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Comments: This is not a review on the racquet's performance, but how I felt while stringing one. The warning provided in the racquet decription is very misleading, as I was stringing my mains with Tour Bite 16 gauge, and the string consitently broke on the second main knot. I had to restring it 5 times, and on the 5th time, I was succsesfull because I didn't keel the string (pulling about 20-30 pounds of tension on the string through the gromment you will be knotting in before you knot, to set a notch for the string.) And I dropped the tension down from 58 lbs (66.7 on the knots.) to 48 at about 56 on the knots. In my opinion, this is a real pain, and very frusturating for me, as I have strung Wilson, Solinco, Prince, Yonex, and Head Racquets, using the same method without fail. This is basically the equivilant of Apple Products not using similar chargers and the rest of the phone market, or using the same chargers thorught different versions.
From: Patrick, 5/16

Comments: I read a lot of reviews about this plus racquet and thought about it for about a month. I previously played with the standard length Pure Drive and my choices came down to the standard length or the plus. A friend of mine plays with a plus racquet (not Babolat) and told me he really likes it. His comment pushed me to buy this racquet. After playing with it for a few times, I can say, unequivocally, that I really like this racquet. I agree with other reviewers about the extra length helping the serve. I have more power and have won more points than I used to. When I stretch for the ball, the extra length and power helps the ball go over the net. The extra length hasn't been an issue with delays in my swing (i.e. hitting the ball late because the racquet is too long) and I haven't had any elbow or arm issues. One reviewer strings his racquet with Solinco Barbed Wire at 62 lbs, I also used that string and I strung it high (at 65 lbs). The combination of power and spin is great, without a drop off in control, for me. Bottom line, I am playing better with this racquet than I did with the standard length Pure Drive.
From: Bill, 10/14

Comments: Very powerful frame with tons of spin and power. Stiffness was too much for my arm though and the control and precision was something I couldn't find for this frame.
From: Josh, 9/14

Comments: After demoing this racquet when it first came out in 2012, I bought this stick. It is very powerful with a lot of spin than the regular Pure Drive. To offset the stiffness I tried various hybrid string set ups, but was never happy with the performance. I went back to my sturdy APD. Fast forward a year later, my husband put a full bed of Genesis Typhoon (stiff string) at 50 lbs and it was magical. The racquet has a lot of plow through on ground strokes, very much like the wilson blade 18x20 (another awesome racquet). I'm petite at 4'11 so the added length helps with volleys, serves and overheads. It is my racquet of choice again, but it's still very stiff and heavy for a girl at 11.5 oz. I'm experiencing some amount of arm pain/soreness, but the racquet is so awesome that I'm willing to make a few sacrifices for now.
From: Julie, 4/14

Comments: I am French so sorry about my English. I am in my mid 30s and a 4.5 all-around player and bought this because when I borrowed it from my friend, I was able to hit amazingly hard and consistent. If you're coming from a players racquet, you will feel like you're cheating! My first serves have more pace and action while percentage wise it has gone up dramatically. I can even hit first serves on my second serve with confidence. This racquet also shines on ground strokes. You can hit hard with ridiculous spin and with pretty good accuracy. Very Nadal-esque. Let's face it, unless you're consistently painting lines during matches you're not going to need Pro Staff level control. The good stuff stops here however. It is not great for your joints, even with a soft string setup. I think the frame is dangerously stiff and with the added length, it amplifies the effect. I wish I can play with this frame forever but alas, I'm going to have to go back to my Radical.
From: Davie, 3/14

Comments: Borrowed this from a friend and played almost a set of doubles. Love the extra power and spin you get on serves and returns. I was able to put back balls that I would've dumped on the net on my Yonex. I think the woofer system works too since you don't feel any vibrations and it felt rock solid. However, I just can't use the racquet because my arm is very sensitive and around the end of the set I'm starting to get the same forearm pain I strained about a month ago. If you can use the racquet, then go ahead. It's a great stick, just not for everyone.
From: Pierre, 7/13

Comments: Love this racquet. I do not have much power on my shots, and I found it easy to hit deep without straining my arm. Awesome for serving. Overall, great for smaller players with less power on their shots who are less aggressive.
From: Isaac, 4/13

