Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 17 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I won a reel of Solinco Hyper G 1.25 and strung it at 52 lbs on my Pure Drive 2015. After 2 weeks ( 4 sets of strings), I have got golfers elbow. A quarter year without tennis and then I stung my racquet with Huricane 17 at 52 lbs and as Xcel as a cross at 51 lbs. No pain and great ball quality! A very ofensive sutup. It's strange -- I still feel my elbow when I am lifting something, but I can play tennis pain free.
From: Mark, 11/16

Comments: Great string! The same response on cold or hot days. Constant tennsion for a long period. Best product from Babolat that can be challenged by Luxilon ALU Power or Head Sonic Pro Edge.
From: Jeff, 6/16

Comments: I am a 5.0 player and use this string in a hybrid setup for my Babolat Pure Drive Tour. Mains: Pro Hurricane Tour 17; crosses: Xcel 16 gauge. I have tried may different hybrids with the poly in the mains and a soft string in the crosses, and this is by far the best combo yet.
From: Kevin, 12/15

Comments: I ordered a pair of Babolat AeroPro Drives and took advantage of the Hurricane Pro 17 free offer. Previously, I played with the same racquets but with a hybrid set up because of elbow issues. I didn't really expect to like it but I was in for a surprise. A noticeable difference in my game, whether from the new frames or this string or both.
From: Doug, 8/15

Comments: 10 out of 10! Love it because it offers me heaps of spin.
From: Anon, 2/15

Comments: After playing with the 16 gauge for several years I decided to give the 17 gauge a try. The 17 gauge has definitely more pop, and it's more flexible than 16. To those guys who are making the switch, the 17 gauge is about 2 lbs different in tension. So if you used to string your racquet 55 lbs with the 16, to have the same feel you want to string your racquet at 57 lbs. If you had different tensions you need to increase each of them by 2 lbs. e.g. if you had 53.5 main and 55.5 crosses with 16, now you want to string them with 55.5 and 57.5. Hope this helps someone.
From: Kambiz, 7/14

Comments: This was my top favorite string for 3 years back in 2008. I loved the amount of spin potential this string had, due to the string texture. Even though this string lost a lot of tension, it was durable and retained its spin-producing properties. I wasn't much of a flat-hitter, so I appreciated what this string had to offer. Stringing my Wilson [K] Factor Six One 90 at 57 lbs, I've always preferred a full stringbed of Pro Hurricane Tour over a hybrid due to the spin, even though a hybrid set up was more arm-friendly.
From: Kris, 6/14

Comments: I tried the Hurricane Tour 17 and although it took a few minutes getting used to it, I have to say this is a great string. I really appreciate the control and feel i get from this string. Power was OK and my serve has a lot of pop compared to my previous strings. My previous string was Signum Pro Tornado 17 and after a couple of weeks I was having control issues, overhitting the ball on a regular basis.
From: M.E., 5/13

Comments: Well, this string really provides wonderful spin on my Head IG prestige MP 18x20 at 54 lbs. However, I don't like the harsh and dead feeling of this string, though it has good durability. I would try a mix with natural gut string.
From: Rui, 12/12

Comments: While demo'ing a bunch of racquets I came across a Donnay Duel X-Duel Silver 99 with some yellow strings on the main and white on the cross. I was so impressed with the racquet and setup I knew I had to get it. I immediately ordered 2 of these racquets and inquired about the strings and tension setup. I was very happy when the person I talked to at TW actually went to the stringers and asked and notifed me they were Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour at the main and Wilson NXT for cross. The Hurricane as a main (I've only used as a main) delivers, for me, the perfect amount of control, spin, and feel. The tension maintenance and durability is above average and the cost is very high. For the first week (6 hours over 3 days) tons of pop, feel, spin and good amount of power. During the second week control started to become an issue and power was consistantly falling, though tension seemed to be falling at a slower rate. I could still hit out and the spin was still there, but not as penetrating as the first week. However, with that said, I keep coming back to these strings. I've tried various Polyfibre, Signum Pro and Tecnifibre strings, and I have yet to find anything that plays as well well as Hurricane as a main. If you don't mind paying a premium for strings than go give these a try, you won't be dissapointed.
From: J.P., 11/12

