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Comments: Update from June: I think the price of this may be keeping people away from it. It is expensive but it does what it says it does. It will hold tension! Every racquet I put it in (3) still has the tension at where I strung them. However, it is a weird string. It is still and feels boardy when you first hit with it, not just the first time off the stringer, but the first time every time. After you "warm it up" it plays ok and you begin to think tension has gone from it. However, the string tension meter says no. Then you pull out the racquet again the next time and it feels stiff again. I like things about it, mainly tension maintenance but that is about it. Not near as comfortable as a multi, not as much spin/control as a good poly. If it were $10 a set, maybe, but not at $22.
From: CF, 7/14

Comments: Got some of this string and it is pretty decent in the comfort realm, but I wouldn't say it was any more comfortable than a good quality multi. I will re-submit a review in a month to let everyone know about tension maintenance, which is another reason I bought it. I am not sure it is a $22 dollar set of string. When stringing, make sure clamps are tighter because string is slick. My clamps were snug, and I almost tightened them a little more on the starting point but didn't and it slipped and scarred the string a bit. Talk to you in a month.
From: CF, 6/14

Comments: String feels really good. I teach and play tennis with a Prince Graphite Oversize. When I was given this set to try, my coworker told me to string it 10 pounds lighter than normal to get the right playability out of it. For me i normally string my racquets at 48 lbs so I took it down to 40 and the strings feel great.
From: Anon, 4/14

Comments: Nothing special -- power is ok, spin is fair, comfort is very muted and my elbow hurt after playing. I never liked Babolat strings. I will stick with Technifibre TVG or NRG which is cheaper and much better
From: Rocky, 2/14

Comments: If you're looking for a tweener string between a multi and a poly, this is the best and worst of both. Strung at 57 lbs on a Babolat PD, string feels a little wiry but is softer than most polys. Not much power so you can take a big rip at the ball but it's not a shaped string so topspin is average at best. Does not have the soft feel or power of a good multi so I found myself working hard to find depth and location. After a 2 hour match I also noticed my arm was definitely feeling the difference. To be fair I'm a 4.5 baseliner and usually play with X1 or NRG2 so I'm probably spoiled as far as power and feel go. If you're used to hitting with a stiff poly but want to find that next step in between this might well be worth the $20, but not for me.
From: Anon, 2/14

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