Babolat Propulse 3 Red Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: Played in them for about 40 days (I play 3-4 times a week) and there was already a hole forming in the upper toe area. I have used Nike and adidas before and they are 20 times better. The back support is too high, rubbing against my achilles, so I would not recommend them.
From: Andy, 9/13

Comments: Worst, most painful show I have ever worn. adidas shoes are better. These shoes have too high of a back for the heel and was digging into my achilles. The middle has no support and it feels like I'm playin in high heels. They cost me a fortune and now they are in the trash. I couldn't even get the 6 month guarantee because I could not even wear them despite trying to. I got a bloody big toe nail because the front part of shoe is smaller and impacted my big toe. The actual shoe was not too small, but still had this weird problem.
From: Richard, 9/13

Comments: Good shoe -- comfortable and stable. Not crazy about the plastic mesh on uppers, though. My right toe nail rubbed out a hole in the mesh within a month and now I have a tear that I can't fix. Shoe would be perfect with leather uppers.
From: Jerry, 8/13

Comments: These are the best looking shoes I've ever worn. I got at least fifteen compliments on them in the 5 months they lasted. Comfort, traction and ventilation were good, stability was very good. Awesome stuff!
From: Brian, 7/13

Comments: Fantastic shoes! These shoes required no break in period at all. I put them to the test right when I got them. Shoes were extremely light and provided studiness and great grip when I moved side to side on the courts. The strap on the shoes provided an extra tightness adjustment according to the player. I loved it because I can adjust it accordingly. I will definetely buy more in the future!
From: Tan, 7/13

Comments: These shoes are very good. They have been very smooth on my feet when sliding and making quick jerks/turns.
From: Abhinandan

Comments: I really like these shoes. I'm a female and I really liked the color of these vs. the women's. Same great fit just different size scale. I highly recommend them. They are lightweight and easy to run in especially if you are a singles player. The toe and outsoles are very sturdy. The added strap on the top adds stability which is always good. I'm on my second pair and I am a collegiate player. If you are looking for another suggestion my other pair I switch between are the Air Max Courtballistec 4.3 men's Nike tennis shoe. Those also offer a great fit and feel to them!
From: Erin, 7/13

Comments: I've had these shoes for about 7 months and they were extremely sturdy until month 6. The shoe really is more durable than it looks. I like the foot belts, but after the outsoles wear out, the shoe wears out to the inner sole. Overall, great shoes.
From: Anon, 5/13

Comments: I have wide feet and this shoe probably fits the best among all of the ones I have had. The only problem is the durability, lasted barely 6 months. I play tennis at least 3-4 times a week on hard court. If you dont play too often I would recommend these.
From: Sidhu, 4/13

Comments: Great shoe, no break-in required at all. Light, stable, excellent shock absorption. Have had them for 3 months, playing 10 hrs a week and no signs of wear or tear. I have a regular width foot, size 9 and the shoe fits like a glove. Ventilation is good, not perfect, but that is to be expected with a synthetic upper. Cool designs too - I like the red. Take this review with a grain of salt as everyone has a different foot.
From: Pietro, 4/13

Comments: Solid shoe overall. Very resistable and sturdy for the price. Provides good lateral support and is stylish too. The only downfall is the weight being too heavy. Otherwise a reliable shoe.
From: Michal, 3/13

Comments: Great shoes. I've worn them just shy of three months now, and they've been serving me wonderfully. The ventilation, while not the best, is sufficient for the hot conditions of my state. Traction is very good too. Durability is very impressive. I've worn the 3.3 Court Ballistecs and while those lasted a long time, these are showing even less wear. The outsole rubber is extremely durable! Comfort is good except after the short break-in period, which is much more forgiving than the CB's were, the shoe's interior expands a bit much and this could be problematic for those with medium or narrow width feet. Luckily for me, my feet are medium-wide, so they fit almost perfect with minimal sliding in the toe region. I say minimal because there was some sliding, as I stubbed my big toe on a quick stop and this caused some momentary pain, but nothing serious by any means. The mini support belts don't necessarily provide the perfect fit as Babolat claims, but they do help tighten the shoe if the laces aren't doing enough. Now for the best part: aesthetics. I have the red colorway and they are the most gorgeous shoes I've ever worn. I've gotten at least-- and I'm not exaggerating-- fifteen compliments on the shoes and how simply cool they look. The red is unique and flashy, yet not overbearing. The design is slick and intelligent. I give my applaud to the shoe's designer. Fantastic work! So the shoes aren't the best in any category, but all around it's quite good. I would recommend it and I would buy them again, though I'll probably wait for the next version Propulse 4.
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: I've been playing heavily with these shoes for a month now. First things first, one of my shoes ended up discoloring on me (never expected that to happen). They are definitely not a "straight out of a box" playing shoe. I would recommend breaking it in first. I found it to be a heavier shoe then I prefer. I felt good support throughout the shoe. Great traction. They showed minimal wear, considering how many miles I have put on them. I like the straps, which add to a better fit. Overall, I would consider buying this shoe again.
From: Willie, 1/13

Comments: These shoes gave me huge blisters on the bottom of my feet after the first week of play and a tournament. They look very cool, but they do not perform too well and would not recommend them to a serious tournament player. Quality of looks is not as important as quality of performance.
From: Anon, 11/12