Comments: At my coach's suggestion, I just switched to these on my Head Youtek IG Speed (18x20). I was using Head Rip Control 16s (which I loved), but breakage was becoming an issue as I was restringing every three weeks or so. After a few weeks with the Pro Hurricanes, I just don't like them: it feels like they have less pop and my serve velocity has fallen off; my second serve is also missing now a lot more. Additionally they seem stiff and I find myself overswinging to get more power, which is creating more unforced errors. Will definitely go back to the Rip Control and buy a 200-meter reel.
From: Bill, 5/12

Comments: I just switched back to a hybrid of Pro Hurricane Tour 17G and Gamma TNT2 RX 17G because I developed a bad tennis elbow condition using Luxilon strings. I really wanted to love Luxilon, but they killed my elbow. If your concerned about the stiffness to Pro Hurricane just add the RX to a hybrid set up, and it's great! No pain for me now!
From: Tony, 5/12

Comments: Every string really depends on the player's game. The Babolat Pro Hurricane string would be a great fit for players with a western to semi-western grip, and likes to hit the ball hard. If you can hit a good ball with some topspin then this string will give you an extra bite and add some more spin. Sure, the string can feel slightly stiff to some, but that's the beauty of it. If you are confident with your game and can hit a good, solid ball then this string would be a great recommendation; it will do what you want it to and then some. Very much suits a ground stroke baseline game, but can also be used all-around. If you are only looking to add touch/feel then this string wouldn't be my first suggestion, but it isn't too bad either. You can have a peace of mind when hitting harder too because this string is durable and won't break nearly as fast as synthetic stings will. Play hard and enjoy!
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: This string is very arm friendly, good control and great power. Good access to spin, volleys and serves. At first, the serves were kind of tough with these strings, not too sure why, but after figuring it out, good control and power. I've had better experiences with controlled groundstrokes with another string, but this one is not bad at all. Definitely one of my top 3. I would highly recommend it!
From: Tony, 11/11

Comments: I always try different poly strings, this one has been one of the best so far. A little crisper feel than the Babolat RPM Blast, a little softer than Luxilon Big Banger and a little more power than Dunlop Black Widow. Also, I love the pop sound this string generates.
From: Nimit, 11/11

Comments: I have read all comments and almost over 95% agreed this is absolutely the great string. For me, the hybrid with VS Touch gave me the excellent control, power and durability. Thanks Babolat.
From: Brian, 11/11

Comments: I have used this wonderful string hybrid with Babolat VS gut 16 for 3 years, and I loved it. Just tried Babolat RPM Blast, seemed to have less power. Maybe I should try more time to see the difference. But for now this so far the best string for me.
From: Brian, 10/11

Comments: I will play the villain for this string. I was not impressed at all. I strung this string in my Head Radical Microgel MP at 60 lbs because I tend to need control due to the power I generate with such a light stick. I opted against doing a hybrid setup simply because I believe in doing a full setup with my strings. I did this setup opposite of stringing my Head Extreme Microgel MP at 58 lbs (my stick of choice when I update) and there was no comparison. I was immediately frustrated by the lack of control that was being provided. My balls were flying long on just about every groundstroke. I could not get a decent kick serve in, and my flat serve lost velocity. The strings just felt to rigid and I don't think a lower tension would have changed anything. I will not be using this string again.
From: Vince, 8/11

Comments: This string is amazing I can get a lot of topspin and really great drop shots if you use topspin it is a must to get this string.
From: Tom. 6/11

