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Comments: I'm an all around player and I usually play with the Wilson K-factor 90 and BLX 90 but last year, due to a lack of power, I decided to change my racquet. I went onto the Babolat Aeropro Drive. After a year I still found that a few shots are not right. Anyway, as a coach I bought the Babolat Play Pure Drive so my customers can try it and have some data. I had to try it first and I immediately connected with it. It felt fantastic. After a day of coaching I uploaded the data on my Ipad and was amazed with the quality and quantity of information. It highlited things that I already new (I.e. My backhand is faster with more topspin than my forehand) and other than I wasn't sure about. I will now have to test it in competition. My apologies to my customers but this one is mine!
From: Sebastien, 7/14

Comments: I bought the Babolat Play in New York as it isnt available in India. At first, it wouldn't show me any data on my smartphone so I got pretty worried. But once I plugged it into the computer and validated the sessions it worked just fine. I also reinstalled the app on the phone.
From: Anant, 7/14

Comments: I have used the Play Pure Drive for abouth two months now and I really like the feedback you get after each session. This feels pretty much like the future and in 2-3 years, I presume, most racquets will have similar devices connected to their frame. It also gives you a little bit of extra motivation during the match/practice to really focus and get as good data as possible.
From: Henrik, 6/14

Comments: I was on the playtest team for this racquet, so I've been using it since last November. I've been a PD user for 10 years now, so I love the racquet. I've had no problems at all with any of my sessions dating back to November. It's interesting that most of the people that post are the ones with bad experiences. I think it's really helpful to see all of the stats -- how often do I slice my backhand compared to topspin and flat shots. How often do I hit my forehand in comparison to my backhand. What is my power level on each shot. One of my favorite parts of the software is the chart that shows where on the stringbed I hit each shot. Very useful for me. I look forward to seeing my stats after each training session and comparing it to my stats for an actual match.
From: Steve, 5/14

Comments: For about 2 months, I had very little problems at all with this racquet. After contacting Babolat without a response, I sent the racquet back to TW. My issue is that the racquet always seems to be full even though there is no sessions to sync. I can charge the racquet but then when I go to record a session, the racquet blinks rapidly and the LED is a yellow color. I hope that Babolat either fixes or replaces the racquet -- it has been a little over a week since I returned the racquet and I am anxious to hear what the issue is. I am quite disappointed but want to give Babolat a chance to make it right.
From: Jamey, 5/14

Comments: As a 3.0 player that loves technology, I just had to get this racquet. I was having issues with the racquet not transferring the data to my phone, but I'm now thinking it's an issue with my phone, not the racquet. All sessions after have been successfully transferred to my iPod. I was a little nervous about playing such a stiff racquet at first, but by dropping the tension 2 pounds, it's been a pretty comfortable racquet for me. Overall, once I got set up on a different device, I'm loving this stick!
From: Chris, 5/14

Comments: I had a problem with my racquet not recording sessions too. I had to reinstall the Babolat play widget for my Macbook. I also had to delete and reinstall my iPhone app for the Babolat Play. Once I did that, my racket recorded the sessions again.
From: Pek, 5/14

Comments: The software does not work. As Steve, I was able only to upload 2 sessions. After that, when I connect the racquet to my computer, the synchronization seems successful, but no new session appear on my dashboard. The other problems: when trying to sync from android or iOs, a popup is telling me a new firmware is available and needs to be applied from a computer before any synchronization. But the "babolat connect" software is not showing any firmware update! How is it possible to have such unstable software ?
From: Pierre, 5/14

Comments: Yes, this racquet has been nothing but problems for me too. The worst part is Babolat pays no attention. I wrote to them after one of Babolat's staff member offered me a refund, and then they recanted and offered me a package of string. He wrote, "I misunderstood the return policy for our product. I can imagine you are frustrated. It won't change the past, but if you send me your shipping address, I'd like to try and make amends on my end by sending you some string." I wrote to the U.S. offices in Colorado and to the corporate headquarters in Lyon, France. I got no response at all from Babolat.
From: Emily, 5/14

Comments: Purchased in December. To date, in the software I still only have two sessions in January 2014. It acts like it's working, all the little lights properly blink, when it connects to the computer and hit synchronize, it acts like it's doing it with the status bar moving to completion, then nothing. No new session, no new data. It's much worse than throwing $400 away, as if you did that the money is gone and you go on with your life. This version you lose the $400 and keep trying, hitting the manual, trying again, etc. The only perk out of this whole thing is the enjoyment my friends have had watching me relentlessly "giving it another try." Love Tennis Warehouse, but for me this product landed as a dog and a complete waste of money.
From: Steve, 5/14

Comments: After getting a few sessions to synchronize from the racquet to the phone and/or usb/computer, the connection no longer happens. I've tried the racquet reset, to no avail. I have opened a support ticket with Babolat, and here's the really crazy thing, I can no longer use google in chrome to search for a resolution. As an earlier poster wrote, I am also in IT and keenly interested in resolving this issue. Looking forward to demo'ing the new Shot Stats product, I may have made a poor choice buying this racquet.
From: Tod, 4/14