Comments: I got 2 pairs of the Babolat Red, White, and Blue shoes. One for using and one as a collector's item, and to be honest pictures do not give enough credit to these shoes. They look incredible, and not to mention they are the most comfortable of all shoes I have played in. I have tried out the Nike Courtballistics 4.3 and they have no durability. I have a pair of the Adidas 7.0 Barricades and they are nowhere near as nice of a shoe as the 6.0s. This shoe is my favorite of all shoes. I will only wear Babolat shoes for the rest of my high school/college career.
From: Trevor, 10/12

Comments: This is a very comfortable shoe while still being a tennis shoe. I am 6-1, 200 pounds with wide feet. I have tried a few different shoes (adidas barricade, Asics Gel Nimbus, and this one). These are extremely comfortable shoes while providing the stability needed for tennis. It's an excellent shoe, and I will probably purchase them again and again.
From: S.K., 10/12

Comments: Wow! There are a lot of customer reviews on this shoe. My biggest complaint with these and all other Babolat shoes is the comfort and cushioning in the forefoot. They feel stable overall, with great support. The straps are very helpful for this. Durability has never been an issue for Babolat shoes for me, in fact they are some of the most durable shoes I have found. I think they are fast shoes, cut with a higher heel and lower forefoot. I am 45 and not as spry as I once was, so the shoes are not my favorite. Sizing was odd, but it may be the forefoot again. My toes feel like they are at the end of the shoe but there is still room. I think it is the cut of the shoe more than size. You may ought to think about a half size more if you wear thick socks or use insoles. Nike Court Ballistec's are more comfortable and give great support, but they are way heavier. The Asics don't last as long but are probably dollar for dollar the best for me.
From: C.F., 10/12

Comments: I bought these shoes at Christmas. I loved them and only planned to wear them at the courts but I loved them so much that I just had to wear them everywhere. It's been a good 9ish months and I am just starting to notice some troubles with the traction. But 9 months is the best I've gotten out of a tennis shoe yet!
From: Ryan, 9/12

Comments: Ok, for anyone looking for that review that will help you switch from Nike or adidas, this is it. I have used Nike Courtballistec 3.3's and adidas barricade 7's up until I ordered these Propulse 3's, and I can honestly say, WOW! Nike and adidas shoes don't even compare to these. There is literally no break in time. I laced them up out of the box and hit the court without wearing them around first. They also weigh a fraction of any shoe I've worn recently, allowing me to feel like I am gliding across the court, and allowing for a noticeable increase in speed. Durability is also a major plus for these shoes simply because I tear through shoes, and the Propulse 3's are standing up to the test, along with the 6 month outsole warranty. Great shoe and cheaper than anything Nike or adidas has out right now. Definitely recommended.
From: Ethan, 7/12

Comments: I bought these for my 5'6" 100lb daughter. We needed to buy an after-market insole so that her feet wouldn't hurt after she played in them. They wore through to those insoles after about 3 months. Now to see if they will honor their durability warranty.
From: Steve, 7/12

Comments:I love them. Extremely comfortable with plenty of stability. I had some adidas shoes before and my feet always hurt after playing, but with these I don't hurt at all. Great shoes.
From: Chris, 7/12

Comments: This is, without a doubt, the best tennis shoe I have ever worn. Great comfort, sharp design and reasonable light-weight. I play three times a week and, after three months on hard courts, I am just beginning to see some signs of wear, but nothing to be concerned about. The front and heel straps contribute to a nice snug fit that keeps feet aligned as laced up.
From: James, 7/12

Comments: I recently bought the Propulse after my Nike 3.3 CB wore out. Let me tell you, after only a couple of weeks of wear these shoes have destroyed my feet. The naturally low shoe provided little to no protection on my feet, leaving me with blisters and preventing me from court time. Also the outsole of the shoe is very weak and poorly done. My Propulse currently has a huge gaping hole on the outsole from sliding after only 2 weeks of wear. The hole on the outsole has ripped two of my socks. However these shoes do provide good arch support and comfort but the performance is lacking greatly compared to the the Barricades and Courtballistics.
From: Harrison, 6/12

Comments:Hurts your upper toe. The circumference is too small squashing your toe mostly due to the rubber skin not stretching out like leather does.
From: CT, 6/12

Comments: These shoes are horrible in numerous ways! One upside is that they are comfortable. The downsides are that the outsole wore out in about 2 and a half months of wear. I wore these shoes 6 days a week and by the last day I wore them, there was a huge hole in the outsole. I'm not talking a little hole, I'm talking about the top of the outsole was literally a whole and it was pink. If you play non competitively and like once a week I would say get them just for the comfort.
From: Christian, 6/12

Comments: This are the best tennis shoes I've ever bought, when you buy a tennis shoe you look for 3 things comfort, durability and good looks this shoe has all of those it looks so sweet babolat did such a good job they last a long time too and also there so comfortable I've played in a lot of different tennis shoes adias but I'd these are the best the most comfortable and durable. Best shoe out there guys and best brand to buy shoes from, great job Babolat!
From: Kevin, 5/12

Comments: These are the only shoes that lasted me longer than 1 month. They lasted me 7 unfortunately... missed the warranty. But these are some of the most durable and comfortable shoes out there. Break in is less than 30 minutes of play time and straps let you tighten the shoes in spots that laces just done cut it. If you are a show breaker, and want some shoes that are great in support, nice on the comfort and durable for every bit of the 6 months, you found your shoe. Plus they look sweet.
From: Mike, 5/12

