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Comments: Demoed this several times (reviewed back in April); finally bought two about a month ago. Using Technifibre NRG 16 at 57 lbs (2 lbs over the recommended high tension; owner of the store I go to who knows the Babalot rep says they say 50-55 lbs to offer more power, which I do not need, I need control). With this string set-up, I'm back in love with tennis. I can whip the ball around on a forehand with sick topspin - and make my serve dip in at the last second as well. Also has enough touch for reflex lobs and touch volleys. The Head (Metallix 4) I was using had lots of flat-power, but little spin options - this one has both. I'm literally telling anybody over 50 that will listen to try this "small" oversize racquet. Great Stick!
From: Alan, 6/13

Comments: Just demo'd this racquet after nearly 20 years of Prince racquets, and the last 10 of Head. Had demo'd Babalot before (Pure and Aero Drive) and never liked them; this one was different - played probably the best 4 hours of tennis (both practice and Doubles) that I've had since my early 40's. Have never served better, and could whip it around on stretched- out service returns and still had pace on the ball. Will demo again, but might have found my new stick.
From: Alan, 4/13

Comments: Great racket with lots of power and spin.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: I recently switched to the Overdrive 105. I'm a senior 4.5 player with a semi-modern technique. I play 50-50 singles and doubles. I made the switch from 'players' rackets to lightweight rackets a few years ago and I never looked back. I get all the power I need and better control with a lightweight racket. I can make small adjustments in my swing that I cannot accomplish with a heavier racket. This racket excels at all strokes, groundies, volleys, and serve. Especially serve return. this racket is well balanced and an excellent blend of power and control.
From: LD, 2/12

Comments: I like how you can put tons of spin on the ball.
From: Ray, 2/12

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