Babolat Pro Team Overgrips 12-pack Blue Customer feedback

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Comments: A great grip its durability isn't great but it absorbs sweat better than tourna grip but tourna lasts longer so back to tourna I think.
From: Ben, 6/12

Comments: No No No No NOO! I see the over all reviews are positive, but this was not been the case for me. It has HORRIBLE durability. The grip didn't even last me a week! It absorbs sweat okay, but not good enough for my overly sweaty hands. I'm going back to tourna. Plus this gave me some pretty nasty blisters.
From: Peter, USA, 03/11

Comments: Terrible grip it leaves blue marks on my hands and has very poor durability.
From: John, Battle Creek, MI, USA, 10/10

Comments: My second favorite overgrip compared to Dunlop Hydramax. Just the way I like them, soft and absorbent. I have found that the black colored version is different, very strange. The black version seems to get slippery. I thought it was just a bad batch, so I bought them again. Same issue. Oh well, I usually buy Dunlop Hydramax or these in blue.
From: Dennis, Houston, TX. 09/10

Comments: Not the best choice for hot balmy climates like Cayman. 20 minutes of hard play and absorbency is gone.
From: Jeff, Georgetown, Cayman Islands, 08/10

Comments: Excellent dry overgrip. I do recommend this for someone who is looking for DRY not TACKY!! I failed to understand why people complaints about the lack of tackiness in a dry grip!?!? The grip is very smooth in transition of turning the handle for varies grip style, good endurance, soft & comfortable.
From: Jack, Maryland, MD. 7/10

Comments: As a high school tennis player who plays everyday these grips last about 3 days and make your hands blue. On top of that they don't absorb very well. When they are fresh they are the best grips in the world but after a day or so they rip. DON'T touch your face when you play or you'll look stupid with blue all over.
From: Danny, San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA 02/10

Comments: This grip is excellent if your palm gets sweaty very fast. Not only that, it could last for quite some time. I did not experience any slipping problem (probably because I dry my grip and change my racquets during play).
From: Nicolai, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. 11/09
KSix-One 95 18x16

Comments: The feel of this grip is good if you like an absorbent grip, but it always makes my hand blue.
From: Aaron, Boone, North Carolina, USA. 2/09

Comments: I really like this grip. The grip lasts really long for me since my hands sweat a lot. You probably shouldn't use it if you feel that the grip is getting super sweaty, because the racquet will slip out of your hand and might sucked when that happened to me, but other then I like it a lot.
From: Anon. 12/08

Comments: I demoed this grip for a little to help a friend who owned a pro shop. It was pretty comfortable, but the tape was bad, and ruined the top of the grip due to my constant adjusting it. And on my 3rd day of usage, It already wore down in many places. I wouldn't recommend this grip.
From: John, Allentown, PA, USA. 8/08

Comments: I think these people don't know that these overgrips aren't for everyone. They are for people who sweat a lot. These overgrips beat Tourna Grip easily. Good Job, Babolat!
From: Joseph, PR, USA. 6/08

Comments: Very dry and tacky, but rough hands will tear it up after a set or so. Besides the durability, it's a very good overgrip much better than Tourna Grip.
From: Anon, US. 6/08

Comments: This grip sucks! The reason they sell it to you in a 12 pack is because they know if you bought a 3 pack you wouldn't go back and buy any more. The grip is thin and there is has horrible feel and has no traction AT ALL. I would give it a D- on a good day.
From: Connor, Houston, Texas, USA. 6/08

Comments: The grip is good and feels soft, but one of the down parts of it, is it stains your hands on humid days and doesn't last very long. Week probably?
From: Sam. 4/08

Comments: This grip is amazing if your hands sweat a lot. If your hands don't sweat that much, then it gets torn up really fast. Lucky for me my hands sweat a lot, and it lasts forever.
From: Jibbs, St.Louis, Missouri, United States. 2/08

Comments: Good grip. It lasts me about 10 hours of play before it shows wear. It feels dry at first then at about 3 hours of play the grip wears out a little BUT not to the point of slippage. It works well for Southern California weather. I'm a 3.5-4.0 player with a Head Flexpoint Radical MP Tour.
From: Paul, San Diego, CA, USA, 02/08

Comments: This grip is all right. Its feel and durability aren't anything special, and it's not the most comfortable I've used. It slips a little bit if you sweat or are in warm weather, but overall, it gets the job done and would have to be my second choice of grip. I personally prefer the Syntec grip to this one. It's got more tack and is durable. This isn't too bad though.
From: Rob, Pittston, PA, USA. 12/07

Comments: I don't know why anybody would think this is a terrible grip at all! It never slips for me, period -- regardless of my hand sweating or playing in warm weather. It's extremely durable, and it's also very comfortable. It's got a nice feel that is pretty tacky, yet loose enough to switch grips from forehand to backhand easily. Roddick knows how to pick 'em I guess, and I love it. I'd definitely recommend this grip to anyone!
From: Jacob, Tallahasse, FL, USA. 12/07

Comments: Terrible grip tape. Don't bother if you're in a humid climate. I've broken two racquets with this tape because the racquet keeps slipping out of my hand when wet. I should have stuck with my trusty old Tournagrip.
From: Terence, New York, NY, USA, 10/07

Comments: So I just received my 12-pack of these grips today. So far so good. The grip feels really soft and comfortable on my hand. I have not had an actual chance to play with it but I swung my racquet around and it feels great!
From: Andrew, Pacific Beach, CA, USA, 08/07

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