Babolat Revenge 16 String 660 Reel Red Customer feedback

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Comments: I tried this string for the first time today on my Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 95. This string provides a very good amount of power. For a low-powered racquet such as the Pro Staff 95, this string allows the racquet to be more powerful and stable. You won't lose control. The only way you'll lose control is from yourself, not from the string. This string is very good overall. I plan to buy more in the future. I'd give it 8/10. This string suits my all-around game, especially on the serve. :)
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: This string gave a lot of control on placement while giving power. I strung it at 60lbs. I didn't feel the need to swing harder at all. I recommend this to anyone looking for power and control and a very durable string.
From: Ranga. 5/11

Comments: I had just too many problems with this string; it's extremely tough on your elbow and the strings break roughly in a month. [At least mine did] I use the Babolat Pure Storm GT [New] and strung at 59lbs. The good things were that the power you get from this string is phenomenally blended with pinpoint accuracy. I also get maximum spin potential on my topspin shots and as well as my slices. On the serve I'm a kicker and I can now make the ball jump half as much higher than what I was able to do. [Before I used the Babolat Pro Hurricane] But I think the best part would be the amount of power you get with the control. I can rip the ball to the corners of the court with a flat shot but the only problem is that it's tough on my shoulder. Hope this helps.
From: Ronald Tulman. 5/11

Comments: I really enjoyed this string! I have one negative to it, it was very hard on my shoulder/elbow. Other than that, it had great spin potential and a good amount of power and control.
From: Jason, Chicago, IL, USA. 4/11

Comments: Hi guys, I have a few words to say concerning a Revenge hybrid. Last year, I had my PDGT+ strung with Revenge (mains) and [Babolat] synthetic gut (crosses) at 60/58. The combo worked really nicely: my shots felt really crisp, excellent power, and also control and feel. This is definitely an option for those of you who have suffered from tennis elbow as a result of a full bed of this string - if that is the case at least - because I didn't notice any pain in my elbow whatsoever, so I fully recommend this hybrid to intermediate and advanced players. Best of luck everyone! PS - the synthetic gut in the hybrid broke after on and off usage over a period of 3 months... and I hit fairly hard, so just be aware if you are a hard-hitter.
From: Sam, NH, USA, 01/11

Comments:These strings have great bite, great power but no feel on volleys. I will use synthetic gut in the crosses next stinging.
From: Ed, NJ, USA, 11/10

Comments: Best. string. out. there! Am currently using this on a full bed, Babolat Aeropro Drive + (old model) strung @58lbs and it is just perfect! This string gives me excellent spin, power, control, and ball pocketing! An all-in-one string! I've mostly used Pro Hurricane 16, tour 16, Luxilon, and none of them compare to the Babolat Revenge! I have definitely found my permanent string and will definitely buy a reel!
From: Anon. 6/10

Comments: I have this string as a full bed on my Aero Storm. It has really great performance. It's not exactly a power string, because it has lots of control with it. It lasts pretty long, and I can get a nice pop sound. My only complaint is that it's a bit on the stiff side, so it may not be comfortable when you play. It starts to soften after you hit, but not much. I'll probably keep this string as a hybrid for my mains, and put a comfort string for my crosses.
From: Thomas California 12/09

Comments: It's pretty stiff at first but you get the hang of it after a few strokes. The powers pretty good on it and the spin is pretty nice too. It is a string that completely dominates pro hurricane to me. Looks sweet on my AeroPro Drive.
From: Anonymous, CA, USA. 11/09

Comments: Quite a stiff string at first when you string it up. I recommend letting the racket sit for a couple of days and letting the tension drop. Pretty good string- exceptionally crisp sound on impact, but other than that, nothing special. Decent power (not NEARLY as much powerful as Babolat is saying the string has) decent comfort, and decent spin. A good string, but certainly not worth 17 bucks.
From: Dan, PA, USA 09/09

Comments: I like it! You don't have to string it lower like a Luxilon string. Crisp and comfortable.
From: Cooper, New York, USA. 08/09

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