Wilson Blade 93 Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: My original thought is just to try this blade as a substitute of my PS 90. Its feel in hand is as solid as my 90, but the swing is very different -- the main reason I think is the balance. The PS 90 is more smooth and fluent. I ever thought the 90 had the most plow through but the Blade 93 redressed my view. It pushed me to hit the ball in a more flat way. It was more close to a classic racquet mainly because of its more closed string pattern. A long swing is what I lack now. The only regret I have right now is I might try stringing lower, currently strung at 52 lbs. But the high weight, small size head and head light design may make it just perfect!
From: Wu, 4/16

Comments: Update to my review in October. I like this racquet so much I bought another one. Against advice I had received, I had the racquet strung at 56 lbs with Volkl Cyclone and the racquet predictably felt like a board. No feel and very harsh. I cut the strings out and strung it at 46 lbs with Volkl Cyclone and it plays like a completely different racquet. I'm generally not a low tension player (I string my PS85 at 60 lbs with Wilson NXT) but this racquet plays extremely well with this setup. I get good power on my serves with great accuracy. I can hit topspin serves as well as slice serves with this racquet. I'm a 4.5 all-court player.
From: David, 11/15

Comments: Fantastic racquet. I used a ProStaff 85 throughout my childhood until I switched to a pair of Volkl PB10 racquets two years ago. While I really enjoy playing with the Volkls, I found myself hitting with my PS85 more and more. I came across a Blade 93 a couple of months ago and decided to buy it and I have no regrets. This racquet is very soft, and has just a little more pop than the Volkl. It's great on serves (not exceptionally powerful but very accurate) and volleys. I don't get as much spin as with my Volkl but that's been fine so far. I can swing out on the ball and feel confident that the ball will stay on the court. More forgiving than my PB85. This racquet plays bigger than its size.
From: David, 10/15

Comments: An unforgiving beast stacked with high performance capability. Quick-swingjng for its weight and easy enough to play for long periods without any extra soreness or effort. For those who demand the best in stock form and have the game to play a stick that doesnt take any BS. Enjoy! Hard to get em much better than this. TW Leather grip, full poly at 52/49 lbs -- sweet!
From: Diamond, 9/15

Comments: The Blade 93 2013 is one of the very best tennis sticks ever produced!
From: Anon, 5/15

Comments: I think it's a great racquet, but just not for me. Topspin is attainable, but you absolutely have to drive through the ball. I had trouble hitting dipping balls on both sides because I felt that this racquet doesn't quite grip the ball the way a racquet with a more open string pattern would. However, slices are ridiculously penetrating and overall, this thing is a scalpel when it comes to hitting flatter balls from the baseline. It plays bigger than its 93 square inch head, and is always way stiffer than the SixOne, PSTour, or RF97. It's solid, but not solid the way the Tour or say, Prestige Mid are. Great for one- handed backhands, though.
From: Avi, 11/14

Comments: First thing first, I'm a 5.0 ranked player with a fairly well rounded baseline game. The Blade 93 2013 is one of the very best tennis sticks ever produced. Given its weight, size and dense string pattern it is definitely not for everyone, but if you play at a 4.5+ level or above, have good mechanics and tend to gravitate toward the control oriented sticks, I would highly recommend you to give this one a try. The control, precision and feel of this racquet is hard to match. A word of advice: do not string this one at high tensions, the recommended tension on the racquet is 50-60 lbs, but I would personally suggest 40-50 lbs.
From: John, 10/14

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet for the last 3 weeks. While it has a dead feel, the accuracy and precision are superior. Do not string it at more than 45 lbs, even if you are stringing with a multi. The racquet feels like a board and I just wasted $20 by stringing it at 52 lbs with NXT. I have to cut it out and string with Volkl Cyclone very low, like 45 lbs. If I like that setup, I will be switching to this racquet.
From: Harry, 10/14

Comments: Had this racquet for about 15 hours of playing time. I was previously using a 95 square inch racquet. The feel is great but the sweetspot isn't that good. Good for players that hit with flat strokes.
From: Job, 8/14

Comments: Just love this racquet. Great control on both serve and volleys. I am a 4.5 player and made the switch last year. For various spins on groundstrokes it is great. You do need to create your own racquet head speed and the slightly smaller head takes a little time to get used to but well worth it. Probably for more advanced players.
From: Tony, 5/14

