Babolat Pure Drive 2012 Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: I demo'd this racquet and played with it twice. I currently play with an APD and love it. This racquet is pretty similar and has a great feel. I don't think you could go wrong with either.
From: Kent, 1/16

Comments: Now I know why Li Na achieved her Grand Slam title, rather than her skills in tennis but this is also a major help. Anyways I'm just going to say that I love my Pure Drive 2012 -- wow! Fantastic!
From: Joshua, 11/15

Comments: I am going in reverse order. Started with the PD 2015, which I thought was great, then tried this previous version. I prefer the 2012 version, can't tell you exactly why. It is just about the easiest to use racquet I have ever played with. Effortless and forgiving, but still rewards proper swing mechanics. Generating pace and spin is a cinch. You really do have to be a topspin player with this racquet, though. It is made for the topspin game. If you're hitting knuckleballs, you'll find many shots going long. I have it strung with Hurricane at 55 lbs.
From: N8, 11/15

Comments: This is the best overall racquet on the market. I purchased three of the 2015 Pure Drive models and sold them all to go back to the 2012 model. The 2015 PD has much less power and "pop" on groundstrokes and volleys. There is still a good amount of these racquets on the market, but they will not last forever.
From: John, 9/15

Comments: I agree with the positive reviews here. I bought this racquet as a club player and I was shocked by the power. I used to use a 95 square inch Tecnifibre racquet. After a few minutes of playing, I got the rhythm of this racquet. The very best feature of it was its exploding power on serves. Groundstrokes have power but you need to control your swing as this racquet can generate lots of power and the ball may go long. This is a must have racquet -- no wonder why it is called the racquet of the decade -- it should be the racquet of the millennium.
From: Josh, 9/15

Comments: I just switched to this racquet. I have used Wilson Blades (18x20), the Head Youtek Radical Pro and others. If your 5'8 or below and you need more power in your serve and overall game, then I would recommend this racquet. With the right string combination and playing time (to get use to the power), it has really taken my game to more of a 5.0 level. I just bought 2 more to stock up.
From: Peter, 5/15

Comments: Great Racquet! It has feel, control, and power. Handles pace pretty good. I am not changing to the new one. This one is so much better.
From: Sarah, 1/15

Comments: Best racquet out! I have tried all the brands and always thought Babolat was too bulky or just for baseliners, but I was wrong. It is powerful, yet maneuverable and will add some more MPHs to your serve!
From: Natalie, 8/14

Comments: I decided to switch to this racquet after using the Roddick Pure Drive for the past two years. I did this because I wanted something lighter at the net. I have fallen in love with this racquet and I think the weight difference has really improved all of my shots. I string with a full bed of RPM Blast 18g at 55lbs.
From: JB, 7/14

Comments: I am 65 years old and a 3.5/4 player. My coach advised me to switch my Babolat Max 110 to a more evenly balanced racquet to help me follow through more. The tennis store said with my flat hitting, short swing that I should stick with an oversize head heavy racquet. I tried the head Speed PWR, Aero Team, Aero GT and ended up with the Pure Drive (Wimbledon). It was highly recommended by the helpful Babolat rep at Wimbledon. In the early days still but I am enjoying the better control and maneuverability -- I wish I had played with the 100 head and headlight racket years ago! Strung with Xcel strings at mid range.
From: Stephen, 7/14

Comments: This racquet has a lot of flexibility in terms of playing styles. I typically play with a lot of spin, with occasional flat shots. Stringing my frame with Cyclone or RPM at 57 lbs, I'm able to move my opponent around the court, hit sharp angles, and swing through without having to worry about too many balls sailing long. Because of the light weight (coming from the Pure Drive Roddick), I'm able to put more power into my shots without tiring out as quickly. All in all, a superb racquet that may very well work for many people.
From: Kris, 6/14

Comments: Good for players who are trying to improve their game. I was able to keep most of my shots inside the court. It has a nice pop and feel while hitting the ball. My game has certainly improved since day 1. This racquet along with hybrid stringing did the trick for me. As one the reviewers suggested, I also went with Tecnifibre X-One Bi-Phase and Babolat RPM Blast for my strings.
From: Vino, 5/14

Comments: I bought this for my 15-year old daughter who is a strong intermediate player. She likes a fast, hard game and raves about this racquet. It is very balanced and lightweight. She won't play with any other. It gives her a lot of power, spin and control.
From: Leslie, 5/14