Comments: These shoes are very nice while they last. I ran through two pairs of them (all the way through I might add) in less than 3 months. That said, be aware that the 6 month durability guarantee is actually a one-pair replacement guarantee. I thought I had six months worth of shoes, but I ended up with less than half of that.
From: Taylor, 5/12

Comments: I have to say that these Propulse's are the most comfortable I have worn in a long time. I had the new Vapors before these, and I ran through them in about a month. I got these at the end of March and already put a hole through one of the outsoles. I think its due to the fact play six days a week for three hours at a time. At least they have a six month warranty.
From: Nick, 4/12

Comments: I have been wearing Babolat Propulses' since their inception. I can say that this latest incarnation is more comfortable than the previous shoes, but the uppers are softer, and your foot can move laterally. I have a fairly wide foot, and I haven't had this happen with any other shoes. The sole is low, so this hasn't caused concern for rolling my ankles, but I have to really tighten the laces more than I am use to doing. The biggest problem with the shoe is durability. I am 170 lbs, and play 2-3 times a week. I wore through the sole in 2 months for the first pair, sent them in for warranty replacement and then less than 1 month for the second pair. I keep wearing this second pair because, I can't believe I need a new pair so soon.
From: Roy, 4/12

Comments: Superb shoes! Like most people playing tennis, I have had so many different shoes and so many of them great, but these Babolats are really fantastic. Heel suport is excellent, upper part so soft, so comfortable, and very stable. Most tennis shoes no matter how good they are need break-in time, but these ones are perfect from the moment you put them on, at least it was like that in my case. I feel I could have them on all day long and my feet would not hurt.This are my first pair of Babolat Propulse, but certainly not the last. I am switching to Babolat!
From: Mario, 4/12

Comments: After one week, shoes already are worn on the bottom and have a hole from sliding! This is the 2nd pair, same style, same problems. I will not be purchasing these again.
From: Anthony, 4/12

Comments: Arrived in the mail on Friday and played my first match with them on Saturday. Very comfortable shoe with little to no break in required. I brought my other shoes just in case the Babolat's required some break in and hurt my feet but they felt great and I wore them the entire match. My feet are slightly wide and Babolat's have always fit well. I can't wear most adidas or nikes since they are so narrow but I hear the vapors are a little wider than normal (may give those a shot one day). The grip is perfect as they allow me to slide on the hard court and recover quickly. So far so good. We'll see how they hold up in a couple of months.
From: Brian, 4/12

Comments: First the good. VERY comfortable. Incredibly stable with the velcro system. Sharp looks. Wears pretty well in general (see 'the bad' for more, however). Nice and low to the ground, a very fast shoe. Excellent traction, almost too good...I slide on hard courts and the traction on these was so good it wasn't as easy to slide...again, the good news is I never feared rolling an ankle, until (see 'the bad'). The bad news, however, is after using for only 2 months, the rear upper tore away from the plastic support when running up to cover a drop shot. This caused my ankle to roll (no injury) and me to fall (injured forearm and wrist). I also had a tear through the sole near the back, but it did not seem to affect play. The one silver lining is that Babolat VERY PROMPTLY replaced these shoes in the warranty! I must temper the above saying I wear out Barricades in 3 months as well, so I am very hard on shoes. However, the Barricades simply wear a small hole at 3 months, these tore away from the upper. A big difference.
From: Steve, 3/12

Comments: By FAR the best shoe I've ever worn. Ever. This is my 3rd pair of Propulse 3..I'm almost addicted to this! More comfort, grip, and lighter feeling weight than any other shoes I've ever worn (even outside of tennis)The only problem is the Michelin durability guarantee. I am a player for my school's #1 singles spot and very aggressive. It took a little more than one season to completely wipe off the grip on the outsole, which is what usually happens to me, but it was more than 6 months so I couldn't replace them for free. But it is SO worth the money. Greatest shoe I've ever worn. 10/10
From: Brandon, 3/12

Comments: I've had these shoes for 6 months, still in great durability, got to admit that they have increased my movement by 60%. Great feel, overall great. But just recently I've started playing singles and they're great, but the hard stopping and turning left and right suddenly have created problems in my toes. They have cut off about 1/2 a inch of skin of my toe 4th toe on the 4th side, and just recently cut the one next to my big toe. These cuts have been where the joint is on your toe on the top section of the toe. I really hate this since it hurts when I run. So I wouldn't recommend these to anyone. And I only got 6 months with them.
From: Dany, 3/12

Comments: These shoes are the best when it comes to support and durability. They provide a lot of comfort for the player and come in three different colors. Although it says durability lasts for 6 months, I've had this for a year and have used in both hard and clay courts. I recommend this shoe for any player!
From: Michael, 3/12

Comments: Bought a pair of these and the first time out with them, playing doubles nonetheless, I got horrible blisters from them. I got the blisters at the top of the Achilles support from both shoes. It took a couple weeks before I could even consider wearing them again, which I did. Silly me. The second time out with them went much like the first. Now they are in the Goodwill donation bag. In telling my blister story to guys at my club, I found out that two others have had the same issue after buying these shoes. I should have asked around before getting them.
From: Lee, 3/12

Comments: To sum it up, It has all the good things from the Propulse 2 with more comfort! Nice job Babolat!
From: Kevin, 3/12

