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Comments: Best word to describe the feel of this stick is "weird," however, I play great with it. As others have stated, it plays similar to a Wilson Blade, maybe mixed with a Head Radical, without the arm issues that those stiff racquets are associated with. It feels stiff, but also dampened in some "weird" way. Provides good spin, good control, and it also allows me to hit a great flat forehands. I got two matched Pure Strikes, each coming in at 310 grams stock, which was actually great. Feels super solid. Replaced the original grip with a Babolat Skin Feel and I have no complaints, other than the unusual feel. I keep my customized Graphene Radical MP and switch back and forth, but results don't lie and I play better with this one.
From: YNB, 5/16

Comments: It's hard to believe this is a Babolat racquet! It plays a lot like a Wilson Blade, but better. A player's stick, not a stiff game improver! Way to go Babolat.
From: Charlie, 3/16

Comments: Truly one of the best racquets I have ever played with since my day of hitting with Pro Staff Original 6.0. Compared to a player's racquet, it has a lot of power. Some I need as I get older. Worth the price.
From: JC, 3/16

Comments: One of the best racquets I have ever used! Excellent control, spin, power, and feel. I strung it with Pro Hurricane 17 at 55 lbs and going to switch to LXN Big Banger Rough.
From: Alex, 2/16

Comments: I tried the Pure Strike 100, because it was a friend's recommendation, and strung it up with Babolat Revenge. I didn't like the whippy feel, so I decided to try this heavier version, and I strung it with Tourna BHB7 -- it gives me everything I want. With its smaller head size, it gives a lot of control, and the feel is above average. Spin comes easily, but with the Tourna, the power was also very nice. I entered varsity tennis in my school with this!
From: Matt, 1/16

Comments: This racquet shines, always under the radar. Been playing with this stick since March, bought in May. I'm an all-court player, 4.5 flat ball hitter looking for something that provided more pop than my IGMP as I have aged to mid-40s. I have dealt with arm issues as well, so I was hesitant to proceed with Babolat. Definitely can feel the stiffer and crisper feel compared to what I am use to. The pop it provides, kept me coming back to this stick. For a 16x19 pattern, it plays tighter than expected with a generous sweet spot. Control is very good. I struggle with feel at times, yet, with the "soft" setup of Bi-Phae, it helped pocket impact somewhat. The more I've played with it, the stronger the connection and feel. Even braved some drop shots lately with confidence. It is an attack racquet, so it responds best when going after shots. Spin comes at ease, when needed. I play more on the defensive side, but this stick has allowed me to be more aggressive. Once you find the proper balance, best value stick on the market right now. With wrist and elbow issues, this was a gamble, yet, I've managed with the right set up. Other racquets of interest: Yonex DR98, Prince Textreme 100P and T and the anticipated new Presitge line. I play at the 4.5 level, mostly doubles and string with Technifibre Bi-phase at 59 lbs.
From: Mike, 12/15

Comments: Love this racquet. I have been trying to zero in on one for a while. Played with the Six.One 95 with lead tape, and a couple of Head racquets. I have this one strung with Gamma Solace 16 at 58 lbs and love the feel, with no tape. Great plow through, excellent on serves and at the baseline. I find the racquet is just a bit softer than the Six.One 95, which is what i was looking for. Originally, I played with one strung with Head RIP Control at 58 lbs, but find the Gamma more suited to my game. Great access to topspin, and easier to control if hit slightly out of the sweet spot than the Six.One 95.
From: Craig, 11/15

Comments: Got this racquet just today and strung it with Cyclone Tour red at 54 lbs and it feels amazing after getting used to it. I was cutting angles I wasn't able to do and volleying at the net came like a breeze. It feels way better than my Blade 98 16x19 I used to play with. I've never been able to settle on a racquet that saying I play with the Blade, APD, Pure Aero and Burn 100s -- this one is now a keeper and my stick of choice moving on. I am a 4.0 player and a senior in high school.
From: Andrew, 10/15

Comments: Would like to add that the frame is a little head light and lacks plow through. I added a little weight to the 3 and 9 and it has really given this stick teeth. Still retains its speed but generates more depth and venom. The stock form is a little underpowered in my opinion and you'll notice that against heavy hitters.
From: Jon, 8/15

