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Comments: I have been playing with the Wilson Blade 98S Spin for a year now and have no problems. Easy to use, easy to play and have no problems with the strings.
From: Alex, 11/16

Comments: I just received this racquet yesterday and immediately tried it (albeit with the factory fitted strings). Extremely light and maneuverable, great acceleration capability at both serve and ground strokes. Although a lighter racquet, it is solid enough to handle heavy hitting groundstrokes. Easy on the shoulder. Feels great to hold and maneuver between shots, great graphics. I will have it restrung on Luxillon 4G and see impact.
From: Arslan, 2/15

Comments: After playing with this racquet for 3 months now -- it is the best racquet I have ever played with in my life. The reviews about this racquet are completely wrong, especially the volleys and groundstrokes. I am 5.0 player and I have not found a shot that this racquet does not feel great. Tons of spin and control, great for chipping and charging the net, it's a dream at the net. You just have to have high tension (58 lbs). I recommend this racquet for everybody .
From: Terry, 11/14

Comments: Didn't like the racquet at first. Then I added 16 grams of lead tape under the bumper guard at the center on the head. Bingo! Perfect! I have been playing better than I have in years.
From: Mark, 10/14

Comments: I am a 4.5 player and switched to the 98S from old Volkl rackets. I demoed a few and fell in love with the 98S. After playing 5 matches though I've gone through 3 sets of strings. I called Wilson and they said that you can't use regular strings with the racquet, you need to use the recommended strings -- Rip Spin, Spin Duo and Cycle or Lux 4GS and ALU Power 127. The Wilson strings are only $9, so I'll be purchasing those and see if they make any difference; if not I will be returning the racquet so I dont go broke.
From: Jorel, 9/14

Comments: I am 50 years old with 5.0 ranking and am an all around player . As they say, the serve is 60% of the the game if you don't hold your serve you can't win . No racquet has everything of course but as for serving, this racquet is great, my slice, topspin and kick serves were coming with a heavy duty spin. The ball comes like a melon to my opponents with heavy duty spin. They had difficulties returning my second serve which made it easy for me to attack the net -- as they say you're only as good as your second serve. As for the flat serve, it was powerful too but not as much control which is obvious. Volleys were great -- crisp and solid. Groundstrokes were ok too. Slices were amazing, specially if you like to attack the net with a slice, the ball dips in with tons of spin. It's also a comfortable racquet and the weight is only 11 ounces. I think the more you play with it, you will get used to hitting the groundstrokes and the power is great -- you just have to make strings tighter to get more control. I hope I was helpful -- I recommend this racquet!
From: Terry, 8/14

Comments: I'm using this racquet now and I really like the spin effect technology plus the string pattern of 18x16 - - it really works for my game. It's easy to maneuver on my volley, really works when I hit topspin, and most of all on my kick serve. It bounces the ball higher than my previous racquets that I had before. I'm using Luxilon 4G string with this racquet and a string tension of 55 lbs. Love the control of this racquet even if my shot is flat. I would absolutely recommend this racquet to an intermediate to advanced player like me.
From: Doodz, 5/14

Comments: Great stick. The best of the Spin sticks, in my opinion. The regular Blade is amazing as well, but can be taxing with the 330 swing weight. This one gives you that maneuverability that you need to control the ball. My arm has no pain after several sessions with all poly setup and no undergrip, just 2 overgrips. Try this out -- great stick.
From: Dan, 5/14

Comments: I demoed it for 2 hours and the next day my elbow started to hurt, like an oncoming of a tennis elbow. I like the way it plays, especially the way it serves but definitely not worth getting tennis elbow from it. I would not buy it.
From: Jane, 3/14

Comments: One word: Incredible! This has incredible control for this string pattern. I can blast my forehand and backhand wherever I want and it will still stay in. The 98 S gives me more power than any other of the BLX racquets. It is a perfect racquet for a player who wants to add more spin and power to their game!
From: Stan, 3/14

Comments: This is now the second of the S series I have hit with -- the Six One 95S, and now this. If you pay attention closely, you can tell before you even hit with it that the construction of these frames is different than the normal version. Then when you hit with it, that affirms it. There is a massive amount of vibration traveling through the frame, and almost assuredly would give me arm pain. I know of at least three people that have hit with them and had the exact same response.
From: Jake, 3/14

Comments: I am a serve and volleyer and all court player and was looking for a racqet that could add extra power and spin to game. I have never played as good, serves are faster, flatter ground-strokes and I have rarely missed a volley. A fantastic racquet that is really improving the way I play. The best racquet on the market!
From: Ben, 2/14

Comments: This is the most accurate racquet I have ever held. I strung with RPM Blast and Vs. Gut, and it is very arm friendly. My string setup doesn't allow me to obtain all the frames spin potential, but my tennis elbow loves it. It has drastically increased accuracy of my shots from all areas of the court. Slices and volleys especially. Serves have lost a little pace, but gained accuracy. I love this stick and am looking forward to buying a couple more!
From: Dustin, 2/14

Comments: I bought two Wilson Blade 98S racquets and have been playing with them for two weeks now. I am stringing with either Luxilon ALU Power Rough or Luxilon ALU Power Spin with a tension of 54x52 and I can't get more than 2 hours out of my strings. I know its not the strings because I switched from Babolat APD and I get at least 10 hours worth of play. I love the racquet and highly recommend it because I will be selling them because I am going through a lot of string.
From: Christian, 2/14

