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Comments: I weighed it with my digital scale and 6" = 6.4 grams. Of that 6.2 g is lead while 0.2 g is backing tape. So 1" of lead only equals 1.03 grams. It's heavier than all tapes I've used even when factoring in it is double the width. Looks great and much harder to dent than the "silver" lead from all other manufacturers. I just cut it in half and apply. Expensive but it's double the weight so comes out to being about the same price per gram as other light offerings.
From: Corbind, 5/12

Comments: Good tape. Lasts a long time, but you have to cut it yourself so I get obsessive about it trying to make it perfect, but I can't. I threw away like 6 inches of it trying to make it perfect.
From: D LEE, CA. 4/11

Comments: I used the tape on my racquet to add weight towards the mid low section of the handle. The tape was in one 18 gram strip and found no problems attaching the tape in a non overlapping diagonal pattern. A clean finish over the lead tape is nice for the replacement grip to go right over the racquet's handle. After replacing the grip I was very impressed with the change in my racquet's balance and added power.
From: Mike, MA, USA 06/09

Comments: I was looking to increase power by adding a lot of weight to my racquet which was head heavy and just not a heavy frame. I bought the Fischer weights and this lead tape. After attaching my butt cap and wrapping my grip, thought maybe more lead tape would have been nice on the handle. I used all my lead tape, which was just one section of 18 grams. The fischer weight were 8 in a pack at 3 grams a pop. Racquet weight before: 252 grams after: 294 grams
From: Mike, MA, USA. 06/09
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: The tape is fine for wider type frames. It is too wide to be used on player's racquets. One would have to cut it along to get a quarter inch width. The finish is nice and and has a protective coating. I would like to see a quarter inch width from Babolat, for now I will use a regular 1/4 tape from Unique. Not as pretty, but does the job
From: Henry, NYC. 5/08

Comments: If you already have your specs in mind and know what you're getting into, this would be a better option over reg. lead tape if you plan to add more than +5 grams. Less of a hassle, and easier on the eyes once you're done. There is also a protective film atop the lead, a great bonus.
From: Nick, Los Angeles, CA. 5/08

Comments: A little lead tape on your tennis racquet makes big difference on its playability. This is quality lead tape, is easy to put on and also is already marked by intervals of 3 inches for you.
From: Anthony, Alexandria, LA, USA. 2/08

Comments: Itís great, I can use less tape for more weight. Itís great to use.
From: AJ, Ocean County, NJ, USA, 10/07

Comments: So far so good. I haven't restrung my racquet w/this on nor tried to take it off, so I can't comment on that like some of the other comments. Easy to use & haven't had a problem w/it coming off when my racquet hits the courts.
From: Jackie, Woodridge, IL, USA, 10/07

Comments: This tape is great if you don't put on two layers and try to take out the top layer. If you do that, the silver paint from the layer beneath will come off and stick to the other layer and the layer you just took off can't be used again. Gamma Lead Tape is cheaper by a dollar and doesn't have this problem if you take it off carefully.
From: Derek, San Francisco, CA, USA, 05/07

Comments:This tape is good if you need to add a lot of weight to a racket. It stays on well but can also be removed without damaging your racket. I would have liked it more if it was cut down the middle like the tape made by Unique.
From: Justin 9/30
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Comments: I use a Prince Tour Diablo midplus and I love it, but after a while I just wanted a little more weight to generate some momentum on my loopy, heavy topspin forehand. I tried this stuff out, and it looks great! The logo smears in the heat, but it doesn't bother me!
From:Neal City, State, Country: Pennslyvania

Comments: Stays on and does the job plus it looks really cool on the racquet! I've put it on the 3 + 9 o'clock positions as well as 6 o'clock and my stick looks super-cool - great silvery color.
From: Imran, UK. 02/05

Comments: Yea, this tape is awesome! I put it on my Babolat Pure Drive Plus and I hit great right now. Definitely a MUST buy!
From: Ugene Mugoti, Boston, MA, USA. 08/04

Comments: I have been using this tape for a few years now on a variety of rackets. Good quality solid stuff.
From: Abiriax, Slough, UK. 08/04

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