Comments: I bought the Pure Strike recently. Initially, I had it strung with a multi at 55 lbs. It felt way too heavy on the ball and not crisp enough. So I restrung it with ALU Power Spin and a multi in the crosses at 59 lbs. It plays great. Good depth and topsin. Excellent ball control, you can change the direction with ease. At the net this is super fast. Serves are reasonable but I need a little more work on them. My one-handed backhand is a revelation with this stick. I could never master it with the Blade, but this one just whips around the ball. It has taken me 5+ hits to click with the Pure Strike. Where as before, many of my groundstrokes would sail long, this racquet has made me very, very consistent. To think, I was even close to selling it -- but this one is a keeper!
From: Jon, 8/15

Comments: I customized this racquet by adding a leather grip which in turn notched the weight up to just under 12 ounces and made it a bit more head lighter than it already was. It now seems to have similar specs to the Pro Staff 97. I also find, as a result, it is a very solid racquet, but still a bit too stiff for my taste. It is also a bit heavy in the swing weight department now that I added a leather grip, and I struggle a bit with my shoulder endurance as I approach the end of the 2nd set of a hard hitting match. I'm a 4.5 player and pretty fit for a 40 year old, but still a bit surprised how exhausted my shoulder feels after playing with this racquet. I think I am going to try to tame some of the power and weight of the racquet by cutting some of the leather grip away and by stringing at a higher tension. Hopefully this will do the trick.
From: Dave, 5/15

Comments: This racquet is amazing!!
From: Bidoof, 5/15

Comments: After not playing for 4 months due to a torn rotator cuff I decided to demo a few frames, the first a Wilson Blade 98 18x20 the second the Babolat Pure Strike 16x19. The winner of the two was the Pure Strike. It has a great balance of power and control, and more importantly it's comfortable! I usually play with an APD, but I am now converted.
From: Ozan, 5/15

Comments: I switched to this racquet after laboring with the Wilson PS97 for 6 months. I am a 4.5 player with modern strokes and good technique. This racquet works for me at the spec 11.3 ounce weight. It is a very solid hitting racquet, it swings fast and much less cumbersome than the Wilson PS97, the hoop is solid and the racket has very controlled flex in the throat area. It is somewhat less powerful than the PS97, but I find it more precise and I am significantly more consistent and can put many more strong shots in play. It is not a low power racquet, but it has less power than the PD/APD models. I do find plenty of power when serving, something about the balance distribution makes it shine there. I would recommend you pay to get the weight and balance checked. I found plenty of examples coming in at the high end of the tolerance pushing 11.6 ounces vs. the spec weight. So far it is very comfortable on my arm and shoulder. The racquet does not feel "soft" but the dampening must be good because my arm is happy. I think TWU shows it has a low vibration frequency. I am very happy with this choice and find it superior to the PS97, the Blades and Head Radical.
From: E, 4/15

Comments: I'm a big hitter and this racquet really helps my game greatly. It's a racquet that requires a big swing to get the full effect, so if you aren't looking to rip the ball, this one isn't for you. It has a solid feel that gives lots of heavy shots and gives good spin, but you need to go for your shots. I also noticed that if you put too much cover on the ball, it's not going to travel as far. This is definitely for big hitters who hit a flatter ball that want a bit more spin to compensate for their flatter strokes. I found the access to slice amazing. I previously played with the Yonex RQiS 1 Tour for 6 years. This was a good decision to convert here. Awesome stick.
From: Stephen, 3/15

Comments: Adding to my 9/2014 comment below: I have had an extended playtest with both the Pure Strike 16x19 and the Wilson Blade 16x19. First with the racquets strung at the middle of their respective recommended tension range (55 lbs for the Blade, 58 lbs for the PS -- both with Wilson NXT Tour). Then both at 58 lbs with Ashaway Cross Fire 18. The verdict remains: The PS feels more solid and you can hit a heavier ball, the slice is especially amazing (despite both racquets have virtually the same spec). Having said that, if you are a traditional player who hits a flatter ball and a slice (like me), I like the PS more. It reminds me of the Wilson 95, which I have played with all my life. If you are a modern heavy top spin player, you may like the Blade 98 more. It has more power but a bit less control (and as I said the ball feels less heavy). Finally, I think if you put stiffer polys in both racquets, then I think the Blade may play very well and the PS may be a bit dead (I haven't tried it, just my intuitive feel).
From: Mark, 12/14

