Babolat Pure Drive Roddick 2013 Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: I had a brief fling with this racquet. I was going through a mid life crisis and wanted to change my style of play to a more modern, heavier topspin game. So I switched from my trusty Pro Staff 6.0 85 to the polar opposite, the Pure Drive. Of course it ended in tears as I simply could not tame the raw power of the racquet. Instead, I found myself slowing down and shortening my swing to keep the ball inside the court. As a result, I grew tentative and started making more errors. I did not have enough faith in the god of topspin to swing this racquet hard and trust the ball to follow the righteous path. It wasn't all bad, I was getting effortless power on my serves. Maybe if I gave it more time or tried out different string setups, I could have made it work. Maybe you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
From: Matty, 5/15

Comments: I've been playing with this racquet and the Babolat Pure Control 95 for about 6 months. I have to say that from day one, besides the increase of power in my serves and groundstrokes, I still find that this racquet can put away a lot of balls at the net with little effort. Sometimes though, it doesn't have touch to turn that power off at the net. When I'm a little nervous or amp'd up before a match I really over hit this racquet but when I focus and keep calm, I annihilate the ball with a lot of pace and keep it in there. I've also gotten more confident with putting away short balls between the baseline and service line I can get the ball in the general area of where I'm hitting it I'm not painting the corner but I'm not far off from it either (mind you I'm probably hitting it 20-30% harder/faster than with my Pure Control). The only two knocks (which could just be my game) is it gets a little cumbersome at the net up high (head level) for me especially my backhand volley later in matches maybe because of the weight -- I don't have a lot of problems but I notice when I'm tiring it can be harder to maneuver. The other time is when I'm at or on the baseline and I get a ball deep to my backhand, sometimes I cannot get the racquet swing speed up to make good contact I hit late on my one-hander but it could be my prep/footwork. My serve is heavy with a lot of spin, I've been working hard on my kick-serve which with this racquet it has been awesome. Great racquet, but it can be easy to over hit with, although easy to correct and stay connected to your shots. The plow is incredible you can put away a lot of balls. Control is decent not super precise but not erratic. Arm/elbow = ok (jury is out). I used Ashaway 18g soft at 58 lbs and loved them, so much spin and the feel was great. Now I'm onto RPM Blast mains and Addiction crosses at 58 lbs -- I'm just getting use to them after about 15 hours, when I'm used to them, they probably will be dead or my arm will. But overall, a great racquet.
From: Maurice, 4/15

Comments: I have been using Babolat racquets for about 4 years now. Started with the Pure Storm and loved it, then moved on to the APD and have 3 of them that took my game to another level. I bought the PDR and never looked back. The power is awesome and have backed players off the net with my baseline shots. My backhand slices are lacking a little but are slowly coming around. This is a very good stick with a lot of power.
From: Bob, 3/15

Comments: I bought the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick for my 15 year old son who just started out playing tennis. He absolutely loves the racquet and is doing really well with it. I can tell the difference on his groundstrokes, it has a large sweet spot and it generates a lot of power for him. All around a great starter racquet.
From: Mike, 2/15

Comments: After 5.5 years using rackets from the APD line, I bought the PDR because I was looking for a little more power. On serve, I have noticeable more power from the PDR and only slightly less spin. On return, the PDR is tougher to get around, but I have a lot more stability when I make contact with people who bomb their serves. My forehand (which is my weapon), is much more stable on flat forehands but a little more difficult to control. Topspin is easily applied however. While the PDR is less maneuverable off the ground, it gets pushed around less and you can deliver offensive shots from defensive positions. On the backhand, I'm still getting used to the slice which is not quite as sharp as with the APD. That said, I brought back my 2- handed BH with the PDR (which I haven't used for 10 years) and I'm having good results. I strung it at 57 lbs with Kirschbaum Spiky Black Shark and it's not uncomfortable for me at all. I get a good amount of spin and am excited about where it's taking my game after just 2 hits. The low points for me are the touch/feel and slice while the high points are power and stability.
From: Ryan, 1/15

Comments: If you're looking to add some pop and depth to your shots, this is it. If you're looking to get tennis elbow or at least the kick it off proper, this is it though also.
From: Derek, 12/14

Comments: Buy as many of these as you can. The new Tour line has less power with more control and a slightly muted feel. If this is what you wanted in the upgrade then you will be pleased. Both are great racquets. Depends on what you want.
From: Bob, 11/14