Comments: I am a 4.0 level player and I can't believe how well this string worked for my spin. No fraying at all, and very durable. It worked great for topspin, but not sure about slices. Maybe it's the way I'm holding my racquet. I'll fix that later. I have my first 12-13 year olds tournament with these strings and I feel like I can hit with lots of spin and power and out play my opponent. Serves tend to fly though. I prefer using lots of topspin, but occasional slices as well, but at the net this string is very good to my opinion.
From: Charlie, Blaine, MN, USA, 03/11

Comments: Quite a good string, especially if used in combination with a softer one. Should be used in the mains 'cause it delivers lots of spin. Also, you should reduce tension slightly due to its stiffness. Spin for the mains and touch in the crosses, it's the best of both worlds!
From: Mishell, Quebec, Canada, 11/10

Comments: I'm 12 years old and I play USTA junior tournaments at a decently advanced level. I play with the Aero Pro Drive Cortex racquet and I normally use RPM Blast string 16g, 56 tension. I really liked that string. I decided to try Pro Hurricane Tour because of their similarities and slight differences. I needed a bit more control because I've been over-hitting many of my shots. I bought the string and had it stung at 56 tension, 17g. I noticed a tone more topspin, control, and great feel off this string. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
From: Jay, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA, 11/10

Comments: This is by far the best string I've ever used. This string is extremely durable, and offers very great feel as well as power to the ball. I am a singles player, and baseline play is intense with these strings. These strings make volleys feel solid. Kick serves have more "bite" with these strings. I strung these strings on my Dunlop Aerogel 300 at 59 lbs all around. This is by far the best poly ever.
From: Charles, Sacramento, CA, USA, 10/10

Comments: Nice string, more spin and more control. It is friendly to your elbows. I used it in my Babolat GT Aero @ 58 lbs tension.
From: Ray, IL, 10/10

Comments: Had my doubts. But I am a believer of using hybrid setups. Used this with Alpha syn. gut. Great spin, and could feel the extra power when hitting my forehand. Not a string breaker so I will see how it wears. Great String, used as Hybrid paired with Alpha synthetic gut. (May have been a mistake since Alpha strings are already looking squeezed and frayed) Probably next time I should use a more durable multi. But the strings grip well, great touch on slices. Power is also evident on topspin groundies. Hard to control on serves. Tendency for serves to fly out. I may stay with these after trying Luxilons, MSV Hex as mains. I play with a Babolat pure storm tour, and the combo works! 4.0 player.
From: Johgee, Holden, MA, USA, 09/10

Comments: I just played with these strings today. Really good. There was a significant difference in my game. I could hit with much heavier top spin and kick serves were really good. Haven't tried the RPM Blast yet. But so far these strings are really good for hard hitters with a lot of top spin. Hopefully it lasts long and doesn't lose tension easily as stated by others.
From: Ram, Penang, Malaysia. 06/10

Comments: I played with this string for about 6 months, used all 660 ft of my reel. It breaks fast, about once a week if you get out there and actually play regularly. Tension was my main concern, after about a match or two you could notice the lack of control on serve returns as they sail just a bit too long. I did find that these strings generated more spin than the pro hurricane and were easier on the arm (by a little). I would keep using them but they are not the best thing for my arm and they are too expensive at the rate that they break. Definitely give it a chance if heavy spin is your game and you want something that can crank shots. Head Youtek Radical Pro strung at 58 lbs.
From: Anon, 4.5-5.0, New York, USA. 5/10

Comments: These strings are awesome!! The tension of these strings drop so fast. I strung my racquet at 60lbs, and don't get me wrong, these strings were terrific! But I literally played for only a couple of days, and the tension of these strings dropped dramatically; it felt like 50lbs, and it felt extremely dead. So, if you're extremely rich and don't mind stringing every couple of days, then these are the strings for you!
From: anon, IL, USA 03/10

Comments: I tried the Hurricane Pro for first time and disappointed in feel and power. It felt very stiff and needs a lower tension to equate synthetic or natural gut. It wore me out the first time, not a hard hitter; prefer placement, spin and power and this sting just doesn't deliver.
From: Anon. 3/10

