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Comments: I agree with Lance, below. This is a fine tape that provides great protection (almost too heavy, in fact), but geez, it is a nightmare to get off the frame.
From: Jeffrey, 1/15

Comments: I don't know if I got a bad batch or if I'm putting it on wrong, but my pack of super tape isn't extremely adhesive like others have stated and the durability of is shot. One little scrape and it's pretty much done. Hopefully my second pack is better.
From: Lance. 9/11

Comments: This is a good head tape to use. However, Babolat has certainly changed their adhesive...before it was easy to remove the tape and adhesive residue. Now, even with alcohol or Goo-off, it is next to impossible to remove the adhesive and takes literally 30-45 minutes to get the bumper strip "adhesive free." The old adhesive worked fine and truly, anyone who applies a strip of head tape on their frame is only going to use it one time. The adhesive residue is maddening and I wouldn't recommend this head tape until Babolat improves it.
From: Rob, Coronado, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: Great head tape does what it's supposed to do. I would recommend it.
From: Marcus, Lexington, NC, USA, 03/11

Comments: I would not buy this tape again. The original Babolat head tape was more durable and was easy to apply. The positive regarding this tape is that it's easy to apply and shapes to your racquet head. After one use the head tape was ready to be replaced. I wished Babolat would bring back the original for more of an option.
From: Dave, Portland, OR, USA, 4/10

From:Great tape, great adhesion. It will stay on until you peel it off. People say it's a little short but it does stretch. It covers almost the entire upper half of my apd. I recommend stretching it a bit as you put it on to get the curve of the racket to prevent bumps. It's had great durability for me from minor scuffs when I stretch for low balls. Gets the job done…go for the solid performer. Joey, Edmonds, WA, USA, 11/06

Comments: I used the older Babolat head tape (when it came in a roll) and loved it. I tried the pre-cut strips and they stick a little better but they aren't as durable as the old type.
From: Paul, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 9/06

Comments: The best head tape ever! But it is a little too short. I love everything that Babolat comes out with. I think you should by this head tape, the best ever made.
From: Zach, Roger, Ar, Usa 04/06

Comments: Although this is by far the best head tape I've ever tried, it is by no means great... One piece of head tape last me about 1-2 weeks (I play 4 times a week for 1-2 hours). If your going to buy this product, I recommend buying 3-5 packs at a time. That's what I did, and I'll be set for a while
From: Ben, Severna Park, MD 01/06

Comments: The Babolat Head Tape is great stuff. It is easy to apply. It is thick enough to provide good protection, but its is not heavy enough to make any significant head weight change. I have tried others, but this is far and above the best. You really should look no farther when it comes to Head Tape!

Comments: By far the best head tape I've ever tried. It's extremely easy to put on and if you don't center the racquet head well on the first try, you can just easily put it off and on again. Plus it's a little elastic, so you can adjust it to the racquet head as you like. It protects better than all the others I've tried...don't ask me why, but anytime I had to take it off to restring my racquet, the racquet head always looked brand new. Last but not least, it's very, very easy to pull off and it barely leaves some small residual of it in the racquet head. Definitely my top choice as for head tape.
From: Virgilio, Italy. 10/05

Comments: Excellent product, the Michael Jordan of head tapes. Both protective and pliable, with a super-strong adhesive that in my experience latches onto the frame without puckering or rolling-up at the ends. In fact, I've even applied a strip, removed it, and reapplied it and found the adhesive to still hold firm. I also appreciate the convenience of having the strips pre-cut, particularly if you're trying to match applications on several identical frames; it's just neater that way. Blows away Gamma's head tape; while the Gamma tape is a thicker material, Gamma's adhesive is far, far weaker and starts puckering off the frame shortly after being applied. I play mostly on clay, and on clay the Babolat's durability has proven to be quite good. Great job by Babolat on a mostly overlooked piece of equipment.
From:Sandy City, State, Country: NY, NY, USA

Comments: I agree, the Gamma head tape is a terrible product. The level of adhesion is disgusting. And yes, it's such a pity because the quality of the material used for it is so durable. On the other hand, the Babolat head tape is superb in all departments. It sticks to your racquet like no other and is so solid and durable.
From: Jon. 4/04

Comments: This tape is great! I am a very aggressive player and slide the racquet head on the ground a lot. This tape lived up to the stress I put it under. I love it!
From: Josh, Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. 12/03

Comments: The Gamma head tape is terrible because it sticks to the racquet too much that you can't totally take it off when you want to. I like Wilson, and am trying Babolat.
From: Brigitta, Albuquerque, NM, USA. 11/03

Comments: As a chronic serve-and-volleyer, I am always looking for ways to extend the life of my bumpers and grommets. The Gamma head-tape product is useless, in my opinion, in that it doesn't adhere strongly to the frame (which is too bad, because it is a really durable woven fabric tape). The Wilson product, not carried by Tennis Warehouse, has great adhesion but is comically thin and soft -- no protection there. The Babolat Super Tape is pre-cut in five pieces large enough for an oversized frame, is stretchy, and so far, has shown excellent adhesion and durability. Until Gamma makes a head tape that sticks, I'll stick to Babolat.
From: Daniel, New Orleans, LA. USA 11/02

Comments: Babolat Super Tape Head Tape is GREAT! It added a significant performance change to my racquets! I recommend this for those who like their racquets (such as a Prince Warrior), but would like a head heavy balance.
From: Nick, Oakland, CA, USA 6/02

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