Comments: Demoed the Blade 98S about while playing doubles. Everyone I was playing with convinced me to switch to the 98S, I have been playing with Babolat PS Ltd., which is a very traditional racquet for the pass three years. So I bought one. Usually when I switch sticks, I a get a few. Strung the 98S with Wilson Rip Spin strung at 57 lbs. Then I tried a friend's 98S strung with Luxilon 4g strug at the same tension and it felt like the holly grail of racquets. Got two more strung with the Luxilon 4g and wow! People who used to beat me are lucky to get 2 games off me a set. I play 4 to 5 times a week and play at the 4.0 level.
From: David, 10/13

Comments: I purchased this racquet just to test the new spin technology. This racquet is not better than my BLX ProStaff 90, but I like the spin, especially on the backhand. I think the racquet is too light, but I only tested it for two days, and I want to continue experimenting with other strings and tensions. The flat black paint looks amazing. I think I am going to stick with this racquet for some time.
From: Anon, 10/13

Comments: I got this and the Aero Pro Drive and this racquet blows the APD away in my opinion. The racquet looks great, plays great, and the spin is amazing. Go with a lighter tension when stringing, I recommend 52-54 lbs because the strings always move back to the position they were in before you hit the ball. I never was a fan of Wilson but now I will only get Wilson racquets. In short, get this racquet and you won't regret it!
From: Jacob, 9/13

Comments: I'm a 4.5 player who switched from Yonex. This racquet was good with Gamma 17 gauge Professional at 57 pounds. But the string moved all over the place requiring constant adjustment. I bought some Wilson Rip Spin which is recommended and dropped tension to 54 pounds. This made all the difference in the world. More spin with strings moving back into position after the shot.
From: Timothy, 9/13

Comments: I am a 4.5 all-court player and demoed several frames before settling on the Steam 99S and Blade 98S as my two favorites. The Steam offered a bit more spin potential, but the 98S was much more control oriented and got the nod as I already generate a fair amount of spin. My slice on both sides has improved dramatically, though the serve took a bit more time to dial in (perhaps due to shorter 27" length over my previous KTour frame). I find the sweet spot larger than my KTour and balls which used to fall short at the net now find clearance. The thinner beam feels much more maneuverable and I have gained more confidence at the net due to the slice imparted on the ball. I played around with the weight and ended up adding 8g of lead to the head and 12g of silicon in the handle. I am using Solinco Tour Bite in the mains with Babolat N.Vy in the crosses and am finding a good blend of power, control, and spin. I love this racquet.
From: Hank, 9/13

Comments: This is an interesting racquet for sure. I was fascinated when Wilson announced this 18x16 pattern stick and I patiently waited to try it out. I just finished my 2nd two hour hitting session with the Blade 98S and I currently have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, the 18x16 pattern seemed to add pace to my flat shots (probably due to the 16 crosses combined with a dense main pattern) as well as more depth on all my shots in general. Also, touch shots, deep/low slices, put- away volleys and overheads were a breeze to hit. On the other hand now, I couldn't seem to experience all that spin this racquet was said to be able to generate (mainly when applying topspin to my shots). Things felt a little erratic when I tried to rev the ball deep with topspin on groundstrokes as well as kick hard and deep on serves. In conclusion, I don't plan to make the Blade 98S my stick of choice, but I definitely am happy that I got to try this stick out. The 18x16 pattern in this racquet is yet another innovation from Wilson that continues to evolve the game of tennis.
From: Shane, 9/13

Comments: Having demoed over a dozen racquets in the past 2 months, I finally settled with the Blade 98 S as my new stick of choice. I'm a 4.0 all-court player and this racquet with its 11 oz strung weight and 320 swingweight is perfect for me. The regular Blades, which I also tried, have a little more mass than the S but didn't provide as much spin or maneuverability as this one. It also gave me more control and better feel than its likely opponent the Steam 99s. With the 98 S, I got more topspin without having to alter my game in any way as I had to for the Steam 99s. The weight, I thought, was perfect -- right in the middle of the road at 11oz.
From: Raj, 9/13

Comments: I just took this racquet out for a demo and was very satisfied with the performance. The stock weight is fine but it can be customized with just a leather grip to make it a little more headlight. The racquet feels very good upon impact and the spin is definitely better than most frames. However, the amount of spin does not detract from control. A seasoned 4.5 player does not need to use poly strings in order to tame the power, because it is a relatively low powered frame. Hitting outside the sweet spot is not favorable, but most frames of this kind don't score well in this area. The beauty of this racquet, other than the comfortable feel and spin production, is in the maneuverability. I think a 4.0 or 4.5 player can benefit from this frame as long as they have longer, faster strokes. If you want to add more spin to your game, but do not want the stiff Babolat frames that can ultimately hurt your arm, then this is a must try.
From: Mark, 9/13

Comments: I am a 4.0 club player all courter. The string pattern 18x16 is a genius idea. I don't care for the super open 16x15. Dwell time is a standout, as well as spin. And there is enough string coverage unlike the 16x15 versions to hit flat, and touch shots. From the baseline it's very comfortable. You can let it rip withit too much fear of over hitting. It's not an overly powerful stick, which gives it that players stick feel. I love this racquet. Dont be fooled by the 11oz weight. It feels like a 11.5 oz stick. No need to use lead. Must demo -- enjoy!
From: Dan, 8/13

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