Babolat RPM Blast 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I've recently started using this string on a Head Radical MP. On first use, I struggled with range on my shots, but recently I have hit a groove with them, getting some ridiculous dip and swerve on shots, some were unplayable. Also great on a slice or kick serve. If you have good technique these will do a great job!
From: Nick, 8/15

Comments: When I first hit with this string on my Babolat APD, it had great power and spin. However, it felt dead after a week and especially when the weather got a little chilly. I would not really recommend this because the price seems ridiculous compared to other good strings out there. Some of my friends really enjoy this string, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to try it out.
From: Peter, 7/15

Comments: I am a 4.5 player. I wanted to try these in place of the Luxilon Power which I currently place with in my mains. I mostly play from the baseline and like to control play with spin and angles. This is the worst string I have played with. I had no control and couldn't keep groundstrokes in the court. It felt like the ball was simply slipping of the strings. I also felt I lost considerable power compared to the Luxilon Power.
From: Greg, 7/15

Comments: These are one of the best strings out there for the modern player looking for maximum spin. Like most with their own stringer, I like to play around with different combinations of string, but my go-to is RPM Blast 16 on the mains at 55-58 lbs and Technifibre X-1 Biphase 16 on the crosses at 57-60 lbs. During the summer, when my arm loosens up quicker and the ball is jumping, I will sometimes go all RPM Blast. I am a 46 year old 4.5 player who hits with a lot of topspin on the forehand and mostly slice on the backhand and use the AeroPro Drive, and RPM Blast is great for both. If you hit the ball old- school without as much topspin, you may still want to give these a try. I string my buddy's racquet as well and he hits a pretty flat forehand. He enjoyed RPM because it gave him a little more spin and margin on his shots. When not using this on the mains, I usually go with Luxilon BB ALU Power, which a little less "grabby" on the ball and when strung in the lower 50 lbs, it gives my arm a break if I am getting stiff in the shoulder or forearm.
From: Darin, 4/15

Comments: I recently strung this racquet in my Juice 100L. I found it had nice access to spin and power, but not enough control. Shots that I wanted to go down the line went the other way, my slice didn't drop as far as I like, and my topspin didn't really "pop" up too far. I strung it at 56 lbs, and found it lost tension very quickly. Good string if you are looking for sheer power, but I felt I had no control of my shots. I'm a 3.5 player with a one handed backhand.
From: Davis, 12/14

Comments: RPM blast stays true to its name by being a very slick coated string. It has decent power, pop, spin, etc. It's a good string overall! But, the downside is that it goes dead pretty quick. Also, its a very stiff string! At around 10 hours of hitting with 4.0 players it needs to be restrung because the tension loss was so much that it really, really hurt my elbow. I can imagine that hitting with 5.0+ player this string would only last around 7 hours. Its a great string until the initial tension loss. There are other co-polys out there that has better tension maintenance. Just go to Talk Tennis Warehouse and look on the forum for some of the best string on the market today. Though, this is a must try if you haven't experienced it yet! I strung this on my Babolat Aero Pro Drive at 52/55 pounds.
From: Sammy, 11/14

Comments: Strung in my Head Graphene Prestige Pro at 57lbs. Pros: Produces wonderful spin on both serves and groundstrokes. Cons: Doesn't last long and shoulder/arm problems due to stiffness. For younger players with extreme western forehands, this will be the best thing since sliced bread. But, for older players hitting continental on everything it's probably not the best choice.
From: Alan, 11/14

Comments: I just tried this string in a hybrid mix with NXT 16 in my Babolat Aero Pro Drive at 55 lbs. I normally string with a full bed of NXT 16 or Techfibre NRG 16. This hybrid has turned my awesome racquet into an uncontrollable beast. Every ball is long. My serves are always long. I have zero control and almost no feel. Consider this experiment over. Back to my full bed of NXT 16 and awesome power and control. I am a 5.0 player with a long, fast swing.
From: Mark, 11/14

Comments: I'm a 4.0 player or its equivalent. I used RPM Blast on my Technifiber T-Fight 295 racquet at 55 lbs. I liked it very much -- it has tremendous spin, controled power, the durability is great,, but on this string my tennis elbow started. I switched to a multifilament (Babolat Excel) and it's good, no arm problems -- nice touch, powerful but less durability and the strings start moving after a couple of hours playing (maybe because of my heavy topspin). And then I tried the RPM Blast again at 50 lbs on my new HEAD Youtek Prestige Pro and my elbow a pain started again. But, this is a great string, I highly recommend this RPM blast if you can handle it on you arm.
From: Darwin, 10/14

Comments: Amazing spin and control, however not very durable in the 16 gauge. I get maybe 2 weeks at the most.
From: Duncan, 8/14

Comments: Pros: It produces lots of spin which helps the serve immensely, and is moderately powerful. Cons: Very stiff (I have elbow problems), and very little feel. Overall, this string doesn't suit my needs. I would recommend if you don't have elbow issues and are predominantly looking for spin. I have never served better than when using this string! If you are looking for feel and playability, look elsewhere. Personally, I prefer the Pro Hurricane Tour. It is softer and has significantly more feel. Strung at 56 lbs on a Head IG Extreme Pro 2.0.
From: TK< 6/14

Comments: When I bought my Babolat Storm GT, I strung it with this string. I have read some good reviews about it. At first it felt nice. After a month or so, my string broke and I tried Babolat Addiction. The Addiction gave me a really nice feeling and it was really soft on my arms, but the string didn't have a good durability. A month later I played again with the RPM Blast. I really love the feeling when the ball is hitting the strings. The spin is great and I don't have moving strings in my racquet. It gave me less of a trampoline effect than the Addiction. For me, this is the string I have liked the most of the strings I have played with.
From: Danny, 8/12

Comments: I strung this on my Wilson BLX Blade 98, and while it supplied the spin its so famous for producing, it is extremely tough on the arm. I play 5 days a week and I just stopped playing tennis to rest for a week due to my right arm being so sore. I would recommend getting this string and pairing it up with some natural gut or a multifilament.
From: John, 8/12

Comments: This string is great. It gives a lot of spin when I need it, and a lot of power when I want to. And when I have to, both. The strings give a nice serve with power. If you don't play well with it first, it will be okay, you just need to get used to it. The only bad thing is it isn't long lasting. Once you string it, the "specialness" will wear off in 2-3 weeks, whether you play or not.
From: Vis, 8/12

Comments: This string is amazing for the first few days. It gives so much power, spin, and control. I can rip a powerful one handed backhand and it goes in or on the line. However, those are the results for the first few days. After that, the strings become kind of dead. There's still some power and spin left in the strings but it sometimes gets harder to control. You need to be somewhat close to pro level in order to use this string.
From: Davis, 8/12