Comments: Just had these strung on my Head Microgel Radical at 57 after switching from the 16 gauge, also at 57, and all I have to say is wow. There was a big difference in feel, power, and control. I got a lot more bite on the ball, which led to more control and to add to that the smaller gauge added a lot more power than the 16 gauge version, giving me more depth with less effort. Serving, I found that I had to slow my serve down a bit since the ball just rocketed off the bed and would go long. After I got used to serving it was just ace after ace in my matches.
From: Duoc, Irving, TX, USA, 02/10

Comments: I have been using this string for two years now in my entire string bed. I play with the 90sq Dunlop 100 Aerogel. I use to play with Luxilon Big Banger 16g Rough but it was not arm friendly to me. I then decided to try out this string. I prefer the 17g because it is has a less stiff feel in my racquet then the 16g. I enjoy the spin, pop and control the 17g allows me to have. There is no sweeter feel then plowing through the ball in the center of the string bed with these strings. If I had to choose a second poly string to the Babolat Hurricane Pro Tour 17g then it would be Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 17g which plays closely to the Babolat but a tad softer string.
From: Fred, Atlanta, GA, USA 01/10

Comments: Started using this string about 5 months ago. I use it for the mains and use Tecnifibre bi- phase for the crosses. I string at 59/56. I'm a 4.5 and must say that my groundstrokes are much better and more consistent now. You can swing freely and not have to worry about overhits. My groundstrokes stay deep and consistent. Only downside is that it doesn't provide as much feel at the net as I'd hope.
From: Brandon, Frisco, TX 10/09

Comments: I've used this string for a long time (3 years) by itself and in combination with many other strings (Wilson Sensation,Gamma Syn Gut, Prince Syn Gut, Prince Lightning XX, and Babolat Xcel Premium.) I must say I prefer it in combination with something else rather than by itself. The string has incredible access to topspin, it is also very durable, but I find that it lacks the capability to produce good touch shots, and is stiff as a brick at net.
From: zach, tampa, Fl, US. 7/09

Comments: Excellent string! Switched from multifilaments to reduce expense -- much more durable; very stiff, but excellent control and spin.
From: Thomas, Phoenix, AZ, USA. 06/09

Comments: Great String, I love it! The spin, power and control are unbelievable. I use it with my Babolat Pure Drive+ and it is fantastic.
From: Luke, Germany, 06/09

Comments: Very good string. Strung up on my Pure Drive Roddick at 57-60 mains and crosses, very good bite on the ball, and I love the playability of 17g strings. However, these strings are not durable at all. I go through a set in about three hours of hitting. Will not buy again because of that.
From: Anon, 05/09

Comments: I only recently switched to the Pro Hurricane Tour 17. The main benefit for me is that even the 17 is quite durable and it is available on a large reel. I used to play natural gut and very elastic multifilament before but consistently broke them after 2-3 hours of play. It just got too expensive and time consuming to restring constantly. The Pro Hurricane Tour 17 string is not very elastic and plays quite dead. It depends if you like that feel. I got used to it quickly and feel quite comfortable with it especially if you hit quite hard and with lot of spin. However, you compromise a bit of feel. It seems like a good idea to reduce the tension by about 2kg/4lbs versus gut or multifibre.
From: Seb, London, UK, 05/09

Comments: For me, it has amazing pop, good power, great spin potential, my first time stringing with a poly, love it, I've been hitting corners and really deep shots consistently.
From: Nolan, Union City, CA, USA, 04/09

Comments: This string is pretty stiff even for a poly. It has great potential from the baseline, but my complaint would be that it loses tension fairly quickly. If you have your racquet restrung frequently (once every 3-4 weeks), this will be a good string for you.
From: Ryan, Minneapolis, MN. 3/09

