Babolat Propulse 4 White/Blue Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: Very good shoe. No break-in required, better than the New Balance 996. Definitely a bargain for 50 dollars and no tax and free shipping.
From: Jhon, 12/14

Comments: Heard these were a good shoe. Very disappointed with them though. They have a big, clumsy feel to me and I couldn't play very long before my feet hurt. I'm a very quick player and these shoes slowed me down.
From: Skyler, 11/14

Comments: Very tight fitting shoe in width across the forefoot. I have moderately wide feet and couldn't wear them. The length was good though.
From: Ed, 11/14

Comments: Very comfortable shoe just as described on the TW page product description. My feet are broad below the toes and I usually wear a size 14 normal width. These Propulse 4s fit perfectly well and I didn't experience any kind of heel- rubbing or discomfort on the soles of my feet. Overall, a great economical pair of shoes that is highly recommended for intermediate/advanced players.
From: Sandy, 9/14

Comments: These shoes are amazing. They offer the perfect amount of ankle support while maintaining comfort. I've gone through 3 pairs of these and am sad they are on sale because that makes me think they are phasing this pair out. Time to order a bunch so I have them in stock! Also, there is a 6-month guarantee, but I go through a pair in about 2-3 months before I have holes in the sole. This is probably because I average 10-15 hours of play each week.
From: Anon, 9/14

Comments: I used these shoes for two sets of singles, but my forefoot started hurting. I suspect they are not well cushioned in that area. I then relegated them to doubles play and they worked out pretty well. With about 12 sets on them, the toe cap started coming loose on both shoes. Shortly after that, the soles starting separating from the main body of the shoe. It was almost a synchronized self destruction. I attemped to superglue them back together, to no avail. Now, rather than flap around on the court, I use them when I wash my car or do yardwork. By the way, I contacted Babolat about this defect and they wouldn't replace them as I had purchased them more than a year ago. (I stocked up on Lottos and got one pair of Babolats when they were on sale, so, even though I had purchased them longer than 12 months earlier, they had only a few weeks wear on them). I think I know why Roddick now uses Asics!
From: Bob, 8/14

Comments: I really enjoyed these shoes. They may be a bit heavier than some of the Nike shoes, but they're comfortable. They are a little tight on the toes and if you are an avid player like me and play on hard courts. And after a couple months holes start to form especially in the toe area.
From: Alessandro, 7/14

Comments: I've worn adidas Barricades for years and still rotate the 7s and 8s. I purchased the Babolat because I've heard great things about them and several of the pros at the club wear them, and of course I like the looks. When I first slipped them on I was concerned that they were a bit snug in the toes but after walking around for about 20 minutes they loosened up. I wore them for a match the next day with a pair of my Barricades on standby just in case. No need to switch though, they felt great. Very stable and light and comfortable. I'm a 3.5 player that plays on hard court. I'm very quick on my feet and rely on my shoes to be responsive. I'd highly recommend these shoes.
From: David, 7/14

Comments: Having previously used the Propulse 3s, these are a step down. My feet were locked down with the 3s even though they inlficted a few blisters upon my feet. The Propulse 4s, however, do not share the same lock down feedback. They feel clunky and heavy and, frankly, cheaply made. The toebox of the shoe is rather large and and it is difficult to consistently tie the shoes tight. There's just too much cushioning to feel like one with the shoe; and at the higher levels of the game, this is vital.
From: Steve, 7/14

Comments: I purchased this pair a week ago. They are cheaply built in comparison to the Propulse 3 and have less lateral stability. It is still a decent shoe but once you had the pleasure of previous version of the Propulse it is just sad to see Babolat cut corners on what used to be a great shoe.
From: Warren, 7/14

Comments: I purchased a pair four weeks ago. Do not like the fit. They already have begun to wear on the outer sole. And the lateral support is lacking.
From: Clarence, 6/14

Comments: Purchased 2 pairs and the eyelet broke through the leather with both. Very poor design on the eyelet Needs to be reinforced. Each pair lasted less than 6 months.
From: Joseph, 5/14

Comments: Totally different shoe from the Propulse 2, which was one of the best shoes I've ever played with. I got the 4s about a month ago and have already blown out the side of one of the shoes. Several of the eyelets have torn and the straps are nothing like they were on the 2s. These also have a much longer break-in period than the 2s, which I didn't make it through before they fell apart. I'm very disappointed with these shoes. It seems like they used cheaper materials. This may work for lower level players but if you move hard at all expect to destroy these shoes long before you wear out the sole. I also don't think this is covered by the 6-month guarantee so I'm out $90. I've had this experience with Nike shoes as well. It seems like high end tennis shoes overall are getting worse. Bring back the Barricade 2s and the old Sampras Nikes!
From: Steve, 5/14