Comments: Very good racquet. Very powerful and stable. One has to be fit and have a perfect technique to play with it. More versatile than the AreoPro line cause you can also hit flat with the Pure Drive Roddick and really play against big hitter, the racquet does not twist. All my shots improved (forehand, serve, volley, smash) except my one handed single backhand but working on it is getting there and again I gained power. It is a matter of confidence with that racquet, you really have to play perfectly and there are no easy shots, what is easy with it is power and spin.
From: Vince, 11/14

Comments: Near perfect blend of control and power. Trust me, there is a lot of power in this racquet. The shots quickly go where I want them to go. My serves are also noticeably faster. This racquet has definitely improved my game. Just note that is a heavy racquet; for me, this tends to increase my lag time when switching from forehand to backhand. If weight is not an issue, and you want that combination of control and power, you will not regret purchasing this racquet.
From: John, 11/14

Comments: I've mainly played with players racquets before but wanted to try something that would generate power and spin more easily. The Roddick definitely does that. If you're used to a player's racquet and having to have good form and generate your own pace, if you take even a smidgen of your good form and apply it to the Roddick, its almost like magic. The racquet practically does the work. That may seem like an exaggeration, but coming from a smaller head where you had to be more precise or the ball would die, the larger sweetspot and easy power of the Roddick made me realise why the Babolat line is so popular. Returns with this racquet are straight forward. Easy depth on returns and groundstrokes without even trying. Its easy to get good height over the net and still get enough spin to bring it down. I played a doubles set and only one ball in the net, that was it, all of the other unforced errors would have been wide of the doubles alley and none were long. Spin serving was a little tougher, but flat bombs were so easy to produce. Its an amazing racquet. The only downside is that I previously had tennis elbow issues, and I could definitely feel a slight twinge after everything was done. Hopefully that won't be the same for you. Also, the racquet lacks feel on the ball. You don't really feel the ball as much for some reason, maybe because of the racquet stiffness. That also adds to the impression that you really aren't doing anything, that its all the racquet because you barely feel the ball touching the strings at times. All in all though, it is definitely worth a try!
From: DH, 9/14

Comments: Pros: 1st serve, spin and power on groundstrokes, volleys. Cons: Kick serve needs adjustment to length and weight of racquet, drop shot too. As you would expect from a Roddick endorsement, this is a heavier racquet that offers great power and follow through since I am a topspin grinder clay court baseliner. There is a great whip on the 1st serve and ground strokes. I too have been a Prince guy for the past 20 years but switched this year. I asked a pro to watch my kick serve with this racquet and he noticed a lag on the racquet head acceleration, so this is still a process in work to adjust to the racquet. Tried out the Pure Drive Lite and that was way too light for my game. Highly recommended for any 4.0 player who needs more power to their game, and also suggest to work on the weights when playing with this WMD.
From: Greig, 8/14

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet for more than a year and I just bought a second one. I am a 57 year old male tennis player and I can generate so much power and spin with this stick, it's unbelievable. I use only Lux Alu Rough at 57 lbs and the resulting power and spin is simply out of control, I can see it from across the net, upon bouncing the ball just dances around on the other side and kicks up to shoulder level causing a lot of very good players problems returning it. I have two AeroPro Drive Plus racquets (now retired them), but the Pure Drive puts that to shame when it comes to power and spin. The only downside is I overhit a little and sometimes miss the baseline by a few inches though that sacrifice is well worth it.
From: Joseph, 6/14

