Babolat Hybrid Pro Hurricane Tour 17+ VS 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: This is a great hybrid but ignore the back of the package which indicates the VS should be the cross and RPM the main. My sensitive elbow has been very happy with the RPM crosses and the spin with VS in the mains is extreme. I can nail forehand shots from the baseline and have them drop inside the service line and then clear the baseline well below net height as the topspin kicks in. Control is outstanding even with a 100 square inch head size and 16 mains. I am using a modified Head Youtek IG Speed 300 strung at 56 lbs in the mains and 53 lbs in the crosses.
From: Timothy, 10/11

Comments: I really hate this sting. I was expecting so much more. For the price I hate to cut them out, but they are terrible for me. I get much more power and feel out of my RPM blast for about half the price.
From: Erin. 08/11

Comments: I have a Wilson BLX Pro Tour racket. In the past few months, I've been in a slump. The strings I had, Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 16, died. So, I decided to try out a hybrid. I saw Natural Gut and thought, "hmm, maybe this could fix my game." So I bought this hybrid, had my friend re-string my racket, and I gave it a try. Well, I was kind of disappointed. My shots were going long and I had a bit too much power. The reason I played bad is because of the major transition from a stiff polyester like Luxilon BB to a soft set-up of Natural gut (in the MAINS). After adjusting my game, I played pretty good. I'm gonna make a note to self now: don't put Natural gut in the mains. And, also, GET STRING SAVERS.
From: Brian, Avondale, AZ, USA, 01/11
4.5 rating- Wilson BLX Pro Tour

Comments: These strings have a soft feel and provide excellent touch. Big problem though - was only able to play for about 1.5 hours before the VS broke. Strung it again (VS-mains 59lbs, PHT-crosses 57lbs), played for about an hour with excellent results. The following day picked up my racquet to play, VS strings broken again without even hitting! Too expensive to keep replacing so on to another string, possibly RPM Blast.
From: Jon, Ventura, CA, USA, 10/10

Comments: I'm still skeptical about Babolat strings, I broke 2 (excel power and addiction) strings in a time frame of 2 months. So 3rd time I went with this and hopefully it won't break. So far it's very good, control is exceptional, but the power is amazing. I normally full swing when serving but with this I can pretty much stop halfway through and the pop/power is still a lot. this also goes for forehands. I have this on my hyper hammer 5.1 and the amount of power it's producing is incredible, with great amounts of spin. I'm stringing this at 63lbs (racquet range is 55-65) should I lower the tension so I don't break the string too often?
From: Jay K., Expat in Beijing, China. 07/10

Comments: I was experiencing a lot of shoulder pain using different brands of multifilaments with price ranging between $15 and $20 on my Wilson K6.1 Tour. I thought it's because of the stiff racquet (partly it was). So I demoed Volkl PB 10 Mid. It came with Babolat VS/Pro Hurricane hybrid stringing (nice job TW). No pain at all while demoing. I fell in love with the racquet and purchase it. It came with some Volkl multifilament string for free. After two session of hitting with this string my shoulder pain came back. Now I use Babolat VS 16/Pro Hurricane Tour 17 and my shoulder is much better. The conclusion is that this string makes so much difference when it comes to comfort. The Volkl frame also helps with comfort as it has very low stiffness index (59). But I have to remark the feel, power and control that I get from this hybrid. Spin I would say is medium. Even durability is great because the natural gut does not fray because of the smooth texture of the the poly string.
From: Daniel, Piscataway, NJ, USA. 4/10

Comments: I hated these strings. I was expecting considerably more spin than what they give you. The Pro Hurricane Tour has an octagonal profile but it's not visible to the naked eye. Also, the VS Natural Gut started fraying after, and I'm not kidding, about 20 strokes (and no I am not a big hitter nor do I hit with a ton of spin). As far as how long they would actually last, I do not know because I had them cut out immediately. I did string these a little loose compared to my normal tension (2lbs less), and this may have contributed to my disdain for these strings, but I just put in Luxilon ALU Spin mains with Tecnifibre X-One Biphase crosses and I am a much happier tennis player.
From: Nikhil B., Indianapolis, IN United States. 9/09

Comments: Plays very much like my identical racquet with natural gut VS17. Gave me more spin with very little loss if any of power. However, I would like more spin capability so I am still searching. I use the Weed 125, 28 1/2 with proportional stringing at soft/soft. At 78 years of age, I would guess a 3.5.
From: Richard, Santa Maria, CA, USA. 8/09

Comments: This are the best strings I've ever played with. Amazing power & spin with excellent control.
From: Kiran, Alpharetta, GA. 3/09

Comments: Awesome string. I'm a 4.5 player who loves to hit the ball with spin, but I want as much control as possible. These strings do the trick.
From: Uknowns, Baton rouge, LA, USA. 3/08

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