Comments: These are honestly the best tennis shoes I've ever had. To make my position clear, I am a level 5-5.5 player and have tried a variety of shoes including plenty of Nikes and adidas, yet these are still the best I've ever had. I have pretty fat feet hat are wide and have medium arches, so if you are like me and want something that has the best combination of feel and comfort, with good quickness (though Nike has quicker shoes) and traction, go with these.
From: Kian, 5/14

Comments: I think these are excellent shoes. The Propulse 2 were also excellent shoes, but the 3s were not nearly as good. The Propulse 4 has a much better fit than the 3s, which gradually and continually stretched out in the toe box, so after a while, I was sliding around inside them. The 4s are solid throughout the life of the shoe. I like the thinner strap compared to the Propulse 2, because it doesn't put as much pressure on the top of my foot and seems to fit better. I also like that there are no holes on the bottom of the shoe since I no longer have to play in wet socks if I happen to step into a puddle. The 2s seem a little quicker around the court, and could be strapped in a little more solidly, but overall the 4s are just as good. I love the 6 month guarantee, since I just got a new pair after 5 months.
From: Norm, 4/14

Comments: I loved the 3s. The 4s feel heavier and the straps are more flimsy. If you were a fan of the 3s proceed with caution. I myself have moved on to a lighter pair of KSwiss shoes which are nice but I miss the 3s.
From: Joe, 4/14

Comments: I liked the straps better on the Propulse 2 model. The straps are very important for me, especially locking in the heel. I think the sole tread is outstanding on the Propulse 4, but the straps are not as effective and feel flimsy. Please pass this along to Babolat.
From: Steve, 2/14

Comments: The Propulse 2 was one of my all-time favorite shoes, as the straps really allowed one to customize the heel fit and arch support. The straps on the PP4, in comparison, are not as effective and feel more flimsy, requiring more effort to reach similar levels of custom support. I will say, for a durability shoe, this is the lightest and fastest feeling 6-month durability shoe I have tried, and while less durable than the Barricade or Ballistec line, it is not cumbersome or heavy. It compares with the weight and feel of the middle weight shoes that don't come with durability guarantees. Overall, a decent value for the money, and would be a top shoe if they went back to the substantial straps that the PP2s had.
From: James, 1/14

Comments: I bought this shoe because my son is a high school varsity player and wears out shoes very quickly. Also primarily because of the 6 month warranty. I sent them directly to the Babolat returns address with my receipt proof of purchase and I never got a replacement.
From: Winst, 1/14

Comments: This shoe is all right, but it's a little uncomfortable. Plus for a person who plays a lot, the shoe has a small hole in it after 3 months, so I would recommend this shoe to someone who doesn't play a whole lot. I'm thinking about upgrading to Nike.
From: Nasir, 11/13

Comments: I am typically a Nike user. Vapor, Ballistec, Cage. I tried this shoe out today. While it is a sturdy shoe, I find that this strap system is basically a gimmick, and a pain in the neck to boot. Makes putting on the shoe twice as cumbersome. And the material/quality of the straps is not good. I would recommend to anyone that falls in love with this shoe, to cut the straps off. Aside from that, it is a very solid feeling shoe. Low profile, plenty of room as well for people with wide feet. I wont be switching brands any time soon.
From: Dan, 11/13

Comments: I have been wearing the Propulse line since the 2nd version. I like this model with the exception of the strapping system. I like to really tighten down the straps to lock in my foot without having to tie my shoes to a point of cutting off circulation to my feet. The straps on this version are too narrow and flimsy. They do not allow me to lock down the shoe like the Propulse 3 version allowed.
From: Anon, 9/13

Comments: I found these shoes to be very clunky and slow. They had almost no pop, and it felt like dragging around a weight on the court.
From: Joe, 9/13

Comments: I love reading reviews on TW webpage! People are so diverse and have so many different views and likes/dislikes! In my opinion, these are the most comfortable Babolat shoes ever made. I have had many different pairs including the Propulse 2,3 and 4. These fit my feet the best and the durability with all Babolat shoes are the best on the market!
From: CF, 9/13

Comments: Loose in the heels, even with the strap. The ventilation isn't too good, but I'm happy with everything else.
From: Jon, 9/13

Comments: These shoes feel extremely loose in the heels and the ride is higher than I prefer. Because of this, I am aware of my footwear while I play. The Nike Courtballistec 4.3 and the Nike Vapor 9 (probably the two most outstanding performance shoes on the market) fit like gloves and feel superb, and, as a result, I am never consciously of these shoes while I play.
From: Anon, 6/13