Comments: If you are looking for a more user friendly PS88, look no further. This stick is amazing. So solid it's beastly. I'm not sure why people complain about lack of spin, but I can create so much penetrating topspin with this frame. Serving is a breeze and volleys are amazing. Slice backhands are perfection. I can go from blistering topspin, flat winners and piercing slices with ease. Hits a very heavy ball. It may be the best stock players frame ever. Over 12 ounces strung with a 330 sw, it's still so manueverable. I strung it at 45 lbs with 16g Volkl Cyclone.
From: Nik, 4/14

Comments: Been playing with a Blade 93 for a year, it's my definite go-to-stick for the next couple of years. It's definitely a well worth upgrade from my ageing K Blade Tour and much better feel than BLX Blade Tour that it replaces. Solid feel and much more comfortable than K Blade Tour, while sacrificing a bit of power. I find it lacking in terms of spin potential which is a given for 18-20 string pattern but I think I will work on my swings to compensate for it. Now Wilson, please bring me a Blade 93S next year!
From: Ditto, 3/14

Comments: I think this racquet suits a particular kind of game and skills. The touch and feel is pretty good, but it lacks spin. On the serve it's not easy to realize (extreme) spin or a reel good slice. It's not that heavy and it doesn't have a lot of power. So good power and personal condition is required. On the slice (backhand) it's pretty good and also at the net. I would prefer the specs of this racquet on a bigger frame 98 inch. Not the Blade 98-ers Wilson already have. Maybe the test- racquet Roger Federer is playing now, we'll see.
From: Joppy, 1/14

Comments: After playing with this frame again with 4g at 54 lbs, I agree that it feels much less "tinny." Playing it side by side with a Pro Staff 90 with the same setup, I would say this one is a tad more plush and muted, and probably a touch better from the baseline, although spin takes more work with the Blade 93. At the net the PS 90 is better, but you really can't go wrong with either of these frames.
From: Anon, 8/13

Comments: I switched from the Wilson BLX Pro Open Tour and never regreted it. I have a lot more control and weight on my serve, improved accuracy and placement off my ground strokes and great mobilty at the net. I thought the smaller head size would create more errors for me but not the case in fact I reduced them. This racquet is not for everyone, as others have said you need to have game to play with this stick.
From: Joe, 8/13

Comments: I am a 4.0 and I played with the demo version of this racquet to compare it to my current racket and the Wilson Six One 95 18x20 demo. I found this racquet lacking in heft and mass compared to Six One. It also has less plow through and feel. On the other hand if you are looking for a lighter 93 sq. in. in a 18x20 pattern than this could be your choice. My game is old style with flat shots and continental grip for almost all strokes so I prefer the heavier Six One 95 or even the Head Prestige Mid 93. Thanks to all the folks at TW for a great demo program.
From: Dushyant, 6/13

Comments: What a great racquet. Absolute dynamite in precision. Very fast through the air due to the small 93 head, playing surprisingly soft for it stiffness rate, and the Amplifeel Technology seams to really work! Extremely well balanced too! You have to provide your own power and it is a very string sensitive stick as well. Last but not least, do not expect to be very much forgiving, but this is logical considering the 93' head. Definitely worth a demo.
From: MJ, 6/13

Comments: I purchased this racquet after cracking the frame on my 2010 Wilson Tour BLX (the blue and orange nightmare). Right away, I noticed how much heavier this Blade 93 racquet is compared to my old one. But what amazed me is its scalpel-like precision on all kinds of shots, even on the serve. It took me a good 8 hours of play to get the hang of it, but now that I'm used to it, I would never go back to a lighter or bigger size frame. If you can generate your own power and have good technique, then this racquet is a god send! I'm a 4.0 all-around player.
From: Bubbah, 6/13

Comments: All I can say is wow! Tremendous plow through. Strung the racquet with Solinco Revolution (Blue) 17 at 47lbs. I had no trouble generating the power I wanted, maybe due to the string tension. Kept the ball deep in the court; great angles; plenty of spin on the serve. Installed a small, lightweight vibration dampener. I hadn't been able to rip a one-hand topspin backhand in years (I'm 53), but had no trouble with that shot with this racquet/string combo. Everyone 4.0 and up should demo this racquet.
From: Chris, 5/13

