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Comments: It only worked for about 4 games and after that the middle portion disappeared and now it keeps coming off every few minutes.
From: Gursharan, 11/14

Comments: Great dampener. The secret is to only put it across 6 strings and it will only come off with a direct hit by ball. The same as most damps would and still will provide great ball feel.
From: Tom, 10/14

Comments: If it is falling off of your racquet, it is not on correctly as someone else had mentioned. These can actually be kind of tricky to put on if you are not familiar with them. There are small holes in the center of the vibration dampener and the strings go through these holes. The problem is the plastic is sometimes connected at the top of the hole so you have to push the string through and break the plastic lining to get it on securely and properly. There are little rivets on the side of the dampener where the strings may need to be pushed through. Try this if it is falling off of your racquet. They stay on great and do a solid job.
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: This dampener stays on my PD107GT with no problems - never comes off. But, absolutely will not stay secure on my Head Prestige S. Weird. However, when it stays on, it's awesome. Great feel and even better pop sound.
From: Tyler, 8/12

Comments: So far, I haven't had it popped out (gel insert or dampener) out of my strings after two months of weekly tennis play and even when hitting the ball hard. Overall, I like this product so far. I put the dampener over 7 strings and make sure the notches are securely tucked into the strings. Quiet dampener too.
From: Ray, 5/12

Comments: I've been using this dampener for at least 1 1/2 years and although it does come out from time to time, it is a very good product. It pops out when I miss hit the ball other than that it absorbs all of the shock (that's how it works for me.)
From: Melvin, 5/12

Comments: Agree with everybody else about it popping out a lot, but have gotten used to fixing it without looking every time I hit a shot so it is kind of automatic now so not that much of an issue. It does not pop out if you don't stretch at all, but when it doesn't pop it is a great dampener which cushions a lot. Overall, okay if you can develop the reflex to adjust after each hard shot but if not, I would choose something else. Looks great though!
From: Ritap, 4/12

Comments: Do not get this thing. It keeps popping out which gets annoying when playing a match or practicing.
From: Paul, 4/12

Comments: Mine also pops out every time I hit the ball hard. Very frustrating when in the middle of a game half of the damper is off of the strings. Causes unnecessary delays. Babolat needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.
From: Frank, 2/12

Comments: There is excellent shock absorption. It is perfect for people with fragile shoulders/wrists/elbows. It also gives the racquet a damp feeling (this may be a pro or a con, but that depends on the player). The only downside for me is that the gel insert will fall off during ugly miss-hits (i.e. the ball hitting the dampener directly), but in any other average groundstroke/serve/volley it remains in its place. That's in my case at least.
From: Sergio, 9/11

Comments: This dampener keeps popping out and yes I weaved it in and out two times on each end and the middle of it pops off about every hard hit I do. Not the best and I don't recommend it at all.
From: Justin. 7/11

Comments: I like this dampener. It dampens really well and it has not fallen out yet in the three weeks that I have used it. However, I don't stretch it out to 8 strings like it can because I don't need to.
From: John, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 7/11

Comments: This is one of the nicer vibration dampeners. If it is popping out you didn't put it in correctly. You have to weave in and out several times so the strings are in the notched area on both sides of the frame. Someone showed me how to put it in and it never comes out now. Almost as much dampening as the worm. It looks futuristic, which I love.
From: Steve. 6/11

Comments: Pops out on any big hit. Bummer. I threw it away after a couple of sessions.
From: Jason. 6/11

Comments: Looks good but hardly stays on. It keeps popping out.
From: Siddharth. 5/11

Comments: Pops out on first big hit every time--what a waste
From: Greg, San Francisco, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Wow I'm really surprised that people are having such a bad time with this dampener staying on the strings. Maybe it stays better on certain stringbed types? This dampener when stretched out to span 8 strings (spanning 6 strings you lose the two strings that get braced by bend in the opposite side of the dampener) on 16x19 string pattern used with 16 gauge textured poly has NEVER popped out entirely in my year of using it, the center piece or one of the arms will get dislodged on hard mishits from time to time though, but the gel piece has never come out. It dampens moderately, but seems to maintain or enhance the power/spin of the stringbed nicely.
From: Anon. 12/10

Comments: This dampener is not good. It pops out easily and gets out of the strings. Not to mention that the little blue gel falls out easily. It is irritating, time-consuming, and a waste of money.
From: Mason, CA, US, 10/10

Comments: I need to agree with most of the comments below, - Pops up every time I play. Waste of time and money.
From: Anon, 10/10

Comments: Pops out all the time and every time I am playing. I am not the only one here that thinks that. IMHO waste of money, stick with the classic rubber band or Pete Sampras ring.
From: Trent, Cedar Falls, IA, USA, 10/10

Comments: It always pops out - either the whole thing or just the gel. I can't concentrate on my game because I keep on worrying about my dampener popping out. I regret buying it.
From: Monique, Manila, Philippines, 08/10

Comments: Looks nice. Pops out pretty well every time I'm playing with it. IMHO, a waste of money.
From: Doug, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 08/10

Comments: I have to say that I experiment with my dampener endlessly, and I find that this one has satisfied me for quite some time. Not surprisingly my other favorite dampeners are wide and substantial as well, they seem to give wonderfully consistent feel to all my groundstrokes. Some have argued that the benefit is only in sound, which may very well be true, but I have a hard time believing that.
From: Anon. 8/10

Comments: I really wanted to like this dampener, looked nice and seemed to be a bit quieter than previous pacific square dampener I was using. However, it wouldn't stay on the strings and the gel insert popped out several times. After fighting with it a few times, I gave up and threw it away. Disappointing... Going to try the Gamma Shockbuster or Babolat Combo one next.
From: Scott Rohleder, Jacksonville, FL, USA. 06/10
NTRP Rating: 4.0

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