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Comments: I'm currently playing with these strings strung in a Yonex Ezone Ai 100 at 57 by 55 pounds. Previously, I played with the same racquet strung with Luxilon BigBanger Alu Power 1.30 which personally for me was a complete disaster (purest control and spin together with lack of comfort whatsoever). So to make things simple and short, the main pros are: high level of comfort and ultimate control with almost limitless level of spin. As for the cons: inconsistency in stringed (noticeable during the very first play already). As for the power level, my personal perception is that this string is somewhat underpowered as compared with Synthetic Gut such as Technifibre Duramix HD and Technifibre X-One which I have strung on other two racquets.
From: Andrey, 1/15

Comments: I have two racquets - K factor 6.1 90 (Fed's Racquet) and the KTour (Justine's racquet) strung with this Gut in the mains and Lux Alu Rough in the crosses. The 6.1 90 is strung at 49/51 pounds mains/crosses. The KTour is strung at 44/45 poinds mains/crosses. The feel of both is just amazing compared to all the stuff I was using before. I was using a full bed of Lux BB ALU before and hurt my elbow. This string combination is soft, with plenty of control and spin. The KTour is especially soft on my arm. This string combination has also done wonders for my one handed backhand. It just feels more solid. I've used Babolat string savers on the KTour and the string job lasted 2 months plus (at least 30 hours of full play).
From: Andreas, Lake Mary, Florida, USA. 05/10
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This is amazing string! It has great feel, control, power and it also holds tension great. The 15L is awesome because it lasts much longer than 16g or 17g, while still providing adequate feel. I suggest using this string in a hybrid with Luxilon Big Banger ALU power in the mains and this natural gut in the crosses. The combination of these strings will allow maximum power with great control at the same time due to the natural gut. The only thing I hate about this string is the fact that it went up in price. If you can afford it, this is the best string on the market but make sure you get the 15L so it lasts long enough.
From: Austin, Kohler, Wisconsin, USA. 05/09

Comments: I used this string at 56lbs. of tension it has great feel, comfort, a lot of power and control, I LOVE IT. BUT NO DURABILITY; it only lasted 8 hours. Great string, the worst durability in the world.
From: Daniel Ch., Eagle Pass, Texas, USA. 9/08

Comments: This string shows remarkable playability. The durability is a plus. I have very aggressive groundstrokes with heavy topspin. The strings have held tension better than any synthetic I have used, which is all of them. I often catch the ball at the top of the racquet on aggressive returns and this string wont pop. It flexes when you need touch and stiffens on drives. The string plays well in the heat and humidity of Texas. Unless cost is your only deciding factor - this is an extremely good string. I have used Tonic as well and they seem very similar. I'm a 4.0 player.
From: JP, Dallas, TX, USA. 9/06

Comments: I use this 15L string on my Babolat Pure Control Std racquets and it plays wonderfully. The string holds the tension extremely well and I get a very crisp feel when I hit the ball. I will have a hard time going back to synthetics after playing with this string.

I break strings quickly though, due to the heavy spin I put on my serves and I only get about 13 hours of play from a set of 15L VS Touch. I only play club-level tennis, so I would assume more competitive use and heavy spin-oriented players might break their strings even faster. If you can afford it, it's a great string to play with!
From: Billy, McLean, VA. USA 11/02

Comments: The product description says it all 'Medium gauge - the perfect balance between playability and durability'. NOTHING plays like natural gut. Tecnifibre NRG, Wilson NXT, Gamma TNT, abcd, nothing has the power or elasticity of natural gut. BABOLAT gut is the pinnacle - more power, more feel, more spin and more softness equals more wins which means more pleasure if you're a serious tennis player. With the best synthetics rapidly approaching 20$, spend a couple dollars more and you are playing with natural gut. YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK to synthetics again. True 15L gauge doesn't have the spin control of 17 or 16, but its only .10 or .05 of a millimeter difference between these three string 'sizes'. I compensate by stringing the mains 2-3 lbs more. I play 10-14 hours a week, and this set of VS Touch 15L has lasted 8 weeks. No string savers or varnish. Fraying is occurring on a few mains, but playability is still excellent.
From: Bill, Notts, United Kingdom 10/02

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