Comments:Let me say this first, this racquet is not for everyone. First, you have to have the muscle. Second, you need the technique. But when you do have those two things, it's a wonderful racquet, it is just absolutely solid with groundstrokes. Definitely a single-backhander's racquet. Serves and volleys were by far my favorite shots to hit. Power isn't actually lacking too much, when strung at 56 pounds you can still rip the ball. Control is where this racquet shines, but you really have to concentrate on the ball. Overall, I would chose this racquet over the 98 16x19 for the solidity, control and feel.
From: Ryan, 5/13

Comments: I love this racquet. I can swing out and I can do some damage on the court. I will play with it forever.
From: Shelly, 4/13

Comments: Personally, I love this racquet. I just recently switched to this frame from the Wilson 6.1 line and I couldn't be happier. I am a D1 College player and I weighted my old racquets up to 13.6oz. I can understand why people don't like this racquet. It isn't for the beginner or intermediate player. If you can't generate your own power and spin this isn't worth trying. Also, in stock form, this racquet is terrible. When I demoed it, the racquet was in stock form strung with a multi at around 60lbs, which is by far the worst possible setup for this racquet. Mine is weighted to around 12.8oz and around 3-4 pts head light strung with lux alu rough at 53lbs. I love it, the control is awesome and spin is very easy to generate.
From: Simon, 4/13

Comments: I demoed this one along with several other Wilson racquets and I think it has potential but seems to not have a "target" market. The handle on this racquet is quite compact, making my two hand backhand grip feel clustered. It's also a rather "dead" feeling frame. I have to watch the ball to know if it is going to drop in because of the feel you can't tell if you hit a great shot or a terrible one. Maybe the demo was strung too tightly, but regardless this one just didn't feel quite right. Might be a good option for a player looking for a mid's control but a somewhat unusual lightness to the frame.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: I have found "the racquet" that I have been looking for after so many years! I really like all the Blade series racquets and had experience with KBT, BLX 98s, BLX 2013 98s, and BLX 2013 93. Despite the fact that I love playing with these racquets, many of the previous models gave me an elbow problem after intense tennis sessions (3-4 hours). Wilson really improved on the comfort area without sacrificing all the good things with the Blade series. Can't be anything more stable than this racquet if you are playing against big hitters. I did add some lead tape on the 2 & 10 o'clock position on the hoop to customize the balance and to expand the sweet spot. If you know how to swing using the weight of the racquet, it will provide plenty of pop and power to deliver that down the line winners. Control is phenomenal providing unbelievable angles for the cross courts, sickest drop shots, and pin point accuracy on ball placements. I do need to get use to controlling the depth of my shots but that's just me, not the racquet. Spin is the only area where this stick lacks but I can probably experiment with more spin friendly strings. With the 93 sq.in. headsize and 18x20 dense string pattern, you cannot expect it to be a spin friendly racquet. I have NXT Tour 17 at 55 lbs. in the mains and Babolat Hurricane Tour at 52 lbs. in the crosses for better playability over durability. Maybe I will try flipping those two strings and see if it improves on the spin. Planning on getting couple more of these soon. Overall, it is the ultimate player's stick and must demo if you are in search for one!
From: Alex, 4/13

Comments: Just a fantastic racquet. I am a 4.0/4.5 player who prefers to play at the baseline in singles, but also plays a fair amount of doubles. This racquet gives me tremendous control and a very satisfying level of feel on groundstrokes. It also is much more forgiving than I would have expected. Handles serves wonderfully and just feels great to hold. Tremendous balance. I feel like I can hit any shot I want with this racquet. I agree with other comments about stringing in the middle or just below the manufacturers recommended string tension.
From: Irv, 4/13

Comments: Strung with Tourna Big Hitter Black 17g at 48 lbs this stick is plain awesomeness! Maneuverable, stable, powerful and super reliably precise. Even the serve is very efficient in placement and racquet speed. Slices, topspin, flat shots, etc. You dream it, and if you have good technique, the racquet will do the rest for you. It delivers effortless power with pinpoint accuracy and a high degree of confidence in shot making. Prefer it to my AeroDriveGT, for sure.
From: Stefan, 3/13

Comments: In a previous post, Matt did me a huge favor where he mentions to someone if this racquet is feeling "hollow or tinny" that it may be strung too tight. I purchased this racquet and Tennis Warehouse did their traditional great job of delivering what I requested; problem is I asked for this racket to be strung at 58 lbs. I just had it restrung at 55 lbs with NXT and the racquet plays much smoother and much more forgiving. So thank you Matt. Now, if Wilson would just deliver a racquet with the same specs as the K Blade Tour.
From: David, 3/13

