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Comments: These are great shoes that are light and comfy. I got these from the sale, and I'm very happy with them. Yes, it's about 1/2 size small, but it's very light and provides enough traction and support for me. I am a stocky 5'10" and 180 lbs. It's has Michlin rubber but it doesn't mean much, as they lasted about two months for me. It's good it has a 6-month warranty, but the best for durability is still the barricade, but it's almost twice as pricey, heavy, and only last one extra month. Be sure to take the tongue out each night after play, otherwise it won't get dry inside. It's better perhaps to have two pairs to rotate, otherwise a bad smell happens. Two pairs may last 4-6 months, and then get two new ones from Babolat. It's a very good deal, paying under $200 for a year on tennis shoes with these.
From: JayZee, 10/12

Comments: I did not like these shoes. They lasted me only 2 months, and they were made of cheap-feeling material.
From: Amilcar, 10/12

Comments: This shoe is fairly light which I like. I sometimes drag my feet on shots and can wear a shoe down fast, but this held up really well even after a few months. The traction felt good and had a good amount of ankle support. Breathability could be a little better as your foot gets hot during long matches. I was able to get this shoe with a racquet deal for half off, so at that price I would definitely recommend this shoe. Otherwise I feel like there are similar options out there for a lower price.
From: Douglas, 9/12

Comments: My son wore these shoes for two months. The tread was gone and a hole formed in the outsole. They were comfortable, but did not hold up nearly as well as his Prince T22 shoes did. The Prince T22 held up for several months.
From: Kristin, 8/12

Comments: This shoe is way too light and not durable enough for hard courts. Like a lot of the Babolat shoes they are designed for clay courts. I wore through my pair in less than 4 months. They are TOO light for hard courts with no real support for your ankles. They look great and I had a lot of compliments, but it's all about performance and durability! I am a European living in the states - be careful of shoes designed to play on clay courts being sold for play on hard courts. Theses shoes were so light that both my big toe nails are black and about to fall off - I'm not joking! If you are playing on hard courts get as thick a sole as you's not rocket science. The thicker the sole the longer it will last.
From: Brian, 6/12

Comments: This is my favorite shoe. I have four pairs of them. Two white, one black and orange, one red/gray. This is a light shoe and very comfortable out of the box. You have to order a half size larger. I am 6 ft, 2 in, 200 lbs and have had great wear from these shoes. My first pair wore out after two years of play. I play every week, and three times per week in the summer on clay. I am not a toe dragger and if you are, these will probably wear quickly. I have not had any ankle issues with these, but when first putting them on I understand what people are saying. You do get an aggressive feel with a somewhat elevated heel compared to a flat shoe, but after some time in them, they feel normal. The sole is very grippy and still squeaks on the hard court after two years of play. Just a great fitting, light, shoe. At a discounted price, this is a steal.
From: John, 6/12

Comments: I ordered these shoes in the fall because the price was so good. I wore them throughout the indoor season, and was mostly happy with them, partly because they're so light and they don't really feel like tennis shoes. That's also the problem, however. They really don't offer enough support compared to the standard tennis shoe, especially lateral support. I run a lot when I play, so I like light shoes, but I was worried I was going to roll my ankle in these things. I now wear them to bike, but I wouldn't buy them again for tennis.
From: Matt, 5/12

Comments: This is a terrible shoe for a mover like me. The uppers were too giving, and I slipped a lot. The durability is terrible as well, wearing away in 2 weeks. Even if it has a durability guarantee, it is not worth it.
From: Jim, 5/12

Comments: This is my 3rd pair of tennis shoes and it is the best. I have used Nike, New Balance and just got this Babolat. This shoes fits very unique way and it helps my play - very stable and light. I have wide feet and it fits very well and comfortable.
From: Steve, 5/12

Comments: The pro's of this shoe are the nice looking design and the light weight. There is also no break-in. The con's of this shoe are that you need very very strong ankles. It's killing my ankle. I am not going to wear them for tennis again.
From: Pat, 4/12

Comments: Very good shoe weight wise, but after a few tough matches your ankle is toast!
From: Chethan, 4/12

Comments: Nice shoes, but the insoles are terrible and cushioning isn't enough. They are a great value especially since they have a durability guarantee, but they only provide ample cushioning if you put in some gel insoles. The fit is also strange as the width doesn't seem proportional to the length of the shoes. I actually was diagnosed with shin splints after using these shoes for two weeks. I don't think I can blame it all on the shoes, but I definitely think the shoes were a key factor in that. The bulk of the edging of the shoes gets a lot of abuse from my playing and doesn't seem to hold up well, and the outsole wears out quick. Otherwise, I also noticed cramping in my arches from these shoes. I'm still looking for a pair to use, but in the meantime, I'm still using these shoes. The comfort does get much better after breaking them in.
From: Drew, 4/12