Comments: I purchased two of these racquets 6-8 months ago and fell back in love with them again. I used to play with these back in 2003 just after the swirl paint job. I love how the stretch gives me the extra heft without killing my arm like the Pure Control+. This is an excellent racquet for a person who likes to hit hard and lots of racquet speed. The Pure Drive will go down in history as an excellent racquet years from now.
From: Tom, 1/13

Comments: This is a great overall racquet. It takes time to adjust to though, depending on your previous racquet. Serves become easier power-wise - nearly effortless. I personally found it as a balance between power and control, which I loved.
From: Austin, 12/12

Comments: The racquet offers a lot of power due to the weight, stiffness, length, Woofer system and GT technology. The stiff frame also gives precise shots. The new Cortex Active technology helps absorb vibrations for a clean shot. The racquet gives a great feel. It should be combined with strings that offer spin and control and at a high tension for optimum control over loads of power.
From: Keenaj, 10/12
String type and tension: Solinco Barb Wire @ 62 lbs

Comments: This is a great racquet but it may not be for everyone. This racquet feels solid for baseline bashing and pounding serves. I found that I was able to hit serves harder and make them more consistently. The extra swingweight is appreciated from the baseline as I felt I could bash everything with great control. This racquet is best for full swings and not so much for blocking back shots & pushing. The feel on this 2012 is very solid and not hollow feeling like the previous versions. It feels great for crushing serves with no arm our shoulder pain, but maybe try using a soft string just to be sure. I struggled finding the feel on slice backhands and volleys which I felt was due to the extra length. I tried to adapt for 2 months. In the end I switched to the standard length which is very good for my all-court game, but I miss the extra pop on my serves and groundstrokes. It's a solid racquet if you can get used to the length.
From: Tom, 8/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Red Code 17g @ 58 lbs

Comments: I loved this racquet when I demo'd it a few weeks ago. I demo'd this along with the regular length Pure Drive and the AeroPro Drive and AeroPro Drive Plus. I played a set of singles playing a few games with each and I fell in love with the AeroPro Plus and the Pure Drive Plus. They had much more power than my Yonex RDX 500 racquet but I could control the power. How cool is that?! 2 days later I went out to hit a bucket of serves with the 2 longer racquets, hoping to choose one expecting I'd happily buy one of them. I loved serving with these. I don't think I've hit serves so fast and I don't think I was hitting more than 80% effort! However, 50 serves and my elbow started to feel numb. The next morning I could barely brush my hair with that arm. Turns out I literally got tennis elbow from serving one bucket of tennis balls with this racquet! I was a tournament-ready, fit 4.5/5.0 player who strength trains, runs, stretches and have never had elbow pain in 30 years playing tennis. Now I've facing months away from tennis due acute injury from demo'ing this racquet. Please put a warning on racquets like this since they obviously are not for everyone. It seems irresponsible that racquets like this, a perfect storm for arm pain, do not come with any warning about the higher % of arm pain with stiff/light/long racquet like this.
From: Stephen, 7/12

Comments: I bought 2 of these a after demoing for a week. I also demo'd Head and Prince racquets but I liked the Pure Drive Plus. It is a solid racquet and I get a lot of power. The extra half inch is helpful for me because I grip the racquet handle more towards the middle of the handle instead of the end. The extra length helps compensate for that. It did take a bit of getting used to but I'm getting used to it. I also demo'd the Roddick version thinking the extra weight would not be a problem but it was just too heavy for me. The Pure Drive + is very solid and a bit stiff so I've struggled to get the feel of the ball a bit. I'm also getting used to the length at the net. The only other negative is that it is not very forgiving if you don't hit the sweet spot. The good stuff - love the power and when you do hit the sweet spot it's a beautiful thing. I'm really enjoying the racquet and I find I'm playing better with it than I had with my previous racquets which were Prince 03 Red. Love the power I get on ground strokes and on my serve.
From: Michael, 3/12

Comments: The pros at my local club got one of these to test out and they were nice enough to let me hit around with it for a while. The spin I was getting was AMAZING with this stick. Wicked drop to the ball on everything I hit. It was a dream for serving, and almost feels more flexible than the previous model, which I play with. Did not have a chance to volley with it, but I can imagine it is going to be sweet feeling. Cannot wait for February 1st.
From: Miller, 1/12

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