Comments: This latest version of the Blade 93 is certainly a vast improvement over the previous model. The frame feels a bit more "dead" compared to last year's offering. The frame penetrates the ball with better feel through increased dwell- time. The precision seems to have improved as well, as the new Blade 93 appears to impart a bit more spin on the ball. The racquet is well balanced for both smooth swing acceleration on groundstrokes and reaction to volleys, which can be hit with excellent feel and precision. Control over flat, topspin, kick and slice serves is very good indeed. Even at high altitude, the Blade 93 prefers low to mid-tension within the stringing range of the frame. Despite better stability on off-center contact, I would discourage players below a 4.5 NTRP in the use of this frame (I am a 5.0 rated all court player). Either of the 98s would be more advantageous. The only drawback on the frame is that all three of the Blade 93s which I use is the quality control. On all three racquets the individual Basalt inserts embedded in the handle have come loose resulting in a "creak" within the handle as well as an uncomfortable "give" at contact as the panels flex and move. I re-glued and clamped the panels back into place using crazy glue, so far they are staying put.
From: Radek, 3/13
String type: Pacific X-Feel Pro Vacuum 90

Comments: I'm really liking this racquet. I demoed it and enjoyed it's stability and the way I could take a full swing at the ball and keep it in the court. After I bought it, I was a bit worried because it felt horrible. The shop I bought it from (sorry TW, but I needed it that day) used Wilson Sensation strings. Every ball I hit felt dead. I thought I made a mistake buying the racquet. I then strung it with Wilson Hyperlast Spin, which I like in my old racquets, but it only felt good for 2 matches. Finally, I put Technifibre X-One Biphase 17 in it, and I love it again. Very solid shots, excellent volleys, good control. Spin isn't quite as good as I'd like it, but I'm going to try to hybrid it with more spin friendly strings and see if that helps. Even so, with the right strings, it's the best stick I've ever owned. The wrong strings can be discouraging, though.
From: Nhan, 3/13

Comments: Still need to hit with it more, but it feels quite similar to the Dunlop Biomimetic 200, except it feels less muted. Isn't quite as solid as I thought it would be, or as the reviews make it sound. Might have to add some lead tape to it to make it more solid, which i was hoping I wouldn't have to do. Still, it's a good racquet if you like a tight string pattern on a small head.
From: Jake, 3/13

Comments: I took this for a demo after reading the reviews and I was blown away. The demo was a brand new stick with plastic still on the grip. It hit absolutely perfect! I tried to buy the demo racquet, but TW said no. I ordered a new one exactly the same way (string and all). I'm not sure what's going on with Wilson's quality control, but this one is just not the same. It still hit's well, but nowhere near as solid as the demo. I've given it almost two months too. Oh well.
From: Justin, 3/13

Comments: If it is feeling "tinny" and "hollow," I think you have just got it strung a bit too tight. That was my experience at first, but took it down to 45 lbs with a poly, and it's brilliant. It could even stand to be looser, I think. Maybe it's because it's a little bit lighter, but of all the player's frames I've hit, I feel most comfortable swinging out with the Blade 93. I'll be playing with this beast for a couple of years at least.
From: Matt, 3/13
String type and tension: Blue Rough at 45 lbs

Comments: Have been using KBT for several years. You can clearly feel that this racquet is more headlight for this new version, which generates faster swing speed and is a little more maneuverable compared to the KBT. I think this is the major difference between these two. Other than that, they are pretty similar in feel.
From: John, 2/13

Comments: As a 'player's frame' this stick is just not as solid as I expected. The words that come to mind is 'hollow', even 'tinny.' I didn't play with the previous version, but compared to my Volkl Powerbridge 10 Mid this frame comes across as harsh and unstable, despite its specs. That solid deep 'thump' of a well-struck ball I was expecting, just isn't there.
From: Eckhard, 2/13

Comments: Great stick! It has control, good spin and power on groundstrokes and serves. It's a little light but still a player's frame. Best Blade yet. A must demo if you are in the market for a great playing racquet.
From: Mark, 1/13

Comments: Great racquet with tremendous feel and control. This is a tad lighter obviously than the K Factor 88 I was playing with before, but with it I can snap back those 2 handed stretched out reach backhands that I wasn't able to get before with the heavier racquet. Also, the reduction in weight I think has also translated into a less powerful frame, but because I can swing it more quickly the trade off seems slight. All in all, this is a very smooth frame which has a really great feel to it. The biggest change for most will probably be the 18x20 string pattern, but if your seeking greater control this will seems like a major benefit. It definitely results in a flatter lower shot. But as always, with the right stroke you can generate top spin and height over the net.
From: Mike, 1/13

