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Comments: I bought this string for the price and to try out some Babolat string. The first match was great with the string. Second match, I could tell about half way through the match that the string was dying down. I continued to use it just because unlike some polys it did not turn into a launching pad but rather deadened the ball even more. But now through two runs of this string in my Youtek IG Prestige S strung at 52 lbs, the strings are great for one match, pretty decent for a 2nd, but by the third they are dead and have snapped both times in the middle of my third match. I am a very big hitter though on my serve, and put a lot of spin on all my ground strokes. Probably a pretty decent poly for someone who is a control oriented poly player just looking for some added spin, as it would be ideal for that. Next I am trying the Babolat Dual. Hope it lasts longer than 2 matches.
From: Preston, 7/14

Comments: I used Hurricane on my Head IG Speed 16x19 and it didn't pose a problem to me. There were no setbacks to my usual play and it lasted me 3 months in my high school season. I just wish it wasn't pricy.
From: John, 7/13

Comments: I have been playing with a 2012 PDR for about a year now and have tried a few hybrids, RPM Blast in 2 different gauges, and Hurricane Feel. I like the 17g Feel is the best since it stays in place, maintains it's tension, wears really well, and gives me the benefits of a poly without sacrificing too much feel. With as much power as the PDR has, it's a little finicky about the string type/tension (read the review likes/dislikes). Note that RPM Blast and Hurricane Feel weren't really designed to be used as hybrids since the very slippery surface is designed to add spin by "snapping back" into place. This is why you can use these strings at relatively low tensions without the strings moving around. If you hybrid with a different string type, you may not get that effect.
From: Rich, 7/13

Comments: I recently purchased a PureDrive Roddick and had Pro Hurricane Tour used in both mains and crosses. I recently switched to Hurricane Feel 17g and love it. I see the same power but with added feel. The racket/string just feels more solid with the Hurricane Feel string.
From: John, 6/12

Comments: I recently purchased a Bab AD GT racket and had TW string with the promotion FEEL string at 60lbs. It was STIFF!! Totally different experience with this set up from the DEMO (with Poly) I'd played with and liked. I hated the low power, and as far touch maybe a little. I cut this string much for free. Hope the ALU Power and fatcore hybrid improves from this string. Very disappointing with my new stick as it arrived. I got more power from my 12 year old I Radicals than my new AD with this string.
From: Darren, 4/12

Comments: Comfortable poly for the this aging shoulder, (57 this fall), nice pop, plenty of spin, solid feel. Strung it in the mains, with Gosen OG sheep micro 17 in the crosses at 52/56 in both my Head Extreme Pro Microgels and enjoyed it right from the start. Plays similar to Kirschbaum Spiky Shark in the same setup but with more power. Will try Topspin Cyber Blue at half the price but no complaints here. 3x per week singles player, 4.0 level.
From: Cyril. 6/11

Comments: I got this string last week and I loved the power, control, and feel I got with it. However, I lost the tension about a week after and now my strings are dead.
From: April. 5/11

Comments: Really good and excellent strings. I have been playing with these for about a week now and it is awesome! I can control the ball better and I highly recommend it!
From: Neil, College Station, TX, USA, 03/11

Comments: I Strung this string with Babolat RPM Blast in main @ 58lbs on Babolat Pure drive GT+. It felt very good. It has spin potential and good power, not too much and better control then my previous hybrid (Babolat pro hurricane tour 17 with Wilson nxt tour) and not stiff at all. I have elbow problems so I cannot use all RPM blast full bed or Pro Hurricane tour full bed. I think this string completed my hybrid setting... but the only problem is, there is no tennis stores that sell this string here. Bad for me.
From: Chandra, Pekanbaru, Indonesia, 02/11

Comments: This is far and away my favorite string. Can be used on the mains or crosses in a hybrid or can be used by itself. I use the Babolat Pure Drive GT Roddick Plus and string with the 17 at 57/55 and it takes that little bit of edge off the Roddick Plus. Works excellently as a cross to hybrid with Babolat RPM Blast and works well as a main to hybrid with Babolat Revenge. I haven't tried the 16 yet, but this is a superb string, dampens almost on it's own and has the perfect feel along with superior bite, control, spin and pop to any other string I have tried. This string will most benefit your reverse forehands, kick and flat serves.
From: Jason, Gaithersburg, MD, USA. 07/10

Comments: Don't have much other poly experience, just recently started playing again and had my racquets strung with Black Code in the mains and Syn Gut in the crosses (55/57). I liked that setup better than straight syn gut and lasted twice as long. When I broke those, I tried this, full poly bed at 55, and so far I am liking it. Definitely not hurting my arm any more than usual (I have some pain on the inside of my elbow each time I play), and my teammates remarked that they think I'm getting great spin and power with these strings. And the blue matches my Pure Drive GT nicely!! So far so good...
From: Scott, Jacksonville, FL, USA. 6/10

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