Babolat Pro Hurricane 18 660' String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I bought this and I quickly saw great improvment in hitting the ball and being precise. But sadly, it broke 2 months later. Anyway I practice a lot so that is probably why it broke easily, but still I thought it would be more durable.
From: Michael, 6/12

Comments: I tried the Babolat hurricane 18g string; I absolutely love this string but I do not find it lively at all; in fact I find it underpowered, which I think is a good thing. I'm able to generate my own power and now I have control. Basically I can smack the ball as hard as I want and it still goes in!!! The only downside was a slight lack of feel...but not to bad. This will now be my string of choice!
From: Peter, New York, NY, USA, 03/11

Comments: Only one word can describe these strings; amazing. Strung them at 56 lbs on my Wilson K Factor Kobra Tour and they feel absolutely amazing. So much bite and spin it's unbelievable. The power is definitely there, I feel confident with every stroke I take. Literally, I feel every ball I hit is going to go long until it dips and clips the baseline. I had to keep asking, "was that in?" because I was amazed with the consistency and spin produced by these strings.
For the price, what else could you ask for? Spin friendly, powerful, durable strings. THESE ARE A STEAL! BUY THEM NOW
From: CJ, NY, USA, 03/11

Comments: So far this string has been excellent on my tennis elbow. I use a Aeropro drive plus and this string gives me plenty of feel, spin and pop on the ball. The string appears to hold tension well and doesn't move around much. The wear rate appears to be good as well.
From: Wes, Toledo, OH. 8/10

Comments: Overall, it's tough to find a better string than this. The combination of spin, control, feel and power offered by this string is unmatched. Plus, the price is extremely reasonable. The only thing that comes close perhaps is Lux Ace (18 gauge).
From: Rick, New York, NY. 9/09

Comments: One of the best strings I've ever used. Great spin and control, good power, decent feel. The only problem is that they only last at all. If you hit with a good amount of top spin, these will snap quickly. Only lasted me a few days at practice.
From: John, Wichita, ks, USA. 3/09

Comments: When you first stat playing with this string they start to get unaligned. In the first 4 hours of play this happened for me. But after that they start to get straight. After a little worries, I found out that this string is TOP DRAWER. Volleys, groundstrokes, my serve, can my consistency have improved. It's a very durable string and adds a lot of spin.
From: Brad, Boston, MA, USA. 2/09

Comments: I have spent a ton of dough on various polys over the years but I always come back to this one, the 17g is very good but the 18g is a whole different animal, soft for a poly but bites like a junkyard dog when needed. Great as a main string in a hybrid set up, seems to have decent tension holding also. Thanks, Babolat.
From: Christo, The W.C., CA. 9/08

Comments: I just got these. Durability is great, had for about 2 months now. I play #2 singles so I hit pretty hard. I'm a huge baseline player, and because I'm not the tallest person around (5'5 or something) I don't go to net a lot, but volleys were good. I was hitting very few deep balls; power's great. Everything is great. I recommend this.
From: Eric, Whiteford, MD, USA. 4/08

Comments: This is the best string ever when freshly strung. I 'm a 4.0 player and I always break this string in a week. This string also loses tension. I use a Babolat Pure Drive +.
From: David D, Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador. 4/08

Comments: These are possibly the best strings I have used yet. They have good power, excellent durability and generate great amounts of spin. I'm about a 4.0 player, and I have it strung at 55 lbs on a Volkl DNX V1, and with enough force will send penetrating shots down court. The only downside is it is less forgiving when you're on the move and you hit an off- center shot. Everything else is good.
From: Mike, Dallas, Tx. 2/08

Comments: Love these strings. Compared to Wilson NXT Tour and Sensation strings strung at 54 lbs, Pro Hurricane is a dream. I can hit ball hard and with spin. I've strung it at 49 lbs and will likely move tension to 50 lbs next time as a few balls do go long. The power generated and spin is amazing. Balls are really leaping off the ground, but I can flatten it out if I wish. I actually think the Wilson, though multifilament, felt deader than this string. I don't feel the Pro Hurricane string when I hit so much, which is a good thing.
From: Dennis, CA. 11/07