Comments:I preferred this 17g over the 16g. Because I use it for the whole string-bed, the thinner gauge was easier on my arm. I haven't broken them yet since I switched from the 16g. I've tried lots of polyesters and they were all hard on my arm but this gauge provides great spin and has a good feel for a poly. If your strokes are well grooved then you'll get good results off the ground and on serves with this one.
From: Jarameal, Walla Walla, Washington, USA. 1/09

Comments: Excellent string. Good crisp feel, excellent spin, some great power and incredible control. Try some hybrids with this in the mains.
From: Adam, Rogers, AR, USA, 12/08

Comments: Awesome string. I decided to go to full poly since my AeroPro Drive was a little too powerful, so I strung it with Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour (17 gauge). 1 word: AMAZING! As a fairly soft poly with tons of spin potential, this thing does not belong in a hybrid; just get this alone. Great spin, nice soft deadness and AWESOME!
From: Daniel, East Meadow, NY, USA, 12/08

Comments: Wonderful. Enjoy the durability. Has a crisp feel.
From: Gabe, Norwalk, CA, USA, 12/08

Comments: I strung Hurricane 16 gauge at 60 pounds and got tennis elbow playing doubles with some hard hitting 4-4.5 players. Had to switch to multifilament and strung down to 52-54 pounds until elbow got better. Now worked back up to 17 gauge Hurricane 17 gauge on mains and Dunlop multi on crosses. Had developed two handed backhand, and now hit big topspin on both sides. Actually now much prefer 52/54 pounds with this hybrid combination on Aeropro drive. Usually last about 5-6 sessions if no mishits. Have also tried Hurricane with Wilson Syngut on crosses, with great top and feel at 52/54.
From: Craig, Acton, MA. 11/08

Comments: Any type/brand of strings are only as good as the person using it. With proper technique this string is quite awesome. Spin, power and control are all amazing. Durability is also good even after months of hard hitting, showing little or no wear at all. Best of all, despite playing a heavy top-spin game, the strings barely moved. Definitely one of the best polys in the market. However, don't expect too much if you do not have the proper technique on your strokes. It won't turn you into a better player overnight.
From: Sanada, Singapore. 11/08

Comments: This is easily one of my favorite strings of all time. I use it in the AeroPro Drive + and I get tons of spin, great power and excellent feel. I'm ranked 3rd in NJ and about 1000 in the nation so I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get and edge on his opponent. As I said: great spin, power, and control.
From: Jordan, Wall, NJ, USA, 11/08

Comments: I've used Big Banger Original and a couple other polys, and the PHT doesn't really have anything special to it. I thought it would give me more spin, yet my BBO indeed had more spin potential. Even my coach noticed the difference. I'm still on my search to find a proper poly that gives amazing spin.
From: Rishi, NJ, USA, 10/08

Comments: Excellent strings for control without giving up to much on power. You really feel the ball during baseline play and spinning the ball is very easy. First serves produce good pace and placement but for me, second serves seem to be a bit tougher to control. You do lose tension relatively quickly but not to the point where it's unusable after your first couple of plays. I use these strings on my Wilson nTour nCode and sting at 60 lbs. I'm 6-2 and weigh 230 and hit the ball very hard and consistently. I have yet to break a string so I'm not sure why others have. Nadal uses these strings and he rarely busts them and if he does it's on a mis-hit. You will enjoy these strings!
From: John, Aurora, OH. 8/08

Comments: Pro Hurricane Tour= low drag, maximum, and carved from illegal whale bone. Best string I've ever used. I used to be a 4.0 player, I had low self-esteem and thought about quitting. After trying Pro Hurricane, I eat success for breakfast and am quickly moving up the ladder. I owe my game solely to Pro Hurricane, it almost hits the ball for me.
From: Will, Jackson, TN, USA. 6/08