Comments: This racquet is really good. I'd recommend it to anybody. I play with Pro Hurricane 17 gauge strings which have a lot of spin as well as a good balance of power and control. This racquet is good at the baseline and also very solid at the net. Even though the price is pretty high it is totally worth it.
From: Trey, 4/14

Comments: Best racquet I have ever used. I play college tennis for a NCAA D1 team and this racquet feels just amazing. I have had it for one month and I even feel that my game improved. It has the best feeling on every shot. Best racquet ever. I string it with the Polyfibre Hightec Premium 16L (the light blue one) with 54 lbs of tension. It is just perfect.
From: Carlos, 4/14

Comments: There is no disputing that the the Pure Drive is the best all around racquet ever produced! If you notice, every other company has tried to copy or emulate the Pure Drive. Whether you're a beginner or a 5.0 pro, anyone can play and improve their game with this racquet. It's not a fluke that the Pure Drive is the #1 seller ever since it's inception. It's the perfect blend of power, comfort and control. My game has improved and will continue to improve with this racquet. A hybrid setup of Tecnifibre X-One Bi-Phase and Babolat RPM Blast (both 17 gauge in the color Red and Black combo) works great. I still get a comfortable blend of power and control from this hybrid setup. The power and comfort comes from the X-one BiPhase and the ball bite/control comes from the RPM Blast. The Babolat Pure Drive is in my opinion the best tennis racquet ever produced.
From: TJ, 3/14

Comments: Just got this racquet. It's an amazing on a blend of control and power. I used the Blade 98 for 2years. It was time to switch because I was lacking power against the 5.0 players. Easy to generate spin, slice and power.
From: Peter, 3/14

Comments: It's a great racquet -- it feels solid when you hit the ball. Good control and power. I love this racquet!
From: Mingping, 2/14

Comments: Great racquet, much more stable compared with the previous model and the AeroPro Drive. The stiff frame eliminates all unwanted vibrations through the racquet at the point of impact, i dont even need a shock absorber anymore! I recommend this racquet to all types of players, the balance is great allowing alot of power when you hit the ball.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: I have always used heavy racquets because I thought that was the only way to get frame stability. I had given the Aero Pro Drive a chance, but found it too unstable and hollow, so I went back to my heavy frame. My friend suggested I try his Pure Drive and I loved it! I realized you can have a light racquet that also has good stability. I'm so glad I gave the Pure Drive a chance, because it's really a great frame. The Pure Drive has stability, spin and power all at a light weight. I was playing yesterday and noticed 5 out of the 6 players on the courts were hitting with Pure Drives. The people have spoken -- case closed!
From: Marty, 1/14

Comments: I've always played with heavy, flexible, small-headed racquets, most recently Volkl PB10 mids. I wanted to try a larger headed frame to help me at the net and to reduce mis-hits. The Pure Drive is much lighter, stiffer, wider framed, and more powerful. To tame the power, I play Volkl Cyclone between 50 and 55 lbs. To tame the stiffness, which was causing some soreness, I've added lead at 9 and 3, with more on the butt cap to keep the balance. Pluses of the Pure Drive are power, spin, and forgiveness. Primary weakness is accuracy. I find it takes more concentration to hit a specific spot with the Pure Drive, but, it is easier to keep the ball in play at a higher pace if you aim for larger target areas, increase spin, and reduce swing speed - especially in defensive situations. I have been winning more, but not always so elegantly. I am finding the change interesting and am still adjusting. Overall, I think the change will be positive as I groove my harder ground strokes.
From: Rob, 12/13

Comments: Six words: Best racquet I have ever used! Loads of spin and power. Highly recommended!
From: Maher, 11/13

Comments: This raquet is incredibly amazing. It has a lot of balance, which helps you to coordinate your shots. Before this racquet, I had the Wilson BLX Six.One Team. This Pure Drive gives you power and control.
From: Greg, 9/13

Comments: This is a great frame. It is perfectly weighted for long matches and quick exchanges at the net. It is powerful so you can relax a little and allow it to do some of the work for you. It is also quite a serving machine. I'm glad Babolat finally applied some cosmetics that suit me as much as their frame does.
From: Keith, 9/13

Comments: The Pure Drive in its own is a beautiful raquet but lacks the stability and feel that I prefer. Also, it felt a bit spongy and hollow.
From: Seb, 9/13

Comments: I have played with the 2010 Pure Drive Roddick and it was great. I had to switch down in weight due to a golfers elbow problem though. I tried a few racquets as an alternative and in the end I tried the Pure Drive 2013. What a beautiful racquet. So forgiving and a beautiful feel. Plenty of power plus control and so good for my elbow problem. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this racquet. My congratulations to the Babolat family, genius!
From: Eoin, 8/13

