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Comments: Flexible unique feel, and just a terrific blend of control and power. Customized it a tad due to the heavy ball I consistently face against collegiate varsity players, 6 grams total at 3 and 9 o'clock, 10 grams in the handle, oh boy. I was hitting anything I wanted, and reflexing a lot of balls into short angles and corners. Very stable, you can feel exactly where the ball is going. Spin was also amazing for a string pattern like this, slices died on court. Tennis has never been so easy and fun. High or low tensions, this racquet does well on both ends of the spectrum. I love it. I want more of these but customized a bit heavier and matched. Can anyone do this?
From: Mark, 7/14
Note from TW: We can do that! Call/email us and ask about our MRT customization service!

Comments: Fantastic racquet! I was a previous Babolat Pure Drive user and having played with the Wilson Blade 104, I can say it gave me so much more handle on the ball with more control. It handles pace very well.
From: Tonster, 7/14

Comments: After buying and playing with other great racquets like Head Speed MP Graphene and Extreme MP 2, I stay with a little tennis elbow since two years. I retried the Wilson Blade 104 and I'm falling in love with this outstanding racquet for tennis elbow and wirst problems. In stock form, the racquet is very control oriented and forgiving. You have to swing a little more than with other racquet but you can place the ball where you want in the court. Serve and volley are the most accurates shots with this racquet. All in all, my game is better with this racquet and I have no issue with my arm now. I play 9 hours by week and I'm a 3.5 to 4 level player, 54 years old.
From: Guy, 6/14

Comments: I ordered this racquet as a last one from a 4 demo pack. I was just curious and I was 100% sure I won't like it. I have never played with such a big head size and I was expecting the ball would fly all over the court. Guess what -- it didn't. With demo strings and small grip 4 1/4, it was the best racquet from my demo pack. Next one was the Head Speed Pro -- which is a great frame as well. The difference is that Head had less feel for sure and the frame was stiffer. The Wilson Blade 104 is easy to swing, has a nice flex for your elbow and shoulder and has lots of controllable spin. Much, much, much better than Babolat. I'll test it one more time with a multifilament string, but all I can say so far is it is a great frame! I'm 5.0 player with one handed backhand. It's definitely worth demo it. The extra length caused no issues at all. Lastly, thank you Tennis Warehouse -- as always great service and great prices. If I need anything for tennis, or tennis shoes, this is the place where I shop.
From: Martin, 6/14

Comments: I have demo'd this racquet twice. Once playing 3 sets of singles and found it to be superior to my one year old Blade 98 16x19. I was concerned since it feels lighter and I have tried other lighter sticks that end up feeling whippy and lack power and control. I took a big risk and did a demo it again for our mens 40 and over match on the weekend. I did not say anything to my partner (he noticed the red demo sticker on it) and played better than I have in any of our previous matches. The racquet really helped my serve -- power I have not had since I was in my twenties and great spin. I was able to crush shots from 8 feet behind the baseline and get them to the other baseline with massive topspin. This racquet improved my backhand (one- handed) as well. I have made a little progress with my 98, but this racquest really made a difference. I guess it is the extra forgiveness. I plan to buy one this weekend and will use the same Wilson string I have in my 98 for spin.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: This racquet is definitely a good choice for players with a big game. Big serve and groundies were amazing. Took me a while to get used to the extra length and head size but after 2 hours I was playing outstanding with this racquet. It felt like you could swing freely while maintaining control and drive the ball nicely. The extra head size and length also helped on defense on the reach. Definitely recommend this racquet to players wanting a little more pop while maintaining control.
From: Luke, 12/13

Comments: This is a racquet that definitely doesn't get enough love! As a power player used to using racquets with smaller headsizes and far more weight, I was initially reluctant to give this one a try, out of fear it was impossible to control. I was pleasantly surprised by the control and spin potential that this frame offers! Very maneuverable as well -- I won a set against one of my teammates in D3 college tennis 6-2 my first time ever using this racquet. I ordered one and have added some lead at 3 and 9 and some on the grip to maintain the balance, and all I can say is, WOW! In my opinion this racquet could work for a huge range of players and is the most underrated on the market. It's that good!
From: Anon, 10/18