Comments: This string was great for the first week or 2 then the tension dropped away quite rapidly, and it became hard to use. I strung it at 53lbs in my KSix One Tour 90, and it was fantastic to begin with but once the tension fell away it became nearly uncontrollable, although my first serves became better. Durability of this string was not what I was expecting, for me it broke after only 16hrs of play!!
From: Ruarih, Edinburgh, UK. 6/08

Comments: I use a pure drive cortex and strung it at 53 lbs. I have had this string for 6 months now and in the first 3 months I definitely felt as if I have played the best tennis of my life so far (I'm 12). I won 7 out of 8 matches. But as the tension got looser more and more I started to hit a lot of shots out and second serves with slice weakened but my 1st serve definitely improved. I am going to stick to this string and get a restrung.
From: Nicholas, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 04/08

Comments: I'm a 5.0 player for about 10 years who has recently made a switch to Poly from 17g Gamma TNT & 17g NRG2. Other polys tried have been SPPP 17g and 16L Luxilon Alu Power Rough. What I like about the polys is tension maintenance as well as the lack of string movement. Strung at 55lbs on a Radical Microgel MP, the SPPP and Luxilon both provided good power and excellent control but little feel and I soon developed arm problems. I opted to try the Pro Hurricane Tour for my last string job (since I had it on hand) and surprisingly it offered better power, similar control and spin and significantly more feel. Vibration with this string is dampened yet crisp at the same time. My arm problems vanished with this string, and so far durability seems to be great with 15 hrs of playtime on the strings and virtually no wear. Just ordered 3 more packets to get the rest of my Radical MPs strung.
From: Dave, Ithaca, NY, USA. 4/08

Comments: This sting feels fantastic when used as a hybrid with natural gut. The 17 gauge does feel better than the 16 gauge. Again this is the best feeling hybrid I have ever tried so far and I have tried a lot! Pro Hurricane Tour 59lbs mains/natural gut 61lbs crosses
From: John, Riverside, Ca, USA. 4/08

Comments: This is possibly the best poly I have ever played with. It is currently in my Yonex RDS 001 MP @ 57/55 lbs, and I can just control where I want the ball to go. It is my new favorite string. It does drop tension rather quickly, but you can't win them all. Strings stay solidly in place.
From: Daiver, Montevideo, Uruguay. 2/08

Comments: This string is perfect, I strung this @ 54lbs on my PDC. These strings basically produce spin.... without sacrificing any power or control.
From: Vincent, Hong Kong, 10/07

Comments: Best string I've ever tried so far. Lots of spin and control and great feel on every shot. You can really feel the difference. Really better than Sensation. A must try...
From: Luca, Napoli, Italy, 10/07

Comments: This string is amazing...the right tension and these strings will probably be your next wife. Great spin, control, and a good balance of power. Although the durability isn't as great as the original pro hurricane just use string savers like I do...but this string is ONE HECK OF A STRING!
From: AJ, Toms River, NJ, USA, 09/07

Comments: Softer than Luxilon but tension drops quicker, strings stay in place well. Spin potential is good and you can hit out freely. A nice string but not a cure all!
From: Jon, England. 7/07

Comments: Phenomenal strings! I have them on a Babolat Drive Z lite @ 58 lbs. and it is the perfect blend between power, comfort, and feel. These strings don't move or if they do it is very rare and very little. Everyone should try them! I don't think I will be changing to any other string anytime soon. Durability is very good also.
From: John, Palm Beach, FL, USA, 07/07

Comments: I'm not sure what's up with all the good review. The tension drops dramatically in less than a week, and is almost unplayable after 3 weeks. If you change strings every 3 days, than these are the strings for you.
From: Chester, San Diego, CA, USA, 07/07

