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Comments: I bought this a few months ago to replace my Head YOUTEK which is now discontinued. I am a 46 year old player with a medium to full swing. I love the power (medium) and control of this racquet compared to the Head YT (low-medium); it is also lighter and easier to swing and I can put the ball deep and close to the baseline. One of my friends ordered the same a few months ago and ordered a back-up (I ordered a back-up for myself as well). TW is my favorite site to get my tennis gear -- great customer service! This is a wonderful racquet. I get my racquet strung at 58 lbs using Luxillon ALU Rough.
From: Ed, 1/16

Comments: I used the Pure Drive for 6 months and it always felt a little cumbersome and then it killed my arm and shoulder. So I went back to the Head Radical Ti for 8 months until I healed up. Tried the Lite and really love the control and it does not feel as harsh. Time will tell.
From: EVH, 7/14

Comments: I love using the Pure Drive Lite. The comfort zone of the racquet gave me more consistency on my forehand and backhand shots. It did help me a lot through the weeks. I am a coach and a lot of my students love the racquet.
From: Tiller, 7/13

Comments: Fantastic racquet. I started playing tennis six years ago with a Z Lite. Now my game has developed and I needed a racquet which can give me more power. I chose the PD Lite and am very happy with it. I recommend this product for players who are looking for a light weight racquet with power.
From: Kumar, 6/13

Comments: My current racquet is the Pure Drive. I wanted to try a lighter racquet so I decided to try the Lite version of the PD. Let me tell you, it does not compare well with with the regular PD. The Lite version is not stable at all and offers little control.
From: Mike, 1/13

Comments: This racquet is amazing. I was playing before with Drive Z Lite, and I find these 2 racquets very similar. I love the power, spin and control offered by this racquet. I am an intermediate tennis player and this racquet worked out very well for me. Overall, it's a great racquet that I would recommend it for a player who is rising and looking for a lighter racquet than the normal Babolat Pure Drive.
From: Charles, 12/12

Comments: I demoed both the Pure Drive and Head YOUTEK IG Prestige Midplus at the same time. We were out playing doubles for a couple of days and three of us tried both racquets. All of us disliked the Head YOUTEK IG Prestige Midplus (one of the guys uses Head racquets). We all really liked the Babolat Pure Drive, as it hit really well. I find that my arm tires after several sets (I play fast and have a full fast swing) so I decided to try the Pure Drive Lite. The Lite is just as amazing as its brother. There was plenty of control, feel, touch, power and stability. I was worried about the stability on my returns (one of the guys has a BIG serve), but there were no worries there. Both the lite and regular are fine racquets. If you use strings such as Weiss Cannon and the Luxilon 4G, I find that tension around 50 or 52 lbs works best. Through the last 25 years I've always strung my racquets at 62lbs, so I was concerned about the loss of control when dropping 10 pounds, but not so with the two amazing stings I mentioned. They play well, and I think I prefer the 4G with its better feel and pocketing. I strung a full bed, no hybrid.
From: Brad, 10/12
String type and tension: WeissCannon Blacl5Edge 17g @ 50lbs, Luxilon 4G 1.25 @ 52lbs

Comments: I demo'ed a dozen racquets and settled on the Babolat line. I tried two versions of this racquet; the 2012 Pure Drive and Lite. I had previously used light racquets enjoying their greater racquet head speed and maneuverability for spin on groundstrokes, kick on serves and speed on reflex volleys. The Lite felt great (but might not provide enough power for people with slower swing speeds. They should try the 107 inch model.) I've used it daily for a few weeks. It's a fine racquet with extraordinary feel, control, forgiveness and power. Love it.
From: Graham, 9/12
String type and tension: full poly @ 60 lbs

Comments: After rotator cuff surgery, my instructor suggested a lighter racquet. I've never had so much spin and control. The sweetspot is a bit lower than on my prior racquets, but once I made the adjustment, I got sufficent power and I found plenty of stability, even when hitting with hard swinging opponents. The string makes a huge difference too. The first strings I tried had more feedback that I wanted, but like Mark notes, with Prince Premier LT comfort jumps way up and there's no loss of control. I have owned them for two months. This is the best serving, most accurate racquet I have hit with, save some players racquets that just did not have enough power for me.
From: Paul, 8/12
String type and tension: Prince Premier LT 17g @ 53 lbs

Comments: I have recently switched to this racquet from a Prince Rebel 95 and I absolutely love it. However, I have now broken 3 of them, and all within 4 hrs of use. They have each snapped at the exact same spot, just above the grip, where the Cortex Technology system is located. I really would like to remain using them, but there are some obvious production issues. I am trying to contact my local Babolat rep.
From: David, 8/12

Comments: This racquet is awesome, but I feel that it isn't stable enough. I'm going to try to put lead weights on. The spin that the racquet can create is amazing, and it has so much power! It's more of a control racquet though, so if you are a power player this isn't for you.
From: Kevin, 8/12
String type and tension: Babolat XCel Power @ 57 lbs

Comments: This is way too stiff for such a light-versioned stick. I was looking for an all around stick with strong topspin and enough supplied power to help my somewhat worn, 30 year old past college player arm. I hit with this one for 1 hour and my arm hurt, shoulder hurt, and could not get a good service game. It has the feel of a player's raquet without the game to support it. It should be more forgiving, especially on off-center hits. It either hit a great, well-controlled ball or a shank. It's too inconsistent for me.
From: Mike, 8/12

Comments: This racquet is awesome! The power, spin, stability, control, weight, maneuverability, serves, etc. I love all of it. If you like the Pure Drive series but can't handle the weight, this stick is for you.
From: Neal, 7/12

Comments: I love this racquet. It is strung at 57 with Prince Premier LT 16's as my favorite racquets are. Once you get used to a little less power and find the sweet spot you have tons of power. Blast for serves. I like the balls to pocket and fly back out and once I got my strings on it it does. Nice work Babolat. For me it is very even handed and really works.
From: Mark, 5/12

Comments: If you like Babolat Drive series, but can't handle the weight - this is for you. Amazing maneuverability, precision and control. I am a fan of the AeroPro GT so for me it was not the perfect stick, but I enjoyed the ease and precision with the Pure Drive Lite 2012. Demo it and judge for yourself.
From: Lana, 4/12

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