Comments: Great shoes..... I play 6 days a week on clay courts. I have used these for almost 9 months and is still in great shape. Excellent grip and durability. That is not even the best part, this shoe fits like a glove with the strap and is very flexible. My movement on court has almost improved by 30%. These are the best shoes I have tried so far.
From: Skankar, 3/12

Comments: These shoes are superb! Only the narrowest of feet would find the forefoot too wide. I have moderately narrow feet with a moderately high arch and these fit perfectly, glove-like. They're a BIG improvement over the the previous model, which I own, in EVERY way. On the previous models in-soles were a must, not with these. I haven't had them very long but I'm sure they'll be as durable as the previous model. Don't be fooled by the apparently flimsy look. After two tries Babolat finally has a HR shoe to compete with the big boys. Now if they'd offer some less bold color schemes to go along with the bolder schemes, they'd have a complete line.
From: JPR, 3/12 They offer a white color scheme also - TW

Comments: I buy the shoes for tennis and they very comfortable. I recommend the shoes to all the tennis player out there.
From: Hans, 3/12

Comments: I like these shoes a lot. When I first tried them on, they were perfectly snug, supportive, and fit my foot very well. I have been wearing nike vapor 7 and 8, and new balance ct 1003 and 1004. These are narrower than the nb's and have broken in a bit wider than the vapors. Still better than the nike cb's and 2k11s after 15 hrs of court time.
From: George, 2/12

Comments: Best shoe ever, BUT 6 month durability? Get out of town. I bought them abroad so I can't ask for my money back, on slow courts using them 5 days a week, maximum 3 month, actually just 2.5 month. But I'll buy them again just because they fit me perfectly and aren't heavy.
From: Fab, 1/12

Comments: Best shoe I have ever gotten! This is a good buy for sure. The durability and stability are absolutely amazing. The shoe is a bit heavy but you get used to it and besides with all the comfort you hardly notice it.
From: David, 1/12

Comments: I have a borderline narrow/medium foot. The shoe has a very snug fit even without the straps. There is ample room for the toes to relax in without my foot sliding in the shoe or my toes banging into the shoe ends. Fit wise this shoe is perfect for my foot. At 16oz, the shoe is heavy, but you don't feel it too much during play. It offers great support and stability. However, they do feel a little clumsy like shadow boxing with pillows on your hands and do slow my initial acceleration. I play 8 hours of tennis a week on clay. The shoes have lasted 8 months, but the heel straps broke a few months ago, and the stitching between the plastic and red "cloth" material at the heel has become undone so that the shoe is tearing apart. I have the clay version which has lasted well and is only now starting to show a few bald spots on the tread. Overall a great shoe fit wise. I just wish that it was lighter and less bulky. I have now switched to the adizero feather which is not as comfortable, but has increased my speed - the extra half step that allows me to remain longer in rallies.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments:These are great feeling shoes. The only problem is the low durability. All in all the shoe with durability warranty is ok.
From: Anon, 12/11

Comments: Do you wan't a shoe for a wider foot and a shoe that gives you awesome support. Do you want a shoe that makes you incredibly close to the ground, giving you a better feel to the court? Do you want a comfortable shoe? Do you want a stylish shoe? Do you want a durable shoe? If you want a shoe with all of these characteristics this is the perfect shoe, especially for support with top of the line straps.
From: David, 11/11

Comments: Alright, folks - best shoe ever, hands down (based on my foot). Key thing to remember is that one person's experience with a shoe might be a complete 180-degree turn from the next person. Height, weight, skill level, court conditions, aggressive style vs. conservative - all these factors can affect the overall experience with a shoe. I'm a 6'0" aggressive player with a wide foot that gets more narrow towards the heel, so these shoes fit like an absolute glove and my feet were begging me to not take them off - I could wear them all day, every day, baby! These shoes required zero break-in time, cinched up tightly with the straps - exactly like strapping your foot into a form-fitted ski boot or a rollerblade and blazing down the trail. Or like Marty McFly's shoes in Back to the Future that adjusted perfectly to his own feet - come on, everybody, we all remember how cool that was. This shoe actually made me excited to get out and play. Incredible surface feedback from such close contact with the court, very light and maneuverable, great lateral support with all movements, and zero sign of wear after an aggressive 90-minute practice session last night. Plus they look so hot that now my son wants a pair so he can be just like his dad (ok, he wants to be like Andy Roddick). I have a high arch, but used arch supports to fill any gap. Again, this is the perfect shoe for my foot type and playing style, so congrats Babolat, you've won another happy customer!
From: Nate, 11/11

Comments: Bought the Propulse 2's and loved them. I don't play too much so they lasted about 3 months and then the toe cap started to peel away from the shoe. Tennis Warehouse took care of me and sent me the newer Propulse 3, looked way comfortable but way to much width in the front! I'm sliding around in these things.
From: Luke, 11/11

Comments: This shoe fits like a glove right out of the box. It is a incredibly stable shoe, and surprisingly light considering it's slightly bulky appearance. I highly recommended.
From: Matt, 9/11

Comments: This shoe has great cosmetics and great comfort right from the start. There is great traction and durability, great support, and a great shoe overall.
From: Dario, 9/11

Comments: These are great shoes. They have a glove like fit. Not only does it look great but has super cushioning. It is a must buy.
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: This shoe was great. Great speed and movement but I wore completely through them in about 3 weeks
From: Robert. 9/11

