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Comments: I find these shoes to be about 1/2 inch short of an true 8 1/2, causing my big toe to hit the end of the shoe when playing. Otherwise, a great shoe for the price.
From: Steve, 11/13

Comments: Just got these shoes and am trying to get use to them. There's a lot of cushion around the foot but not much on the bottom. My foot gets pretty warm and the bottoms feel very hard just walking around. I was lured by the 6-month sole warranty along with the sale price at TW. I felt a lot of pressure on the very middle of my foot during my last match and felt like blisters were starting to form. I am getting more used to them but concerned about the cushioning on the bottoms, especially during a long hard match. I had the adidas Bercuda 2.0 before, which I loved, but thought I'd try something different.
From: Jae, 10/13

Comments: Got these shoes in July. I play collegiately, so they get moderate to heavy wear just about everyday. The outsole is starting to go "bald" and causing me to slide a bit. Not sure of the outsole guarantee fine print. Nice shoe, feels great, but didn't last me as long as I'd like. 3 months of heavy use and that's all she wrote for these shoes.
From: Chris, 10/13

Comments: I have worn these shoes for 2 months and they got a hole in the top front of the shoe. I recommend you stay away from this product as it seems like it is made up of cheaper material and is really thin for a shoe.
From: Billy, 8/13

Comments: Very happy with this shoe, especially at the sale price! Comfort, stability, and lightweight. They felt quite tight/pinching for me during a 1-2 week break-in period, but now the fit is great. For those not fond of the flourescent laces, an extra pair of black laces are included.
From: T, 8/13

Comments: I have had these for 4 months and wear them 3-4 times a week and am 220 pounds -- no problems but good comfort. Buying another pair.
From: DT, 8/13

Comments: This is a great lightweight shoe! It has lasted me 5 months. Good price with warranty! Thanks TW!
From: Anon, 8/13

Comments: Got these shoes in March. Best pair I've ever had. Comfortable and wearing very nicely. I play 2-3 times a week on a hard court. Not sure why other buyers had problems, you can't blame the shoe if you don't know how to tie! I only wear them for tennis, and recommend keeping at least one pair set aside for tennis only, not as street shoes, although they look pretty cool as well. Wish they had more color options.
From: Robert, 7/13

Comments: Just bought the V-Pro All-court on sale to try. Played before in the adidas Barricade Team. My first impressions are that they fit like a glove, true size. No break in required. The heel system feels good and natural. During break-in, the lacing was tightened up several times during match play. Feels comfortable and fast, provides good hard court grip. And they match my Roland Garros Aero Pro Drive Lite racquets. Very small wear on the front of the right shoe, I'm a righty and used to be a toe dragger. I have burned through a lot of shoes. Happy with purchase so far.
From: Sergei, 7/13

Comments: Do not listen to some of these reviewers, they put the same comments for every shoe. I have bought and worn these shoes for months. I play tennis 2 and a half hours a day, every day of the week. I do a lot of drills, running, and competitions. So far these shoes have lasted 6 months and 2 weeks. These shoes are not too expensive like the $100-120 Propulse shoes, yet they still function above and beyond. I can guarantee that these shoes will last a long time. They are very satisfying, and they look great. You don't have to pay so much money for good shoes! These shoes are affordable and function great. I am planning to by 3 more pairs.
From: Vincent, 4/13

Comments: This is the first pair of Babolats that I have owned. I play four to five days a week. Within the first four months the tread was wearing out and the upper split right above the big toe. I had not noticed it previously, but that area is extremely thin. Tennis Warehouse replaced them from the warranty, and my second pair has had the exact same results. This time this occurred in less than three months.
From: Glen, 4/13

Comments: Great shoes, very comfortable. They lasted me about 9-10 weeks indoor. The only issue is the shoe laces eyelet chewing up the laces.
From: Kenny, 4/13

Comments: This has been my first review but I thought it was important to address the problem with these shoes. Within two weeks, they developed a tear over the big toe on my right foot as the previous person stated. If you are looking to get another shoe, Babolats are normally fine, but stay away from this style.
From: Andrew, 3/13

Comments: I was used to wearing the Babolat All Court 4 so I thought these would be similar. This shoe felt a little clunky to me, not like the ballet slipper feel of the pervious model. That would have been OK but the deal breaker on these shoes was that they developed a tear/hole on the top near the toes. This occurred on 2 pairs so it wasn't a fluke. The sole of the shoe lasted OK but the tear in the top is unacceptable. I will seek out another model.
From: Dana, 2/13

Comments: I really like the shoe. I've been an NB user for a long time. I thought I would give these a try due to the sale price. I have a medium width foot and normally wear a 12 in tennis shoes. These seem to fit a little tighter in the toe area. The shoe bed feels great, especially the heel. The shoe doesn't lace up as tight as I would like, but for the price I'll buy a few more pair.
From: Bill, 1/13

Comments: After about 10 hours of hard-court play with this shoe, I would rate them a 7/10. They are decent, though not outstanding. The comfort is good and this shoe enabled me to move forward quicker than my previous tennis shoe. However, the overall stability is not that great, especially when making sideways or horizontal movements to the ball. The current Tennis Warehouse retail price for the V-Pro is about what they are worth. I'm thinking of the Gel Resolution 4 shoe for the future.
From: Joe, 12/12