Comments: I usually hit with top club players and coaches. I'm basically a big hitter. 185cm, 85kg fit and healthy with good strokes and big serves. I've played with this racket for 6+ months now and I felt like I had to give this a proper account here. I've come to this racquet from small head sized, head light and heavy frames -- AG100, 6.1 90 and K Blade Tour. Those racquets had good feel, plow through and are fun to hit with. I used to be a real snob about tweener frames -- clunky, horrible feel, etc. However, the time came when my opponents were hitting harder with more spin and I found it increasingly difficult to defend. Having demoed a ton of racquets from friends or from shops, I found the Roddick. Let me say that if you are used to players frames, the Roddick will take some adjustment, but totally worth it. Feel, sound, size, weight, balance will all be different from what you're used to, and you might not like it at first. I put a leather grip to increase head light balance, and all strung up with dampener -- 348 grams. Once you transfer those 6.1 90 head speed strokes to the Roddick, your ball will cannon ball, ricochet and all the minor differences I listed above will become negligible. My hitting partners all told me the balls that come from the Roddick are faster; with so much spin and that it's difficult to rally against. I have a coach friend in his 40s who used to be Gustavo Kuerten's hitting partner, and he guesstimated that my biggest serve was in the 130s and was very seriously saying that it's the hardest serve he's ever seen. Comes with a lot of power and accuracy, but it's up to you to be able to tame it. That means proper full strokes. Whether you are hitting flat or with topspin, contact and stroke has to be full and clean -- it's not a cheat racquet (although it feels like it some times). A lot of TW forum members say you can't hit flat with this racquet and the ball will fly out. I say to them, look at TW play tester Michelle's strokes: flat bombs, and she also uses the Roddick. Frankly, I can play any stroke with any racquet, even wooden ones. There's no such thing as a racquet that has too much power you can't control. These days I'll occasionally play with my old frames, or my friends frames for a hit, but I'll return them quickly and go back to my Roddick, I mean, I can control this racquet just as well as with a smaller racquet, but why waste time with less? Pros: power, spin, control, offence, defence, serve. Cons: Babalot head guards fray easily. The racquet works well with whatever string you learn to play with. I've tried a bunch at different tensions and at the end of the day, personally I like Solinco Tour bite or Yonex Pro between 56-58lbs.
From: Eric, 4/14

Comments: I really would like to recommend this racquet because I found it easy to serve with and hit good groundstrokes with. I found that my best shots are just getting better. If you love to hit topspin, then this is the right choice. A little heavy, but if you get used to it. An excellent racquet to improve your game. I strung it at 57 lbs to get the must of my poly.
From: Richard, 3/14

Comments: I bought 2 of them and I played with them for 4-5 months. The positives: it is a solid racquet, very stable at net, very good on serve with a perfect weight and balance. The negatives: hard to control the power without massive spin from back of the court (bad for flat hitting), hard to hit short angles without framing the ball, limited choice of strings and tensions (tension has to be high), lack of pocketability (because of high strung tension). After trying different strings/tensions I gave up and sold them.
From: Vergica, 3/14

Comments: This racquet is definitely a stout frame at almost 12 ounces strung and it's pretty stiff. It has plenty of power, so technique is real important. Without proper swing, the ball will fly on you for sure. The best part about the racquet to me is the sweet spot! It is huge. I strung a hybrid poly in mains and syn gut in crosses at about 60 lbs. At first, it was a little tough on the arm, but after a set and about 30 mins of warm-up, the string dropped tension and the sweet spot opened up! One difference I had with play testers of the video, I still havent dialed in my serve yet. I am coming from Wilson Pro Tour BLX, similar in specs and power, but my serve was way better in the Wilson thus far. I am gonna play around with string set up and string combos to see what works best! I have never been a Babolat fan but I am buying two of these. Perfect for my game and I know that as I get used to it, it will only get better.
From: CF, 2/14

Comments: I have been plaing with this toy for 3 months. Nice racquet, but my arm quickly got tired with it. I put a soft co-poly in at 54/55 lbs (Yonex Poly Tour Pro). It is very sensitive to the kind of strings and tension. For sure you need to be very fit and have good legs to hit perfectly with that racquet. The main advantage is it's fantastic power, it's very addictive. No need to hit hard if you have a nice swing. Precision is great too, especially compare to the APD. If i miss a shot with it it is mainly my fault. Spin is fine too, that helps to put balls in.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: Spin friendly, powerful and jarring. Those are my first impression with this racquet. Coming from a Youtek Prestige 98, I thought that switching to a so-called "tweener racquet" would be hard, as my game relies on mixing up a controlled flat and topspin shots. Surprisingly, this powerful racquet still compliments my game style, although I needed to play with the string tension in order to control it. I think a hybrid setup of poly (RPM) and synthetic (anything cheap) strings would compliment this racquet, while toning it down with a string tension of 50/52 lbs. Recently, I went down to 45/48 lbs, but this feels jarring, although I get a lot of controlled spin from it even when I frame the ball. For now, this is my go-to racquet, as I have won 5 matches straight from using it. I urge everyone to demo it and try various types of string setup. I know it's hard but once you muster this beast you will gain a lot from it. By the way, I think this is comparable to the Aero Pro Drive and Radical Pro racquets
From: Anon, 10/13