Comments: It's a good string, but I compare this to Babolat Pro Hurricane, and there's not much difference (for me). Pro Hurricane is good enough for me at a lower price because I already supplement plenty of spin, but could use a tad more power (most of my strokes land near the service line or in no man's land, not near baseline where I want it). If you need spin but not that much power, go for Babolat RPM Blast. If you need power and durability (Pro Hurricane is really durable, one of the most durable I've hit with; it's survived my high school tennis season in full), go for Pro Hurricane. Let me say again: this is a good string for those who need spin, lots of it.
From: Fred, 5/12

Comments: I have a full western grip. These strings help put tons of spin on the ball, especially top spin. When I hit the ball most of the time the ball jumps up to the other guy's shoulder. Also, when I want, I can flatten out my shots with pace. A great string best for spin and power. Also, do note that these strings are very durable, so you may want to get new strings even if they have not broken yet after 5 months or so.
From: David, 4/12

Comments: I've been playing with Blast for about 8 months now normally tensioned at 58 lbs. I've used it on a Prince Black and a Babolat Pure Drive 2012. When I first played with it the racquet felt really boardy and stiffer than normal. After getting used to the string it played with tons of spin. The black string looks awesome too. Bit expensive though.
From: Sam, 3/12

Comments: Ive played with RPM Blast strings for about 6 months and I love them. I strung them at 55 lbs on an aeropro. The manufacturer claims the strings will provide some new amazing sense of control, spin, and power. When I played with the strings for the first time I noticed easy accesability to spin but shots still floated long much like other strings. I played with these after using the pro hurricane tour strings for about 3 years and the RPM's are the best "spin" strings I've played with.
From: Rodney, 1/12

Comments: As a senior and varsity team captain this Babolat strings have really helped me alot in my top spin and slice. The black strings have helped generate lots of power. It was hard to control where to hit my shots at first but after a week; I was able to defeat many opponents.
From: Eli, 1/12

Comments: I strung the Babolat RPM Blast at 58 lbs and when I first tried it, boy was it great! My forehand had much more spin and my serves had more top spin when I needed it. Problem is though, these strings drop tension pretty quick. It's already been about a week and I feel a difference in the tension. There's a somewhat mushy feeling and there's always this "ping" noise whenever I hit. This string also helped on slices!
From: Lee, 12/11

Comments: The best string out there, gives you an incredible control and a crispy feel with a soft string on the crosses.
From: Max, 11/11

Comments: I was all gun-ho about trying these strings after seeing the results other players were getting. I have strung my Babolat Pure Drive GT racquets with RPM in the mains at least 6 times, with a softer Leonia 66 or Goosen Micro 16 for the crosses. There were periods were the strings felt incredible and got lots of great results. But every time, the tension dropped after a few weeks and became more trampoline like and lost the punch. I kept stringing it tighter and tighter, from 59 lbs to now up to 64 lbs, to find that good drop down tension. Unfortunately, I am a bit disappointed about the lack of consistency of the tension and found myself cutting out the strings after about 6 weeks. It is a bit frustrating for the price of the string.
From: Paul, 11/11

Comments: I did not think anyone could make a better string than the Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power and Babolat did. I love the combo of feel and power. I was starting to lose my edge against the guy I routinely play, but since switching to Babolat RPM Blast, he can't get back in the win column. I highly recommended.
From: Blake, 10/11

Comments: I find these strings to be somewhat decent. These strings were a little to much on the power side. These strings have sort of a mushy feel. Babolat RPM Blast is similar to Pro Hurricane Tour, only Pro Hurricane Tour is more crisp with more ball bite.
From: Peter, 9/11

Comments: This string is probably the best polyester string in the market but like most polyester strings it is extremely harsh on the arm. Even if you have long developed stroke and impeccable technique, this string will hurt. However, coupled with a natural gut or synthetic gut string, one feels no pain and gets added control. Note: Only recommended to those with good technique.
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: I recently strung my three Babolat AeroPro GT racquets with Babolat RPM Blast. I do like the feeling and the spin you can generate with it. However, I did notice the strings have a "ping" sound on every one. The feeling also varies in all three racquets, but what bothers me the most is the "ping" sound.
From: Mario, 9/11

Comments: These are incredible strings! I already hit with a lot of topspin but now I hit with more topspin but with added pop to all my strokes especially my groundstrokes! I'm beating comfortably players I used to sometimes struggle against. Plus, they don't move and they last quite a while and that's coming from one who breaks strings quite a bit. Dunlop Aerogel 500 Tour + RPM 16 = winning combo! Get them! Definitely worth the extra bucks!
From: QD, 8/11

Comments: I am a topspin player and I strung this string on my three Babolat Aero Pro Drive GTs at 52 Lbs and ... GREAT. Very good spin, ball pocketing, power, control and feel and my slice was very good. At baseline and at net I could do a good job and on my serve too. I recommend this string.
From: Nacho. 8/11

Comments: I have it strung at 61 on both my Wilson BLX 6.1 Tours. It gives a lot of control to stronger players who hit with power. It's softer than Luxilon which makes serving more comfortable. Lasts a month before the tension loss is noticeable.
From: Kevin, 8/11

Comments: When using this string it has great power and spin. It's spin capability can help return hard to reach balls back into the court. Durability is okay. First time using it the strings lasted only 3-4 weeks. Think it has something to do with the way I struck the ball because when I flattened my shots a teeny bit it has not broken on me. Overall I liked it.
From: Andy, 8/11

Comments: For what this string slightly lacks in power, it makes up for with massive topspin. It was hard to find my groundstrokes with this racquet at first but since I've adjusted to the spin I can hit pretty much anywhere on the court if I see the shot open up. This string is very accurate since it has so much spin and I feel I have more control with it as well. If you are worried about lack of depth, then maybe try and string them a little looser on your racquet but for those who like to play controlled percentage tennis then these strings are great for you.
From: Joe, 7/11

Comments: I really enjoyed using this string. I got a lot of spin with it and good depth. It has also been very durable.
From: Erin, 7/11

Comments: First of all, a lot of these poly strings are the same; super stiff with lots of spin and power. I am 13 and my shoulder hurts from the stiffness in the strings, but they have nice spin for all of you baseliners.
From: Andrew. 07/11

Comments: Excellent string. It has great access to power, with lots of spin. I use it with my Babolat Pure Drive GT and it is awesome.
From: Anonymous. 7/11

Comments: Great at the start on my APDC but after a couple of weeks there was a huge loss of tension and I was disappointed. It also felt a bit stiff and I had problems getting depth on my shots.
From: Daniel. 6/11

Comments: This string is an excellent string for hard hitters since the octagonal design adds an immense amount of spin to the ball. Down side is that it is very stiff, not recommended for those who have arm trouble like me. I use XCel 16 mains and RPM 18 in the crosses in my Babolat Pure Storm Gt at 60 lbs excellent feel good on my arm and surprisingly it lasts for several weeks.
From: Ian. 7/11