Comments: I bought them for indoor and outdoor racquetball. So far they feel great, but I am having problems with blisters on the back of the right shoe. However, there is no sign of blisters on the left one. I would buy them again!
From: Steve, 9/11

Comments: I bought my son a pair in March 2011. He wore through the sides and sole with 2 1/2 months. Tennis Warehouse replaced for free and the second pair have the soles worn out and the side has a huge hole. I am very disappointed and will not purchase again.
From: Dee, 9/11

From:When I first played tennis with these shoes, they were good. But I developed a pain in the back of my foot. However, I do like the style. When I need new shoes I might buy this again. I am happy with the price. Janie, 8/11

Comments: This is a great shoe! Perfect for customization and it looks great. There is good cushion and light weight. For those with wide forefoot and narrow heel, shop no further! By the way, Tennis Warehouse is the best place to buy shoes.
From: Kai, 8/11

Comments:This shoe is very comfortable except for the fact that when the court is hot, so are your feet! I had my first pair for three weeks before I wore through the outsole and sent them back for the six month warranty. The shoe offers a very low ride to the court though and it really locks your foot in.
From: Hunter, 7/11

Comments: I have worn these shoes for 2 months, and I love them very much! They are very good looking and comfortable shoes and the traction is great. I have wide feet and the shoes are just perfectly fit me thanks to the top strap design. This is my first time wearing Babolat shoes, and I will highly recommend to any tennis lover!
From: Alvin, 7/11

Comments: This shoe is something special. The shoe is very comfortable and fits well to my feet. The most important thing to know is how to use the back strap on it. It's important to not set it too tight because it will damage your Achilles tendon. So, keep that in mind.
From: Matt, 7/11

Comments: I've worn these shoes for a couple of weeks and the traction is shot. I'm sliding like I'm on ice when I'm actually on a hard court. Also the shock to the balls of your feet when you push off hard or land hard is unacceptable. They feel very comfortable for walking around, but any high level player should stay away!
From: Chris, 7/11

Comments: This is a great shoe! I've been using these for about 6 months playing 2 to 3 hours a day and the traction is still on the shoe. I have also worn these to 2 different tournaments in that time.
From: Brett. 07/11

Comments: I am not a fan of the Propulse 3. My feet and knees hurt after playing on hard courts. They also wore out quickly and the stability isn't great. If you are looking for a comfortable and durable shoe look elsewhere.
From: Brooks. 07/11

Comments: Just purchased these shoes as a graduation gift for my grandson, he was very happy with their looks and thought they were awesome, thenhe wore them for the first time and when he was tightening the straps one of them broke. He was very disappointed and I was not a happy camper. I am returning them for a replacement pair and hoping this will not happen again.
From: Sandie. 7/11

Comments: The upper is way too soft. It'll feel like you're wearing slippers on the court. Stay away from these soft, plastic shoes!
From: John. 7/11

Comments: I absolutely love these shoes. Love them! It amazes me that they can feel so snug and secure - like you're locked into a ski binding or something - and yet, still be so comfortable. I've had them for about 5 months now and haven't had any durability issues at all. As long as Babolat makes these shoes, I will be wearing these shoes. Well done Babolat!
From: Kevin, 7/11

Comments: First off let me say I have never used a more comfortable shoe I can remember. (I have used a pair of Asics before so that is saying a lot!) But the soles are not durable at all when it took me 3 months to wear through the Asics Gel Challenger 8 but I blew through these in a month. Although if you don't play as much then these shoes are alright because I clock in at least 2-3 hours a day.
From: Josh, 7/11

Comments: These shoes are very comfortable and are very soft. The durability was okay. I play everyday day during the summer all day and I got them a little before my summer clinics started and they lasted about 6 weeks. There was a hole on the inside of the shoe on the uppers from sliding. I must admit they look pretty awesome. I think the fit is a little bit wide and length is true to size.
From: Alex, 06/11

Comments: Great shoe! Great support, ventilation (no more smelly socks) and comfort. The sole is on a soft side and if one plays often on hard courts it will wear out before warranty expires. Babolat is outstanding on handling warranty issues - just pack the shoes with worn outsoles, receipt and a warranty card and send it to the address on the card and about 2 weeks later they will send you a brand new pair of shoes. Perfection :)!
From: ALY. 6/11

Comments: My children just bought me the Babolat Propulse 3 Red Shoes for Father's Day. I wore them today at team practice. I'm 50 years old, USTA rating of 4.0+, 6'3" @ 200 lbs, and a loyal Adidas Barricade V user. Let me tell you the facts - Babolat makes the best shoe on the market today. I cannot speak about durability, however this is the lightest, most comfortable, and handsome shoe on the market. Traction and stability are excellent. I've got a wide foot, 2E, and I had no trouble wearing the shoes right out of the box. I had a great Father's Day! I recommend that you buy as many pairs as you can, before the company makes a change!
From: Ken. 6/11

Comments: I like this shoe. I think they are way more comfortable than the Propulse 2. They are wider in the front part and softer.
From: Marco. 6/11

Comments: Great shoes, but like the old one the durability is low. It took me about 3 months to wear out.
From: Leong. 6/11