Comments: What made me switch to this racquet is the access to spin and its nice HL balance. I have always relied on TW when it comes to their reviews, as they are accurate and consider different styles of game. Anyhow, the power of this racquet is really eminent and can be easily utilized when needed the most. With this racquet, I was able to finish matches a lot better, especially with those counter punchers who like heavy flat shots. Even if I block the ball, it still tends to go deep and this allows me get back to position. The only downside is that this racquet can be too powerful when attacking and can be a bit jarring when warming up. I have toned it down with a softer dead string set up with a 16 guage but it still has that vibration that could strain your arm. I do think that this is a good training racquet to get you back on track, which can help you transition to a softer lower powered racquet (i.e. Head Speed racquets, Wilson Blades and Dunlop Biomimetics). I urge everyone to try this as I think that it is a user friendly racquet.
From: Max, 10/13

Comments: I like this racquet, though it supplies a bit too much extra power for my game. I only demo'd the racquet though. I'm sure in time a player would be able to reel in the power. It has a bit of heft, which I like. The spin potential is good. The power is ridiculous. I added a few MPHs to my serve. It really feels like the racquet does a lot of the work for you. I prefer to do the work myself. I will caption this review with the fact that the demo racquet was prestrung at an unknown tension. If I was able to set this racquet up the way I like it, it could have been "it." Ultimately, there seems to be a lot of potential here for the player with a solid game.
From: Mark, 10/13

Comments: I have been playing with the Roddick racquet for about 3 years now. This racquet is a great for experienced players that have a developed play style, like Richard said. My Pure Drive Roddicks are strung at 60lbs with Luxilon 4G strings and they give me the power and control that I need -- I play similar to Roddick with a huge serve and a big forehand. This racquet becomes a very versatile weapon after you learn how to use it. I would defiantly recommend this racquet to any high level player, especially if you want to produce more power and want to play stronger.
From: Shane, 10/13

Comments: I have been using this racquet for 2 days now. First impressions 1) A little heavier than I'm used too, but it's okay. 2) Great power and spin especially on serves. My backhands just send the ball deep 3) Effortless volleying -- I feel that the racquet does most of the work even when I'm stretched cross court. 4) Comfortable -- enough vibration for feel. Arm doesn't hurt at all after 3-4 hours of play. Strung with RPM @54lbs and used a string dampener.
From: Kevin, 8/13

Comments: I like to try different racquets and this is one I had for a while. Picked it up because I got a good deal on one used. Wasn't really expecting much because thought it would be very similar to the Pure Drive, which I never could get into. In my opinion it is not. I like more substantial sticks and this racquet falls into that category. Having played a lot of traditional type racquets, I really enjoyed the easy power this racquet delivered. It was a really fun racquet to rally with. I think it's a really good defensive stick and of course an offensive weapon in the right hands. The higher swing weight and stiffness were the factors in not keeping it. I always had that slight twinge in my elbow after playing with it. Granted, I didn't really experiment with string and tension much, but sometimes you just know. If you like swing weights in this range and stiff racquets don't bother, I would definitely consider giving the Roddick an extensive demo.
From: Bruce, 6/13

Comments: This racquet is awesome. I found great depth off of the ground and good power, yet I had great control too. The best part of this racquet is serving. I was playing with a PS88 and serving was great. But now serving is amazing and effortless. I recommend this racquet.
From: Andrew, 12/12

Comments: There's great power and spin with this racquet, and serves were also good. I would say the control is ok. Due to the stiff frame and decent weight, it was too harsh on my wrist and elbow. Other than that, it's a great stick. The EXO3 Tour I am using now is a similar weight but I've had no wrist or elbow issues. I recommend this stick to young spin crazy players who still have limbs they can afford to abuse.
From: Chris, 12/12

Comments: A few months back I tore my labrum, putting an end to my summer of tennis. After taking a few months off to let my shoulder heal, I finally returned back to the tennis. Unfortunately, after an hour of tennis, my shoulder was killing me. I decided it was time to replace my BLX 90 with something lighter, something that would be a little easier on my arm. It was recommended I try using the Pure Drive. I wanted to go lighter, but not too light that it was going to be a huge difference from the BLX that I would have to change my game drastically. Hence I decided to go with the PDR Roddick, lighter than the BLX but not as light as the PDR regular. I'm glad I went with the PDR Roddick. This racquet is amazing! It made everything so easy that it felt like I was cheating. Coming off injury, I lost a lot of power when hitting with my forehand and serving with the BLX. When I served with the PDR Roddick, that power returned and then some. The ball was flying off the racquet on serve! This racquet generated so much spin! Forehand shots that I thought were going to fly out stayed in with all the spin the racquet generated. Using my OHBH was a little difficult at first, but after a while I was able to control all my BH shots. This racquet is great for me with all the added power and spin it generates. I played a friend of mine who is at the same level as me (games are always close) and won easily 6-1. After months of not playing tennis, this racquet made it seem like I was never injured and was never away from the game. I highly recommend this racquet.
From: Dalton, 11/12
String type and tension: RPNY poly mains / Babolat VS Gut crosses @ 55/58 lbs