Comments: Best 100 sq inch racquet out there, in my opinion. Great power, great feel and great control.
From: Ian, 7/13

Comments: I absolutely love this racquet. I am 15 years old and this racquet provides me with the power I need from the baseline. Although I like and enjoy hitting with this racquet, I felt the previous version was a bit more stable and powerful.
From: Anon, 6/13

Comments: When I play with this racquet in stock form, I absolutely hate it. I'm a 4.5 baseliner and this racquet lacks the power I need to aggressively dominate the court. After a lot trial and error with lead tape, I finally got it to feel like a lighter, but more powerful Pure Drive Roddick. It's a good frame if you have experience with racquet customization.
From: Jessie, 6/13

Comments: I love this raquet! It gives me more power and is great for groundstrokes and hitting back at the baseline. It is the best racquet I have ever used!
From: Alyssa, 5/13

Comments: I love this racquet. It is very forgiving. It is not the best when volleying, but my ground strokes and serve is nice with this racquet. Overall it's perfect for me.
From: Priya, 5/13

Comments: I bought the 2013 Aeropro Drive as I had been playing with the previous 2 generations of APD. Although the latest APD is much better than the earlier versions, especially at the net, it is not as good as the latest Pure Drive. Although the PD is supposed to be more powerful than the APD, I found it easier to hit ground strokes that consistently land near the baseline, whereas with the APD they sometimes sail long. Pretty impressive that with a lower swing weight the PD still out powers the APD but is at least as consistent if not more. A word of caution: if you are buying more than one racquet, have them weighed on an electronic scale and measure the balance point unstrung. When I went to get mine, the PDs in stock at the pro shop ranged from 317 to 323 grams!
From: DH, 4/13

Comments: I love this racquet a lot but because of previous injuries to my arm, it hurts so much to use. I love the power and depth I get with it. I have been using this since it came out and love, I just don't recommend it for someone with arm issues. If you are looking for tons of power and good spin, this is for you.
From: Jake, 3/13

Comments: A very powerful racquet, used to use the Head Speed Pro and switched to this racquet. There was a big difference, this racquet has a real good feel, and my slices were clean and crisp. Serve is good, only down fall is that you need a lot of topspin for this racquet to control it because of its power.
From: Marcos, 2/13

Comments: The Pure Drive is a terrific racquet with a solid feel, from the baseline or at the net. It is a little stiff, so I agree with other reviews recommending a looser string tension. I am a 4.0 player and have used many racquets over the years, but this is by far my favorite.
From: Lisa, 2/13

Comments: This Pure Drive, I think, is by far the best one yet. Babolat has clearly enhanced the feel and stability of this racquet compared to previous models, yet it still has that distinctive feel and playability of a Pure Drive. My groundstrokes felt stable with a rich amount of power and spin, regardless of what grip I hit with (semi western most of the time). However, the power level of this racquet makes it very tempting to press for winners from the baseline. Volleys and overheads also felt stable yet powerful, though the power level caught me off guard at times when, again, I tried that extra bit to hit a winner. Serving felt somewhat luxurious with this racquet. Easy access to power and spin on aggressive 1st or 2nd serves increased my confidence about holding serve during match play. Overall, this new Pure Drive is an excellent choice for the 3.0 player and up with developing strokes or competitive tournament players looking for a light-weight player's racquet that easily generates spin and power. Not my personal racquet of choice to play sets with (due to its high power level), but great to feed balls with when teaching or simply ripping some fast balls for fun!
From: Shane, 1/13
String type and tension: Luxilon 4G 1.25 mains / Wilson Sensation crosses @ 52 lbs

Comments: This. Is. The. Best! I think I fell in love! Groundstrokes are completely effortless and add a lot of helpful spin! And my serves became a lot better! I was so shocked and my coach asked me what I did because all of a sudden I was playing so much better and my serves were aces! You can really see Babolat's high quality and it is obvious why this racquet was a best seller. This is the best decision I made and it really helped me! Buy this racquet ladies and gentlemen!
From: Maria, 12/12

Comments: I wrote a review on this racquet a few months ago when I first got it and I thought it was good then. I'm just here to say when I got used to this racquet, it was incredible. You can smash balls with great deals of topspin from anywhere in the court. This thing lacks no precision either. I've even started hitting tweeners off lobs. It's great for every part of my game, and I more than recommend it.
From: Sam, 12/12
String type: Babolat RPM Blast