Comments: I had been using Babolat Addiction for quite a while but was disappointed with its durability. I wanted to find a string with more durability but with similar playability traits. Shortly after switching to RPM Blast, I started getting extreme tennis elbow. Even though I dropped my tension down by 4 lbs to try to compensate for the change from multi to poly, the string was still way too firm for me.
From: Kevin. 6/11

Comments: I absolutely love this string. It really puts more topspin on my shots when compared to a gut-poly hybrid. The thing that I really love about it is that it has so much give and you can feel the ball pocket if you hit it right. If you have a good swing and racquet head speed it has lots of power too. The bad part is that it does not hold tension very well. I wish I could afford to get my racquet restrung every week since the tension drops pretty fast and there is world of difference between a freshly/tightly strung racquet with RPM and one that is loose by 5-7 lbs. Also the arm and shoulder do get somewhat sore if a play more than 2-3 hours a day. I need to buy a stringing machine!!
From: Steve. 6/11

Comments: I strung RPM at 54 lbs on my Pure Storm Tour and I am very disappointed. This string is stiff! I couldn't even serve three times in row because it hurt. I guess I'll cut it off and re-string with Babolat Revenge as it is a softer string or maybe Polyfibre Black Venom. I'm so upset I wasted almost 17 bucks on this wire fence.
From: Jose. 6/11

Comments: This is a great string. These strings are great for generating topspin. Oh, and no the string isn't perfect, but it is great for people who like to generate their own power.
From: Allen. 6/11

Comments: For those players who seem to have trouble generating spin or even hitting flat shots, I hit with a Prince EXO3 Rebel and I string this at 57lbs and my playing has become so much more controlled and better. Love this string.
From: Wesley. 6/11

Comments: This string really helps my performance. It provides excellent spin and power. This string reminds me of the feeling of a forehand in table-tennis, full of topspin and predictable curve. I confidently hit the ball as hard as possible and know that it will land right at the baseline. This string is much better than my previous ones, Luxilon Alu Power (main) and Wilson Sensation (cross). I am playing with Wilson 6.1 BLX 95, tension @57 lbs. Thanks, Babolat!
From: Lam. 5/11

Comments: I started using a full bed of this string strung at 58 pounds a couple months back and it felt great. It lasted a good amount of time without losing any tension, even when I played a BJLI match every week with a team session and a lesson group. It gave me great spin and nice control but was rather difficult to use unless I took a great cut at the ball. After doing that for 4 months I moved into a college level lesson group and went into a slump, in which I broke my racket strings. I went back to using the Gamma Tour 340X Team with Prince Synthetic Gut for about a couple weeks and had a total overhaul on my stroke in which I removed half of the cut and actually drove the ball. When I switched back and amped up the tension to a good 60 pounds, I continued to drive the ball and this string only lasted a good 3 hours. Then it suddenly went dead and was unplayable for the rest of the week. Great string overall, I loved the brief time I spent with this on my AeroStorm Tour, great pop, bite, feel. It was in all the right places, just not for me. A great edge for the cutter.
From: Yang. 5/11

Comments: I've been using these strings for about 2 months now. I strung them as the crosses with Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Spin @ 55 lbs on an AeroPro Drive and they have impressed me a lot. I'm a college player and I play 5- 7 times a week about 3 hours each session. I wasn't initially impressed with the RPM Blast but 2 months later, it's my favorite string I've ever used. I'm playing the best tennis of my life. I play a serve and volley game with a huge kick serve and hit a heavy topspin forehand.
From: Clayton, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 4/11

Comments: I for sure didn't like them. There was way too much power, and no noticeable increase in topspin.
From: Sam, WI, USA. 4/11

Comments: Definitly not my favorite. I figured since I'm a flat hitter that I could use some help with spin. Bad idea. These strings really feel like they have no control. I still need to find the perfect string.
From: Anon. 03/11

Comments: I don't really like this string. It just gives topspin and is hard to generate power with control! Tennis Warehouse, please help me find a string! I use the Babolat Aeroprodrive gt and I have tennis elbow! I want a string that has a crisp feeling and that is relatively cheap (affordable). This string just makes me hit lobs. I'm not able to hit hard at all!!!! If I do, I just miss! It's so hard and has this mushy feeling to it!
From: Abi, GA, USA, 03/11
(Abi, if you call into our customer service line one of our knowledgeable representatives would be happy to help you select a string!--TW Staff)

Comments: I have been using this string ever since it came out. I play 2 to 3 times per week. I am a hard hitter with lots of topspin and have monster serves. I tried Volkl Cyclone because Chris from TW recommended it. I was in absolute shock how much better it was than my beloved RPM Blast. WOW. So much more grip and it really does pocket the ball so much better than rpm does. Also has more power, which I was looking for on my serves. It delivers! It's half the cost of RPM Blast too! Get will love it! 52lbs..on my Volkl Powerbridge 10 mid
From: Mike, IL, USA, 03/11
4.0 player

Comments: I am a high school student on the Varsity Tennis team and this is my very first Babolat sting I have used ever. This string increased my topspin and my serve got a lot faster. When I didn't have these strings my mom's boyfriend always beat me. But when I got the RPM Blast I beat him in a pro set 8-3.
From: Spencer, Dacula, GA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Awesome string. Good durability, had a lot of spin and control but also good power.
Strung at 55 on my Wilson BLX Six One Team
From: Anon, 02/11

Comments: I strung up my Babolat Aeropro Drive gt with these strings on my mains and VS 16g on my crosses..... All I can say is AMAZING! Still looking for a better alternative to gut though, but RPM blast is on of the few polys that are really worth the investment.
From: Alex, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: I've been playing with these strings for 2 months and the first month they worked perfectly! But then they lost the pop that it used to have. It lost a lot of control the second month? I play high school tennis and I'm about to switch my strings to the hurricane pro tour because all my friends say it works perfectly!
From: Julio, Murrieta, CA, USA, 01/11
(Julio, since polyester strings are so durable they tend to "go dead," before you can break them; the strings lose their elasticity and, as a result, their pop. If you're playing a lot of tennis the strings tend to "die" out in about a month.--TW Staff)

Comments: I really like this string for the insane amount of spin it offers. I've nick-named it the cheater string. I've been using a PHT and VS hybrid for quite a while and these Blast strings are much better for spin. I do have a couple complaints though. First they break very quickly. Almost as quickly as straight gut. Second they aren't as forgiving when making an off center shot. They seem to lose a lot of feel and pop. I really like these strings but if they only last a couple weeks then I'll probably have to go back to my old hybrid setup.
From: Jeff, Houston, TX, USA, 10/10
NTRP rating: 4.5

Comments: Hey TW. I was wondering what all strings you have tested in the lab for spin friendliness. I saw in the product description that this string was the best string, but was wondering what other strings where tested.
From: Anon, 01/11
(Anon, you can find information on other strings here, and check out all of our other Lab experiments at TW University)

