Babolat Pro Team Tacky Overgrip 12-pack Black Customer feedback

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Comments: I really like this overgrip, I've been using it for a long time and I find it extremely reliable. It is true that it does not last as long as some other overgrips but is well worth it.
From: Alessandro, 12/13

Comments: To break tradition with the comments below me, this is my go-to overgrip in the summertime. I sweat a lot in the summertime and this has a great combination of tack and absorbance. I definitely recommend this overgrip!
From: Mike, 9/13

Comments: This is the worst overgrip I have purchased, don't waste your money.
From: Lisa, 3/13

Comments: It's decent, despite that it starts to lose its tack a little sooner than expected. It was worth experimenting with.
From: William, 10/12

Comments: The grip is great but you can't use it for a long time because it wears out fast. Two matches tops.
From: Azan. 5/11

Comments: I liked how thin it was and how it felt when it was new. It was also pretty good with absorbing moisture when it was new BUT... I have never seen a grip that goes from very good to terrible so fast. It doesn't last very long, which might be ok if it didn't go from being a little worn and somewhat decent to worthless and slippery in no time. If you don't own more than one racquet don't even think about this. Even with 2 I wouldn't mess with it again. Tonight it was like 70 degrees and not that humid and the racquet was turning in my hand because this thing was done. Great for the first hour and then just done. I was mis-hitting like crazy as a result. As others have said, when you go to take this off it will leave all kinds of junk all over your grip. Avoid this junky product!
From: Edward, Dallas, TX, USA, 10/10

Comments: This Babolat grip is awful. Its not easy to put on and it kills your old grip. And it doesn't feel good. Other than that it's fine.
From: Bob, UK, 10/10

Comments: An okay grip if you want to use it for a few matches. However, it will tear up the grip beneath it very badly after you take it off. It is also not a very durable grip. I would not recommend it.
From: Logan, DE, US 03/10

Comments: I bought this thinking "Hey new Tacky Grips from Babolat :D and they're black too" Must be worth a try and the money... Sadly this wasn't the case, the tacky grip tends to "glue" onto other synthetic grips and rip when you remove the grip. I haven't even dared to take it off my brother's Prices since I don't want to ruin the original grip. I'd recommend this if you feel like shredding your replacement grip or if you're just a Babolat fan boy with a load of cash and don't really care about the quality of the grip. Oh and if you have a leather replacement grip this doesn't have much cushioning at all, after the grip lost the little tack it had I found the raw leather more comfortable... Best Ever Overgrips: Wilson Pro Overgrip/Yonex Supergrap.
From: Vincent, HK/AUS, 01/10

Comments: Grip has an ok feel, however it is not long enough unless you are overgripping an even 4 grip size. Otherwise it comes up short.
From: mike, la. usa. 8/09

Comments: This overgrip is my favorite so far, but I left it on for over 10 2-hour sessions and the overgrip left a layer of itself on my leather grip. Besides messing with my original leather grip, this overgrip is awesome and very durable.
From: Michael, Hawaii. 6/09

Comments: The grip sticks to the original grip, that it rips when you take it off. Grip is also too short, really hard to cover all of the handle. If it was made longer, I would use it, but not worth destroying my original grip for it, going back to Yonex Supergrap. Supergrap is longer and more cushion.
From: James, Jax, FL. 04/09

Comments: This overgrip is, namesake, really tacky. Even so, it feels real comfortable, easy to apply, pretty durable, and not easy to dirty.
From: Jason, Va, USA. 2/09

Comments: I've used the Pro Tour, Symbio, and Stripy from Babolat and I liked this one more than all those. This overgrip seem to last longer than the ones I just listed, so pretty durable. They are very tacky in a good way, they're also very comfortable. I bought them in white.
From: Daniel, Murrieta, CA, USA. 2/09