Comments: WOW. I've only ever used synthetic gut on my strings before and always noticed poor durability and the strings moving around A LOT. However, I recently strung my Wilson K Factor KSix-One 95 Team with pro hurricane tour 17g at 56lbs and it's ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. Aside from it being a slightly softer feel then I normally prefer, it's perfect. Here's why: The strings haven't moved AT ALL after several long matches with them on, and they still look exactly the same as when they were first strung. So you'd think that maybe they're durable but maybe no feel? WRONG. I've found better slice and topspin then I'm even used to!! I will continue to string my racquet with pro hurricane tour...
From: Jared, Wenatchee, WA, USA, 06/07

Comments: Hit with this string in a Vantage 100 frame -- one of the more powerful polys I've had a chance to use, not unusually spin friendly but still typical for a poly, comfortable enough. (I didn't need a dampener in the 63 flex frame.) Stays in place as well as most. A perfectly good string but nothing extraordinary.
From: Mike, Montclair, NJ, USA. 6/07

Comments: Really really great string. Its top-spin is outrageous and you can control it well at the same time! I have it strung @58 lbs on a AeroPro Drive+ for about 2 months now, and it's not even close to breaking. If you play with massive spin like Nadal, you will fall in love with this string. Also, if you put a dampener (rubber band is what I use), your pretty much Godly.
From: Paul, Oxnard, CA, USA. 5/07

Comments: I love these strings. I feel a great amount of control and spin. It was tough at first getting use to a poly string since I use to always use synthetic, but I was looking for a string that would give me spin, control, and wouldn't break on me within 4 hours of playing. I hybrid these strings with Babolat Super Fine Play 17 gauge, it lasted me a month playing 6 hrs a week. I would recommend these strings to people who are chronic string breakers that are looking for a string with spin and control.
From: Don, Garden Grove, CA, USA, 05/07

Comments: Finally found a poly string that doesn't irritate my shoulder! Strings are nice and soft on the arm yet provide plenty of pop on groundstrokes. Love the fact that the strings stay aligned and don't fray. I highly recommend these. (Strung at 68lbs on an Aero Pro Drive +)
From: Damion, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 5/07

Comments: I really enjoyed these strings and my Babolat Pure Drive setup but felt the tension give very quickly over the first 2 weeks of play. After the fourth week I had wrecked my shoulder and elbow with this combo. I changed out to Wilson NXT and the elbow and shoulder are better than ever. I may have just strung them too loose to begin with but be aware, these don't produce the comfort they're advertised to do at 58 lbs.
From: Phillip, Atlanta, GA, USA. 4/07

Comments: This string is pretty good. However, I found it lost quite a bit of tension after playing with it for a few days. I think I'll stick to Unique Big Hitter. It's much cheaper and holds tension very well.
From: Rick, Los Gatos, CA, USA. 4/07

Comments: By far my favorite poly- produces plenty of spin for control and the power is great. I think it's that much better than regular pro hurricane that I'll just continue using this. Surprisingly good tension maintenance and consistent feel for a poly. All PH users should try this out.
From: Carlo, Austin, TX, USA, 04/07

Comments: Excellent strings, these are what I've been looking for a long time. The sound of it after I hit the ball feels so soft and loud which is give me more excited to my game. I use it in the mains, with E-matrix crosses. It didn't hurt my wrists either. Besides I can hit a lot of topspin every time. From now on I will stick with it.
From: Hai, Rome, GA, USA, 02/07

Comments: Hey folks, let me tell you this, after I bought these strings and strung it on my racquet, on the first hit I produced mega spin on my kick serves I initially did not believe in the whole octagon shape thing, because visibly you just cannot see it. I had the original pro hurricane so I can tell you that these are defiantly have way more spin than the old version. The second best part is that it look awesome on my Babolat Aeropro drive. I strung these on my mains at 58lbs and on the cross I have the Head fibergel power at 56lbs
From: Jacky, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 02/07

Comments: This string is not UNBELIEVABLE, not AMAZING and I didn't yell WOW when I first hit with them. Pro Hurricane Tour is a good poly that holds tension better than most. There are comparable strings at lower prices that will give equal performance. If you're looking for a low powered string with brand name pricing then Pro Hurricane Tour is it. If Nadal and Roddick use it then it must be the best, right?
From: Dale, SC, USA. 1/07