Comments: This Pure Drive is the best stick that I have played with! Babolat has done a great job with mixing the power, control, comfort and swing weight of this Pure Drive. It just does everything well!
From: B.K., 9/12

Comments: I've been using this racquet for the last 6 months moving from the AeroPro Drive GT and I'm really happy about my choice. First, I changed the original grip with a leather one (Babolat VS I think is the name) and I'm using an overgrip. I'm usually stringing it at 25/25 or 24/24 kg with Signum Tornado Pro thinnest version (1.17 I think). So, even though its heavier than my previous racquet I can swing it faster. Three things are much now; service (extremely fast and quite good control), net play (much more control) and baseline hits (I can hit winners from the baseline, more power). Overall my feeling is that my game is improved. The weight is now (equipped as I said, leather grip, overgrip and strings) 344-343 grams (I have 2 identical racquets).
From: Cristian, 8/12
String type and tension: Signum Tornado Pro 17g @ 54 lbs

Comments: This racquet is fantastic, as it does everything well. It's nice not having to think about your equipment at all, and just play. However, I do not understand how TW gets the 11.9oz strung weight. Mine comes in at 11.65oz and with a listed unstrung weight of 11.1oz on the racquet and Babolat site, I find it hard to believe that strings will add that much weight to bring the racquet up to 11.9oz.
From: Max, 7/12
String type and tension: Volkl Cyclone @ 52 lbs

Comments: Wow this racquet is great! The best thing I noticed was I got a lot more depth and I was really able to unload on ground strokes! Definitely recommend this!
From: Anon, 7/12
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour @ 57 lbs

Comments: I have never been able to use a Pure Drive Cortex or Pure Drive GT because it always felt too harsh on my arm, even with a full bed of multi. The Pure Drive Roddick 2012 is the first Pure Drive Roddick of any version I have used. I played with this frame for several day with a full bed of Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour and did not feel any arm pains! Whatever they did to improve comfort, it works. Looking inside the handle it seems like the two tubes cut off somewhere about 1/4-1/3 down the handle and then it becomes 1 tube. This racket feels very smooth and vibration free with a multi but buzzy and very little feel with a full bed of poly. Groundstrokes have lots of power and spin/kick, serves are huge as expected and surprisingly consistent. This frame swings like a 330-ish swingweight as indicated but in play it feels lighter than 11.9oz. This is a great frame but the biggest weakness of this racket is almost zero feel with a poly string. The Wilson Juice 100 with lead added to the hoop so that it swings like the PD Roddick, hit serves and groundstrokes just as big and with as much spin but with better feel and no vibrations when strung with full poly.
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: Always been a Wilson pro staff user starting from Triad and then 3 generations of Federer's sticks N-code, K-factor and a BLX which I enjoyed using for more years than the rest. I decided to purchase the latest Babolat Pure Drive Roddick from day 1 it arrived in our local sports store hoping this will be more forgiving on my aching tennis elbow and since its weight was not to far from my previous racket I this would be better for me than the Aero. On the first day i tried it, wow is all I could say, this is really works for me at this point when my swing is slower and we're not getting any younger (mid 40's) but want to play tennis forever. Generally it produced more power with less effort. Top spin forehand, backhand, volley and serve increased my play a few notches. Initially hesitant cause I have never really gone beyond 90 sq in and used to thin frames of pro staff, so glad i made the right decision and thank for to the feedbacks here that helped me further decide. TW, thumbs up, highly recommended.
From: Maraf, 5/12

Comments: I just got this racquet today. I was swinging through really fast at first coming from a player's stick. I was way out of tune at the start. But then the spin came along and I was getting good depth. Serves were extremely zippy, very quick serves! I got some nice returns in doubles play. Got some nice volleys; very maneuverable at net. I expect to grow my game with this Babolat Pure Drive.
From: Zev, 5/12
String type and tension: Babolat Addiction 16g, 58 lbs