Comments: These strings are amazing, when I bought my aeropro drive gt, I decided to string my new racquet with the rmp blast 16g at 55lb tension and playing with this set up has now allowed me to get so much spin. First you have to get used to the ball dipping quickly like heavy topspin shots do. My approach shots have such a quick now since I use a western grip for forehand approach shots and my baseline forehand shots is semi western grip and I am able to get it a lot deeper without worrying about the ball flying out since the strings produce great amount of spin with minimal effort. My backhands were a weakness before but because of these strings I am able to produce good amount of spin while using an eastern two handed backhand grip so that I can hit deep to the baseline. Volleys are a lot easier and I am able to produce great drop shots and shanks. Also for slice, not my best shot but when I hit the slice right, I am able to get perfect slices. Very good string and I recommend getting these. For me personally I recommend 55lb tension because you are going to need power to hit the ball deep since the balls tend to spin a lot.
From: Jonathan, Seattle, WA, USA, 01/11

Comments: This string is not too special... Sure its good for the first few hours of play, and then it goes dead. Loses spin, feel, tension, and the balls begin to fly a bit. It's no wonder Nadal uses this string, it's great for the first few hours, and since he can switch to a new fresh set each ball change he gets the maximum potential out of it. I'd say Luxilon is a better choice; more spin, feel, and those will last longer. If you're looking for a poly to stick with, give it a try, but don't get your hopes up.
From: Ace, NorCal, USA, 12/10

Comments: This string is amazing overall. The first week and a half of playing for an hour a day for every day was amazing, but it the tension had a drop and I started launching the ball out of the court. Changing my grip slightly and with less Nadal-like spin changed. It took me a month to get back from the slump, so be prepared for a dramatic change. Once you get past the slump, the strings are as good as ever.
I have had the strings for over six months and they haven't broken, but only loosened. The strings are indestructible and produce a massive amount of spin.
This string is perfect for the baseline player. I am a baseline player who rarely volleys, but it works spectacular in volleys, too. It is more suited to the baseliner than the serve and volleyer.
Bottom line: Good for a week, expect a month and a half slump from tension loss, but overall amazing if you have the time to stick with the strings.
From: Jacob, CA, USA, 12/10

Comments: I had it for a wile it still as good as new and my game has lifted hugely to Luxion timo 110 and I hit from the baseline but use the net to finish winners off I hit flat and the ball still goes over the net with lots of power.
From: James, Adeliade, South Australia, Australia, 12/10

Comments:Honestly, this string provides incredible spin to my game. All my strokes, including my serve, increases dramatically. However, it feels as though I'm playing with a poly string and it tends to feel really stiff and dead when I hit the ball. Unlike synthetic gut, the RPM feels lifeless when the ball is hit. I guess it's a sacrifice that must be made for the availability of spin that comes from this string. Must Try!!
From: Justin, San Jose, CA, USA, 12/10

Comments: After using this string for 16 hours of play I'm experiencing severe notching. I got better all-around performance with Luxilon m2 especially when hitting an approach shot from an opponent's low short ball with no pace. On groundstrokes I got more power and spin from the Luxilon. Kick serves had more kick with the Luxilon. The durability of both strings make them unaffordable for every day use...Ill be looking for a more durable alternative when this string finally breaks.
From: Richard, Manila, Philippines, 11/10

Comments: It's a great string for the first few days on playing, then it loses feel and grip for some reason. I now use it in a hybrid set up with RPM in the cross and gut in the mains and even after a few weeks of playing it is still amazing. I tried RPM in the mains and like Jack H stated, it definitely lost its feel after a week or so, which was strange. I wanted a little more power and ended up snapping my gut after 2-2.5 weeks. Over all I continue to experiment with RPM and will continue to use it.
From: Paris, Reno, NV, USA, 11/10

Comments: I recommend this string because it has legendary spin, power, control, feel, I can't judge durability because I just bought them. On my Babolat Pure drive lite 27 inches it is the perfect match I have way more spin and I have a very flat shot and way more power and control please try this you will not regret it. Some good tensions are 60 and 55lbs.
From: James, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, 11/10

Comments: You can't go wrong with this amazing string it has so much power and the topspin keeps it in if even if you hit with full power it goes in.
From: James, Adealiade, South Australia, Australia, 11/10

Comments: This is the best string I tried so far, I'm a 3.0 player and have thin frame. RPM blast compensates my lack of power and now, I never hesitate to hit the ball hard because the spin is awesome.
From: Kim, Manila, Philippines, 11/10

Comments: THESE ARE THE BEST!!! The spin is tremendous, making accuracy easy. I could now win straight sets because of these.
From: Ryan, 11/10

Comments: I have two matches on this string so far (Wilson BLX Six.One 95, 60lbs, 4.5). I've used NXT for the past two years and this string has very different characteristics. Spin is noticeably greater, which has made it easier to hit a deep ball. Very solid feel at net. Serve delivers lots of spin but feel is very different from NXT. I can't really complain as I've played my best two matches of the year with new (and very different) string.
From: Chris, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 11/10

Comments: Although it has got a lot of spin, I could really feel the pain in my elbow.
From: John, California, USA. 10/10

Comments: These strings are sooooo nice! A lot of control and power AND spin. Recommend to anyone looking for pace on their shots. Hope this helps.
From: Jack, Sandpoint, ID, USA, 10/10

Comments: This is by far the best string in the polyester category. These strings produce the same amount of spin and control of Pro Hurricane Tour, but a lot softer on the arm. This is highly recommended for players who use a tremendous amount of topspin and love durability.
From: Anon, 10/10

Comments: Overall, a very good string. As we all know polyester is a very hard stiff string but compared to most poly strings this one is much softer on your arm. Amazingly it also has good tension maintenance. Me being a frequent string breaker, hybrid string beds sky rocket above my budget. However this poly string is soft on my arm and does not require a gut string in the cross to soften it up. And how could I forget spin!? Me being a baseline grinder who rarely comes to the net it provides me superior spin almost as if the ball hit a wall at the last second and drops in front of the baseline. My favorite string over Babolat's Pro Hurricane Tour, which I had used for many years, this string out performs it by miles and I plan on using this string for many years to come.
From: Jack, NE, USA, 10/10

Comments: I used it on the main as a hybrid setup. The string is super spin friendly, all my shots have heavy spin and they stay inside the court with really good control...for the first 10 hours. I would say, it was the Perfect String at the 1st 10 hours of play. After that, it feels a little bit harder and it's not as spin friendly and kinda less control, less feel than before (about 7.5-8/10 compare with the first 10 hours). It seems like the softer outer layer of plastic (Silicon) wore out or something and it couldn't bite and grab the ball. It isn't bad at all even after the 10 hours play (it's like a perfect string had turned into a regular good poly string), it's not my cup of tea.
From: Jack H, Denver, CO, USA, 10/10