Comments: Overall, a decent shoe, but I no longer play with them. They're very light, which makes them very fast, but with the light weight, there's a lack of stability, which makes quick lateral sprints a little uncomfortable. There also isn't much cushion. For the first few hours wearing this shoe, my feet were in significant pain. I continued to play with them and somehow they felt better over time and I found ways to adjust to the lack of stability. One of the main cons is the Babolat insole is too thin, a poor design and cheaply made. I have the same issue with the Babolat Propulse 2. The insole doesn't stay fixed in the bottom of the shoe and moves left and right during lateral movement. I had to take my shoes off and adjust the insoles on changeovers because they'd be on the sides of my feet, not the bottom of the shoe. I'm on the lookout for custom insoles to revive the shoe, but in the meantime I'm satisfied with the new Prince Rebel 2.
From: Steve, 3/12

Comments: Great shoe great price I play tennis 12 hours a week I love it I recommend this shoe to anyone who plays tennis.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: The worst tennis shoes I ever purchased! First time I wore them I nearly rolled both my ankles playing in my men's USTA outdoor match on hard courts and became very tentative moving laterally. The problem is the heel base is wider similar to running shoes which are detrimental to lateral movement sports. To overcome this I had to pick up my feet side sidestepping. I can't even wear the Babolat's as walking shoes as they are too narrow and tight.
From: Sushiray, 12/11

Comments: The shoe is comfortable. The mesh keeps your feet cool. However, I am pretty quick around the court, and I have fallen once or twice changing directions because my shoes just slipped out from under me. Also, instead of being able to stop and recover after I run a get a ball that is far off the court, I slide for 1 or 2 feet. It is comfy and looks cool. Also, if you bend them back and forth, you can avoid the stiffness in the sole at the beginning.
From: Daniel, 11/11

Comments: I received these last week and have worn them 3 times. They fit my foot great. They are cushioned and stable for such a lightweight shoe. Not as "sloppy", or as cushioned, as my Nike Cages. EXTREMELY cool looking. Will buy 2 more pair, esp. at this price.
From: Jose, 10/11

Comments: These shoes are very good looking so i decided to give them a try. I could not make it one day on these as my knees and ankles felt horrible and stiff after playing one hour. If they were free, I would not wear them. They are light but have no support or comfort to me. The sides feel squishy and ready to collapse when moving side to side. I sent them back and TW credited my account. I will stick with my Princes from now on.
From: Mike. 9/11

Comments: I like this shoe a lot. The Michelin compound is solid. Squeaks quite a bit, but that tells you your moving your feet properly. So that's a plus. For those who complain the shoe wears out to quick, news flash: shoes wear out! Dollar for dollar, this shoe stands up to anything from Nike or Adidas.
From: J, 9/11

Comments: These shoes are not very comfortable. After hours of running back and forth on the court, my toes began to hit the front of the shoe and cause a lot of pain.
From: Kevin, 9/11

Comments: This shoe is solid in terms of being cheap, lightweight, and with a durability guarantee. Just watch out though because if you're a player that slides at all during play, the shoe simply does not have the support to protect you from the stress of the court on your body. A friend and I both experienced terrible and nagging knee problems after wearing this shoe. I would go as far as to say it's under built. Also the upper inside part of the toe began wearing, also a result of the sliding. Just a heads up. :)
From: Robbie. 08/11

Comments: I buy all my shoes on close-outs & based on general reviews. I love Asics (though they wear out so damn fast) & Nikes. decided to try babolats due to brand. but I agree with Cliff, Fort Smith, AR, USA. 06/09 review. These are the worst shoes I have ever purchased (besides the above, I have had KSwiss, Adidas, Stan Smiths). 1st time playing in USTA match, I rolled both ankles! I didn't sprain them because I guess I was pretty nimble on my feet to recover quickly, but the heel design is the worst for side to side tennis rallies. It is more akin to a running shoe heel with it's wider heel base & edging. It tends to get caught thus ankle roll possibility. I do not recommend this shoe for players who like to cover a lot of court & can run side to side front to back all day long. Wasted $ and they don't even look good to me to be decent walking shoes! After that match I figured I try them indoors for volleyball, another sport that emphasizes lateral movement. Sorry they failed here also. With all the tennis/cross trainers/basketball/volleyball shoes I have purchased over the years - all of them performed well but this pair of Babolats were atrocious!
From: Sushiray. 08/11