Comments: Great racquet, with lots of power on groundstrokes and will add 10-20 mph to your serve. I needed to flatten my forehand with this racquet as compared to my previous racquet the Prince O3 Red. Great paint job as well, looks sharp. Good balance and maneuverable at the net. I have found that this racquet is quite stiff. It has a 72 stiffness rating. I will play a few hours with this racquet and my wrist will ache the next day. I play on clay and like to play with a full swing to maximize a loopy groundstrokes. In summary, it's a great racquet but a bit rough on the arm.
From: Charlie, 11/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 55 lbs

Comments: Quite incredible. I am a Head Prestige Mid fan and endorsed coach. While looking at new sponsors I demo'ed this. I am amazed that such a racquet has the feel and manuverability of a midsize frame. Although lighter and larger I now know why this racquet is so popular. It's well worth a try for first time Babolat players.
From: Peter, 11/12
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU Power @ 55 lbs

Comments: As Gillian mentioned, serving is effortless with the new Pure Drive, and also the low swing-weight facilitates quick reactions volleying at net, which is enjoyable with this stick. I would recommend a control-based string set-up for this racquet, especially for lower intermediate players, if your timing or technique is not spot on then there is a tendency for groundstrokes to overshoot the baseline by several inches. This Pure Drive enables you to generate power and depth with medium swing and speed of strokes, so you would need your eye in and be confident in your abilities before you attempt a full and fast swing swing with this weapon. Fortunately my opponents got out of the way just in time! On an overview I would say this is a good all-around racquet that is exceptional on return of serves- on both defense and attack. I demo'ed many sticks and did not come across one that is better than the PD in that part of the game.
From: Joe, 11/12
String type and tension: Pro Line Evolution 17g @ 53 lbs

Comments: This racquet is the best one out there. Many of these reviews are by men but I feel like this is also a superb racquet for women. So far, it has improved my game by 100%. Serves are immensely lighter and overall improved and I found that it made volleys much sharper and faster. Groundstrokes gained a lot of power quickly yet always landed in and gave some nice spin as well. Overall, a very good racquet.
From: Gillian, 11/12

Comments: Probably the best racquet I've ever used. I use RPM Blast on the mains at 55 lbs and natural gut in the crosses at 53 and it's amazing. I get so much power and pop on the ball and I feel like I can just put the ball away every shot. I can't wait till the 2013 version.
From: Alex, 11/12

Comments: The racquet offers a lot of power, so I recommend a high string tension. It offers great precision and feel due to the stiff frame. You should put strings that offer control and spin. With this combination you get really heavy and hard shots which never go out or in the net, obviously provided your technique is right!
From: Keenaj, 10/12

Comments: This racquet was my favorite. It helped me make my varsity team freshman year. On groundstrokes, I was able to get a lot of topspin and power and with this string. I was able to hit almost every shot. My volleys were killer. I was able to maneuver it and get a ton of pop. I was able to put every ball away. My serves were like a canonball being fired. It felt like slicing through a breezy cloud! My serves were crazy-fast and I was able to get entire games on aces! Overall, this racquet is so worth purchasing. I love it so much.
From: Rachael, 10/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 17g @ 58lbs

Comments: This racquet should be renamed "Pure Perfection". It is simply the best! I have never been fantastic at tennis, but this stick changed everything! I joined my local USTA league and instantly skyrocketed to 1st doubles! It was perfect! I have a small frame (I'm only in high school) so this racquet maximized my power. I really enjoyed its overall performance and believe that everyone should buy this racquet.
From: Juliet, 10/12

Comments: I'm very happy with my choice. I have been playing for a while with the Dunlop 500 Tour and I want to say this stick is amazing. Effortless power, spin and very very good at net. The stock string is a Babolat Xcel strung at I think 60lbs but I will be cutting that out and replacing it with a hybrid setup.
From: Constantin, 10/12
String type and tension: Babolat XCel @ 60lbs

Comments: This racket is quite wonderful. It was really good for me! I'm not super strong, so the power really helped me. I'm a sophomore in high school and I felt like this racquet was really good for girls around my level. It is also good if you are an average, standard player but need to add a little kick to your game. I found that there was power from the groundstrokes, pop from the volleys, and serving was like slicing through warm butter. A great buy! Get this racquet!
From: Andrea, 10/12
String tension: 58lbs

