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Comments: I picked this one out of all the Pure Strikes. The Tour version was a bit too hefty for me and I wanted a tad more speed and maneuverability. The 100 square inch version was quite a bit less controllable with a more open string pattern and larger head size. I am 4.0 have it strung with Babolat Hurricane Pro at 57.
From: Marco, 4/14

Comments: This racquet came with Babolat Addiction string, 16 gauge at approx. 58 lbs. I tried this racquet as I am currently using a Wilson Blade 98 (18x20) and am looking for something with just a little less of a swing weight which the Babolat Pure Strike has (swing weight of 324 vs. the 330 of the Wilson). I found the Babolat to be unstable in my hands. Good control when all the stars are perfectly aligned but against heavy hitters not so much. In addition, the swing weight was a little too high for my personal liking.
From: David, 3/14

Comments: This racquet is definitely one of my favorites. I like to play first strike tennis and this racquet is stable and very easy to swing. I was amazed at how large the sweetspot was to the sides of the frame thanks to x-sider but the sweetspot is definitely small towards the top of the racquet, which could explain why TW review said the sweetspot was small, since advanced players tend to hit higher in the string bed. I would put some lead at 12 just to drag the sweetspot up. Power was a bit more than I was used to (my Pure Storm), but it was still very controllable and I could put away volleys and groundstrokes with ease. As for spin, this 18x20 racquet is very good but I'm going to wait till the 16x19 comes out before I switch to this since I want even more spin. Overall, I really enjoyed playing with this racquet and it's definitely a good choice for an attack minded player.
From: Ken, 3/14

Comments: After using the Babolat Pure Drive Lite since it came out, I just switched to this one. I am between a 4.0 and 4.5. In my opinion, this racquet is ideal for baseliners. It is very stable and has a solid feel. The sweet spot is quite large. I have it strung at 52 lbs and I am very happy with it.
From: Paul, 2/14

Comments: Recently bought this racquet and I'm loving it, sweetspot is suprisingly big as I was concerned before buying as TW playtesters said it was small. Swings easily and despite it being 18x20, there's a lot of power and spin potential, especially if you string it below 50 pounds. Changed the orignal grip to Babolat Natural Grip with an overgrip, now it's 8 points HL, which I like. Overall, this racquet is a keeper.
From: Alex, 2/14

Comments: I just demo'd this racquet this weekend. Overall, it is a great racket compared to my APD Plus and also Pure Control (demo). The swing is very fast and also the sweet spot is big (I am very surprised why TW review states that the sweet spot is small because even according to the TW University Lab Review, this racquet has a very big sweet zone).
From: Harry, 2/14

Comments: Just finished the demo of this racquet. Felt heavier than its weight. Also played with the "tour" which is 12 ounces and felt lighter due to its head light balance and was much more crisp, forgiving, and overall a better racquet. If you are debating between this and the tour pick the Tour.
From: Preston, 2/14

Comments: Really awesome racquet. I normally don't like Babolat racquets, but this one is the best. Good everywhere from the baseline to the net. Great control and feel that I don't find with other Babolat racquets. I think it's better for people who hit flat and like to hit hard. Also has good power but not too powerful and you need good strokes for this racquet to take advantage of it. Also, I think stringing low tension really makes this racquet play better. At first I strung with RPM at 55 lbs, but not much power at all. I drop down to 48 lbs and wow. Very good power and spin and control still great. I love this racquet. And it looks cool too.
From: Dimitri, 1/14

Comments: Good all around racquet that does everything well. Sweet spot is high up in the racquet head which took me a little while to get used to. My demo was strung with Babolat Addiction at 60 pounds which is too tight for this frame considering its 18x20 string pattern. Would try stringing the racquet first at its minimum recommended tension of 55 pounds, less than this if you use a polyester string. This racquet has a great looking color scheme and a very aerodynamic looking profile -- it really stands out on the court.
From: Eric, 1/14

Comments: Solid frame and plays heavier than its weight. Very good all-around including from baseline and at net. Can serve very big with it too. Pretty stiff, but not as stiff as Pure Drive or AeroPro Drive. Good power and very good control. Grip is a little big for its size. A little more spin would be nice but overall an excellent racquet.
From: Mike, 1/14

Comments: Bought 2. Overall, it is a good racquet all around. But sometimes I feel like it is like an old aluminum kind of material. The head is not as firm as the Wilson Blade. Also, the middle of the string bed is tighter than the Wilson Blade string bed. After I added lead at 3 and 9 o'clock, I feel better. I will try to find a string for this racquet and see how it works. But overall, I like Babolat racquets.
From: Nick, 1/14

Comments: Great racquet! Good control on all shots. Very flexible feel. Swingweight makes for a little heavier feel to maneuver. I recommend stringing this racquet at 50 lbs max with a polyester string.
From: Juan, 1/14

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