Comments: These are awesome tennis shoes. They are very light, comfortable, good looking, good cushioning, and good ventilation. Truly makes me faster on the court. Don't make a mistake though, buy 1/2 size larger than your usual size. I will buy Babolat again.
From: G, 8/11

Comments: These shoes are tight. I have narrow feet and even the half size up was not big enough. Better leave these alone if you have wide feet!
From: Earl, 8/11

Comments: I got this shoe for a couple of reasons; it was relatively cheap and it had the 6 month warranty on the shoe. I am a person who is on the court a fair amount of time so I thought the 6 month warranty would be good for me. After one match of play (about and hour and a half) I started getting holes in the upper part of the shoe. after about 4 hours of true play I actually do have a hole. If you are a person who marks up their shoe above the sole of the shoe, this shoe is absolutely NOT FOR YOU! I will be contacting Babolat to get my refund. Otherwise this shoe is very comfortable and it resembles the Barricade line. Hope this helps!
From: Dustin. 7/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This shoe is amazing! This is the best shoe out there besides the Babolat Team Reverse Shoe. They are very comfortable, durable, and lightweight. Unlike some other shoe, these ones are not big and bulky. These are very light and fast. It is a great all around shoe.
From: Anon, 7/11

Comments: I loved the look of this shoe. I had the Reverses last year and they felt great and I decided to go with them again. When I'm on the court with these shoes I feel a little bit faster because of their light weight. Only complaint lasted me less than 3 months.
From: Jake. 6/11

Comments: Now we're talking. I gave away a pair of Big Shots and tried these. What a difference. I can't comment on the durability yet but they're a fast feeling shoe and very comfortable. Definitely order a half size larger than you normally do though. They do run small.
From: Brett. 6/11

Comments: A fantastic shoe. Light weight and extremely stable on the court. It's one of the best gripping shoes I've had. I'm a 4.0 player and play tennis at least 5 times a week. What I really dislike about the shoe is: the back or heel of the shoe has a terrible design. I pushed my heal down into the shoe and the whole back rolled down inside the material and I can't fix it. An absolute "must" when ordering is to go at least a 1/2 size bigger as many have said.
From: Brian. 5/11

Comments: These shoes are amazing! They are light and very easy to move around in. They are very comfortable and give you a lot of stability. They also give you a lot of traction and let you move from side to side very easily. I played on hard courts and after 7 months the toe part finally wore out. These shoes are great. I give them a ten out of ten
From: Garrett, Hoover, AL, USA. 4/11

Comments: A very comfortable sole, with great performance. It also lasted about 7 months for me, so this item is definitely a great bye for anyone.
From: John, Austin, TX, USA, 02/11

Comments: Used these shoes for over 4 months, in 4.5 singles and doubles 2-4 days a week. Out of the box COMFORT is the main attribute of this shoe, and outsole Durability and traction are also impressive! Being the lightest shoe with a durability guarantee, I had to try it, and really the only reason to do so. However, I was very pleased the whole duration, and even in the final hours as I wore through under the toe-area outsole, the overall traction of the shoe is great. Not even the Barricade V, Genius 1 or II have the same traction as this, but they are far more stable. I had to wear ankle wraps with the Bab TAC 4, and the upper is a little weak. Otherwise this is a heavy competitor to the Feather and Vapor lines of the more pricey brands; this shoe is much much more durable than Vapors or Feathers, but less stable than Barricades. Hopefully the V-Pro comes in all white...
From: James, OH, USA, 02/11

Comments: Right out of the box these shoes are impressive. The shoes have the most grip on your feet. The only down side is the toe wears out for me in about one week. 7/10
From: Riley, Corona, CA, USA, 12/10

Comments: I recently ordered a pair of these and thought it might be helpful to provide some sizing information. Before ordering, I double-checked my shoe size and my feet measure size 9.5. I ordered these shoes in size 10 and found that the tips of my toes touch the end of the shoe. I don't have to bend my toes to get the shoes on, but there is no extra room at the end of the shoe. As such I would say that the 9.5 version of this shoe probably runs a full size small rather than a half size. I have tried the Propulse IIs as well and in 9.5 those seem to run a half size small rather than true to length.
From: Frank, Beaverton, OR, USA, 10/10