Comments: First of all, kudos to TW for basically sending me two brand new racquets, the Blade 93 and Blade 98 (16 X 19). Both were freshly strung with Wilson Sensation at what felt like mid-50s. I liked both. The Blade 93 was solid and precise. It's heavier than my current racquet, but still maneuverable. Again, I liked both racquets and I would have liked to have longer to hit with them a signicantly longer time to decide which I preferred. I did notice that with the unseasonally cold weather we have been having that it was easier to get the ball up and over the net with the more open pattern. On the other hand, with the very hot and dry summers we have, I would be concerned about the balls flying with the 98 since I will not play with poly in the mains. The other problem I had is that I also hit with by PS95 at the same time. With the gut/soft poly combo I have in that racquet it just plays with so much more feeling and comfort. I definitely think both racquets are winners and should be demo'ed by anyone in search of a new racquet.
From: Chuck, 1/13

Comments: Wilson, you done good. I have been looking for a racquet to replace my very tired K Blade Tour. I have demo'ed this racquet several times this past week with several different players and found it to be perfect for me. It has great feel, great accuracy and ample power. By the time this is posted, my new frame should be well on it's way to my front door.
From: David, 1/13
String type and tension: Wilson NXT 16g @ 58 lbs

Comments: I just bought a new Dunlop 4D 200 Tour. I hit with it for the first time last night, and it was the best racquet I have ever hit with. Anyway, my roommate ordered a round of demos and he got the new Blade 93 because he knew I liked the sound of it. I knew as soon as I pulled this Blade out of the box that I was in trouble. I took it out for a hit tonight, and of course it feels even better than my new Dunlop! It requires a solid, fast swing. Ground strokes were crisp, accurate, and very precise. I could swing away with no problem at all. Balls stay very low on the court. My favorite shot is the slice, and this is by far the best slicing racquet I've ever hit with. Serves are a bit underpowered, but they are easy to place. I'm going to have to buy one.
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: I just demo'ed this racquet as I used to play with the the KBlade Tour before switching to the i.Prestige Mid. It has the distinct BLX feel that dampens the harsh vibrations leaving you more muted vibrations. The frame seemed to have a rigid/stiff construction and a similar feel to the Donnay Pro One 18x20. It felt a little light and underpowered since it was strung tighter than I'm used to. This incited me to whip through the shots and not muscling through them. Then I was getting good power and results. This racquet produces sufficient amount of topspin and lends itself to any stroke style, loopy or flat. It has the same dimensions as the original kBlade, but the weight distribution/balance and feel is different and plays more like a Donnay Pro One, only a little whippier.
From: Adrian, 1/13

Comments: I think this racquet is very comparable to the Yonex RDIS 100 93. I have this racquet strung at 52 lbs with Babolat RPM blast. For stability, I'd give it a 9.5/10. This racquet is super stable. I hit with a former D1 player and I was able to handle his heavy shots with relative ease. The racquet does not lose that much power on off-center hits but it does not have much to start with. The only frames I've hit with that can boast more stability are the Wilson BLX PS 90 and the Yonex Vcore Tour 89. Power is a 3/10. This is a very low powered racquet, which I like. A PS 90 is my idea of a 1 and a Roddick GT Plus is a 10/10. You really have to generate your own power through good stroke production and good contact with this racquet. It's not for people who are not in decent shape or have poor hand eye. Control is an 8/10. This racquet has decent control, defintely not the best I've played with or even as good as my RDIS 100 93 but it is passable in this category. I think my control with this racquet will get better as I get used to the lighter mass of the racquet. Maneuverability is a 9/10. This racquet is lightning fast at getting ready for volleys and the sort. Feel is a 10/10. I love the muted feel. I swing very fast and I like to hit a very heavy, flat ball so this racquet makes the shots I hit feel smooth as butter. Forgiveness is an 8/10, as it's very forgiving for a 93 in head. Similar to my RDIS 100 93 in that there is ample power at the top of the loop so the sweetspot is extended towards the top. As for shots forehand topspin was a 5/10. The racquet is not that great for topspin. I'm not a fan of hitting very high rotation shots, and this racquet doesn't help me hit very big loopy forehands. Slice is a 10/10. Not many people hit slice forehands but I do and this racquet literally carves through the air and delivers some serious underspin on my dropshots and slice forehands. Backhand topspin is a 10/10. I couldn't believe how much better my 1 hander became after I started using this racquet. It is so fast through the air and I can generate some serious RPMs on my backhand to keep the ball in the court that I can't do on my forehand. The slice is a 10/10. I hit a shot that literally bounced back into the net after it crossed and I hit down the line slice backhands that didn't rise more than 4 inches off the ground. On serve it's an 8/10. It's more powerful than my RDIS 100 93. I hit my flat serves at around 115 and my slice serves at around 75 with about 8ft of movement. This racquet is fantastic for serving, but it's not as good as the Roddick Pure Drive GT Plus at hitting blistering serves, nor is it as precise as the PS 90. It definitely gets the job done though as I averaged about an ace per service game.
From: John, 12/12