Comments: These strings are a control player's dream. The amount of spin I can generate with a medium pace swing is great, but when I swing out, these strings really shine. I can keep the ball in the last 2 feet of the court with full swings. Slice serves really bite and slide out wide as well. I have them strung at 52 in the mains with Forten Sweet 17 crosses in my Volkl Catapult V1 MP. With the Sweet in the crosses, this is as comfortable a combo as all Gut.
From: Charles, Las Vegas, NV, USA. 6/07

Comments: I am using it in my Head Classic MP at 55/55. I went through a score of multis and synthetic gut, but this one is the best. I was a bit wary of it at first, as it's poly and I used to have TE. No problems, it's kind on the arm, even better than, say, Yonex Pro Spin; it's great for spin production and it's got plenty of power. Basically, an ideal combination. It has lasted me around 15-20 hours, twice as much as any multi or synthetic gut.
From: Zverev, Bush, Australia. 11/06

Comments: I have to say it's a great string on its playability. Great spin and durability are its advantages. But it eventually gave me serious shoulder pain after two weeks of playing. And after two more weeks I got some really bad muscle strain on my arm by serving the way I used to, which I felt comfortable before I used this string. This string is a two-sided blade. You should consider use softer strings with it or use a dampener, which I found useless. Be careful what you wish for guys.
From: Matty, Houston Texas, USA 08/06

Comments: I got the 18 gauge, strung in my Wilson NSix-One @ 60. Felt great and stiff first time I used it, nice and tense. It seemed to get a lot more feel the second time I used it. Third time I used it (3hrs total use) it turned to mush. It lost a lot of tension, no more feel. It's ready for a restring. This is coming from Big Banger ALU Power 16, 60. Lasted months until it needed restringing. Won't ever get this again.
From: JMac, Brisbane, QLD, Australia 07/06

Comments: These strings kick booty! They generate a whole lot of spin (if you have a western or semi) Control is wonderful!!! I am an aggressive all-court player who comes in when needed and these strings help me get the spin to keep my opponents on the run then knock off a volley. GREAT JOB BABOLAT!
From: William, Bluefield, VA, USA. 11/05

Comments: I've been looking for a synthetic string that creates enough spin to keep a power serve in the box for quite a while. This string fits the billing. I was quite impressed. I've got my power serve back, consistently. The trade-off was it feels dead around the edges of my racquet, and I needed to change how I hit my backhand. But if you can dominate the game with a big serve, then the rest of the point is quickly over, or just a matter of putting away a soft return.
From: Joe, Laurel, New York, USA 11/05

Comments:They feel good for about 5-7 hours of play. I don't like stringing my racquets so often, so they just didn't do the trick. Don't last long, but when they are fresh, they aren't too shabby.
From: Alex
atlanta. ga 10/05

Comments: Comments: Great strings with nice touch, control, and comfort. Perfect match for my Aeropro Drive by further accentuating my top spin. I lowered tension about 5 pounds. I have no problems with durability and much more comfortable than 16/17 gauge.
From:David, Washington, DC

Comments: I previously used Head strings and it didn't last long. I got these and it's been a month now and it still feels good. It has good power and I have good control on my volleys. It's a pleasure to play with these strings.
From: Nirmalkumar, Chennai, TN, India 07/05

Comments: I previously used Head strings and it didn't last long. I got these and it's been a month now and it still feels good. It has good power and I have good control on my volleys. It's a pleasure to play with these strings.
From: Nirmalkumar, Chennai, TN, India 07/05

Comments: I tried the 16g and 17g, and they just didn't feel right, so I tried these, and they are great, and they last long. I got my racquets strung with these about 2 months ago, and they still have yet to show signs of breaking.
From: Kurren, Katy, TX, USA. 03/05

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