Comments: Wonderful shoes but I have an issue of them busting at the seams. I play 5-6 hours daily and had my shoes for a little under a month and the right shoe seam blew out. TW is very good about replacing defective products. Minus that small glitch, the shoes are FANTASTIC and so comfortable.
From: Clay, Bowling Green, KY, USA, 09/10
NTRP: 4.5

Comments: This shoe actually is really comfortable (I used Barricade V before and several Nike's) compared to any other shoe I used lately. Thanks for the recommendation to get one size larger, it fits perfectly now. I have medium arch and medium wide feet and my feet really breathes well in this shoe. Lets see how the durability goes. I am happy to choose this as my next shoe for playing tennis. (3.5 USTA player, on indoor hard courts)
From: Subbu, Tumwater, WA, USA, 09/10

Comments: These are by far the best pair of tennis shoes I've ever worn on court. The weight of the shoe is very light, I feel like I have a pair of running shoes on. The traction is outstanding. Running down balls, stopping and switching direction has all improved with this shoe. The shoes felt very comfortable when I first put them on and gained in comfort after a couple of matches. They do run a 1/2 size short. My feet measure in at 12 1/2 but finding shoes in 12 1/2 size are very limited, so I usually have to go with a 13. This shoe in a 13, fits my fit perfectly. I mean perfect! I'm going to buy 2-3 more pair just to stock up in my closet. I finally found the perfect shoe for my feet! Love them!
From: Justin, Oklahoma City, OK. 09/10

Comments: Most durable shoe I have tried so far. I usually wear through the soles of my shoes in about one season or less. I bought these shoes two seasons ago and still haven't even had the first flat spot show. I do recommend trying them on in your local tennis store before you order them. I could see how they might not be for everyone's feet. Perfect for me and will keep wearing this shoe.
From: Jon, Woodstock, GA, USA, 08/10

Comments: I have been wearing this shoe for one year, and they are the best shoe I have had. Very light, stay cool and dry, comfortable and steal squeak on the hardcourt. If you are a toe dragger these might not hold up, but I have put a year of abuse to them and they are still fantastic. Will order another pair soon.
From: JT, Texas, USA. 06/10

Comments: Great great kicks! Oh man they are comfortable!
From: Nermin H, Boston, Ma. 5/10

Comments: These are great shoes. I am a wide size 12, and I ordered a size 12.5. They fit great and absorb shock very well. Make sure you order a size .5 extra like recommended.
From: John H, Roanoke. 5/10

Comments: Great shoe awesome design, I got a lot of positive comments from my friends. I wear a size 10, and I followed the website of going a half size bigger, but unless you have wide feet, stick with your normal size. When I first put the shoes on they were a perfect fit, but after a few days of hitting, they got a bit of extra room. It's nothing extreme, but if you prefer a tight fit, like I said stick with your normal size. Oh and the Michelin man on the back of the shoe is a nice touch.
From: Brandon, Southern California. 4/10

Comments: These shoes are the worst tennis shoes I've ever owned. Yes, they are comfortable and lightweight. However, the support and cushioning is virtually non-existent. I have mainly used the Adidas Barricade line and have found them to be excellent shoes. I got these Babolats through a promotional deal with the purchase of a Babolat racquet. Even at less than half-price they were not worth it. In fact, I wouldn't wear them if they were free.
From: Craig, Cary, NC, USA. 04/10

Comments: I've been wearing these shoes for a few months now. Here's what I think about this shoe: Overall: Very good shoe! Sole: Seems to last a good long time compared to the Asics Gel Res. I'm not a big guy but I constantly run, cut, stop, etc. At first I kept catching the outside edges and even fell over a couple of times. After I got the edges rounded off, the grip is Very Good. And the best part is as it wears, the grip continues to be very even unlike some shoes. I have a couple of flat spots but can't tell a difference on the court. Comfort: I find the insole to be firmer than I'd like. The padding in the upper and the general feel of the upper is ok. Fit: For me, the fit is good. I have to keep the laces very tight to avoid sliding forward and banging my toes on hard stops. Stability: Pretty good, not great. Speed: Yes, definitely a light shoe and fairly fast. I've worn shoes from Asics and Yonex that were faster, but these are close. Key question, will I buy another pair or keep looking? If the comfort were a step up, I'd buy more, but alas, I have to keep looking.
From: Anon. 4/10

Comments: These shoes are the most fantabulous shoes I have ever had the pleasure of getting into. I play tennis 8 days a week for 7 hours a day and these shoes have outrageous comfort and support, and they are also surprisingly light :)
From: Max, Independence, Ks, US of A. 4/10

