Babolat N.VY 16 Blue 660' String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: This string is terrible. They broke the first day I played with them. Don't get these strings.
From: Cruze, 7/14

Comments: I got two of these Babolat N.VY strings from a recent tennis tournament of which Babolat was a sponsor. The string felt very soft before I had it strung on my Head Extreme Pro -- so soft that I was curious how long it would last. The string lasted just over an hour of continous hitting. Not a very durable string with very little power. I'm a power baseline player.
From: Hugh, 10/13

Comments: From Dan and Chris's comments below, I finally was able to try this on my 2013 APD GT using the RPM Blast 16 for the mains and N.VY 16 both at 62lbs. What a great combination -- I'm kicking myself for waiting so long. This had great pop on the ball, awesome combo on power and spin. This will be my primary set-up.
From: Ray, 8/13

Comments: I now use RPM 17 and my cross base is N.VY 16. This is a great combination for power and spin and my strings are very durable. I finally found my perfect combination for a hybrid.
From: Kyle, 11/12

Comments: I don't have a big tennis budget, and I have a tweaky elbow, so the local pro-shop recommended this string. I use it across the whole bed @ 61-62 lbs. Even at that tension, these strings moved all over the place. It's not a big deal, but it's very noticeable. I used these in my back up racquet and after about 9 sets, I managed to break them. I thought they would last longer, but I guess all of that sliding around expedited breakage. Otherwise, I felt I had better control compared to the Prince Syn Gut in my racquet (pre-strung) and I could hit out a bit more. I use a huge dampener so my racquet plays like a board for most folks, but I like it that way.
From: Joe, 8/12

Comments: N.VY was my new favorite string in the crosses. However, I noticed that after 3 days of intense tennis, the string started playing mushy. It didn't break, but it no longer had the feel that I was looking for. Thus, I am still looking for that perfect combination.
From: Dan, 2/12

Comments: These strings move like crazy and a massive drop in tension after just a couple of sessions. It's probably only good for hybrid purposes, but a big no no if you're thinking to have it as a full bed on your racquet.
From: Anon. 08/11

Comments: I had been using full RPM Blast 17g on my AeroPro Drive at 62lbs, and I absolutely loved it. But the price of each string job was beginning to add up, so I began seeking a more cost effective alternative. I came across a set of N.vy 16g (blue) and decided to try it in a hybrid with RPM Blast in the mains (62lbs) and N.vy in the cross (62lbs). I absolutely loved the setup. It played just like RPM Blast from the baseline, lots of spin and easy access to power without being too powerful. But at net, it really impressed me. RPM Blast doesn't have much touch at net, but when I added N.vy that changed dramatically! I'm definitely going to make this my primary setup in the long run!
From: Chris. 6/11

Comments: Wonderful on my old generation Babolat Pure Drive Plus. It's intensely FUN with Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour (the yellow ones) mains with these N.VY as crosses; great control and comfort of the soft N.VY while maintaining durability and spin with the Hurricane. My favorite string combo. BUT imo these strung alone may feel too powerful and soft. I enjoy a crisp feel with some oomph so I go hybrid. Strung @ 60lbs :) enjoy
From: Mike. 6/11

Comments: I hit with a great deal of topspin on my forehand and, partly as a result, have been stringing my own racquets for decades. It was always much cheaper. I typically used Prince Synthetic gut or something like it and would usually get 3-4 sets per racquet. I decided to switch up when I bought some new racquets recently. This Babolat string is more than 2x the price but now, 3 or 4 racquets (strung) in, I'm only getting about 2 sets per racquet. It's ridiculous. Plays OK, but I'm spending all my time stringing!
From: Drew. 6/11

Comments: It's really easy to string and feels great at 58 pounds. The only problem is that I broke the strings in about 3 hours of play. I play Junior Champs Tournaments 4.5+ level heavy topspin baseliner.
From: Lorne, OR, USA. 4/11

Comments: This is a very durable cross string! Very soft and pockets the ball great. It has great power along with control. All around a great string!
From: Anon, USA, 02/11

Comments: Wow, does this string pocket the ball well! I can angle the ball better and while still being crisp, the string has great feel. Its great as a cross string in a PHT or Black code hybrid instead of a multifilament. 4.5 Power baseliner.
From: Jon, West Orange, NJ. 3/10

Comments: I don't have a lot of experience with string prior to this but compared to my generic racket, this string in a new racket provides good pop as well as easy access to spin being strung at 59 lbs. I find it to be a pleasant string for someone of my caliber. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a simple, durable string at any level of play. Like I said I am fairly new to the game and even I can see the benefits in the string.
From: Andy, Princeton, MN, USA 11/09

Comments: I have some recent elbow problems so thought I would give it a try. I use 17 ga Luxilon Big Banger @ 54 lbs. in the mains and this 16 ga @ 59 in the crosses. I have only been playing with it about two weeks (3-4 times per wk) but so far love the feel and have been pleasantly surprised with the durability. I am a medium to hard hitting player who uses constant topspin on 90+% of my shots. The jury is still out due to length of time I have played with it but at present that is my only reservation. I did not have the stringing problems that the previous person had. It did seem to stretch will I was stringing it (silent partner electronic DG stringer) but hits wonderful so far.
From: Greg, Laurens, SC, USA. 9/09

Comments: Strung this up for a friend at mid tension in a Head FP radical oversize. He's a big strong lefty with a monster serve. Its kind of a pain to string. It wanted to kink, wrap itself around the stringer, me etc.. I really had to watch what I was doing. It did go through blocked holes OK, it wasn't grabby or sticky pulling the crosses, but the coil memory was intense It did seem to lock in the tension pretty well. He likes the feel and control he's getting and says its a comfortable hit. Not sure how long it will hold up but so far so good. Neos 1000 with a Wise 2086 tension head
From: Wally, WI 09/09

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