Comments: I bought this racquet on a whim (after playing for years with more of a player's frame - Wilson KBlade Tour 93) This racquet almost immediately elevated my game. The access to spin and power is noticeable, but you hear that in every review. What I would say really surprised me was the stability and plow through of this frame. I was debating between this Roddick or the original lighter frame. I am glad I went with this one. The weight made it an easier transition from the player's racquet I used before. You will be amazed at the all around playability of this racquet. I really feel like there is not one shot on the court where I have made a sacrifice in moving to this frame. Worth every penny!
From: Rob, 5/12

Comments: This is possibly the greatest racquet available for the power/spin hitter who also wants variety and touch on their shots. I would strongly recommend using gut at least in the mains. It is a perfect match for this racquet, especially with poly crosses for extra spin and control.
From: PP, 5/12
String type and tension: gut/poly, 60/56 lbs

Comments: I demoed this today and used it in a match. Right away my shoulder and elbow are hurting, even with multi strings. Serve and volleys are nice, which surprised me. But just too stiff for me.
From: Sanchez, 4/12
String type and tension: Babolat Addiction, 58 lbs

Comments: Of all the current Babolat's that I have tried this one is one of the best. Huge power and spin is available from the baseline and it is one of the most impressive sticks I have ever served with. However this thing is so powerful on its own that it can be uncontrollable. Demo this and several others before you buy to make sure that it doesn't ruin your arm and that you can control the unfathomable power.
From: Charlie, 4/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast, 59lbs

Comments: I love this stick! The power is great yet controlled at the same time and the plow through is addictive. I hit with a very loopy, topspin shot primarily from the baseline and this stick really helps me flatten out the ball from time to time and go for the winner. All in all it's a great stick with excellent power, control, spin potential and plow through. It's also surprisingly easy on the arm. 5 out of 5 stars!!
From: Jon, 4/12

Comments: This racket is awesome. The power, spin, and even more surprising, the feel was all there. This racket is great from all parts of the court, but especially on ground strokes and serves. I personally haven't had any arm issues with this racket (strung with Solinco Tour Bite 16 at 57) after a week of playing 1.5 hours a day. This racket is just great, try it out and you won't regret it.
From: Tony, 4/12

Comments: I switch from AP GT. I was looking for a little more power. Loved the AP GT because of the control and comfort, but there were times when it let me down on the power. PDR has not disappointed. I have been very pleased with the power that it has. But the biggest surprise is how comfortable the racket felt from the first hitting session. Power was great with no sacrifice in control or spin. Also, with the AP GT, my arm would feel sore after hitting with it. But with the PDR, I don't have that soreness even though it is heavier and stiffer. Overall, I am very happy with the PDR. It has hit all the spots with its power, control, and comfort.
From: Jack, 4/12

Comments: What a great racket! True baseliners stick. There is so much power to have on groundies, top spin is great, so your shots are not going long. Zero vibration in your shots. It's really rock solid. The control is pretty good as well. And then, the serve... I can rip my serves with ton of speed and spin. It definitely got my serve better. All in all, I recommend this beast to everyone who likes playing from the baseline, with tons of power and spin.
From: Vovan, 4/12

Comments: Great power, control, spin,and feel (due to the mass of it). Wow factor, period!!!!!
From: Alexander, 4/12

Comments: I am very pleased with the PDR. I've been playing with PS 90 and found more power without much loss of control in the PDR. The larger size of the head makes it easier to play. The weight makes the racquet solid, but maintains good maneuverability. In all, I recommend this racket.
From: Carlos, 4/12
String type and tension: Genesis Typhoon, 53lb
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I'm loving my new Babolat PDR. This is the 3rd generation of a Pure Drive Roddick I've been playing with. When I switched from the earlier model to the PDR GT, I hated it at first because it felt stiffer and said why do they make us buy a new version of the racket. But after several months, I got used to the racket and felt it was an improvement and I played much better, with more power. Now, they have the new PDR, so why do they make us buy another version again, lol. Anyway, for the first 2 weeks, it felt as if the cortex dampening was saving my arm more, but the shock of the ball was distributed instead to my whole body, I would finish and it felt that every cell in my body was vibrating, lol. I'm used to that now and I don't feel that anymore, so it probably is an improvement. What I do notice most of all, is that the new PDR actually has more power on groundstrokes when you really go for your shots, and also correspondingly more depth. It took me a while to adj ust since power shots would go 4 feet farther (and out), lol. Also, it did feel a bit heavier, I just verified now that it is .1 oz heavier. Is it just me, or does anyone else notice they can control drop shots better due to the cortex. Anyway, now I'm loving my new PDR, can't wait to see what else I can do with it in the weeks ahead. Hopefully, I'll access more power on the serve. Btw, I started with the PDR series because of the tennis warehouse reviews which gave it top marks for power on the serve and groundstrokes, I don't think I've found any racket reviewed here with higher marks in these areas, let me know if you ever find higher.
From: Derek, 3/12