Comments: These shoes are amazing!!! They are very comfortable and are great for people who have wide feet like myself. The toe guard is great for people who have ingrown toenails because its doesn't rub on the toe. Highly Recommended shoe. YOU WILL LOVE IT!
From: Kahil. 6/11

Comments: Easily the most comfy shoe I have ever worn. They fit my arch and ankle bone perfectly. The heels are low to the ground which is nice because you won't roll an ankle and it's awesome for sliding. However, I drag my toe and the toe guard was pretty much just like those pink erasers from elementary school.
From: Dom. 5/11

Comments: Comments:These really are great shoes. They're kind of hard to get on though. I have only had them about 1 week so I cant really comment on the durability. It's a pretty comfortable shoe. The upper is so soft to the point that I feel that it sometimes lacks support. I don't feel like I would ever roll an ankle. I got my regular size and they feel pretty good, maybe a little bit on the small side but great if you have a wide foot because the toe box is pretty wide.
From: Alex. 5/11

Comments: These kicks rock! They look really fresh, and they perform like monsters. They are light, ride low to the ground, and the straps add the extra bit of comfort. The soles are really durable (Michelin rubber). It also comes with a 6 month warranty.
From: Joey. 5/11

Comments: There pretty good shoes. There really light and comfortable and have very little break in time. The problem I have with them is that they aren't durable at all. I'm in high school and I've had these shoes for only like 2 months and the sole is already tearing at where my toe usual is. However, thanks to the 6 month guarantee, I can get a new pair once the sole gets torn up. I'd give the shoes a B-.
From: Ben. 5/11

Comments: It's the best shoe I have ever worn. They are very light. They are not as sticky as my Barricades but don't really slip much at all. They are so comfortable and they look amazing. I want to buy ten pairs now so I don't have to find a new shoe ever.
From: Joe, USA. 5/11

Comments: These shoes are very comfortable and low to the ground. Some may not like the extreme flexibility of the upper, which may seem like it has less lateral support. For me, I like the softer upper which prevents black toes often attributed to harder or less forgiving uppers like the Barricade 6. If you get the right size and tighten the foot belt, you should have not issue with lateral support. It feels a lot lighter than its listed weight. Traction is great. If you play 10+ a week, you will definitely wear the soles out before the 6 month warranty.
From: Dave, Irvine, Ca, USA. 5/11

Comments: Previously I wore Asics Gel Resolution 2s and Adidas Barricade 5s and I can say that I love the Propulse 3s the best. The Resolution 2s were light, but not very durable. The Barricade 5s were sturdy, but heavy. The Propulse 3s brought the best out of the other two and has great traction on the court. The shoes did not require any break-in period and I received many compliments for the hot red color, like a sports car. I do agree that if you have a wide foot like myself, you should go a half size bigger than what you normally wear.
From: Ray, Carlsbad, CA, USA. 5/11

Comments: A great pair of shoes you will love. I did wear through them in two months. I play a lot but I was still mad because they are a great pair of shoes.
From: Billy, OH, USA. 4/11

Comments: These shoes look great, and I have used Propulse's ever since the originals were out. However this style seems to stray away from the tight, sock fitting feel that you got with the previous version. I thought at first that they just needed to be broken in, but unfortunately not the case, as after playing tennis for an hour my feet were aching. Too much room in the toe box and too wide.
From: Nick, MN, USA, 4/11

Comments: It is OK... the traction is good and the cushioning is excellent. However, after 3 hours tennis (literally), the right side of the left shoe had a hole. (This is where the DragOn 2x on the CB 3.3 is located) this is because I slide more than average and I make holes faster than other people... I was really disappointed.
From: Justin, USA, 03/11

Comments: Where is TW review?
From: Luigi, Paris, France, 03/11
(Luigi, we just shot the video today, look for the review sometime in May.--TW Staff)

Comments: Amazing dynamite shoe. It looks great, feels great, and can be truly game changing.
From: John, IN, USA, 03/11

Comments: I have never worn Babolat shoes before. Nike for 8 years and Adidas Barricade 2, 4, 5, and 6s for the past 7 years. As a Babolat player, I tried them and they feel extremely good. I sometimes get a little pain the top of my right foot and the velcro "belt" allows me to tighten the fit of the shoe without having to lace them up to much. Kind of like a custom fit shoe for most everyone. It has a wider toe box which might not be the best for some, but with the custom fit features this shoe works great. I am on clay half of the time so I am not yet sure of the durability-I've only had them for a month and they show very little wear so far. I get a lot of comments from everyone about how they look! Would really like to see a black version...Great work Babolat.
From: T, NC, USA, 03/11

Comments: I love these shoes, they are extremely light and you don't even need to break them in. I had the Adidas Barricade 6.0's which were extremely stiff and heavy so these were quite the transition. I felt that these boosted my game due to the increased mobility. I had heard that other Babolat shoes were a 1/2 size smaller than other shoes but that is NOT the case with these shoes at all; order your regular shoe size unless you wear ankle braces like I do. Overall I give them a 10 out of 10. Babolat has made a fantastic product here.
From: Trevor, Phelan, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I bought these shoes less than a month ago, I play college tennis and I was surprised that they were totally worn out after less than a month, plus I made a huge hole on the side of the shoe, this is a really nice shoe, comfortable and good grip while playing, but if you wanna spend some cash for using them for a month or so, is up to you.
From: Bruno, Pueblo, CO, USA, 03/11

