Babolat VS Touch Nat Gut 16 Black 1/2 Set Customer feedback

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Comments: Strung in the mains on a Blade 98S with Solinco TB on the crosses. Feels wonderful and provides good spin. Unfortunately, after six sets of doubles, the gut is frayed and the balls spray. This racquet is very string/tension sensitive.
From: Pete, 9/16

Comments: I just can't believe that this is the most durable string I have ever used. When you put VS Touch for the mains and Alu Power for the crosses, it is even more durable than a poly. But if you put Alu power for the mains and VS Touch for the crosses, it will break like a multi (3-8 hours for me). After 24 hours of playing, the hybrid looses its control, but the comfort is still there. This is the first string I ever cut before breaking the strings. I string VS Touch at 55 lbs and Alu power at 52 lbs.
From: Nikhil, 7/16

Comments: Vs Touch (in the mains at 55 lbs) and Luxilon Alu Power (in the crosses at 52 lbs) equals pin point control, outstanding comfort and above average spin without any string movements. Durability is also really good. I played 10 hours with this string so far but the gut didn't even fray. I typically break a multifilament in 5 hours of hard hitting.
From: Kevin, 7/16

Comments: Using the VS Touch 16 in a hybrid setup, gut in the mains, Wilson NXT Power 16 in the crosses, 53 lbs in my Wilson Ultra 108. Changed to this setup after tennis elbow issues exacerbated by a brief fling with Luxilon Element, a reported "arm friendly" poly that I tried in hybrid with the NXT (no more poly, ever, for this old man!). Anyway, the VS Touch/NXT combo is fantastic. My elbow loves it as does my game (4.0 -4.5 dubs, big kick serve, aggressive returns but also plenty of senior level lobs and touch shots). Downside? Price -- but saving the arm is so worth it.
From: Geno, 5/16

Comments: This is a review from a 5.0 level player playing 4-5 days per week (8-10 hours) with a Prince Neos tuned to 1/100 lb accuracy. I was a long time 18G Kevlar+ Gamma TNT 17g user until I developed wrist tendinitis. My club pro team mate suggested I switch from my Head sticks to Babolat Pure Drive with a VS Gut/Pro Hurricane Tour combo. I got a pack to demo and haven't turned back in 4 years. I love the feel of this combo which I string at 58 lbs for both mains and crosses. The gut does loosen up a bit to what I think is about 54 lbs (my guesstimate based on what I'll explain below). Although I think a host of things affect injuries in the upper body, I do believe that switching to this has helped me by reducing vibrations as compared to my previous string. It is important to note that the durability of ths VS Gut is extremely impressive. I've gotten 2-3 months on the VS Gut and I hit with a lot of spin! (compared to 2-3 weeks with the 18G Kevlar). I think those contemplating gut should factor that if concerned about the $43 price tag. Sure, hitting and swing styles and equipment affect string life but in my situation, longevity is great. What I will also point out and find interesting is that 9 of 10 times, I break the Pro Hurricane crosses first. Sometimes the PHT goes within 2 weeks. I sure as heck am not going to cut out the gut, so I bought a reel of PHT and when it breaks, I just restring the crosses but at 54 lbs which after much trial and error seems to be where the mains are after some use. For new stringers, I recommend you pre- stretch the gut and take your time un-spooling it. You do not want to kink it. I pre-stretch the gut with about 40 lbs of force for about 5 minutes. To me that minimizes the natural stretch of the string during use. Bottom line, great string and fair price for this quality level of gut. You owe it to yourself to try it once.
From: EM, 9/15

Comments: It's unfortunate that Babolat ruined VS by adding BT7. It used to be the best you could buy. The string doesn't even feel like gut any longer. It's not nearly as soft or as plushest the old VS which was excellent. Babolat really needs to bring back the old VS! BT7 is garbage. Even the less expensive guts are better strings now. At least they feel like natural gut should.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: The biggest plus for this string is the durability compared to natural colored gut. It feels the same, but hardly frays after a lot of play. I use in my mains at 55 lbs with Black Code 17 gauge in the crosses at 53 lbs in my Volkl Power Bridge 10 racquets. Lots of feel, plenty of spin, and very comfortable.
From: Tim, 10/13