Comments: The most comfortable shoe ever! I just got them today and they are awesome. They look but feel even better so far a 10 out of 10!
From: Benjamin, Atwater, CA 03/10

Comments: Probably the most comfortable shoes ever! My only complaint is that they start splitting open at the toe very quickly I give them an 8/10.
From: Anon. 03/10

Comments: Most comfortable shoes ever. I ordered half size larger (ie 11 instead of 10.5). In the past Babolat shoes appeared tight as i have slightly wide feet. These shoes fit so comfortable that i was surprised. It fit the shoe like glove. I tried to break in by running on treadmill, not needed. These shoes need no break in. Excellent Grip and traction. I ran on the court for three hours and my feet didn't feel it. I am considering ordering a couple more pairs. I cant comment on longevity because I only had these for 4 days.
From: TennisMonk, 03/10

Comments: Probably one of the best tennis shoes I've ever worn. I came to these looking for a lighter weight than my previous Barricades and Geniuses. It's a bonus that they come with an outsole warranty because they're so light. I am very hard on my shoes, and I wear out my shoes in about 1.5 months. My Barricades died within a month, and the Geniuses lasted like a week longer before I destroyed the outsole, midsole, and then my sock after the insole went bang. These Babolat look like they will suffer the same fate because after about 14 hours of play, the tread is starting to flatten out. I spend most of my time on my heels never wear out. However, they seem to provide the same durability as the a much lighter shoe. It also breathes better than the Barricade as well. However, it does not provide as much stability as the heavier shoes...which is a given. It is not that noticeable, but after wearing lots of shoes and moving around, you'll develop a feel for stability. These have a glove like, low to the ground fit. The forefoot is narrow compared to most other shoes. Almost no break in is required. I have narrow feet. Ordering a half size larger depends on you. I did not have to.
From: Derrick, La Jolla, CA 02/10

Comments: These are the most comfortable sneakers I've ever worn! Instead of buying half size larger than usual, check the page of shoe sizing in TW. I played very good this evening while wearing these shoes. They are very inexpensive as well. You gotta buy them!
From: Jaime, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico 01/10

Comments: I bought this shoe 6 months ago and they still perform very well. The soles are just now starting to wear. The biggest problem I found are the sides of the shoes. If you are a player who bends down a lot or drag a foot on certain shots, the sides will fray or totally wear through. My right shoe has a quarter sized hole above where my toe is. The lightweight material is just that, too flimsy. However, I would suggest these shoes if you play 3+ times a week. Also, I found I needed a size 11 rather than my foot size of 10. This shoe is, in my opinion better suited to players who don't need a lot of support but looking for a lightweight shoe they can move in fast.
From: Jason 01/10

Comments: Dreadful shoe. Does not hold up on hard court at all. Exploring the durability guarantee. 6 weeks of wear and they are trashed.
From: Criss, S, Massachusetts, USA. 12/09

Comments: The most comfortable tennis shoe I have worn. Believe the sizing advice. I usually wear an 11 1/2 or 12 and the size 12 I bought are almost too small. I am not very rough on shoes, but so far the high comfort level of these shoes does seem to mean a little compromise in the area of durability.
From: Marty, Marietta, GA 11/09

Comments: I love how comfortable these shoes are, no break in required, awesome traction, but durability is horrible. Shoes wore out in a little over a month.
From: Don, Garden Grove, CA. 10/09

Comments: Believe the suggestion to buy a 1/2 size larger than you usually wear.
From: RICH, SARASOTA, FL. 10/09

Comments: These are very good shoes, but not perfect. Pros: traction, well constructed, comfortable, light weight and low to the ground. Cons: Heal and forefoot cushion could be better (It does improve with more play), no ankle support, somewhat stiff out of the box but this goes away within 30 minutes of play. The material is similar to Nike Flywire, but less rigid. They fit similar to the Nike Zoom Kobe IV in that they have a glove like feel and are very light weight. Overall I would recommend these shoes, but they could be improved with better ankle support and better heal and forefoot cushioning.
From: Jeff, Belvidere, IL 09/09

Comments: Love the shoe. No need to break them in, and a lot lighter than the breathe cages. Fits like a glove.
From: Dave, Bellevue, WA 09/09

Comments: Great shoe but definitely runs very small as indicated. I got 1/2 size large than I wear with adidas Feather and probably should have actually gotten a full size larger. Besides the size issue they feel great out of the box.
From: Chris, Charlottesville, VA., USA. 8/09