Comments: I'm extremely disapointed in this frame. My friend had this racquet for less than a month and it already cracked at 6 o'clock. I've been playing the PDRgt for 2 years now and I'm not planning to update.
From: Jessie, 3/12

Comments: Amazing stick, powerful, precise and very comfortable. Spin potential is also ridiculously very high, if you have a high swing speed you will love this racquet. I am an all court player, and mix up heavy top spin with powerful flat shots regularly coming to net. I strung this beauty with Prince Beast 16g in the mains at 55 lbs and X one biphase 17g in the crosses @ 57 lbs. This combo is perfect for this stick try it out you will not be disappointed. So far I have played 8 hours with this set up and tension is still there although crosses are a little frayed. Originally went for a full bed poly (Alu Power at 55lbs) but felt a little dead and lacked feel for me on touch and volleys. Have just ordered another 2 sticks as I'm sure this will be my weapon of choice for the next few years. WELL DONE BABOLAT!!!
From: Michael, 3/12

Comments: Came from Prince EXO3 Tour 16x18 and Wilson Kblade Team. Got to semi-finals of National age group event with the latter. I've never been a Pure Drive fan, and I expected PDR to be too stiff and too powerful, but really surprised at how solid this racquet is. Weight is a little higher than I'm used to but plow-through is terrific and control much better than expected. Frame stability was biggest asset - this is just a really solid frame. Agree with everything in the TW review. Only caution is that frame is string-sensitive. Full RPM felt a little dead. Would recommend low tension poly in the mains and a high quality multi or gut in the crosses to combine string longevity (mains break sooner) and feel (stiff racquets and stiff strings not a great combo for me). Normally I have control problems with stiff frames - somehow Babolat figured out how to combine the control of a softer frame with the power of a stiffer frame. I never felt I had to hold back to keep the ball in the court, like I have with other stiff frames. Bravo - a testament to the practice of continuous refinement.
From: Rich, 3/12
String type and tension: Klip X-Plosive 17 Poly main 55lbs, gut crosses 60lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I didn't like this racquet. The power level is way up there and it has very little control to reign it in. The previous version I think had much more control and I didn't hit it long as much. The mass of this racquet takes some getting used to as well. It felt very much more head heavy than I'd like and getting it around on the serve (which was always my favorite shot with the old racquet) seemed to reward you with very little. The volleys are crisp but it always seems like the high power of this racquet works against you rather than for you. Of course I am used to my Head YOUTEK IG Instinct which does not have this kind of power so it may just be me.
From: Donovan, 2/12

Comments: Wow, I just got this racket and it's amazing. I can get easy depth on my groundstrokes but the biggest differences I noticed between this and my old racket are serves and volleys. The mass from this stick gives my ALOT of power on my serves and the stability really helps with volleys. Overall, an amazing racket.
From: David, 2/12

Comments: Perfect racquet for the big serve/big forehand game that is so common today. Anybody looking to harness their strength on serve or for a racket that is stable on big shots, this is the racquet for you. I previously used a Head Extreme MP and was looking for a more stable racquet in a higher weight class. This racket is perfect, and will take my game to new heights.
From: Elliott, 2/12

Comments: The new PDR improved on all the small lacks of the PDRGT. I loved the PDRGT but compared to the new PDR, I would occasionally feel the vibrations on off centered hits and the balls occasionally go flying on you. You can notice the slight difference immediately upon play testing both racquets. The new PDR made all my shots feel extremely stable and controlled without feeling stiff. The power and spin potential are evidently there as usual. Serves were always a monster. Nothing changed about that. The overall improvements include better feel, stability, and control. An already wonderful PDRGT becomes perfect with the new PDR. You can't ask for a better all around stick.
From: Michael, 2/12

Comments: WOW, this racquet rocks! Have been looking for a heavier racquet that was more stable and solid especially on my backhand returns and volleys. This racquet delivers in spades. The sweet spot is so generous and the stability so strong that I did not experience any arm/elbow discomfort that I've been feeling with much more flexible (but lighter) racquets. Plowthrough is incredible and spin is easy to generate if you can put the right swing on it. Control was very good, especially on serves. Easily able to hit hard flat serves, heavy spin second serves, or control/placement serves to the corners. Don't be afraid of the stiffness on this racquet, it is much more comfortable than the specs would indicate.
From: David, 2/12

