Babolat VS Overgrip French Open White 3-Pack Customer feedback

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Comments: My new favorite! I used to use Supergrap and Tournagrip but those made the grip too fat. This is ultra thin and kind of feels like Tournagrip but with a little added tackiness.
From: Sam, 10/16

Comments: If you don't like tacky grips this is the one for you. It's the most comfortable overgrip I've ever used. Felt-like feel, and stays very dry, making it easy to change your grip as you play.
From: Roger, 9/16

Comments: The pros are that it feels great. The cons are that I must have tried every single way of gripping my racquet, but after about 4 hours of play, the grip begins to wrinkle. I'm not sure if that's the right word, but it kinda just goes over the layer under it and it's honestly like the grip has a mind of its own. if your looking for a good grip go find the Wilson Pro Perforated grips. They are much better.
From: Sean, 7/12

Comments: I must have tried every overgrip made, and for wintertime play, this is my favorite. It's thin, giving excellent feel on my Wilson Pro Open, and it's tacky enough that it stays put, even when returning pace. With that said, I do prefer the Wilson Pro Overgrips in summer, as they do seem more absorbent to me. In summer, after about a set, the Babolat VS overgrip is a "slip and slide", while the Wilson Pro is still just as tacky. Otherwise, the only downside is that this is the shortest lived overgrip, needing replacement every 5-7 hours of play. For the comments about it being short, I have at least 5-6 inches of material to trim at the end!
From: Mike, 11/11

Comments: I really wanted to like this overgrip. I loved the feel of it but it kept slipping and shifting out of place after about ten minutes. I had to throw it away. On the bright side it leaves behind some stuff that really dries your original grip which I like a lot.
From: John, 8/11

Comments: I found this to be a good overgrip. However, I think the life of the grip is too short.
From: Steven, 8/11

Comments: Many people seem to be comparing this overgrip to the Wilson Pro, which was previously my overgrip of choice. The Wilson has more tack, is easier to apply, has more absorbency, etc. But what it lacks in those areas, the VS makes up for in feel. Dry to the touch, doesn't increase grip size too much, and makes you feel really connected with the racquet, especially with a leather grip underneath. However, the lack of absorbency and overall durability issues could be a problem for some. If you have the time, resources and inclination to replace your overgrips frequently, and enjoy dry feel and extreme thinness, this is the overgrip for you. My new overgrip of choice.
From: Patrick, 7/11

Comments: I have been pleased with my Wilson Pro but when it was out of stock a few months ago I decided to try out some Babolat grips. Big mistake. I was displeased with the tack on them primarily. This makes the grip break open easily (this has never happened to me before, and I am a good over gripper) which is very uncomfortable.
From: Josh. 6/11

Comments: If you like the way that Tourna Grip feels, but you don't have the luxury of buying grips all the time, this the grip for you. This pretty much feels exactly like Tourna Grip only this grip lasts much longer.
From: Anon. 6/11

Comments: Why does it say in the description that it is .44mm and .4m What is the real thickness of this vs grip? Is this french open version different then the other vs original grip?
From: Jonathan. 6/11
(Johnathan, Sorry for any confusion, but there was a typo. It is 0.4mm thick. This is the same as the other VS Overgrip in construction. -- TW Staff)

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