Babolat Hurricane Feel 16 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: These strings are really good. They came with my Aero Pro Drive GT and I have them on 60 lbs. They give me a lot of control and most importantly in my game power! I am 14 years old playing 18u tournaments. I've had it for 2 weeks and it is going great.
From: Rayan, 6/12

Comments: The 17 gauge version broke very easily for me (about every 2-3 weeks) and so I switched to the 16s because the string is great! lots of spin and control on the ball. Slice and topspin come naturally, but the only thing is you have to supply your own power. durability wise (if you don't break the string) this string holds up very well after a month or two of use. I've had it on my racket for 4-5 months now and haven't broken it, and it plays just as well as if I had gotten it strung fresh. Recommend this string highly!!
From: Nick, 3/12

Comments: I can't miss with this stuff. The ball pocketing is outstanding while providing a very plush arm friendly feel. This is not a string designed to give pop. It's a string that delivers accuracy and keeps the ball in play. There is less bite or spin generation than 16g rpm blast. What it does better than RPM blast is give you a slightly more predictable feel when you cut or drive the ball while still offering very good access to spin when you dial up the racket head speed. It also holds its tension a little bit better than RPM blast. So, I play it in my Wilson kfactor 95 tour @ 54 pounds and get the feeling I can do whatever I want whenever I want to. Love this stuff and only wonder why it has to be blue.
From: Pete, SF, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I haven't tried this string but I have a question for people who have used it (sorry, I didn't know where to post this). I am currently using rpm blast 17g on my aero pro drive gt at 58 lbs. and am looking for something to hybrid it with for more control when I take big cuts at the ball because it felt a little mushy for me. Should I use hurricane feel or Luxilon adrenaline? Thanks!
From: Johnson, Chapel Hill, NC, USA. 07/10

Comments: This string is really hard to generate spin or power. I guess there's control but you have to work for it. Only thing this string stands out in is feel. This string is real stiff after a while. I used it in my Dunlop 4D aerogel 100 and it was really hard for me to generate the control I needed. Overall, I think this string is for a advanced player who is looking for touch and feel for their racquet.
From: James, Irving, Texas, USA. 07/10

Comments: I just tried this out and I really had to swing to get the spin I needed. The second I slowed my racket speed down, it flew out. Also, I found great touch and feel.
From: will, Atlanta, GA, USA. 6/10

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