Comments: This racquet is fantastic. I got it for my junior year in high school and it really improved my game. I was able to get a log of topspin, especially on serves. In fact, I was able to hit my serves very powerfully and actually in matches I was able to get free points off of serves. The power level on ground strokes was awesome and made it really hard for the opponent to return. Overall it's a great racquet, and the performance is phenomenal. Buy this racquet, it's fantastic!
From: Ana, 10/12

Comments: I just bought the PDGT, and I am very impressed with it. It's very stable on the baseline, at net, serve, topspin, volley, overhead, etc. All I can say is it's superb. The downside is that it has less feel I guess because of the Active Cortex. No regret at all.
From: Hardy, 10/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 16g @ 55lbs

Comments: Amazing controlled power! Beautiful topspin, depth and consistency. My volleys felt solid and they all landed deep. On groundstrokes, there's a huge sweet spot, and no jarring on off center hits. It's very forgiving.
From: Oscar, 9/12

Comments: I have had the PD2012 for a few months now and have experimented with various different set- ups in terms of strings and additional weight. I have finally found my ideal set up with this racquet. Cushion-aire grip with 1 over grip (tried leather and whilst it had nice feel, it felt too harsh for my liking). 2 4" strips of lead on each side beginning at the first white hoop on the frame and extending upwards. Only 8g in total but transformed the comfort and spin for me. The total weight is now 12oz dead. I can now hit solid, deep shots with power and spin with no jarring or harsh feedback. Volleys and serves are also more solid and I seem to get the "woof" from the Woofer system more often now (those who know the racquet will understand what I mean). I continue to tinker with other racquets I have, but this is my main stick now and will remain so for the time being. A fantastic frame that I have adapted to my needs.
From: Jim, 9/12
String type: Yonex PTS 1.25 mains / Syn gut 1.30 crosses

Comments: I've been playing with Pure Drives since 2003 and this is the best one yet. However, this racquet is way too stiff and unforgiving on mis-hits. Even at low string tensions, I developed a bad case of tennis elbow from balls hitting the frame and sending shocks up my arm. This would be a perfect racquet if it was more arm friendly.
From: Jeff, 9/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG2 @ 53 lbs

Comments: Coming from the Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 and Head Youtek IG Radical Pro, at first I thought that I would not like the new Pure Drive - since I never liked the Pure Drive GT Model anyway. I was surprised. It's really love at first hit. This is the best Pure Drive ever. Kudos to the makers of Babolat! Great control, awesome power! I just love how solid and deep I can hit the ball with this Pure Drive 2012. My groundstrokes have more power and spin, serves have so much power and pace plus my kick serves really do kick. My volleys and smash are excellent. I thought my game was already solid, but I can do better thanks to the new Pure Drive. I didn't even feel any pain. Don't be fooled by the specs - the cortex system really works I guess. This is best suited to those who would like to grind it out on the baseline. I'll order another stick!
From: Robert, 8/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 17 G, 55 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I totally agree with the previous Greg's comment. This is a fantastic stick for hitting winners from everywhere on the court, and it's the first Pure Drive that suits me very well for hitting hard first serves. But kick serves are inconsistent because of the poor dwell time of the stringbed, and off center hits are harsh.
From: Pablo, 8/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Original Rough @ 49 lbs

Comments: Demo'd this back to back with the APDGT on clay. I thought I would enjoy playing with this racquet but I was so disappointed. It had way too much power to what I'm used to (Fischer MSpeed Pro 1, AG200) and I had to change my style of play to a slower, flatter swing to keep the ball from sailing over the baseline. This was effective and gave me more winners than the APD (which consistently landed short but heaps of topspin) but didn't suit my style of play. It felt unstable on off- center shots against my heavy hitting opponent but the power of the frame allowed me to keep the ball in play when I was scrambling from one side to the other. It served much better than the APD on 1sts but I was inconsistent on 2nds where I preferred the APD for its higher kick potential. This isn't a bad racquet and I can see why many people may enjoy it but it didn't compliment my game at all. I would only buy this racquet to hang on the wall as it is unquestionably the best looking racquet you could purchase today. I loved the paint job but hated everything else.
From: Greg, 8/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 56 lbs

Comments: Huge step up from the AeroPro Drive. It has a unique feel that I haven't found in any other racquet. It has amazingly controlled power. Overall, it's a great racquet.
From: Sean, 7/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast mains @ 57 lbs / Wilson Sensation crosses @ 60 lbs

Comments: I just hit with a demo of this racquet, and it gave tremendous power. It took a minor adjustment since I usually play with the Babolat Pure Storm. I loved this racquet so much I'm selling my Pure Storm and buying two of these Pure Drives!
From: Tyler, 7/12