Comments: I really like this string for the insane amount of spin it offers. I've nick-named it the cheater string. I've been using a Pro Hurricane Tour and VS hybrid for quite a while and these Blast strings are much better for spin. I do have a couple complaints though. First they break very quickly. Almost as quickly as straight gut. Second they aren't as forgiving when making an off center shot. They seem to lose a lot of feel and pop. I really like these strings but if they only last a couple weeks then I'll probably have to go back to my old hybrid setup.
From: Jeff, Houston, TX, USA, 10/10
NTRP: 4.5

Comments: It feels good but it is mushy with no bite at all. Maybe use it for mains on a hybrid.
From: Marcus, Fort Smith, AR, USA, 10/10

Comments: I'm not sure about the complaints for this string - my only guess is that they are from people who play with a Semi-Western Forehand and don't swing through the ball. With a western forehand, I've never hit a ball long -- it always drops in (unless I don't complete my swing). Compared to Pro Hurricane (my former string) this string feels softer, has a lot more bite (especially on slices) and is much better at blocking back serves (one of the weakness of Pro Hurricane Tour I always felt). I strung it at 60 and have not had problems with losing tension. At first, I lost some power on my serve, but then I realized it was because Pro Hurricane Tour, and especially Luxilon (my other former string) were letting me get away with poor form. RPM demands proper form, and a loose, full swing, proper body rotation on serve, etc. Once you get that, you're laughing.
From: Jeremy, Toronto, Canada, 10/10
NTRP Rating: (4 - 4.5, Pure Drive Roddick GT, western forehand, one-handed backhand)

Comments: I hate these strings. It feels mushy and doesn't produce a clean pop. Went back to Pro Hurricane Tour on my AeroPro Drive GT.
From: Jessie, Honolulu, HI, USA, 09/10

Comments: This is a good string. I love the look of black strings and the fact that they do not move, provide good power and are comfortable for a poly make them a great buy. I have tried several different popular polys and can't say that any of the others stands out over this string. Try it.
From: Tom, Vegas, 09/10

Comments: This string is fantastic my favorite of all time. I play with the AeroPro Drive GT Plus, which is a very powerful racquet, and until I put the RPM in it I was about ready to switch racquets. Now I can hit huge bombs with every shot. But is does loosen up like others have said. I strung it a 63lbs I am going to try 66 next if it still loosens up too much I will have to switch strings.
From: Leon, Portland, OR, USA, 09/10

Comments: I just purchased the Nadal racquet- Aero Pro Drive and had TW put RPM Blast on the racquet at 54 lbs. Great string but I have to hit with all my strength just to get the ball deep into my opponents court otherwise it drops short every time. After four games, I was worn out and I could feel my arm starting to hurt. I did not notice more spin at all. I will probably switch back to my original string -Wilson's Champions Choice that has monster spin, control and feel. You can't go wrong. No wonder why all the pros use this combo!
From: Carl, CA. 09/10

Comments: AMAZING STRING!! I use this in the 16 gauge in the mains, and put synthetic gut in the crosses. I am a big hitter from the baseline and use tremendous topspin. This spin helps me to take a bigger hit at the ball while giving me added topspin as well. Keeps the ball in the court even when a take a large strike at the ball because of the added topspin. Helps with power on my two-handed backhand as well. Simply amazing string. FIVE STAR if you are a topspin player!!
From: Aubrey, 08/10

Comments: I won't want to be a gloomy Gus, because I normally like most products, but this string was ultimately not for me. I normally string a hybrid of some sort of poly in the mains and VS Gut in the crosses. I hit flat and don't have a monster serve, and this will usually last me ~ 8 weeks in a 3-racquet rotation playing 5x per week. For the first 2-3 weeks this stuff was excellent, I got extra power and placement. After that, it started dying. First, my arm started killing me. That never has happened with VS in the crosses and Big Banger or Hurricane in the mains. Secondly, the string has died. I can't hit anything properly now; it is either way long or short and soft. If you can afford to restring it every 2-3 weeks, and it doesn't kill your arm, then I can recommend this string. If you are looking for longevity, it is not a good string. It is worse on your arm than Big Banger or Hurricane. A failed experiment for me.
From: John, Madison, WI, USA, 08/10

Comments: I must admit that this string produces a lot of spin and is very durable. However, it's very stiff, takes away power and doesn't provide as much feel as I'd like. I string my Microgel Extreme at 58# and now I have tennis elbow and my arm feels like it's going to fall off. I'm trying this at a lower tension (56#) just because I really love the spin, but I probably won't be switching to these permanently. I'm going back to my Wilson Hyperspin hybrid.
From: Jamesat23, Seattle, WA USA. 8/10

Comments: These strings are the worth the price. I've heard a lot of hype about these strings and so I took the initiative to try it. I was amazed because it lives up to the hype. There is so much power and spin these strings generate, they are addictive. You can take a big cut at the ball and know your ball will land deep and not really worry that it will go out. Very durable and the string doesn't move, which I really like cause I hate strings that move, annoying. A lot of people compare this sting to the Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour, which in all aspects is really similar, same construction basically, but the RPM Blast has a different coating style that makes it more durable and overall a better feel.
From: Michial, Tacoma, WA, USA, 08/10

Comments: Strings are great fresh off the stringer, but after a while, especially in the humid hot weather of Texas, the strings begin to lose tension. It's a lot softer than the Pro Hurricane Tour I have used regularly. I wouldn't mind getting my rackets strung with these every other day if I had the budget for it. I may just stick to the Pro Hurricane Tour.
From: Duoc, Ft Worth, TX, USA, 08/10

Comments: I'm a college player. Take the advice I'm about to give you because I've tried just about every poly you can think of. These strings are not worth $16.95. They play great the first 3-4 hours, but after 4 hours, you can feel the stringbed getting much softer and the tension drops significantly. I had to cut it out because I was launching balls way past the baseline unlike a few hours before using it. Don't waste the money, unless you have money like Nadal and can afford to keep restringing this stuff. Why do you think he changes racquets a few games earlier than he used to? Take my advice before you wast 16.96 plus shipping or 17 bucks and some change in stores.
From: Jay, USA. 8/10

Comments: It loses tension sort of quickly but it is the best string I've ever hit I have control in all swings now over all awesome string.
From: Anon, 08/10

Comments: I use a Head Microgel Prestige Mid and have used Luxilon Power Rough in the mains at 56 and a cheap natural gut in the crosses at 58. I strung a full bed of RPM at the recommended 62, and I was actually very impressed. Even with the Prestige Mid, I was able to produce unbelievable amounts of topspin and great depth. My hitting partner said my ball was slightly heavier with the RPM, and my kick serve jumped off the court quite a bit more. My flat serve suffered a little, and my slice serve had a little too much backwards kick (instead of the preferred 'slide' outside on the deuce side, and up the T on the ad side). Also, I use a one handed backhand, and obviously rely on my slice a lot, which also noticeably suffered compared to the Power Rough hybrid combo. At net, taking full advantage of the Prestige Mid, I love to hit drop volleys and well placed volleys, but the RPM also lacked in this area. I will not switch to the RPM, but as I told my hitting partner, if I was purely a baseline grinder with an open string bed and two handed backhand, I would probably love the RPM strings. But as it is, I play an all-court style, with a one handed backhand (plus slice), and I won't switch from my Prestige Mid and its dense string pattern. Therefore, I will stick with my Luxilon hybrid combo.
From: Jeff, Seattle, WA, USA, 08/10