Comments: I liked these shoes a great deal. They have tough soles, are low to the ground, and have good ventilation. They are better than the Propulse shoe in my opinion because they do not have the annoying strap, or the obnoxious bright red Ronald McDonald look. They come with a black shoe lace too if you do not like wearing bright yellow laces.
From: Ted, 8/12

Comments: I've had 3 pairs of these so far. I love them but the vinyl on the top of the shoe has split all three times within the first 10 weeks of wearing them. I have not written to the company for a replacement since the sole is still good. I may need to find a new go to shoe which is too bad because I like this shoe a lot.
From: Judy, 8/12

Comments: Great shoe. The most durable shoe I've ever owned (I had Barricades and Ballistics before). I've played with them for about 4 months now and barely any sign of wear (I play 2-3 times a week).
From: Horacio, 8/12

Comments: I did not like these shoes at all! The toe box is too big, the upper has no support and flexes too easily, the stock insoles killed my knees, and the tread wore out too quickly.
From: Alex, 7/12

Comments: I play a lot of tennis and these shoes were pretty good for the first month and then the outer sole seemed to shift and squeak a little bit. After about four months later, the side of the shoe completely tore away on the court leaving me with one bare foot on the court.
From: Josh, 4/12

Comments: The shoes from this year's model seems longer in the toe - more true to size than last years'.
From: Jeff, 4/12

Comments: Third pair if these and they squeak when moving. Weird! Very annoying. Other than that, which caused me to replace one pair I love playing in them. However, if this problem doesn't go away I am on to another lightweight shoe.
From: Dan, 2/12

Comments: These shoes are a great update to the team all court 4's. Not only do they look great, they also feel great. They make me feel faster when I am on court!
From: Jeff, 1/12

Comments: These shoes are lightweight with support. A great fast, lightweight shoe that still keeps your feet from getting sore after long workouts. The insoles can start to shift after hours of high sweating in humid climates.
From: Jeff, 11/11

Comments: This shoe has a nice feel out of the box, but I found its upper support lacking and was constantly retying the laces. The tread on the outsole wore out fairly quickly also, but the toe and the heel were still good after 5 months.
From: Frank, 10/11

Comments: The previous model was miles ahead of this effort. Had great stability (coming from Barricades), were light but always felt solid. These feel cheap, but aren't. They are light, and comfortable, but never feel stable to me. Sorry Babolat, back to Barricades.
From: Mark. 10/11

Comments: Horrible shoe. the side ripped after like 2 weeks, very uncomfortable. Got blisters on bottom of feet and on toes it was unbearable. Worst shoe ever. I play a lot and love the older version of this shoe.
From: Max. 10/11

Comments: I get this shoe every time I buy a new pair. Although they do wear out pretty quickly for me they are super comfortable. I prefer the men's colors to women's so I order a whole size down.
From: DJ, 10/11

Comments: This is a great shoe for hard courts! They are comfortable and durable, I play almost everyday each week and they have pulled through for me everyday since I got them! I would recommend them!
From: Derek, 10/11

Comments: This shoe fits true to size. I got those after sending the All Court Team shoe back to Babolat under 6 month warranty. These shoes are super comfortable, and fit like a glove.The outsole will not last you 6 months for sure. Mine is already flat after 3 weeks of playing but the traction is still very good. I don't believe they are very durable, but you do get 6-8 weeks of great shoe plus another 6-8 weeks with a warranty replacement.
From: Mikos, 9/11

Comments: This is a great shoe. I was using Nike Zoom Breathe 2K10's and experienced serious heel problems. Switched to the Babolat and have had no problems since! Did have to switch out the factory insole but always do that because factory insoles are so flimsy. Highly recommend this shoe!
From: Geno, 8/11

Comments: A Very comfortable shoe. However, a disappointment after only 1.5 months of use when mine started to tear at the ventalation holes (outside front on my right foot), which apparently isn't covered under the manufactures warranty and was told that I would have to wear out the soles before I could get a replacement.
From: Chris. 5/11

Comments: I had this shoe for about 1 month and they developed a hole in them already.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: I've had these shoes for a couple of months now and use them for a mixture of coaching and playing. I find them vastly superior to the previous model, both in support and comfort, and they seem to be doing well in the durability department too!! I got a pair half a size up. Would recommend these shoes :)
From: John, South East, UK. 4/11

Comments: Just got these about 2 weeks ago. I play with a full size orthodic and these fit great. Very comfortable and a good looking shoe. I get about 5 compliments a day on how cool they look. Played in them several times and they are a great all around shoe, comfortable, good traction and not too heavy. You will be happy you got these.
From: Phil S., Clifton Park, NY, USA, 03/11

Comments: I purchased the shoe 3 months ago and the insole was so thin I developed terrible pains in my calves and could not play tennis for a while. Once I replaced the insole with something better the problem was resolved. Never had this problem before buying these shoes. Also noticed that they are wearing out on the corners prematurely. I've always had New Balance before but switched because they would last only 7-9 months. Unless they improve the Babolat I will not be buy again. I do like the way they look.
From: Al, Canada, 02/11

Comments: These shoes fit true to size on me. Order the size you normally would.
From: Geoff, Coffeyville, KS, USA, 02/11

Comments: Please write a review for this shoe. I am wondering if this one has the same fit like Babolat Team All Court Reverse. Does it fit half size small?
From: Ealy, San Jose, CA, USA, 02/11
(Ealy, we are in the process of testing this shoe and have not had any issues regarding fit.--TW Staff)

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