Comments: I'm a player on my high school team and previously owned the 2008 the Babolat Aero Storm. This racquet was a bit of a change from my previous racquet. The sweet spot of this racquet is close to the whole head and I had to add a bit of spin to keep from hitting it long which, isn't necessarily bad. On my serve I am still able to generate a good amount of power, not as much as the Aero Storm though due to the drop in swing weight. My backhand (two handed) has improved greatly with this racquet due to the sweet spot. When I first took this racquet from the shipping box I felt the weight and thought it was too heavy but once I began playing with it I found it no heavier than my old racquet (325 swing weight). However, I would say it feels heavier than a 308 swing weight. Overall, I believe once I am used to this racquet it will be a great benefit to my game. I would not recommend this racquet to anyone below a 4.0 NTRP rating.
From: Sam, 7/12

Comments: This stick is awesome. It has lots of power. I definently recommend it.
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: Just upgraded from the Pure Drive Team. Originally switched over from the Pure Control to the Drive. The Pure Drive was a great racquet but I missed the feeling I got when I struck the ball with the Pure Control. It just felt like Drive worked great but never felt great. This stick corrects that problem. Feels amazing to hit the ball and I still get the results I have come to expect from the Pure Drive line. The specs are nearly identical to the original so I knew what I was getting when I bought it. Can't say enough about the paint job or the performance. Well done Babolat!
From: Sarah, 6/12

Comments: This is a great stick for all around players, all of the users already mentioned all the good thing about this stick. I love it, especially for a baseline player like my self, great control, good power, the paint job and the way the racquet looks on this one is the best so far in my opinion.
From: Thinh, 6/12

Comments: I used to use Dunlop 4D 300 tour, used it for 2 years. It was a great racquet with superb control(on serve, slice, forehand, etc). However, it is very tiring to hit with it, because of it's low power. Also the sweet spot is small so on off center shots I felt a lot of vibration. As a birthday gift I received the 2012 Pure Drive, it didn't take me more than 20 minutes to get become friendly with this sexy beautiful racquet (consider the paint job). Forehand\two-handed backhand\slice\serve are all very very solid, unlike the AeroPro Drive, power is under control, shoots became so deep and heavy that even my coach made more error than usual. Also I expected arm issues, but after two sessions I felt the PD is more easy on arm than the 300 Tour. One is because off center shots don't give me as many vibrations; two is because I don't need to make full swing to be able to put the ball deep so arm muscle became less frustrated. I highly recommend this racquet to anyone looking for a mid-plus head size racquet.
From: Da, 5/12
String type and tension: Wilson Sensation/ALU Power 56/58lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.0-3.5

Comments: I have played with Head racquets for years. The Prestige and the Radical. The Boris Becker Legend feels like a blending of those two racquets. The plow through and control of the Prestige. And the comfort, ease of swing and pop of the Radical. It really seems more like a Head than a Volkl. It may be the "holy grail" of racquets. And don't worry about the closed string pattern. 18x20 gives the right amount of spin every time. And control on flat shots as well. Serves are the secret weapon of this racquet.
From: Elwood, 5/12
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: I took over this racket from someone who strung it with Alu/Forten mix and changed it to Prince Lightning XX spin and the magic kicked in immediately. Groundies were solid and control was fantastic. Shots were deep and heavy and I could direct it wherever I wanted to. Service was solid and deep and the feel of the ball was good. First I was awed by the weight but once you got it going the heft pays its way all through the shot. Especially good on the backhand. Volleys are good too though not outstanding enough to warrant special mention. The heft helps to return hard serves. This racket lords over all my other rackets like the Youtek Radical MP, delivers heavier balls than my Babolat PD. All in all this is now my racket of choice.
From: PK, 5/12
String type and tension:Prince Lightning XX Spin, 50lbs
Headsize: 98 Sq Inch
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This racquet is a great game improvement investment. With Babolat RPM Blast, hitting with lots of spin with this racquet is insane! Hitting from the baseline I had lots of power. Seeing that my shots were really deep. This racquet made my shots go way faster. My previous racquet before this was the Head YOUTEK Speed Pro. New cortex technology feels great. Buy this without hesitation! You wont regret it!
From: Omar, 4/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 17, 58 lbs