Comments: These Propulse 3's run big in the width. I had to have a size 12 in the Propulse 1, 11.5 in the Propulse 2, and I have to wear a size 11 in these!
From: Anon, 03/11
Update to previous size comment: I wear the same size in the Propulse 3 as the Propulse 2. The width in the Propulse 3 is just more generous than the Propulse 2. Wear thick socks or double socks with the Propulse 3. I did wear a size 12 in the Propulse 1 because they ran sooooo small, but 11.5 in the Propulse 2 and Propulse 3 are the right size for me.
Anon, 03/11

Comments: This is a great shoe, great color, and is best on the market for comfort and style. I have ankle issues the shoe made a tremendous difference after my matches and cut down my recovery in half. Babolat did a great job.
From: Steve, Dallas, TX, USA 3/11

Comments: I must say these shoes are GREAT! There was no break in time, they look awesome, fit snug, and perform well overall... BUT, I had one problem with these shoes that just might make me think twice about buying them again, they wear very fast ... I am a competitive high school varsity player and these shoes wore down in less than a month. Even with the 6-month warranty I'm thinking of switching back to the Nike Air Court Ballistec. Overall great shoe if you can afford it.
From: Alex, CA, USA. 3/11

Comments: These shoes are awesome if you only want to wear them 3 weeks. That's how long they lasted. I won't be getting another pair.
From: Mike, Cedar Rapids, IA. 3/11
(Mike, if you went through your original pair of shoes before 6 months, you can take advantage of the durability guarantee for another pair of shoes. If you have questions, please check our Customer Service link for more information or give us a call at 800-883-6647. -- TW Staff)

Comments: The shoes are not reliable for people who slide and dash to every shot. The shoe straps broke off and the tread on the bottom of the shoe did not last long at all. My type of playing (fast and aggressive) is not meant for these shoes. The appearance of the shoe is great and the feel is great, but the durability is not so great. I have already sent these back and got myself a pair of Court Ballistecs.
From: Thomas, St. George, UT. 3/11

Comments: I love this shoe. I played for an hour and a half every day, yet I see no wear and tear. The only problem I see with this shoe is the grip, I tend to play an aggressive power game, and going left and right I tend to slide a bit too much running really fast, a bit of a problem with the back of my foot. Three hours of tennis you will be feeling the squeezing with the straps in the back squeezing together. Looks almost a little too "fake" with the textures and the clear plastic on the sides. All I can say is that Babolat needs to fix the grip.
From: Jack, 3/11

Comments: I just recently got these shoes but they are the most amazing, comfortable, and light shoes!! The only problem is the backs of the shoes tend to dig into my heel but that is no big problem.... Great job Babolat!
From: Tyler, 03/11

Comments: I love these shoes style speed and comfort I think Babolat shoes tend to run a 1/2 size small though but I knew this already I used to have the Babolat all-court team and I learned the sizing issue.
From: Frankie, Flushing, NY, USA, 03/11

Comments: GREAT SHOE!! Wore the Propulse 1 and loved them other than a tad bit narrow (never tried the propulse2). The Propulse 3 is wider and roomier than the previous model, which I like. I did go up in size from a 10.5 to an 11. These shoes are NOT STIFF at all unlike other shoes ex. barricade 6.0, which I could not wear. Truly a glove-like fit. I give the shoe a 9/10 only because the clear grey plastic part on the back of the shoe above the straps can hit my ankle at times. Also the back of the shoe looks like 2 fangs digging into my ankle at time. Possibly because there are 2 seams back there that are pretty rigid. I'm used to Nikes super padding where the ankle is where as the Propulse are a bit lacking in that area. I'm sure wearing thick socks will help out or longer socks will help I was wearing crew Nike socks. It can be annoying during long hours of play. I had small imprints on the back of my ankle after 3hrs of play. Don't let this hesitate you on getting them as this is my experience with them, and I haven't seen anyone else complain about this issue. Other than this small issue I will continue to get this shoe until Propulse 4 come out.
From: Oliver Lee, Virginia Beach, VA, USA, 03/11

Comments: These shoes look like Indy cars on my feet and they perform that way too! The best shoe I have owned and I have owned plenty; every 3-4 months I wear through a pair. Now all the kids at the club are getting them too. Vamos! Yeah I know Nadal doesn't where these...but he should!
From: Rex, Granite Bay, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: Wow. Nice shoes! Comfy and no need to break in. I was disappointed with the shipping though, I ordered 2nd day air, but they took 5 days to get here! I needed them for a match that I had to play 3 days after ordering.
From: Vinny, Montclair, NJ, USA, 02/11
(Vinny, please call our customer service line or e-mail so that we can look into the shipping delay and take any appropriate actions to correct the issue.--TW Staff)

Comments: THESE SHOES ARE AWESOME FOR SPEED! They are great for the average player. I say everyone should have them. They are game changing.
From: Anon, 02/11

Comments: These shoes are awesome, need no break-in. I feel these are the best pair ever!
From: James, Chia-Yi, Taiwan, 02/11

Comments: These shoes are spectacular. BUT, beware of the sizing. I wear a 11.5 in the Courtballistec line of shoe and so I ordered these in an 11.5; my toes were touching the end of the shoe. Had to send back for a size 12.0. I would HIGHLY recommend getting this shoe in half a size larger than you normally wear unless you are used to the Babolat sizing. Otherwise, great shoe!
From: Aubrey, Carrollton, GA, USA, 02/11
Update: Well I had posted that these run a half size small BUT, upon receiving the larger size, I realized that these DO NOT RUN SMALL. They just have a different fit than the Nike line that I'm not used to. When laced up, they are pretty much the same length because they are a bit wider than the Nike CourtBallistics as well (but not by much at all). So I would advise to try these on first if you can. But if not, get your usual size!