Comments: I play with RPM Blast 16 on one of my racquets, and Tecnifibre's Black Code 16 on the other. RPM is noticeably softer in feel than the Black Code, and seems to "pocket" the ball more than the Black Code. However, I actually prefer the Black Code string that seems a bit crisper in response and better feedback without losing much of the spin potential of the RPM. As someone who recently moved over from multi-filment strings, these co-polys actually give you better control as you hit harder, which did cause some arm soreness at the beginning, but that has gone away.
From: Kevin, NJ, USA, 08/10

Comments: An average poly at best... average power, average spin, average to below-average durability. Its no wonder Roddick and Tsonga ditched it and went back to their old string set-ups. Awful tension maintenance at any tension (our group playtested at 50, 55, and 60 lbs). It's not surprising that Nadal switches racquets every 7-9 games. The stiffness rating is actually higher than both Luxilon BB Alu Power and Pro Hurricane Tour. There are many better playing and softer co-polys at better prices. Check out Mantis, Polyfibre, and Genesis just to name a few.
From: Bond, TX, USA, 08/10

Comments: I'm liking the extra spin these strings give me, but I think it's hurting my arm. I've never had tennis elbow and, since I've been using this string, I have it now. I'm not sure if it's from the string, but I'm hoping no because I just bought 3 more sets of these. Yikes!
From: James, Seattle, WA, USA, 08/10

Comments: Amazing string, just used it today, I found good power and control and great depth. I prefer it over the Pro Hurricane Tour as it is softer but the bad thing is doesn't pack power like the Hurricanes. Overall, 10/10 for me love the string and not changing ever!
From: Alex, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 08/10

Comments: I ordered this string 2 sets from TW. My comments come from my own personal experience; I feel that my flat balls and kick serve lacked of power (low on power, not much bite, and no feel). Spin and power is not good as much as Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 16L. I probably come back for Luxilon.
From: Bobby, Dallas, TX, USA, 08/10

Comments: So far this is the only poly that hasn't ended up killing my arm after 3 weeks. I love the access to spin as well as the crisp pop off the string bed.
From: Billy, Mission Viejo, Ca, USA. 7/10

Comments: This is the best string by Babolat I have tried so far. I have used the Pro Hurricane and the Pro Hurricane Tour previously. You get power and control from this string. Plus you get a good feel from it. I have it strung at 59lbs on my Babolat Aero 112
From: Tony, Round Rock, TX, USA, 07/10

Comments: I love everything about this string, it's stiff, generates spin, has power, and it just feels good, I highly recommend this string to anyone.
From: Thomas, Louisville, KY, USA, 07/10

Comments: I play for a German club tennis team in the Second Bundesliga, which is the second highest league in Germany. When I was playing I noticed two things, this string doesn't have quite the durability of my old strings (Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour M/Luxilon Adrenaline crosses). And it doesn't generate anywhere near the amount of feel or spin. If your looking for two combinations worth trying, try either the Babolat/adrenaline combination or Tecnifibre red code Mains/ Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 1.25 crosses. Both of those combinations worked really well for me in the durability and playability categories.
From: Kevin, 07/10

Comments: I was very disappointed with this string. I hit with a heavy topspin forehand, slice backhand and a slice serve. None of my shots improved. I found that I had to come under the ball and really over hit my forehand with extra spin to keep the ball in the court, my normal strokes sent the ball 10 feet long every time. My slice backhand was ok, no real difference. My serve was similar to my forehand, I really had to snap my wrist harder than usual to bring the ball down into the court. I strung this with VS Gut. I grabbed an old racquet with VS Gut/Luxilon Rough and starting ripping winners right away without having to overhit. I feel the Luxilon rough is a better choice - easier on your arm, better spin and control.
From: CJ, DFW, TX. 7/10

Comments: These strings rock! I play with the AeroPro Drive GT and it's like it's meant for it. Now I am going to try the Tecnifibre Black Code strings!
From: Anon. 07/10

Comments: This string has really awesome feel, topspin, and control! I don't know if it's the best string I've ever used, but it's definitely up there. The only thing that has kept me from switching to this string is its durability. I've used this string four times and each of the times it's broke in the same exact spot in exactly a week.
From: Kyle, Siesta Key, FL, USA, 07/10

Comments: Played RPM Blast for the first time today as a hybrid with VS Gut in the crosses (replacing a Pro Hurricane Tour/VS Gut hybrid at the same tensions). Definitely has a softer feel than PHT, balls seem to hold on the strings a bit longer, and noticeably easier on my elbow. Definitely more spin than PHT, but not a huge amount more. Also had more success flattening out forehands with this string and generating more pace in the process. I'm very happy with the change, I'll be changing my remaining racquets over soon.
From: Mike, Cedar Park, TX, USA. 07/10

Comments: I have had these strings for about 9 matches now and they are great. I was using the Luxilon BIG BANGER ROUGH and popping those strings every other match. Sometimes they didn't even last a complete match. The RPM Blast strings have lasted great and provide just as much spin and to me more control than the Big Banger Rough. I think the slick surface helps the strings not destroy each other like Big Banger does. Very powerful serves, great feel at the net, incredible groundstroke power and even sound louder. Just GO AFTER the ball and they are great strings...if you tend to have a slow swing speed I wouldn't think you even need string like this. 5 stars from me...I have switched.
From: Andrew, Raleigh, NC, USA, 06/10

Comments:This string is AWESOME!! I hit with two hands on both sides (two handed forehand and a cross handed backhand), I'm not the tallest person, I'm only 5'3, I tend to hit with a low margin for error with a lot of pace, not with this string!! I was hitting some nasty topspin over 6'7 guys no problem!! I might be exaggerating a bit on that, but it felt like it!! This is my new string of choice!!
From: Nick, Bakersfield, CA, USA, 06/10

Comments: These strings are awesome! I just got them put on my racquet today and gave them a hit. The topspin is just nasty! It's super easy to hit deep into the court. Even balls that looked like they were gonna sail would drop right inside the baseline. I've never used a string this forgiving! A lot of people here are saying don't believe the hype... well I'm saying believe it! fantastic string, great job Babolat!
From: DJ, Ocean Springs, MS, USA. 6/10

Comments: Great string! wow! I played with Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power for a year so I tried this and it blows Luxilon away by far!! It seems like many pros are switching to this! Has more power and doesn't hurt your arm like Luxilon can. Very impressed, great control, the spin is the same as Luxilon. If you're looking for a full poly that's soft..this is the one to get. It's a little over priced, though. I'll never use Luxilon again.
From: Mark, Chicago, IL. 6/10