Comments: I started using for a year Head Youtek Radical Pro ( Murray's racquet) and I bought 3 days ago this new Pure Drive 2012 and after tested is the racquet. Plenty of stability, solid with excellent feeling at the net. Serves are just amazing! Forehand has a lot of accurate! Slice and top spin are also pretty amazing, never thought a racquet can helps me a lot in my short experience in tennis! Love it a lot! Try and u will not regret it!
From: Juan Carlos, 4/12

Comments: Was recently given this racquet as a birthday gift and thought I would like it but was not overly impressed with it at all. The feeling was a bit harsh and control was questionable. It did have solid power and spin although slices were not great. A friend of mine recently bought the Juice 100, which I actually prefer over this frame so we traded and now we're both a bit more satisfied although, my weapon of choice is still the Head Radical Pro.
From: Rick, 4/12

Comments: I recently demoed this racquet from a local tennis shop and was very underwelmed. I found its control to be suspect as with it's predecessors, but think this is generally the rule when a racquet is designed to optimize power and spin. There is also a lack of feel associated with this frame. If Babolat would just lower the stiffness a bit, this frame would really shine!
From: Mike, 4/12

Comments: I play tennis for a high school and it my senior year and I was looking for a racquet that would keep me playing like a first seed, and I found it. This is indeed one of the best racquets yet. It has power, control, and if you purchase Babolat Hurricane Pro Tour strings..... You will be amazed. I am an all round player and this racquet has me going into an undefeated season! Great purchase.
From: Peyton, 3/12

Comments: I demoed Boris Becker pro, Dunlop Biomimetic 500 Tour and Babolat Pure Drive 2012. The Pure Drive had more power and stability between the 3 racquets. Their specs are not too far from each other except for the Boris Becker open has a flex of 64 rdc. The Pure Drive gave me the better feel of the ball even though it has an open string pattern. Perfect balance. My flat serves gained more mph. Net game volleys are awesome. I am in my early 50s and I was told to be cautious about the stiffness of this racquet on my shoulder and elbow. I had been playing with the Pure Drive for 2 moths now and still no irritating pain or soreness on the shoulder or elbow like i had with my Wilson Blx prostaff 95. I play 4 to 5 days a week now because this racquet gives me more confidence to hit with medium to stronger players. I am pretty impressed with this Pure Drive and so are my opponents.
From: Nelson, 3/12

Comments: I tested this racket for a weekend, it feels like hollow, empty, too hard, too stiff. Stiffness is not a problem when it comes with enough confort, which is not the case in here. I did not feel any pain or discomfort in the wrist, elbow or shoulder, but the fact is that with this racquet I do not found the same feeling, comfort and strength that I found in HEAD INSTINCT and Y VCore 100S. The latter, the best of the three and my choice of purchase.
From: Renato, 3/12

Comments: This is a great all around stick. If you like hitting with powerful groundstrokes, poppy volleys, and big serves, this is the racket for you. It's very good on the arm, because of the Active Cortex System.
From: Jay, 3/12

Comments: What a racquet! Nice combination of spin and power, very versatile racquet all I can say is WOW. Just demoed it today, strung with pro hurricane at 48lbs. Really good!!
From: Beny, 3/12

Comments: I love the racquet. This is my 3rd generation of the Pure Drive and it keeps getting better and better. On last 2 sticks (Pure Drives) I found I need to add some weight to stabilize it on hard volleys at the net. This one feels great right out of the box. I found the ground storks very powerful with great access to spin on a backhand slice shot when needed. On server I found it very accurate and had all the power you could want. I play mostly doubles and find that after a few shots from this stick the other team do not want to hit the ball on your side of the court. Even on neutral balls I saw the other players having trouble with the spin and power it generates. They had to play high safe shot back across the net. Keep up the good work Babolat but I don't see how you can improve on this racquet.
From: Sam, 3/12

Comments: This is my 3rd Pure Drive. I started with the Team, then played 2 years with the Cortex and now is the Pure Drive 2012. Before placing the order, I was a little worried since some people say this stick is more stiffer than previous versions of Pure Drive. But the new color of this PD 2012 make me can't stop placing the order, and I'm happy I did that. The racquet has a perfect design with its new black color. The swing is more lighter than previous versions. Pop is so good. And most of all, the new Cortex Active Technology is perfect. I played 2 hours single match on Thursday and 4.5 hours double and single on Saturday: my arms and shoulders don't ever feel hurt at all. This means the Cortex Active do its job so so well. I strongly recommend everybody give this racquet a try, and I'm sure you will love it.
From: Sang, 3/12