Comments: This gut is a really nice string and it plays with a lot of feel and power. But that is the problem, it has limited control and the ball tends to fly compared to a full poly. If you tighten it up to a tension where you have more control it is not softer than a soft poly in lower tension range. It is pretty durable though, much more than a multifilament, and it comes close to a full bed soft poly.
From: Jim, 3/13

Comments: This is my favorite cross string with RPM Blast in the mains. I play with heavy spin but I like my hybrid to play significantly softer than a full poly string job while maintaining the huge spin potential. Other natural guts and multifilaments fit the bill (Xcel, NRG2, VS Touch were my favorite) but they all got notched away very quickly by whatever poly I used as the main. Not this string though, it resists notching like a champ (it resisted breakage from notching for me 3 times longer than the regular VS Touch). I think the black coating definitely helps durability since it seems to resist being worn away by the main string and keeping notching at bay. It does play noticeably firmer at first than the non-coated VS Touch, but it softens up substantially over time. I feel like this hybrid setup loses only a fraction of the spin potential of a full RPM Blast stringbed, but brings substantially more comfort and feel as a hybrid, and lasts longer than any other hybrid setup.
From: Anon, 11/12

Comments: The Black has a sticky texture to it, which provides great spin even though it's 16g. I string this in the mains at 57 lbs. in my Yonex V-Core 97, and hybrid Luxilon BB Power Rough in the crosses at 53 lbs. Yes, it's a bit stiff at first, but once it breaks in...Wow!
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: I agree totally with the comments fom Tim. While the stiffness numbers of this string are on the low side, it really feels stiff and there is no feel of natural gut playability. Maybe when the initial coating diminishes, it could feel like gut. We'll have to wait and see.
From: Hari, 7/12

Comments: Due to my tennis elbow I had to adjust my game 100% and try the Babolat natural gut touch. What a string! It helped my elbow and also improved my game all around. It holds very nice and it keep the pop on the ball. Thanks to Tennis Warehouse for recommending this string to me, I am very please with it!
From: Juan Carlos, 11/11

Comments: I strung this string in a racquet by mistake and initially it felt a little stiff. The gut, however, was better than any of the other strings that I tried. I have been using it for several months now and the strings perform better than ever, despite its somewhat frayed appearance.
From: AC, 10/11

Comments: This is a very good string. It is comfortable on the arms and great playability. I recommend stinging this in a hybrid on the mains and putting a poly on the crosses.
From: Bob, 10/11

Comments: This is string is not as good as expected. It feels little dull strung at 57 lbs. Some good multifilament strings have better feels than this one.
From: Anon, 10/11

Comments: I have never used natural gut string before and I have only used Poly once. I decided to give this a try. I have a Babolat Aero Pro Drive GT Plus strung with Babolat Hurricane Feel 16 in my mains at 57 pounds with Babolat VS Natural Gut 17 in my crosses at 60 pounds. This set up is incredible. I get so much control and power it is unreal. The feel of each shot is amazing. No arm issues, no elbow issues, just plain awesome. If you have not tried this hybrid combination, I highly recommend it. As far as durability goes, I will let you know as I have only played with it for 3 hours so far.
From: Dan, 9/11

Comments: I agree with Tim also. But it's not the black color that makes this string different. It is the BT7 technology that does this. I installed 16 gauge VS Touch BT7 in the natural color, and it went in about 15 percent tighter (dynamic tension) than normal gut. To be specific, I installed the new BT7 version of VS Touch 16 in a Pure Drive at 51 M by 48.5 C, and I did this proportionately, which makes it go in softer, and the DT was 36 immediately after stringing. (In normal, typical gut the DT would have been about 29.) It is still a nice string, but maybe it was designed primarily for poly hybrids.
From: Kendra, 8/11

Comments: I totally agree with Tim, the Black VS Touch string plays much stiffer than the earlier Touch product. Make sure you inquire with your stringer as to what "type" of VS Touch will be used in your racquet the next time you restring with Touch. I didn't, and now have a frame that plays quite a bit different than what I was expecting. The durability has been better, but the loss of playability isn't worth it; for a flat hitter like myself, anyway.
From: blb. 6/11

Comments: Babolat has changed their manufacturing process. VS Black uses BT7 which supposedly makes the string more durable but it definitely makes it play far stiffer than original, non-BT7 VS. Heads up: if you're used to original VS or want a soft gut with great pocketing, Black BT7 VS is stiff and not nearly as plush as original VS.
From: Tim, Dunwoody, GA, USA. 4/11

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