Comments: I also used to play with the APDGT, had a love-hate relationship with it, now I found a replacement. It's a little heavier than I am used to, but after 4 sessions with a demo, I pulled the trigger and am getting better with each match. The power and maneuverability due to the lower SW, are simply awesome. Demo this racquet, you won't be sorry.
From: Srvnvly, 2/12

Comments: I took a gamble and bought the 2012 PDR after reading the great reviews on TW thinking this racquet could not be that good. Well I've been pleasantly surprised, it is that good if not better! I've been playing the APDGT for the last 8 months and thought it was the great but I can honestly say for me, the PDR is even better! The weight feels great, stability/plow through is awesome, volleying with this stick is sick, slicing is a breeze, return of serve is the real deal, serving is perfect and the ability to hit topspin is just as good if not better than APDGT. It felt great in my hands right from the first hit! I've seen people complain about the stiffness causing elbow problems but for me it has helped my soreness/tenderness to go away! I would highly recommend this racquet to any player that loves to hit topspin or doubles players.
From: Ho, 2/12
String type:Solinco Bite 17
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: WOW! What a beast! My opponents can not handle the spin and power this thing generates. It's incredible! The feel is so much improved. The control is what really stands out compared to last years model as well. It's so stable too. I normally play with wilson tour 90, but this stick lacked power. I'm so glad I bought this stick. I'm blowing away my opponents now with shear power and spin. My ground strokes are super high with loads of spin from which my opponents can't handle. I've tried many string on this racquet already but I've found the one..try Solinco Tour Bite 16L. Incredible strings! 58lbs It's pure bliss.
From: Craig, 2/12

Comments: New paint, same racquet, for the most part. Rumors of this racquet being more arm- friendly are unfounded; my arm hurt merely bouncing a ball with it in the kitchen. As firm as rock and just as punishing, and I didn't notice much change in swing weight from the old version. The good news is that there's plenty of power and plow here, excellent stability, secure volleying if you can get it into position early enough. Serves are blistering, but it's February now, and I don't know that I'd want to serve an hour and a half into a match on a very hot day with this thing. If you're fast, strong and believe your arm to be indestructible, this is as formidable a weapon as you'll find.
From: Paul, 2/12

Comments: I have played with dozens of racquets in more than 30 years of competitive tennis and this stick is amazing from the very first stroke. The power is off the charts but the things that jumps out is the stability and control on groundstrokes. Access to spin is incredible and, as the testers indicated, it will instantly add otherworldly pop on serves. It's possibly the best racquet I've ever touched.
From: Jerry, 2/12

Comments: I tried many rackets in 2012 (Prince Tour 100 18x20, Head IG Prestige Pro, Dunlop 400 tour,Volkl Organix 10 325). Out of these I found the Exo3 Tour to be the best. Before making up my mind to purchase it, i decided to try the new Pure Drive Roddick because of the amazing reviews it had. All I can say is brilliant! This Stick is great and works well in all areas of the court. Loads of Power and spin. Babolat has softened the feel and also enlarged the Sweet Spot slightly compared to the previous Pure drive Roddick GT. However, I'm not switching to this racket as my elbow felt very tender after playing for about 3 hours, it is pretty stiff. Overall, a great racket, and previous Pure drive owners will love this one.
From: Harrison Kotecha, 2/12

Comments: Excellent racket. Powerful and stable. Perfect for hard hitting baseline players, returners and servers. Despite having a higher stiffness rating than the prior version of the standard Pure Drive, and PDR for that matter, it feels far more flexible. 5 points headlight balance allows for great head speed and resulting spin. The racket sacrifices feel and touch shots for big winners. I am already a fan after only using for a few hours. It is a rock solid racket for 3.5+ players. Also, PDR 2012 is far easier on the arm than its stiffness rating indicates -- active cortex isn't just a gimmick.
From: Adam, 2/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast, Babolat Hurricane Feel, 56lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0-4.5

Comments: Just got done testing this bad boy out. Plenty of power, spin, control and it is very forgiving. I am using a poly main and a multi cross set up at low tensions. I will be making the switch from my PB10 mid.
From: Bob, 2/12

Comments: I've just tried this racket with my son and we love it better than ours (dunlop 400 tour) we have found more powerful but with good control ,good slice and spin , balls was heavier and the stick's very easy. It was also very tolerant and what a wonderful serve..
From: Chris, 2/12

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