Comments: I first demo'ed the 98 sq in version of this racquet in both string patterns (16x19 and 18x20). As most might expect, I got more power on the 16x19 on serves and felt like I had a bit more control on the 18x20. It was noticeable but not exaggerated. Then, I demoed the 93 sq in (which is 18x20) and wow, what a difference. It takes control to a whole new level. Yes, you have to swing through the ball, but this thing is a pleasure to play with and it almost felt unfair - that's how good the control was. Hitting deep topspin shots was more comfortable and when the opportunity presented itself, I felt at ease hitting out and ripping through a shot without fear it would fly long (as it did more easily with both 98sq in versions). My only negative is that serve speed takes a noticeable step down. Still, the combination of this multifilament Wilson NXT string instead of a co-poly string that I used to use along with this 93sq in head size was an absolute pleasure to play with, and is why I'm switching to this racquet.
From: Jason, 12/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT @ 55 lbs

Comments: Stable as a rock. Reminds me of a more plush and flexible, more forgiving Pro Staff 85. I played several weeks with it so far and quite impressed. The BLX version of this stick was "harsh." It didn't pick up the vibration the way this one does. The 93 sq. inch head size does in fact play larger and the sweet spot feels like it extends further up to the hoop than other player's sticks. It's a good stick for those who want a 93 sq. inch head and who can generate their own power and control. Nice offering from Wilson.
From: Sully, 12/12
String type and tension: Babolat VS Gut @ 50 lbs

Comments: After having had a few hits with the Blade 93 2013, the following is a list of comparisons to the Wilson racquets I currently own: Comparing to BLX90TourPS, BLX93Blade2013 has same power, more control, more solid impact, less feel, more muted. less touch, faster swing speed, more maneuverable. Comparing to BLX90Tour, BLX93Blade2013 has same power, more control, more solid impact, less feel, more muted, less touch, faster swing speed, more maneuverable. Comparing to PS85 Original, BLX93Blade2013 has more power, same control, more solid impact, more muted feel, less jarring on joints, less touch, faster swing speed, more maneuverable. Comparing to KPS88, BLX93Blade2013 has less power, more control, similar ball contact feel, more muted feel, less jarring on joints, more touch, faster swing speed, more maneuverable. Comparing to JuicePro, BLX93Blade2013 has less power, more control, similar ball contact feel, more muted feel, more touch, same power, faster swing speed, more maneuverable. In conclusion, on the plus side, the 18x20 string pattern gives it supreme control, awesome power and precision. The downside is the muted feel of the racquet. Touch players may feel slightly disconnected with this racquet if not using premium strings. This racquet is most suitable for the powerful baseliners, and counter-puncher type players. 9 out of 10. (Now only if BLX90tourPS had a 18x20 version. That would be a 10/10, a Player's dream.)
From: Anon, 12/12

Comments: Got mine this morning! It's a fantastic stick! It feels very quick through the air (like the PS 85), yet hits much bigger than a 93 head. The sweetspot is elongated up towards the hoop, like a Yonex, and this Blade really absorbs the shock very well. It plays like a stiffer, more powerful Becker London Tour, or a more plus Pro Staff 85/88/90. It really is a great offering from Wilson and the control and feel is perfect for my game. It really is 10 point head light unstrung and solid as a rock on impact. I'm very please with the quality control.
From: Lofty, 12/12
String type and tension: Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 17g @ 53 lbs