Comments: I absolutely love this racquet. I've never been a Babolat fan, and have been playing with Prince for the last five years. However, I tried this racquet and it is incredible. I mostly play doubles at the 4.0-4.5 level and this gives me great feel and accuracy on returns, volleys, and serves. Serving has always been the biggest part of my game, but I feel like I can hit any serve anywhere I want to with this stick. I also love the amount of spin this stick generates for both topspin and slice. I give it an A++ to anyone with a fast strokes looking for control and feel.
From: John, 12/14

Comments: I started to play tennis again after many years, I'm a 3.5 and choose this frame because it's weight/swingweight is the higher I like to handle. Moreover, I needed a control oriented frame as I tend to hit hard. Well it's a quite demanding racquet. I like it a lot but every time you don't hit with good technique or you take your eyes away from the ball you will know it immediately! Very precise, good spin, great feel when you hit well. Makes me very insecure on my serve witch happen to be my best shot though. Feels unstable at net: you really need good technique to hit the ball in the sweet spot during volleys. I am going to keep it a while, I like it a lot, but too demanding for me. I'm a 3.5 player -- strung it with Wilson NXT at 56 lbs.
From: Marco, 11/14

Comments: This is a great stick -- it makes me feel confident in my game. I demoed many racquets including the Pure Drive, AeroPro, Wilson Blade 98 (16x19), Dunlops, Heads, Yonex racquets, Pacific, and this new Pure Strike (I used to play with a Dunlop Aerogel 4d 300). All of them were ok, but this one allows me to hit spin shots and a hard, flat ball with control. I can't find another racquet that allows me both. If you swing slow, you will get poor results; swing fast and you will be rewarded. As a 45 year-old 4.0 player with a very good, hard first serve, heavy forehand and decent two-handed backhand I need a racquet that will put the ball where I want it and this does it well. Modifications/details: leather grip under a thin black overgrip, and a textured poly at a medium-high tension.
From: William, 10/14

Comments: I wanted to like this based on the reviews and specs, but was disappointed. Coming from a Pure Drive Roddick, this felt rather tinny/metalic and dull when striking the ball in my opinion.
From: J, 9/14

Comments: I wanted a more solid racquet than my Blade 98 (16x19). Perhaps coming from a BLX 95, it is not "fair" to say that about the Blade 98. Anyway, I decided to give the Pure Strike a try. Both racquets strung with Wilson NXT Power 17 at mid range of recommended tension. The Pure Strike feels more solid than the Blade 98 (both at stock without any weights added). However, the Blade feels more lively and powerful -- so a tough toss up here. I tried adding weight to the 3 and 9 o'clock position of my Blade 98. Then it became head heavy and played a bit differently. Will give it a longer try. Perhaps try various tensions and string combinations and see how it goes.
From: Mark, 9/14

Comments: Love the 16x19. Coming from a Dunlop F3.0 Tour, this racquet upped the power, comfort, and spin that I wasn't getting from the Dunlop. Be wary, this racquet can be quite string sensitive. As of right now, I have settled on a poly/syn gut hybrid that is working magically.
From: J, 8/14

Comments: I have both the Tour and the 16x19 versions of this frame. I have to give the upper hand to the Tour. The extra weight is perfect. I can rip it from anywhere I want. The 16x19 is too light for my taste. I felt like if I didn't swing as hard as I could it would go straight into the net. And when I did swing as hard as I could I would hit the ball long. This racquet doesn't have as much control or power as the Tour. The serve is a plus as it accelerates fast.
From: Zane, 7/14

Comments: I've been play testing this racquet for months, and finally decided to put it in play for good, replacing my Prince Rebel 98 and Prince Tour 100 (16x18). I had gone to the Prince due to arm strain issues coming off Babolat Pure Drive. I have not experienced arm issues with the Strike since finally settling on RPM Team at 48 lbs as the best string option for me on this one. I was very careful and deliberate in play testing extensively for about 2 months including league and tournament play. In the end, the stability and maneuverability of the Strike is superior for my game. I feel I can swing confidently with depth and spin on both sides. The performance on returns is phenomenal, especially against heat. And, on serve it out-performed anything else I've played with recently because the swingweight allows me to generate more speed for extra pace and spin.
From: Phil, 7/14