Comments: I really liked Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16, so decided to give this one a try, I am not too sure if I like it, I did not come down on tension as much, only 2 points instead of 4, I don't think that makes much difference, but I actually have a hard time keeping the ball in the court from the baseline, as well as I dump a lot more volleys into the net. What I heard from stringing pro's about these strings is that you have to be ready to accelerate through the ball like Nadal to generate huge spin, so I think this is the case of picking up too advanced product for me like Federer's racquet and expecting same results. Maybe this is good string for more advanced players than me. I am 3.5 USTA with big top-spin forehand that wins me a lot of matches, so I try to get something that will help me to hit it.
From: Anon, Atlanta, GA, USA. 6/10

Comments: I found the string had great spin but my flat balls and serve lacked power. I like the Babolat Pro Hurricane 18 better.
From: Rachel, NY, USA, 06/10

Comments: I would really only recommend this string for people who REALLY use a lot of spin, and like a large margin for error. For people who use more pace than spin; everything seems to go long, but for people who love the spin it's a great string. Good serves and volleys, but I can't handle the power and spin as I use a lot of power and less spin. But overall it's a good string for sure.
From: Julian, Illinois, USA. 06/10

Comments: I totally bought into the hype. I have an extreme western grip on both forehand and backhand, with fast racquet head speed. I have used Luxilon Big Banger Orginal 16/130 on both mains and crosses for at least 6 years now. I play with the Babolat Pure Drive + GT/Roddick. I string the Lux at 53 lbs, and I tried the RPM at 55 lbs. RPM lacked the feel of the Lux, but at the same time I could not generate near the top spin, thus everything flew [beyond the baseline]. Needless to say, I just cut out the RPM and restrung with good old Lux. I was completely disappointed because I am such a fan of Babolat. This time (I believe) their marketing promise exceeded reality. Vamos!
From: Rex, Granite Bay, CA, USA. 6/10

Comments: This is a good spin-friendly co-poly string that is on the soft side, that is getting hyped by Stosur's and Nadal's performance at Roland Garros 2010. Put otherwise, if you want a co-poly string that is crisp and boardy, you probably want to look elsewhere. I would grade this string as a B+. I had a this strung up on my Wilson K 6.1 95 @ 51 lbs in a full bed. Yes, in my hitting session for a couple hours that night, I was able to generate a lot more spin than usual. It was very fun to hit wide angle topspin shots that landed near the singles sideline/service line. Unfortunately, I had to work much harder at hitting deep rally balls that bounced in no-man's land. So if I were to make this my regular string, I'd have to find some hybrid combination with even softer string in the crosses to allow me to easily hit the best of both worlds (deep rally balls and angled shots). Considering the current price ($16.95/pack), I think I've already found that with Black Code ($12/pack) and PSGD.
From: Alan, New York, NY, USA. 6/10

Comments: The most amazing string as far as spin and power goes! It's unbelievable. I can never miss with it. The only bad part is it breaks too quickly! It only lasted 3 days with me. I mean I hit with a lot of topspin and pace so its understandable. Still best string on the market.
From: Will, Atlanta, GA, USA. 06/10

Comments: This is by far the best poly string on the market actually. Like Nori said you must string this at a much higher tension then you would string the Luxilon ALU or any other poly string. Something around +2-4 pounds more. If you don't like poly string because it's too stiff (arm problem) try this one in full bed. The feeling is very unique. The 17G Babolat (1.25mm) = 16G luxilon (1.25mm) so don't be afraid to buy this one in 17G. The 17G should have little more control, spin and pop.
From: lopi, NTRP 6.0. 6/10
Babolat apd GT 53-51 lbs

Comments: Don't listen to these other guys. Well it depends. If you have a racquet on the stiffer side, and Luxilon ALU power feels a bit too jarring, then this may be the string you have been waiting for. (Or for anybody, it may be the string you have been waiting for!) It is a softer more comfortable poly, with a lot more feel (even softer than Luxilon ALU Fluoro). It is a very lively string, but it has to be strung at the correct tension (55lbs on my Babolat Pure Storm Tour 98). If you are used to Luxilon, then you must string this at a much higher tension then you would string the Luxilon ALU; Then you will get that 'pop'. The response from this string is very different from all other strings, so you have to get used to it. It does lose tension and liveliness after a week of so, just like Luxilon or any other poly.
From: Nori, Queens, NY, USA. 06/10

Comments: Oh my god...this string's spin cannot be put into words. After stringing with PHT, xcel, hollowcore, revenge, zo power, and many others, I have to list this as my favorite of all time. I am a freshman, and a varsity tennis player, and this string gave my noticeably more spin. I wouldn't call it mushy as others here have, it's just very soft COMPARED to PHT. I am able to rally now for easily 50-100 balls opposed to missing in the 40s or 50s, due to the large margin for error. also,way easier on my arm. Amazing job Babolat!
From: Robert, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 06/10

Comments: The string is just way to "mushy" as many others have said. I had Babolat pro hurricane tour and decided to give the RPM blast a try it stinks! The string does have a little more spin then the PHT however the string is so soffffttttt that I can't really hit the ball as hard as I would like. However if you don't like stiff strings like PHT then I would recommend it. However, if you're a fan of stiff strings such as the PHT and BB ALU POWER then stick with those strings.
From: Tom, USA. 6/10

Comments: I've been a regular Pro Hurricane Tour user. I have extremely heavy strokes, both topspin and pace. I've recently tried the RPM blast, and many of the comments made here, both good and bad, resonate with my experience. Superb ball bite, resulting in spectacular spin; significantly more than with Pro Hurricane Tour, in my opinion. However, ball feel was not as crisp; I can understand what some have described as a slightly "mushy" feel, compared to the PHT. It still feels good, just softer, not as sharp or solid as the PHT. However this resulted in less arm stress, and more forgiveness on off-center shots. There also didn't seem to be as much "pop" as with the PHT. Durability also seemed to be less with the RPM Blast than with the PHT. But, if you want the ultimate in spin (In Babolat's product line, anyway) the RPM Blast is quite addictive.
From: Darren, Toronto, ON, Canada

Comments: I strung at 61 in my Head Microgel Prestige Pro yesterday. Played and loved this stuff! My first big FH resulted in a cloud of felt I got so much bite. It took a couple sets to get used to it, but I really like it. I did not have the problem of too much power. I am coming from Head Sonic Pro 17 @ 58lbs and didn't have the same pop on my first serve that I'm used to. Great control and spin. I'm happy. I might even drop the tension 2 lbs on my next string job. Would love to hit with a PDRGT with this stuff strung on the higher side - I'll bet you could rip the felt off the ball. I'd definitely suggest trying it out in the upper 1/3 of recommended tension range.
From: Anon. Charlotte, NC, USA. 06/10