Comments: I just received the Blade 93 2013 in the mail today. I took it to the courts for a 3 hour massive hitting session. To start off I have to say I have been a fan of the Blade series. I have had K Blade 93, and demo'ed the BLX Blade 93. But my current racquet of choice is the BLX Pro Staff 90 with Tonic and ALU Power Rough strung at 50-54 lbs (depending on the conditions). I chose this racquet for its superior feel, while all things being relatively equal to the Blade Tour series. Please note, since the BLX 90 PS is my favorite racquet, my review of Blade 93 2013 is only based on the comparison to my current racquet. First off, I can't really say the racquet is a whole lot different than the BLX 90 Pro Staff. I find that it does seem to generate more spin than the BLX 90 PS. (This could be strictly due to the string but one would argue the gut and Lux combo should have more ball bite, then maybe it is the 18x20 string pattern.) It feels a lot more muted using this poly string. I would imagine had I used the same natural gut combo, the feel may be improved. Currently, I do feel as connected to the ball at impact as I do with the BLX90PS. The Blade 2013 unstrung is 11.4 oz compared to 12.0 oz of BLX90PS, so you can imagine it feels a lot less hefty. I find myself having to ease up on the swing, and at times check swing. It could be I am not used to it yet, and perhaps in time it can save me a ton of energy hitting with equal amount of pace with less effort. I am curious whether I can change my technique to maximize this racquet. I find it to be slightly more maneuverable. My hitting partner comments the ball trajectory is different, as it seems to be more loopy with more topspin than the Blx90PS. Ball placement seems more accurate. More spin = more in = more win, soo I am not complaining here. Slices have more bite. Volleys are more solid. Serves are similar. I am not crazy about the all black matte finish. Some may find it cool, but for someone who owns also a PS85, KPS88, black paint is not what drew me to this racquet. Consistency and spin is what I liked, and the only thing lacking right now is feel. I will give it a couple of weeks with this string then I will try it with natural gut and Lux ALU Power Rough hybrid and see if that improves the feel. Otherwise I might just stick to the BLX 90 Pro Staff.
From: Anon, 12/12

Comments: I played with the new Blade for two days now and I love it. I'm coming off of last year's Six.One 95 16x18. Initially, I carried over the same poly (Wilson Duo Sensation) which was simply too harsh to play with in the new Blade. I replaced the strings with Babolat VS 16g and Synthetic Gut 16g @ 55lb with the gut in the mains and bingo, perfection! On serve, it had accuracy with power. The forehand doesn't (yet) have the same plowthrough as my 6.1, but I think it's just the second day of playing and I'm getting use to the slightly lighter and thinner beam. Volleys and slices are amazing. I play with a two- handed backhand it works like a charm! If the plowthrough doesn't occur in the next month or so, I may apply some lead tape for added weight. I would certainly demo the racquet, but keep in mind strings are key in this stick.
From: Ben, 12/12

Comments: I'm very disappointed with this racquet due to very small sweet spot, very harsh feeling and not a good feel. It's really jarring, even with a hybrid of poly/synthetic gut, and the paint is already chipping. This frame does not forgive a bad struck ball out of the sweet spot, as it just dies. The positives are the exceptional control and accuracy and it's excellent on volleys. Here's an interesting fact: It has high stiffness and it's not powerful at all. I'm sticking with my Head Prestige. I will check the Yonex VCore Tour next, as it looks very interesting.
From: Alex, 12/12
String type: poly mains / syn gut crosses

Comments: The previous poster, Tushar, hit a bulls eye for me. I have been waiting for Wilson to produce a replacement racquet for the K Blade Tour (the BLX Tour 93 was not even close). The specs for the new Blade 93 appear to be a winner. I am waiting for Tennis Warehouse to get their supply in and then string up some demos so I can try one and hopefully replace my two very tired K Blade Tours.
From: David, 11/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT 16g @ 58 lbs

Comments: Seeing how they changed the taper of the beam back to 21mm straight, and the swingweight went down, this frame should perform similar to the 2008 K Blade Tour 93. For that reason I'm keeping a very close eye on this frame, since my K Blades are getting worn.
From: Tushar, 11/12
String type and tension: Kirschbaum Pro Line II @ 55 lbs

Comments: So much power and control! It has awesome feel, as well as a sweet paintjob. The matte paint makes it look so cool. The maneuverability on this stick is awesome. It feels like the K Factor to me. I would buy this frame if I weren't using pro stocks.
From: Anon, 11/12
String type and tension: Luxilon 4G @ 60 lbs

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