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Comments: The shoes were comfortable when I first wore them. It took about 20 minutes of play before they conformed to my foot. I ordered a pair and the straps to the tongue of the shoe tore off. I returned them to TW and they sent me a new pair the following week. I wore the replacement pair for about 10 minutes around the house and one of the straps tore off again. I had cut the other straps off and played in them. They were fine and the straps to the tongue were not needed. So far the shoes have been fine.
From: John, 4/15

Comments: Shoes are comfortable right out of the box. For me, after a couple of sets they tend to get a little warm. They could use more ventilation.
From: Scott, 3/15

Comments: Great fit right out of the box, no need for break in. However, I do have one complaint -- the shoes are very hot after two sets or so. Not quite enough ventilation.
From: Avery, 3/15

Comments: Awesome shoe! Very comfortable and stable. Excellent cushioning.
From: Anjan, 2/15

Comments: Without a doubt, the most comfortable court shoe I have ever worn. I could literally feel the additional spring with my movements around the court. Bye bye K Swiss, New Balance, Prince, and the rest. There's a new love in my life. After playing with one pair, I ordered another 3!
From: Gerry, 1/15

Comments: Love everything about these shoes! They are comfortable and offer great cushion and bounce. The only thing I am not sure is if they can really live up to the six months guarantee. So far, I kind of doubt it. I only play doubles about three to four times per week. Two months into it, the wear is obvious.
From: Jack, 12/14

Comments: Coming from the Asics Gel Solutions, I found these to have a super cushy, comfortable feel as soon as I put them on. At first I was concerned the additional weight might slow me down, but on court I did not notice it at all. The best thing about this shoe is the nice wide toe box, which is great for my bunions. Overall, I'm very happy with these, and plan to stick with this shoe for the long-term. A couple things that I think could be improved upon: 1) I experienced occasional minor toe jamming with these, I had to keep tightening the laces at the top to stop my foot from sliding forward. 2) The shoe upper was so soft it lacked stability at times. 3) I found my Asics to have better cushioning in the ball of foot area. I didn't find these to be 1/2 size large. I'm normally 11 and ordered a 10 1/2 which was too small.
From: J, 11/14

Comments: Just got them and played once, but looking forward to long lasting soles. Good room in toe box. Priced well! Thanks!
From: Ron, 11/14

Comments: The worst shoes I've ever played tennis in. They gave me planter fasciitis that I'm still struggling with 10 months later. I complained via email to Babolat and never received a response. I would never buy Babolat or recommend their shoes or racquets to anyone. I think their products are gimmicky, cheap quality, and grossly overhyped.
From: Brett, 10/14

Comments: Great shoe for a wider foot. I broke my big toe playing football and had a hard time finding a comfortable shoe. Had these for 4 weeks now and play for 2 hours 3 times a week. Great comfort and stability, the first time I had no pain even after several games.
From: Steve, 9/14

Comments: Amazingly comfortable with no break-in needed. I'll be buying another pair for when these eventually wear out.
From: Andy, 9/14

Comments: Ordered these and a pair of Babolat SFX (Blue), last Thursday and received them today, 8/12/14. I have wide feet, bunions, and a high instep. I live in North Florida and play 2-3 times a week on a hard court. While the New Balances and the Babolats are both good looking shoes, the Babolat SFX won out over the NBs for me. The arch support and the overall cushioning in the Babolat's were better than the NBs. Also, the toe box was wider in the SFX. Overall, the SFX is a better fit for me even though the NBs are a 2E. I could not feel the weight difference as the NBs are a tad lighter. I'm keeping the SFX shoes and returning the NBs.
From: Tony, 8/14

Comments: I never got to play in these, but just tried them on. They're comfortable right out of the box like other Babolat shoes I've worn. The toe box was huge on me and I have medium width feet. I also couldn't deal with the EVA type plastic cage up front. Bring back leather shoes!
From: Don, 7/14

Comments: Better than average toe durability. Nice, wide toebox. Extremely comfort-oriented, but still adequately supportive. I use a custom insole for added arch support. The downside is poor ventilation. The TW testers aren't playing in deep south heat and humidity. I am in SC and I'm here to tell you that this shoe not only doesn't ventilate air properly, it will also hold on to sweat until it starts coming out of the top of the shoe. This shoe also rides pretty high, which some people won't like, but that's because of all the extra cushioning. Good shoe.
From: Eric, 7/14

Comments: Good arch support. Nice width if you don't like a narrow fit. The tongue stays in place. All-around excellent performer.
From: Mark, 7/14

Comments: I have wide feet, and these shoes fit them like gloves. I played with them for about 3 hours so far. Very stable with great traction. Changing direction is noticeably easier compared to my previous shoes. No wear and tear yet. A+ so far.
From: Matt, 7/14

Comments: Great shoes, I already bought 5 pairs. Seems they are making this kind any longer. I play tennis 7 days a week, and they last me about 3 to 4 months, but I do play up to 4 hours sometimes a day. Love them.
From: Carlos, 7/14

Comments: I just received these shoes and instantly feel the comfort as soon as I put them on. A half size smaller is the perfect fit -- fits like a glove with a little room. Now I need to see how the durability is on the soles.
From: Don, /14

Comments: I had been wearing NB shoes that have been discontinued and tried wide Nikes, including custom ones to accommodate my very wide feet. Finally I tried the SFX and played two hours today in new pair. The shoes started out OK and got more comfortable as match progressed. The best shoe ever. Just ordered two more pairs for my summer rotation. Thank you.
From: Zev, 5/14

Comments: Fantastic fit, right out of the box! Got a half size smaller as recommended. They fit perfectly.
From: Bruce, 5/14

Comments: Very wide shoe. I have a medium width foot and bought this wide shoe to accommodate two insoles, which it does well. (Factory insole on top of Sorbothane Classic Gel insole for superior impact absorption.) I have to tie the toebox laces very tight to prevent swimming, but it works better than most for two insoles. The factory insole is literally the most cushioned factory insole I have ever seen, comparable to a $15 after-market insole. That's why I kept it. The laces are difficult to get tight enough but not over-tight, but once I find the right level, the shoes are excellent. The plush feel of this shoe protects my feet and body.
From: Michael, 5/14

Comments: Best shoes I've had so far. Great stability; the tongue stays locked in place, and my feet dont feel cramped. All around good for tennis!
From: Mark, 5/14

Comments: Roomy, comfortable and excellent durability. I have a 2E wide foot and had been wearing New Balance shoes exclusively. New Balance makes a good shoe but the durability is not adequate for hard court play. It is nice to have an alternative shoe. Hope Babolat does not change the design.
From: Robert, 4/14

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