Comments: Got these a few days ago, feel great, fit great, durability seems like it'll be fine. I'm very impressed--I'd been an adidas tirand/barricade wearer for years and switched to these recently and the comfort I think is even better. As to reports they run a 1/2 size small, I found them to be true to size. I wear a 10 in adidas, the 10s in these fit great. Good shoe.
From: J, MA 7/09

Comments: I bought it a few days ago and I loved it. It fits very well! Too comfortable and awesome for play in all courts.
From: Tito, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, 07/09

Comments: This purchase was worth it because I received a good deal on the shoes. I do need something with a slightly wider platform. Lightweight, but I require a bit more cushioning and will likely use them for light hitting sessions or no more than an hour on the court. If you are lighter weight or just lighter on your feet, this shoe could be a good choice for you. I like them on the carpet/clay type of court we have locally. To put it in perspective, I'm not one who finds the Oscillates overly stiff.
From: Jim, Denver, CO, 06/09

Comments: Without a doubt, these are the worst pair of tennis shoes I've even worn. I've been a fan of Babolat gear for years, but after a month of every other day use (hard and clay court) these shoes are already worn out and my feet are in a lot of pain. The shoes have a very squishy feel and as another commenter noted they tend to jam your toes a lot. After playing today I couldn't stand the thought of wearing them even one more time so it's into the trash can. A complete waste of money in my opinion and I can't believe Babolat is marketing these shoes as being something special.
From: Cliff, Fort Smith, AR, USA. 06/09

Comments: This shoe is very light with pillow like cushion on the heel. It has great traction and lateral support. My only negative comment is that my toes touch the front of the shoe fairly easily when stopping forward movement quickly. Other than that, this is a great shoe that lets you move quickly and easily while giving a soft and comfortable ride.
From: Jason, Seattle, Wa. USA. 05/09

Comments: These shoes are great. I previously owned Nike Vapor V's and overall I like these shoes better. At first they are VERY stiff, they hurt my feet but after using them for a couple hours they're perfect. Cushioning is way better then I imagined and the traction is great. My favorite part of the shoe would definitely have to be the weight, it is light.. VERY LIGHT. The only gripe I have is that side part of the shoe, it seems like it is peeling off already, it is the part on the right side of the left shoe or the left side of the right shoe, that is the part where I drag my feet when I play and it seems like its coming off. But I highly recommend this shoe to anyone looking to get a great pair of durable and light shoes.
From: Janel, Chicago, IL, USA. 05/09

Comments: They may look good but that's it. They feel fine and the support is good... however they are not durable. I play high school tennis and in 2 matches and 1 practice tore 2 holes in my right shoe. They didn't even last a week. If you at all tend to cut hard when you run or drag your toe on either your forehand or serve you're screwed. Also they are very stiff out of the box.
From: Ben, New Jersey. USA. 04/09

Comments: Nice shoes. Very light, better traction than the Propulse. Great cushioning, also much better than the Propulse. I should have ordered 1/2 size larger as was recommended, but I didn't believe it. I have had over a dozen pairs of Barricades going back to the Barricade II's, and I am not sorry I switched. I am guessing durability will not be as good, but I can't be sure, as I have only had them for a couple of weeks.
From: Roy, Santa Rosa, Ca, USA. 04/09

Comments: Great shoes. I was so disappointed with the first version, these are super comfortable and cushioned in comparison, I also added a gel insole and wearing Thorlo socks. It was a super nice ride. Get 1/2 a size up from your standard shoe size, they REALLY do run 1/2 a size smaller. I rate the cushioning like the Breathe Cage II or better (both with the gel insoles) but much much lighter and maneuverable, stability very good also.
From: Matt, Seattle, WA, USA. 4/09

Comments: These are the most cushioned shoes I have ever worn, and they're lighter than Barricades. Durability I don't know yet, but my feet are thanking me for it and I can now stay longer on court.
From: Cris, Melbourne, Australia. 3/09

Comments: I loved the comfort of these shoes! I used to play with the Barricades and the Babolat are so much more comfy! Great support as well. Great shoes!
From: Sean, San Bernardino, CA. 3/09

Comments: These are the most painful sneakers I've ever worn. At 13oz too weak to be a tennis shoe. The plastics things on the side press into the side of your foot, and I was in pain the entire night playing. What a waste of money. The only good thing is they look great.
From: rocky b, NY. 3/09

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