Comments: These shoes are amazing I have had the best comfort wearing these shoes after the barricades hurt my feet a lot. With these shoes it's an awesome pair; darn good job Babolat keep it up keep on making awesome shoes like that.
From: Ranbir, Mumbai, India, 02/11

Comments: This is my third pair of Propulse shoes and they are by far the best shoe I have ever worn. Straight out of the box and into a pretty decent tennis match and they were just perfect. No break-in time required. Light and comfortable. Provides great support. You done good Babolat!
From: Kevin, Charleston, SC, USA, 02/11

Comments: These shoes are amazing. Just played 6 straight sets of doubles on hard courts and my feet feel great. I have bad knees and need a shoe with good support and I feel very confident in these shoes. They grip the court and hold your feet in place creating a very fast feel. Also, the ventilation is a nice treat on hot Florida days. You can actually feel the air flow through the shoe to keep your feet cool.
From: Mike, Miami, FL, USA, 02/11

Comments: PERFECT SHOE! Probably the best shoe I have ever used! I did not feel the need to break them in. I have a fairly wide foot with a low arch and I went from box to the court, literally. 3 hours of play and I loved every step!
From: SHEA, Homeland, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Graduating from Nike Zoom Breathe 2k10 I was in the dark about what to expect with the Propulse 3. After a few hours I could tell Babolat made the perfect combo of comfort and maneuverability. The only bad part is the break in period but after that, you can move great and feel great at the same time. The foot belts are a good feature so if your feet are wide or narrow, they'll be sure to fit tight. I'm waiting to see how these shoes hold up, but I'm sure durability will not be an issue at all. The soles seem to be solid and hardy, so you can get a long ways before these wear down. I would like to see another color released because these would look great in any color not just red/white.
From: Ryan, Seattle, WA, USA

Comments: Babolat... Great job! Ok let's make this quick and easy. So Babolat achieved perfect comfort, support, and traction. I mean the straps work perfectly, I mean you don't even have to use the laces. These will fit perfectly no matter whether your feet are narrow or wide...There is a small downside on these shoes, they do require a 3 day break in period or 12 hours of consistent playing, just a quick little tip, when you first wear the shoes the heel area of the shoes will be a very stiff, this does get more comfortable...I think Babolat priced these to compete with Nike and Adidas, BUT these are just as good, I've tried both and these are my favorite so far. Great shoe, Great price, Great Brand, Great Job.
From: Shane, Santa Cruz, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: In response to Alex's comments, anyone who buys these should break them in first. I've bought all three generations, and each one has required a day or two of walking around to break them in, I would advise wearing them around the house for a couple days and then the should be court ready.
From: Kristian, Chicago, IL, USA, 02/11

Comments: This is the first Babolat shoes I have purchased. First impression was they are a really good looking shoe. As soon as I put them on my feet I knew they were going to work out. First time with them on I played for 3.5 hours and my feet were mad at me when I took them off. I have worn the Nike Ballistics in years past, but was not happy with the short toe box. I have a narrow foot so Nike shoes tend to be my best option. I now know what my feet have been missing all these years. I might be one of the only ones though that went with the white version instead of the red. My only concern before buying these is that the all white would show dirt/clay too quick and they would appear old after a short period of time. The great thing about these is they are almost wrapped in a rubber casing that cleans easily. The straps on these shoes almost make you feel like you are securing your feet into a custom fit shoe. I highly suggest these for anyone looking for some new shoes!!
From: Jason, Spartanburg, SC, USA, 02/11

Comments: The shoe is awesome. But the cushioning is not so much, after 3 hours of play on the first day; I had 3 blisters in the balls of my feet. I have narrow feet and this shoe offers plenty of space in the toebox. I'm not used to large toe boxes and it feels a little too wide. Other than that, the shoe looks great and the straps are nice. The heel straps ride too high and hurts the tendons of the ankle. Babolat really stepped it up this year and made a nice shoe. Now I'm going to buy some nice cushions for my feet.
From: Alex, Gaithersburg, MD, USA, 02/11

Comments: Coming from Nike's Air Oscillates, I didn't quite know what to expect. I read reviews of the Babolat Propulse 2s and how the heel was disproportional to the forefoot, which put strain on the Achilles tendon; thus a lot of the customer reviews said they got sore legs after sessions. This was not the case for me with the Propulse 3s.
From my first experiences of the shoe, the cushioning is very plush, toebox is very roomy, the cell shield at the forefoot is very flexible with adequate breathability, and the traction is quite good; I tested them out on a dusty floor of a studio with very minimal slippage. The straps really do lock you in and it is something you can noticeably feel.
My only complaint with be that the plastic 'cup' that wraps around the heel rides a little too high on the inside of the tendons, which jabs into the tendon when you stretch out your leg to the side. But I believe the stiffness of the plastic should wear down the more you use the shoe. All in all, my comments generally agree with Jeff's below mine, aside from our opinions of the cushioning.
From: Linh, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 02/11

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