Comments: I decided to order these strings with my new Babolat Aero Pro Drive cortex. At 59 tension I was hitting with great spin and pop. After a week and a half thee strings had a really soft feel that sort of threw me off. I had to adjust, and now I get more power than I'd like. My verdict is that the RPM blast 16 strings have more appeal to players looking for feel and spin, but should probably be strung at 60+ tension. I'm probably going to return to the hurricane tour 16 though.
From: Brian, Avondale, AZ, USA. 6/10

Comments: Very soft polyester. I have enjoyed the extra ball grab upon impact from my groundstrokes! Generating power with this string is not an object, so I am definitely switching to RPM Blast for my mains! Excellent string, Babolat!
From: Brad, Paducah, KY, USA. 6/10

Comments: Overall I like this string, but disagree with many here about the 'amazing' bite or spin potential. I get just as much or more spin with most average strings. Think about this: the design is octagonal with rounded edges. An octagonal shape on such a dimensionally small string does not produce a jagged string. In fact, observing my strung AeroPro gt, I could barely even notice the shape... The string appears and feels practically round. I have not tried the pentagonal string by Gamma, but would assume it would achieve more bite than this string. On the pro side; this is a very soft feeling poly. Nice feel; not harsh. It plays well, and if it is durable in the long run, I will keep using it.
From: David, BR, GA., US. 5/10

Comments: The 17 is way better than the 16. People who are complaining about the 16 probably haven't tried the 17 yet or didn't experiment with tensions. I got it right first time around at 60lbs with the 17. The 17 has more pop and WAY more spin, so if you didn't like the 16, try the 17.
From: Chris, Redlands, CA, USA. 5/10
NTRP: 5.0

Comments: I never played with a better string. just awesome. I get so much spin from this string and can take really big cuts at the ball and can be sure that it will fall well within the baseline. These are awesome and worth every bit recommend it only for players who play heavy.
From: Raj, India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai. 5/10

Comments: Awww.... my elbow hurts... do not string at 62lbs.. it's an ok string, but I would have to agree with some of the others saying that the Pro Hurricane Tour is better. So I will be switching back to that.
From: Dalica, Woonsocket, RI. 5/10

Comments: These strings had a nice power, yet mushy feel to them, but I didn't really feel the spin coming from this string. It has a lot of forgiveness and the balls didn't fly when I hit them with a full powerful swing. I strung it at 58s and had these in a hybrid. So far pretty good string and I think I'm going to stay on this set for a while.
From: Anon. 05/10

Comments: I didn't like this string. My usual string is the Pro Hurricane Tour and the RPM Blast lacked power. I was taking big cuts at the ball and the shots were landing well short of the baseline. There isn't that familiar "pop" that I get from Pro Hurricane Tour. These strings were too soft and I got more spin from Pro Hurricane Tour, which I will be promptly switching back to.
From: Galen, Minneapolis, MN. 5/10

Comments: One word: Mushy. Too soft, no feel, not much bite. If you are a Pro Hurricane Tour player, do not switch to these strings. The one positive was that my serve had noticeably more control and I could hit it where I wanted -- but I sacrificed a lot on my groundies.
From: Bill, Cincy, OH. 5/10

Comments: This string is too powerful..strung it @ 58lbs. The ball goes longer than usual. I don't know I'm still trying to get used to it.
From: jaguarpac. 5/10

Comments: These strings are amazing! I'm more of a serve and volley type of player, but lately I've been working on my groundstrokes a lot. Before my main problem was that whenever I would go for a big shot it would go out, but with these stings I can generate so much more topspin that I am hitting winners from the baseline, which I am not used to at all. So for me these strings helped me push my game to the next level.
From: Alex, Houston, TX. 5/10

Comments: I tried the RPM 16G recently and I am only 5 sets in to them or so. I used the Hurricane Pro Tour for about a year and was a bit bothered at the net with it and the stiff string. The RPM at the net has much great feel in my view and is much less harsh on your arm. However I believe it has less bite relative to the Hurricane but has greater power. I'm still getting used to having to put more topspin relatively on shots, but the difference is that you still and drive through the ball. With the Hurricane I felt that string has awesome topspin but it lacked as much power. Actually the RPM does require an adjustment for me in my game for sure as the first few sets I was hitting the ball so hard shots were flying long on me. Then I consciously made the adjustment putting slightly more topspin and BAM success. I just beat a player I never beat before a few days back! Now that's results despite only having 5 sets under my belt with new strings. See you at 4.5 level soon.
From: Lenny, Short Hills, NJ, USA, 05/10

Comments: I personally loved these strings! It's really easy on my elbow, not like the Revenge or Hurricane strings, and it is true, you can access much spin from these strings. If I have one regret, it might be that it doesn't have as much power as I would like, but what are you going to do? What I can say is that you can take a big cut at the ball, and these strings provide enough forgiveness to keep the ball in play. It felt good on my serves too, and I'm yet to test my volleys. Overall this is a great string, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone! Plus it's just an awesome color haha!
From: Alex, TX, USA, 05/10

Comments: Incredible string. I've tried Pro Hurricane tour and Luxilon BB Rough and they were way too stiff. This string has an insane amount of spin potential and is very soft on the arms while providing some nice power with a lot of control. I recommend them to anyone who likes to take big cuts at the ball and hit heavy topspin shot like me. I use a Head Youtek Radical MP, which is more of a control racquet but I can still put as much spin as I could ever want, especially with these strings!
From: T.J., Lafayette, LA, USA, 05/10

Comments: Not for me! I am primarily a baseliner who depends on pushing my opponents around. I am 6ft 3inches with a 200+ pound frame and am a power player. These strings are just too soft and low on power to the point of almost feeling mushy. I did not notice much spin production as compared to the "standard of strings" IMO: Babolat Pro Hurricane 18 gauge. There's hardly any bite coming from these strings, however, there is great control simply do to the fact that there's hardly any power. I'm glad others have had much better experiences with these strings, but I am certainly not one of them!
From: D.R. II, VA, USA. 5/10

Comments: OMG, this string is so amazing. It does not even compare to the tour strings I had on my Babolat pure drive plus. It has so much spin and now I am just waiting to see if the tension stays the same after a couple weeks. Pretty fabulous. I really want to recommend this for anyone who hits hard. I know I'm hitting well cause my shots are so deep now. The only problem I have is if you are not a beast I don't recommend them to you.. TY
From: Seymur, Wenchestonvile, Ka, us. 5/10

Comments: I don't usually go around writing reviews but my experience with this string strongly compelled me to encourage anybody considering a purchase of Babolat RPM blast to DO IT! I expected this string to be all hype but it delivered exactly what it's supposed to. I have the RPM 16G strung @ 59lbs in my Pure Drive GT and there is no doubt about it that this string has serious spin potential. These strings have serious serious bite but they also produce and extremely comfortable pop to keep the power that I like from the baseline. I've battled arm soreness for years but not anymore. Hitting my new Pure Drive GT with RPM 16G is like driving a Porsche. It will go as hard as you want it to go but it's going to be a smooth and comfortable ride.
From: Brandon, San Antonio, Tx, USA. 5/10

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