Comments: Excellent shoe! I had to go up a half shoe size from the Propulse 3s though, as they are thinner through the toe box. After doing that, I feel these are the best shoes I have ever worn. I feel comfortable and explosive on the court. No idea about the durability right now, but the feel is excellent.
From: Matt, 5/13

Comments: These shoe are narrow in my opinion. I play highschool tennis and after a long day at the district tournament (which i won) my feet were killing me. These shoes are more durable than the Propulse 3s, but I thought the 3s were a better shoe!
From: Chris, 5/13

Comments: This was an impulse buy for me as I never researched the specs or even read any of the reviews prior. After only a few minutes on the court, these shoes felt amazing comfortable, yet stable. They felt snug yet just enough width and toe room for easy flexing. The shoe is loaded with tennis technology that actually makes you feel quicker as well. Despite the horrible cosmetics (in my opinion), this shoe pass my Goldie Locks test.
From: Larry, 4/13

Comments: These shoes are good, for me, they are a big improvement over the Propulse 3. They are stiffer and thinner in the toe box. The upper is not as soft, which is good because that was one of the things that made me crazy about the Propulse 3. These are comfortable right out of the box and become more comfortable as you break them in. I've got about 12 hours of match play in them and they are holding up well. The straps feel a little flimsy but they still work. I've played on clay and hard courts and they handle well on both.
From: Kyle, 3/13

Comments: So an update to my 2/13 comments, after giving them about a month of solid play my feet are hating life. I loved the older Propulse, great fit right out of the box and the footbelt system was great for locking your foot in. The new 4's have been noticeably narrowed in the toe box and are causing serious pain in my toes, even other people who saw them on me commented on how narrow they looked. If you have narrow feet these might work for you but if you have a wider toe beware. So the search is on for a new shoe.
From: Mark, 3/13

Comments: I play highschool tennis and I have had these since the day they came out. I'll tell you now I will not be getting these again. They are already torn up and worn on the bottom. They dont fit as well as the Propulse 3, and I've had nothing but problems from these shoes. The next shoe I'm going to get will be the Nike Zoom Vapor.
From: Ryan, 3/13

Comments: Premium cosmetics. Snug fit and excellent support. Improved outsoles from previous version. Outsole treading patten looks and feels like patent certified. Better uppers, less elasticity resulting in more of a glove-like feel. Thicker insoles for better cushioning. Best Propulse so far. Clearly, Babolat has spent some time in their labs to create a new iteration that simply looks, feels, and plays like no other.
From: Dave, 3/13

Comments: I got these shoes in the mail yesterday and tried them out for my 4.0 practice. I played 2 sets of doubles and 2 of singles. The shoes felt good right out of the box and slightly lighter/faster compared to my Barricades. Although they felt good, I am worried about the durability. I am hard on shoes which is why I wanted to try something new since the Barricade 7s do not last as long as the 6s. These new shoes showed some serious signs of wear on the soles after only one use. I will be surprised if they last 2 months, but I'll give them a shot and see what happens.
From: Brandon, 3/13

Comments: I really like these shoes! Compared to the propulse 3 (P3) that I still have, I noticed that the shoe felt a bit more comfortable out of the box with a some more cushioning underneath the forefoot. There's also more cushioning/fabric on top of the forefoot which prevented the blistering that I get on top of my fourth toe with the P3's (circumvented with some preventative taping). I'm an advanced player and as primarily a defensive baseliner, I found the shoes offered the same incredible lateral and forward/backward stability as the P3's but with more grip and less sliding/slippage on plexicushion hard court. I felt like I could turn on a dime without slipping or rolling an ankle. The shoe had no problem accommodating my EE wide feet as well as my ankle braces after a short 15 min break-in period. Length-wise was the same as the P3s. My only criticism is that the velcro strap on top of the foot is thinner and shorter compared to the previous model and I was only able to attaches half an inch of velcro onto itself. I was afraid it would break or become loose during play but it never did. I can't yet judge the durability of these shoes but I have a feeling the outsole is like a sports tire and wears quickly but has excellent traction. I normally play 2hrs of singles 3-4 times a week and would definitely buy them again if they can last me 3 months.
From: Timothy, 3/13

Comments: So I just got these yesterday from Babolat as a replacement for a pair of Propulse 3's that I wore out in less than 3 months. Initial reactions is that they feel considerably stiffer and narrower in the toe box than the preveious model. Unlike the 3's, these are going to require a break in period. Also the velcro straps on the foot belt system feel lighter weight, time will tell if they hold up.
From: Mark, 2/13

Comments: These are great shoes. There was no break-in period required. These shoes are little bit stiffer than the Propulse 3, but they provide more support and are just as comfortable. I felt very light on my feet and explosive on the court. I am very happy with the purchase.
From: Arnie, 2/13

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