Comments: I found this Blade 104 with Lux/NXT 16 at 54/58 lbs provided enough stability against hitting partners on my club team (4-4.5 level) who use heavier "player" frames. While this does not have the same plowthrough of my now-retired Pro Tours (KF 96) or 6.1 Tour (BLX 90), this combo improved my overall consistency, especially service returns and net play on day 1. Could shape groundies without sacrificing heaviness. Was hitting the absolute center of my racquet more often as I was feeling that the lighter weight allowed me to adjust faster at load up and beginning of swing.
From: Craig, 8/13

Comments: This was a pleasant surprise. I have longer, faster strokes, and I generally play with heavier racquets with a more open string pattern to control my shots. I didn't think this racquet would suit my game. Turns out it does, and quite well. I was serving bombs with it! Because this is on the lighter side at 10.7 ounces, it doesn't tire my arm out swinging this racquet. My strokes had good pace, spin, and depth, and I didn't have to work that hard to achieve that. Terrific job, Wilson!
From: Justin, 6/13

Comments: Outstanding frame! If you play a crafty, counterpunch game with lots of feel, droppers, lobs and slices, look no further. This is a perfect match for that type of game. Easier to use than the Blade 98, yet retains that "player-ish" racquet feel with it's thin beam. Nice power, but not too much. I have NXT Tour in the mains with a copoly cross at 56/52 and it's got plenty of control still. Comfortable without being too flexy. I initially had some weight added, but removed it and it plays fine stock with a swingweight around 315. Took me a little while to get used to the extra .30" length, but I don't notice it anymore. Fantastic racquet for an all court player!
From: Jack, 4/13

Comments: I demo'd this racquet and love the feel, weight, power and control. I think I will purchase it but I want to demo the Steam 105 S first.
From: Laurie, 3/13

Comments: I had TW increase swing weight to 330 and that increased the weight to 11.2. It is more solid now and hits a heavy ball. It has improved the slice backhand to float less and have more zip. It's strung w/poly in the mains and any synthetic or multi-filament in the crosses.
From: Seth, 2/13

Comments: After hitting with the Blade 104 at a Wilson demo day I commented to my wife it hit well. Next thing you know, I have a new Blade 104 for my birthday. While the racquet is great for volleys and net action, I find that the tight string pattern makes it feel like I'm hitting with a board from the baseline. I typically hit a lot of topspin with my Six One 95 strung at 58/59 lbs. I have restrung the Blade 4 times in 3 weeks trying to get something with good feel and pop. I am now down to 52 lbs and headed lower yet. The balance and generous sweet spot is nice but I'm not going to sacrifice TS for a big head. The balance and weight are nice but I cannot recommend this racquet to baseliners.
From: Jerry, 2/13

Comments:Switched from Babolat recently and I loved the soft feeling, maneuverability and control that this Blade 104 provides. Power wasn't sacrificed and the lighter weight helps me swing with more confidence and ease.
From: Stacey, 2/13

Comments: Played with the K Blade 98 and the BLX Blade 98 18x20. A friend of mine had a new Blade 104, and this is the best racquet I have ever played with. Solid feeling with all shots. A true all court racquet. Thin beam and great control. For sure more power than the 98.
From: James, 2/13

Comments: Extraordinaire! Great! Unique! Soft on the arm and elbow. It feels solid on volleys, good on off-center shots, control and power are great and equilibrate. At the net, the 104's reach and lighteness help on quick exchanges. For three years now I've been trying to get the right racquet, and this is the first one that has all I need. Power, control, forgiveness and good for the arm and elbow.
From: Guy, 12/12
String type and tension: polyester @ 58 lbs

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