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Comments: I bought these after KSwiss stopped making the Defier. I thought they looked pretty cool. However, after wearing them for a summer season, the lack of proper cushioning caused my feet to ache all week after playing tennis. The next day after a match, I could barely walk. I would not recommend this shoe. Instead, KSwiss has just come out with the Hypercourt Express, which is the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.
From: Anon, 3/15

Comments: I play tennis 4 times a week. I've worn this shoe for a week and find it true to size with plenty of room for toes. If you have narrow feet, you may want to order a 1/2 size down. Initially, I found this shoe to be very comfortable and supportive for my high arches while being light and maneuverable on the court. It gets high marks for that. However, after the first wear, the inside of my ankles were rubbed raw where the top lace laces through. I've been wearing bandaids hoping the shoe just needed some break-in time, but it still is rubbing painfully. Also, now I'm starting to feel pain and pressure from the metal piece where the strap goes through. I have loosened the strap to the point of it being useless, but it is still causing pain -- like all day long, even after I'm not wearing the shoe. Perhaps both of these issues are due to the top of my foot resting a little higher in the shoe due to my high arches, but in any case, these shoes are hurting my feet! At this point, I find them unwearable, which is really too bad, because they are very supportive and comfortable in respect to supporting my arches and shock absorption. I wish I could get my money back because after a week of wear, I can't bring myself to put them on again! Sadly, I'm back on the hunt to find the right shoe. I usually wear KSwiss as they offer good support and stability, but they can be clunky on the court. I was hoping to find something lighter and more maneuverable. These shoes were better in that respect, but the construction at the top of the shoe is a deal breaker for me.
From: Andrea, 2/15

Comments: My husband bought me these shoes and when I first started wearing them they were great. But after about 2 months of playing in them (played 4-5 times a week, both clay and hard surface), my Achilles started killing me. I could barely walk. So I don't think I will be buying another pair.
From: Tracey, 10/14

Comments: I have narrow feet and it is difficult to find a good fit in tennis shoes. I have many pairs of New Balance shoes in narrow, but none have as secure a fit as this shoe, in part due to the Velcro strap. It was very comfortable right out of the box. It seems to run large, I needed to go down a half size even with a thick sock. I will buy 3 more pairs before Babolat makes any changes.
From: Pam, 9/14

Comments: These shoes were great right out of the box and comfortable from the start, until I was about 3 months into wearing them. Then I began to experience pain on the top of my foot where the top strap is located. I loosened it considerably, but can't really say that it helped. The shoe also developed ridges inside along the top of my great toe and started rubbing it, developing blisters even through socks. I'm not sure why this happened after several weeks of comfortable wear and I must say that it only occurred in one shoe, so it may be an issue with the way I stand, etc. although I have never had this problem before. Going to look for another shoe, as I would like to get more than 3 months from a pair. I play 3 times per week, 2 hour sessions.
From: Abby, 8/14

Comments: I purchased these shoes in early April. I play on clay courts and about 4-5 times per week. While supremely comfortable, these shoes did not wear well. The mesh after the toe guard is already breaking down and stability is no longer a sure thing after 3 months of wear. I am disappointed as these are the most comfortable shoes I've owned.
From: Hope, 7/14

Comments: I have been searching for tennis shoes that work and these are terrific. I purchased them 6 weeks ago and have been wearing them 4-6 times per week for match play. I have been wearing both Asics and New Balance the last several years. I tried these even though the color was "bright" even for me. The minute I put them on I was sold. I have a normal foot, although slightly narrow in the heel. The 8 1/2 was true to size and the velcro strap across the top keeps the shoe snug. I mostly play on clay courts and they provide stability and gripability when necessary. Just purchased a second pair to closet for when these need replaced.
From: Gloria, 6/14

Comments: I love these shoes. They're lightweight and comfortable. I can move on the court quickly and have never had blisters wearing them. I play about 2-3 times a week at the 3.5-4.0 level. After more than 7 months, the sides of the shoes (where my "pinky" toes are) are beginning to tear. I'm still happy with Babolat. These shoes also support my ankles. I will definitely buy another pair.
From: Michelle, 6/14

Comments: I bought the Propulse shoes in size 7 and they fit great. I have narrow feet and I felt they were snug enough, but yet, enough room to move my toes. I always wear black ankle socks, and I felt they were breatheable. The soles and toe sheild were made very well. They have great traction on hard courts. I use the toe sheild a lot when I play and it seem to help whenever I need more traction to stop. As for the comfortability, I love it. They have enough support foot-bed wise, and plenty of cushion. I dont need to put insoles in these shoes, although, others may prefer to use one. I find the strap helpful, it seems to help secure my shoelace from untying. Also, they help prevent my feet from moving. I play 3-5 days a week for a couples hours on the courts and my shoes is still in good condition. They sure are durable. I would buy another pair of these!
From: Milaney, 3/14

Comments: I have had 3 pairs of Babolat shoes and all 3 pairs fell apart within 4 months of use. I play 3-5 times per week, mostly on clay. All 3 split on the sides right where the bend of the feet is when you are up on your toes. Some of you might ask if I was wearing the right size -- yes, I had them fitted at a sports store and bought subsequent ones online. While I liked the shoe initially, it just doesn't hold up.
From: Kat, 3/14

Comments: No, I didn't go looking for pink colored shoes, in fact, when I saw them, I was re-pulsed, not pro- pulsed, however, I tried them on anyway and they fit so well I had to get them, and I'm very happy with them. They are not the most cushioned shoes (K-Swiss Defiers are the best, but these are OK). The fit was perfect for me and the shoes let cool air in. Now, please offer us some better colors!
From: Anon, 8/13

Comments: I really like this shoe. Nikes are too wide for me, Adidas fit me well, but they no longer make the ones I liked, so I tried the Babolat and have been very happy in them. Only one slight issues to be aware of, on my foot, it took wearing them a few times to get used to the high edge next to my ankle bone. This offers good support, but at first it rubs on the bone a bit. And my feet are happy in the shoes, but there is not a ton of cushion under the ball of the foot after 4 months of use. I wear them a lot, so maybe it is normal for the cushioning to diminish after regular, heavy use. I will buy another pair!
From: Julie, 6/13

Comments: I love Babolat and these shoes have great support with the Velcro straps. However, I hate the colors Babolat is choosing.
From: Cindy, 5/13

Comments: For my first pair of Babolat shoes, I am very pleased. I'm playing 20+ hours a week of tennis and it really took a toll on my old court shoes. These on the other hand are extremely durable and are so worth the money. I was very nervous ordering these online but they fit true to size and are my absolute favorite shoe that I own. Definitely buying another pair of Babolats for my next court shoe.
From: Megan, 4/13

Comments: This is a great comfortable shoe and I'm happy with the results since this is the first buy I made from Babolat. Before these, I played with Head shoes (being a Head buyer), but they turned out to not be as great as I had hoped. I think that I will mainly be buying tennis shoes from Babolat now since these are lighter, comfier, better fitting, and there's a lot of softness when you step. Love them!
From: Lira, 3/13

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