Babolat Propulse Lady 3 Black/Pink Women's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: These were the shoes I was wearing when my Achilles Tendon snapped, and will never wear these shoes again. I felt, perhaps, the back strap was too tight and did not allow my foot to move. Owner error perhaps? Too much pain to want to wear this shoe again.
From: Shelia, 1/14

Comments: I play at a JC, 4-6 days a week, 2-3 hours at a time. I really enjoyed the stability of this shoe and how it felt on the court. I mistakenly bought half a size too small (apparently), but the lock-lacing stopped me from getting any more bruised nails. The real problem I have now with this shoe is the insoles wearing out within two months of purchase. The arch support isn't that great if you over-pronate when you run. I agree with another comment that said the back actually digs into your ankle sometimes. I don't ever use the straps. This is probably a better fit for more narrow feet than mine.
From: Aly, 3/13

Comments: Comfortable right out of the box! Durable and nice looking too!
From: Cami, 3/13

Comments: I never found a shoe that I wasn't constantly having to re-tie to make it tighter during a match, until I discovered the Propulse Lady 3. The velcro straps are a real plus for those of us with narrow feet. They're light, flexible, and offer needed support. They are the ideal selection for the player who loves to cover the court. I'm average in height and have had neither ankle nor heel problems with this model. It's fun to have an unusual color combo in women's tennis footwear, something generally available to the men but not to us.
From: Suzi, 9/12

Comments: The Propulse Lady 3 is the best fitting, most stable shoe I have found.
From: Carol, 9/12

Comments: This shoe is one that I strongly recommend, especially when looking for ankle support. After having trouble with my Achilles and ankles, the double Velcro strap and higher heel definitely made a difference. I ordered these shoes because I had this style about 3 years ago, and nothing will compare to this same shoe 3 years ago. However, I've been happy with this shoe overall.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: These are such a big change from the last two versions of the Propulse. They are much bigger and wider at the toe -- I can't tie them tight enough to fit. I've run through all my old Propulse's (versions 1 and 2), and unfortunately I might have to shop for a new shoe for the first time in years.
From: Allison, 4/12

Comments: These are the best looking shoe out there hands down. I got tons of compliments, and for being my first pair of black shoes, I was in love. I'm the type of person who's willing to go through a little bit of pain in sacrifice for looking good, so thats exactly what I did, and Im so done with that. I've had heel pains, random pains in the bottom of my feet, ankle blisters, back problems, and more. I feel very limited playing in them, I can not perform to my full capacity because I'm restricted. They are not comfortable. I slide in them really bad and I even wear thick(and thanks to the high ankle part of the shoe) and tall shoes. My coach noticed during my first match with them on, I was constantly adjusting the front and back straps, along with the laces and pushing my foot to the very back of the shoe. Basically, if you want sharp shoes that get you ton of compliments, get them. IF you want a good shoe that is comfortable, satisfying, and long lasting without pain, click the back button because you won't find that type of shoe on this page.
From: Caitlyn, 2/12

Comments: PLEASE bring back the original propulse! These were bigger, way too high in back and sides so bit into ankle bone big time. And the lacing was harder to tighten up and creased at wrong point on top so cut into toes, help! I only have 5 pairs left of the original ones and then??? Why did they mess with a good thing?
From: Andrea, 2/12

Comments:I love these shoes! The adjustable front and back are great, they have great support and last a very long time! The only down side is the first 2 weeks, when you are not used to the high back on the shoes, but if you wear tall socks it is fine! These are the best shoes! And I did have to go up 1 and a half size..
From: Syd, 1/12

Comments: I bought these shoes and loved the fit and how secure my foot felt wearing them. However, after only three months of playing (approximately 4 times a week), the sole of the shoe at the ball of the foot and heel area was completely worn through to the inside of the shoe. I sent the shoes back to Babolat in accordance with their 6 month warranty. The only thing is they now no longer make that shoe (possibly because they don't last 6 months) and Babolat had to offer me a lesser priced shoe that they still carry to replace my old ones, or I could order a smaller size men's shoe in that same style. If you plan on playing more than once or twice a week and want to make these shoes last, I'd buy a second pair to rotate them so you can get a full 6 months of use out of them. I hope Babolat can improve the durability of their soles because I sure love how they look and feel.
From: Barbi, CA, USA, 12/11

Comments: The white plastic on the top turns yellow soooo fast in the sun! I wish they would come out with different colors to at least hide the yellow!
From: Sally. 10/11

Comments: Not too shabby! I felt lost after adidas decided to discontinue my favorite tennis shoes (CYD Reflex), and I didn't want to go back to the heavy Barricades, or the narrow Nikes, so I decided to give these Babolat's a try. The back definitely comes up really high - but as long as your socks pull up and above the edge, you shouldn't get blisters. The back certainly bugs when you first put them on, but by the time I'm warmed up, I've forgotten about it. It's a very stable feeling shoe - very solid - and has fantastic lateral support. I bought some new insoles for it (Spenco For Her Polysorb Total Support) which help immensely with plantar fasciitis and keeps the ball of my foot extra cushioned. They are pretty lightweight for how solid and sturdy they feel. The only cons with this shoe are (1) high back of heel (2) very wide styling - they fit well, but just looking at them on my feet, they look like I'm wearing skater shoes (3) I could do without the Michelin Man on the back of the heel. Overall, happy with these Babolat's. Cool they have the 6-month guarantee on them, too!
From: Talar, 8/1

Comments: I like the look of the shoe. It is lightweight, but it is high in the back and gave me blisters.
From: MLC. 08/11

Comments: I just got these shoes and I really like how comfortable and well ventilated they are. I love the look and feel of them. This is my first pair of Babolatsand I am thrilled. Fit very sure to size for me.
From: Ilene. 6/11

Comments: They come up really high in the back and gave me blisters. I loved the stability, but don't want to take the time to break in new shoes!
From: Alexis. 6/11

Comments: So far so good! I really like the comfort and cushioning. I had to go down half a size. Not as heavy as the Propulse 2, but maybe that's a good thing for warmer weather. I liked the Propulse 1 best of all.
From: DSG, Cambridge, MA. 4/11

Comments: I really like the fit and comfort of these shoes. They feel very supportive, but lightweight. I like the velcro straps that keep my foot in place and prevent my toes from hitting the front of the shoe when chasing a short ball.
From: Sue, Raleigh, NC, USA, 03/11

Comments: They definitely changed the shoe. These are about a half size bigger than the last 5 pairs I have bought. I kept them and have been playing with them. I had to really tighten down the Velcro straps. Looks wise, I get loads of compliments on them. I wish they were sassier though, like the guys shoe. All in all I wish they would go back to the old construction. For the first time in 2 years I will start to shop around for new shoes. :(
From: Victoria, San Diego, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: I love these shoes! They are very very very comfy! Best Babolat shoes ever!
From: Maddy, Houston, TX, USA, 02/11

Comments: Not like my old Propulses! These fit much wider than my Lady Propulse 1 and 2! I don't like the plastic material they used this time. Awful. I am sending them back.
From: Gen, Cincinnati, OH, USA, 02/11

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