Babolat Pro Tour Overgrips 30-pack White Customer feedback

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Comments: This grip totally made me enjoy the tackiness of a grip. I traded 5 Wilson Pro overgrips for 5 of these, and I can definitely assure people that I don't regret it. A bit more tackier (to me) than Yonex Supergrap, but it definitely lasts longer than VS Original or Wilson Pro. Since I have a 4 and 1/4 racket grip size with one overgrip over it, this grip gets to be approx. 4 and 3/8. Absolutely love it.
From: Matthew, 10/15

Comments: I had this Pro Tour and Tourna Tac overgrips on identical sticks. The Pro Tour proved to be more slippery than the Tourna Tac after I was warmed up. If you have moderately sweaty hands like me, I would recommend the Tourna Tac over the Pro Tour.
From: Carlo, 3/15

Comments: For long handled racquets? I have an AeroPro Drive Plus with 4 1/2 handle, and this does not reach the top, even with pulling it very tight and having very thin overlaps. The problem with this grip is that it's not very wide and thus you have make more wraps around the handle to make it to the top. My guess is if you have a smaller handle like 4 3/8 or smaller you might have better luck than me.
From: Long, 10/14

Comments: I've tried several different overgrips. This has better feel than any grip I've tried, including both Wilson Pro and Pro Sensation. It has comparable absorbency to Wilson Pro, though not as good as Tourna. Its durability is comparable to both of those, in my experience. If you're playing in 95-degree heat or lots of humidity, it probably won't be absorbent enough for you. But for indoor and spring/fall play, it's the best grip I've tried.
From: Matt, 3/14

Comments: This is one of the most durable grips out there. I have tried various grips and finally settled on this one. Well worth the money because it retains the tack for a while.
From: Giri, 1/14

Comments: These grips are good, I really like them. But they only last about a week for me.
From: Matthew, 11/13

Comments: I've been buying these grips for a while, and for just a little over a dollar per grip it's well priced.
From: Ryan, 9/12

Comments: Decent overgrip, great initial tackiness but doesn't last long. Wears out really quickly and tears easily, especially if you drop your racquet. Would recommend for those who sweat a lot but I personally prefer the Wilson Pro Perforated Overgrip (by a lot compared to a lot of overgrips I've tried).
From: Johnny, 7/12

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