Comments: Got this racquet for my 11 year old daughter who is a Babolat fan. She currently plays with a Pure Drive JR26 French Open. She won a Pure Drive French Open in a raffle so it answered what her next racquet will be when she move up. We've had the Play Pure Drive a few days and the quality is very good. I believe the racquet has a specific sequence to sync data. We have not experienced any problems like the others have mentioned as we follow the recommended sequence. Thus, we've downloaded sessions without any issues. I am impressed with the results and plan on tracking her development over time. Her technique score surprised me with the consistency of her contact area. Before this, I thought she shanked a lot of balls. Realistically, 2 shanks out of 500 hits isn't too bad with 80-83% centered hits. Overall, it's a great training device for those who are looking to analyze their game.
From: Sparky, 3/14

Comments: Two days in a row, the racquet did not upload the data to my mobile phone even though the message said that it had. It was very disappointing. I do not even see appropriate instructions in the FAQ. For the price, I expect a lot more!
From: Oliver, 3/14

Comments: This is my first Babolat racquet, played with Wilson, Prince, Head and Volkl. I've had very few connections issues, nothing to be alarmed of. To me, being able to see my training session stats is wonderful, I can really see progress on whatever stroke I'm working on. The main issue for me was with the racquet itself, it is very stiff and gave me TE and arm pains even though I strung it with Gamma Professional (the softest string I found) at 52 lbs. I'm going to give it a last try with natural gut just after I've been relieve from my arm sourness -- ouch.
From: Jupa, 2/14

Comments: After borrowing this racquet for a week from a friend (who's given up on it completely), it's become clear why there was such a long delay between the promotional launch and the product release -- not to mention the radical feature simplification, of the Babolat PLAY Racquet. It does not work. Not in any reliable, practical way. It's a total sham. This, from a company that usually has superior products, feels like a cynical ploy to recoup their R and D costs. Why else do you release a line of bluetooth racquets that have such glaring functionality and connectivity issues? Sometimes you can upload data to your mobile device, sometimes you can't. Sometimes it will tell you've succeeded doing so just to let you wonder when the data went. How do you say 'gone forever' in French? Once or twice, it honestly seemed like the data it recorded had nothing to do with my hitting session. I don't hit flat balls on either side. So why is it recording flat shots? Don't even get me started about the button controls. Really, how can they sell this for $400?!
From: Morgan, 2/14

Comments: I did not like the racquet at all. It was stiff, flimsy, lacked feel and was way too powerful. The Bluetooth is a pain in the neck and the buttons on the racquet are difficult to use. Wasted money.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: First of all, the Pure Drive is a great racquet -- excellent balance of power and control. As for the Play technology I am really enjoying it. Is it 100 % accurate? No, I don't think so but it really motivates me to practice more and work on getting my technique score higher, etc. And I will say when I go practice and feel like I'm hitting with better technique the racquet stats agree. Is it worth an extra $200? Probably not, but if you want to be an early adopter that's the price you pay. I am happy with it, so if you are willing to treat yourself a little I say go for it!
From: Adam, 1/14

Comments: I have been a happy Babolat purchaser through TW for years. First, the good about this racquet. The racquet itself comes around quickly and delivers good power. It is an excellent advance in the Pure Drive family, as cited by the TW reviewers. Now the bad: Do not purchase this racquet until the bugs have been worked out! It is very poorly supported, and the instructional video makes it appear so easy to use, but it is not true.
From: Peter, 1/14

Comments: This is an update of my last experience, which was with the demo. After being delighted with the demo, I bought the racquet and have had nothing but difficulty. Two days in a row, the racquet did not upload the data to my mobile phone even though the message said that it had. It was very disappointing needless to say. I agree with Jerry. For the price, I expect a lot more!
From: Emily, 1/14

Comments: The racquet plays exactly like the regular Pure Drive now that my husband restrung it for me. Don't know why but the string job from TW was tight, I was worried it was the racquet, but it was the strings. I have played with it four times and was able to get data off the racquet from each playing session unlike the prior review. I do have issues if I try to use the cable to connect to the computer and download the data. I just use the bluetooth function on my phone and it seems to work okay. I find it very interesting to see how the racquet thinks I am hitting. I am a 4.0 player and am always told that I hit with a lot of topspin; however the racquet says I really hit far more flat shots. I have used it primarily for practice hitting on the ball machine so far and only one match but it will be interesting to see the stats as I play more matches.
From: G, 12/13

Comments: I had a different experience from the previous reviewer. I was able to download the app on all of my devices. I was able to upload the data for all of my sessions and got some interesting data about my skills and technique. I demoed the racquet during a three-day tennis camp, so I got a lot of use out of it and a ton of information. As a result, I decided to set some goals, e.g. to hit my serves with more pace, to try to hit more of my shots in the sweet-spot., etc. I wish there was a way for the app to record information on volleys. I also wish the information could be given in mph rather than percentage. All in all, if this "computerized" racquet is a hit with recreational players, I see other companies following Babolat's lead in the not so distant future and with a lower price tag.
From: Emily, 12/13

Comments: Unfortunately for Babolat, the software that accompanies the racquet just doesn't appear to be ready for prime time. I have played with the racquet three times as a demo and managed to get it to record data just once. The other times the desktop software told me it was uploading my software and then when I logged into the website there was no data. I immediately went back to the racquet to try to reload the data but was told that the racquet was empty. I am an IT professional and this happened to me twice. Exceptionally disappointing. Expect and deserve more for the price.
From: Jerry, 12/13

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