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Comments: These shoes were a perfect fit for me. As a "big foot" girl, I shop for men's tennis shoes to fit my 11 1/2 women's size. These were wonderful, and they have held up through a summer of many, many tournaments. Very light weight and breathable.
From: Katie, 9/12

Comments: They grew on me. At first I saw them as just a casual sneaker. Now I find them grippy, fast, and super comfortable. Really cushy too. I like the simple clean look also, but understand some people need a bolder look. I'm a pretty big guy, but older and only play a couple times a week. A younger tournament or college player might have different feedback.
From: Jack, 8/12

Comments: I usually wear either adidas or Babolat shoes. This Babolat shoe in particular is nice to wear and provides high level of comfort. However, over the past 2 months I've sprained my left ankle followed by my right ankle. Comparing to my adidas I never have this problem. Maybe by chance I sprained my ankle but everytime I sprain my ankle it is this pair of shoes I wear. I'll let you be the judge of it. However, my advise is if you do wear this Babolat shoe make sure you minimize jumping to avoid rolling your ankle.
From: K.D., 7/12

Comments: The shoes felt great during a three hour match. High arch broke down quickly for a nice fit. My left big toe is a little sore, but nothing too bad. I believe it will be worth the low purchase price. I give it 8.5/10.
From: Brian, 6/12

Comments: These shoes are just as comfortable as Bercudas and are more durable than similarly priced shoes. They feel great on the court.
From: Michael, 5/12

Comments: Good shoe for the price. Very comfortable and well made. Not as supportive though compared to my adidas Barricade's but for the price it is a no brainer. I would recommend it for someone who does not want to spend a lot of money on tennis shoes. Durability seems like a winner (played a few matches on Har-Tru so far).
From: Lambert, 5/12

Comments: The outsole was pretty durable, even for me with my chronic toe dragging. The upper is a little thin though and has torn on both pairs I bought, but not before I got a decent amount of use out of them. It is a good shoe for the price.
From: Garett, 4/12

Comments: These shoes are pretty good. No problems, and only minor wear so far after 2 months. I'm a toe dragger and so far no damage. Pretty comfortable (I have my own insoles though).
From: Ben, 3/12

Comments: I'm a 4.0 all-court player and tend to be fairly aggressive covering the court. There is very little support on the uppers. These are the only shoes I've ever sprained my ankle in on the tennis court. In addition, the uppers are pretty thin and don't last long if they come in contact with a hard court. On the plus side, the Michelin outsole is pretty durable for hard court play and has decent longevity. From my perspective, it maybe a good shoe to practice in given the relatively low cost.
From: Norm, 2/12

Comments: Good shoe for the price, but lasted me a month and the right foot tip came apart and I had to repair it, but still works fine, most likely going to last me for a couple more months.
From: Jake, 11/11

Comments: I bought 2 pairs of these shoes because I thought I was getting a great deal, well I got a deal; however, my heals paid for it badly. I noticed that after playing with this shoes both heals would hurt. I thought it was me, and I went back to playing with older shoes. The pain went again but came back when I got back on these shoes. I'll let you be the judge of your own.
From: David, 11/11

Comments: These shoes are very durable and they are a great price. Overall, I'd give them a 8/10.
From: Jake, 11/11

Comments: Good for puttering around the house but I didn't like them on the court at all. Tread design doesn't suit my aggressive play and the stability is not there. Good for the price if you want a decent tennis shoe for casual wear.
From: Joel. 11/11

Comments: These shoes were great for their price, but tip of the right foot came loose and was ripping after one month of playing.
From: Jake, 10/11

Comments: This shoe looks great and fits great. It is a little heavy compared to others I have worn, but I attribute that to the unbelievably durable outsole. Also, the outsole comes up over the toe area of the shoe, meaning that toe- draggers will love this shoe because it won't fall apart on them.
From: Paul, 8/11

Comments: These shoes felt great right away and still are a great ride for me inside the racquetball court. The only problem I have had is that they are low cut and I already slipped out of my right shoe one time. I think it's because of my aggressive style but overall, these felt great with the Vibrakill on the heel. I run around the whole court and have great traction for stopping and going on a dime. These are currently on sale for $39 and they feel great! I went to the local tennis shoe store to try on some of the others before my order came in and the new Andy Roddick, Andy Murray models didn't feel as comfortable to me. The only other shoe that I tried on from this list that felt great were the All Court V so maybe when I get some more money they will be next on my list!
From: Vicente. 7/11

Comments: I found these shoes to be hard soled making them uncomfortable and clunky on court.
From: Dan, Enid, OK, USA, 11/10

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