Comments: Best racquet I have ever played with it is even durable for the average teenager. Even though I have abused mine with the hardcourt surface of the court it is still strong and alive!!!
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: I have hit the previous version of PD for about 3 years and just bought the new pd version. This racket seems to swing just a bit lighter than the older version but retains all of the heft of the previous racket. Much better better feel on the newer version and the lighter swing weight makes it much more nimble at the net. They have managed to eliminate the board-feel that was evident in earlier pure drives. Vibration is almost non existent on this racket and seems to be easier on the arm. If you like hitting the pd, give the update a try. The changes are subtle, but the playability and comfort of this racket are noticeable
From: Tom, 3/12

Comments: I have always liked the way this racquet look, and have even bought 3 different generations of this stick. However, I got racquet elbow with every single iteration of this racquet. I normally play with a much heavier racquet (Head Prestige MP) and I have never felt any kind of discomfort derived from court time. Maybe this racquet is too light for me, I dunno. Sometimes it is not meant to be.
From: Mike, 2/12

Comments: This is an amazing piece of equipment. I got this racquet on a whim because I liked the look and the specs. My friends were even telling me to be careful of my elbow. I must say that this is the best feeling racquet that I have played with in a long time. I switched from a Dunlop 300 Tour. Serves are very powerful and accurate, the topspin and slice generated off the groundstrokes are amazing and on the volley's this racquet is top notch. I found the Pure Drive to be a little more powerful, but after a few sets I think I have adjusted just fine. I would highly recommend trying this racquet.
From: Damian, 2/12

Comments: I love the racquet. This is my 3rd generation of the Pure Drive and it keeps getting better and better. On last 2 sticks (Pure Drives) I found I need to add some weight to stabilize it on hard volleys at the net. This one feels great right out of the box. I found the ground storks very powerful with great access to spin on a backhand slice shot when needed. On server I found it very accurate and had all the power you could want. I play mostly doubles and find that after a few shots from this stick the other team do not want to hit the ball on your side of the court. Even on neutral balls I saw the other players having trouble with the spin and power it generates. They had to play high safe shot back across the net. Keep up the good work Babolat but I don't see how you can improve on this racquet.
From: Sam, 2/12

Comments: Amazing stick. Much better than the previous version in feel and control. Easy pace and spin and my serves.... Wow. Much better than the previous version and considering making the switch.
From: Tim, 2/12

Comments: This racket felt like an extension to my arm. Added a lot of power to my ground strokes and serves not to mention the topspin I got with this racket. I demoed the older GT version a few weeks before this one came out and there are some pretty noticeable improvements. This one felt more fluid when hitting ground strokes or volleys. In addition the racket has a solid feel without the "board" like feel that most rackets this stiff no doubt thanks to the upgraded cortex system. This one does feel a little heavier but that's a good thing for me because it balances the fast, short stroke I usually have to a better paced one that's more consistent from all areas of the court. I'm not a big serve guy and usually rally a lot to get points since I'm consistent but this racket made my serve nothing to snuff at. I strung it with the new Luxilon M2 Pro 16 string at 62 pounds ( I love tight strings) made this racket. It is very comfortable yet still crisp. I have a winning combo here, thanks Babolat!
From: Jack, 2/12

Comments: Had this racket for about a week. It is strung with RPM blast 16 gauge at 58lbs. Initial thoughts are the pd is great at topspin ground strokes and serving but slicing is good but does not offer the same feel as my previous racket BLX blade 98. I can keep good depth on the ball easily and directional control is good. The topspin generated by this racket is amazing. Volleying is solid and powerful, but again lacks touch. Would recommend the pd to baseline players that like to use powerful ground strokes to control the match. Stiffness is not an issue as the dampener system does a good job, I would say the blx blade 98 is harder on the wrist and arm. The swing weight was a bit low coming from a racket with a 330 RDC so I added some lead weight on the 3 & 9 o'clock position and it is great now.
From: Joseph, 1/12

Comments: I bought a new version PD racket here in China. I feel the new one is comfortable on overhead ,service and volley, but not good on forehand ground strike. I think the old one got more light head, that's probably the biggest difference between two rackets. So far, I feel the old version is more suitable for my playing style.
From: Mark Han, 1/12

Comments: My 4th Pure drive generation (I started with the venerable Team version). In my opinion this is the best of the past 2 generations (cortex, PDGT version). Certainly more stable and much more solid feel inspires one to go for winners with confidence. More maneuverable also at the net. At this point, not sure if it yields any more power, which it didn't need to anyway over previous versions. A great improvement on an already iconic stick.
From: Rich, 1/12

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