too hard on my arm after a week. I switched to RPM Blast and reduced tension to 50 lbs which perhaps wasn't the right thing for me. Though the feel is quite good I can get topspin. I think RPM Blast needs to be strung at least at 55 lbs.
From: Sharad, 1/13

Comments: I used to play with X-one Biphase, but then I switched to the string eating brute, the Wilson Steam 99S, and broke the strings faster than you can say "Roger Federer".

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