Comments: I am disappointed in this frame so far. Comparing to the Roddick GT I have been playing with, this one although lighter, feels sluggish, heavier and dull on impact with the ball. I probably picked up a little pace on serve, and after hitting with it a bit I was finding decent groundstrokes with the Pure Strike in spite of the lack of feel. The real red flag for me is that I had arm pain on the inside of my elbow, which I've never had before. I haven't given up on it yet. I originally strung it like I do the Roddick, with Solinco Tour Bite 19 in the mains and RPM Blast 18 in the crosses and that just didn't work. Going to RPM 18 in the mains and Excel in the crosses as it says on the frame. We'll see if that wakes up this racquet. I hope so, or I'll have to buy up several more Roddicks. Probably not what Babolat wants to hear.
From: Don, 6/14

Comments: Good overall solid racquet. I didn't like it for the 1st hour of hitting because the sweet spot felt too small and the racquet felt so underpowered compared to my Blade 98 and I was about to give up on it. On my next outing, I was able to finally adjust to the feel and launch angle and it started clicking. Serves had good control and pace but not as much pop as a Pure Drive or Blade 98. It has a nice soft, flexy feel which gave good touch and control from the baseline and net. I liked it much better than the 18x20 version which felt underpowered with a smaller sweetspot (dead spot at the top of the sweetspot) while it still had nearly as much control. I like the blend of feel and power. I've been going through many racquets lately (Pure Drive, Aeropro, Blade 98, Yonex Ai98, Babolat Pure Control, Head Speed Pro, Graphene Radical Pro) and I find this racquet to fit my game. It reminds me of my liquidmetal Radical but allows me to serve much better maybe due to having a little more mass in the upper hoop. The softness and flex felt similar to the older line of Head Radicals -- not the new Graphene version which is too stiff and does not have enough feel which left me feeling disconnected from my shots. This racquet is a good control racquet for the advanced player but you have to be able to supply some of the pace. I find it a little more powerful than the new Babolat Pure Control line but with good control still -- good pocketing on shots.
From: Tom, 6/14

Comments: Very solid stick and one of my favorites that I have hit with this year. I bought a few for an extended play test. It's very different from most Babolat sticks. It has really nice feel and control. I string mine with Hurricane Tour at 59 lbs and I play 5.0 level (Open 40s USTA). I must add that mine came in a good bit heavier than the specs that TW lists. All three are 11.7 oz strung with no mods which is about perfect for me. I did match them with the demo that I used, but I do know find most of them were around the weight that TW lists.
From: David, 5/14

Comments: Nice stick! So, I've been using a Wilson Blade 98 18x20 for the past year and a half. I demoed this and I've put in about 8 hours with it. The cosmetics are great. Not the best I've ever seen, but very clean. I like the matte finish and the gun metal gray color as opposed to black. It wasn't as stiff for me as some others have complained. I found it somewhat stiff, but the feel and comfort weren't lacking. The power is about medium, with less pop than, say, the AeroPro Drive, but more than my Blade. Not quite as good control, but definitely more spin and more pop. I could hit a big forehand with this racquet when I had time to set-up, getting more pace than I ever could with the Blade. I did notice a slight lack in consistency, but that was more contributed by my own poor technique. Plus, I wasn't fully adapted to the stick. You can't give a final decision on a racquet's overall quality with under 10 hours of playtime. But from my brief playtest, I think this is a very good control-oriented racquet with decent pop and spin.
From: Brian, 5/14

Comments: I'm playing with Babolat Pure Storm, so I thought this would be similar, but it did not meet my expectations. It felt sluggish, heavier than its weight, too stiff and I could not control my shots just got away from me. Good power and spin so it might work for baseliners, although there are better racquets than this one.
From: Pete, 5/14

Comments: I currently play with the Pure Storm Tour, GT model. Despite the lighter weight, this racquet has a higher effective swingweight and is a bit less maneuverable. The stiffness makes it somewhat more powerful, but at the cost of comfort. Much more pop on serve, but also harder to control on groundstrokes. Overall, a good racquet, just not amazing. Feels stiffer than the rating would suggest.
From: Andrew, 4/14

Comments: Solid stick. Good power, control and fairly easy to wield.
From: Eric, 4/14

Comments: This is an incredible racquet. I hit shots that I usually don't make with this. Impossible to not hit a solid shot with this racquet. This is a must demo. Not too heavy but heavy enough to generate power.
From: Earl, 4/14

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