Babolat Origin 17 String Natural Customer feedback

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Comments: I'm a 4.5 player. I did not like this string. I bought a new racquet (Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 Project One 7) at TW and thought what the heck I'll try the Babolat Origin string. The string had no feel. I took the vibration dampener out just so I could feel the hit. You would think it was soft on my arm but my arm started to ache after a week. I'm not sure if it was related to the string or new racquet or what but I didn't enjoy the feel. It felt like hitting the ball with foam.
From: Michael, 11/16

Comments: Very good string. I string it about 2 lbs higher than normal. It has nice pop and ball bite. It's easy on the elbow too. A little over priced though.
From: Kerry, 11/16

Comments: I have strung this in two Pure Drives: one at 61 pounds and the other at 55 pounds. I'm a 3.5 player, and not a string breaker. I've always used multis. In direct comparison to HDX Tour at 17 gauge, this string provided a crisper feel and better spin. The HDX tour is MUCH plusher at all tensions. I prefer the higher tension on both strings for spin production, but I'll give the nod to Origin for better spin when I needed it. Until something better finds itself in my racquet, this is my new string of choice.
From: Scott, 8/16

Comments: Plush feel and great control, but the string has a rough texture that prevents snap back. It has excessive color bleed, and it broke in under an hour on a Blade 98 (16x19) at 55 lbs.
From: Neville, 4/16

Comments: The spin potential for this string as rated in the learning center section of the website is on par with some of the known extreme spin polyester strings. However, I was not able to create any more spin compared to any other synthetic I've used. Out of the non poly strings, Technifibre HDX Tour 17 ga has the most snap back and spin potential, in my opinion. I'm about to string some IsoSpeed Cream which is hyped as an extremely soft poly. I will write some comments after I use it and see how my arm feels afterwards.
From: Bill, 3/16

Comments: I strung this at 52 lbs in a low powered 18x20 pattern 98 square inch frame, and it was bazooka city. Unbelievable power, and unfortunately little/no spin to help with control. It is very comfortable and holds tension like nothing else. If I try this again, I will probably have to increase the tension by 8-10 pounds to get expectable playability, pretty much like Chris did during the TW playtest. I really think its too soft to do a poly hybrid with, especially with Origin in the mains. It would be a great string for seniors looking for added pop and comfort from their racquet.
From: Stevie, 3/16

Comments: Very crisp feel to this string. It is on the expensive end of the spectrum. If you are a string breaker, I would not recommend this string. I hit a heavier ball and tend to be a baseline player. The string only lasted 2.5 and 4.5 hours both times I tried it in a full bed set up. I have not tried this string in a hybrid.
From: Don, 3/16

Comments: Great string! I strung this string below the racquet's recommended tension range. I found it to have good power, feel and control. It was also arm friendly. Access to spin is available and similar to other multifilament strings, little at best. Overall, it is a little pricey. However, this is a really nice hitting string and worth a try if you enjoy multifilament type strings.
From: James, 9/15

Comments: Hated it! Used it in my Pro Staff 97, in the mains at 52 lbs with Tourna Quasi 17g at 52 lbs in the crosses, not at all like gut which I have used for decades. No predictability early, mid life or at the end after about 12 hours. Back to Babolat Xcel Power 17 which is the best multi for me, very good till it pops.
From: Buberto, 9/15

Comments: I can't believe no one has written a review for this particular string. I've tried this after somewhat being pleased with the 16 gauge. It has more feel and control which was lacking in the 16, but it is not as arm friendly like the 16 which was expected. I strung it high at 62 lbs and lowering the tension may have helped the arm but I liked them in a high tension. All in one it is still a great alternative out there for natural gut if you are opting something new other than the old multifilaments.
From: Dan, 7/15

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