Comments: Best string I've ever used, unbelievable durability. Power and spin are easily generated with a semi western grip. Greatest string Babolat's made yet!
From: Tyler, Corning, IA, USA, 01/07

Comments: Tried this string (17g) in my Babolat Pure Control+ @ 60 pounds. It is one of the best, if not the best, poly string I've tried. I used to use Luxilon ALU Power, but the Hurricane excels in control, tension maintenance and arm friendliness. Both seem to produce the same amount of spin but Luxilon ALU Power seems to have a little bit more of raw power. May be that is the reason why I, like somebody said here, do not worry too much about the ball flying.
From: Rafael, Puerto Rico. 12/06

Comments: These strings are amazingly producing more topspin than the Signum Pro Spin strings. These strings also have a good emphasis on control. I use the Prince Diablo XP and string the strings at 60lbs. If you are a player looking for a little more spin to your game, try these strings out.
From: Eric, Mechanicsville, VA, USA. 12/06

Comments: This poly string is noticed to have clearly better control and little less power (which is reasonable) compared with Luxilon Alu and Original ones. I can feel the pop and be confident in making first and the second serve without worrying too much about the ball flying. To be honest, it feels arm friendly when you make pro- style of swing from baseline, but it just going to vibrate your hands and wrist if you try too much on volley because it is not very soft. I had my Liquidmetal Prestige Mid strung with this string at 54lbs of tension, which gives me combination of control, spin, and power from baseline, but like Luxilon, not very good feel on net or other chop shots, because the string sucks in the coming ball, making net work a little unpredictable. If you are interested in sticking at baseline as Nadal, this is quite good choice and worthy of money, but would be better to consider hybrid it with Tecnifibre (or any other soft synth) if you enjoy all court work. I am 4.0 baseliner, and prefer mixing topspin and flat shots.
From: Anonymous. 12/06

Comments:I recently strung my son's Wilson nps95 at 60#. WOW, he loves this string because now he is able to take a full swing at the ball without worrying whether or not the ball will fly long. I noticed a much "heavier" ball with great depth and spin. Without a doubt this is the best string he has played with. He was using Big Banger ALU 57# but it lost tension very fast thus he would have to fight for control ie: depth/spin. I would highly recommend this string to anyone looking for more spin and control. However, I would also recommend increasing the tension to offset the extra pop this string brings to the table. P.S. My son is a highly ranked junior player (12's)
From: Tom, Georgia, USA, 11/06

Comments:Excellent string, powerful, good control with proper tension, easy on the elbow:) if price is not important this one is a winner. Next best is Signum Pro 17L.
From: Mojan, Bethesda, MD, USA, 11/06

Comments: I recently started using Bab AeroDrive+ and was not satisfied with their performance using Luxilon TIMO 17. Switching to Hurricane Tour 17 made a significant difference in the performance of the rackets. As a long time consumer of Luxilon, Hurricane Tour 17 offers longer life, better control, more power, and less vibration. If poly strings suit your game, this is definitely worth a try.
From: Zeke, Powhatan, VA, USA. 10/06

Comments: I use a Hawaiian grip and play with a Prince O3 Tour mp and recently used this string at 57lbs. First off this string feels even stiffer than the Luxilon string that I used before. This string also has way too much power. Every shot vibrated and I couldn't get a good feel for this string. Not my cup of tea.
From: Lawrence, Placentia, CA, USA. 10/06

Comments: This has to be the stiffest string I have ever played with. I strung it at 62 and yet it still gave me too much pop. Since I use the Babolat pure drive cortex, it's safe to say that the racquet itself already has too much pop. I don't recommend this for Babolat racquets but might work well with others.
From: Terrence, Colts Neck, NJ, USA. 10/06

Comments: This is easily the best string that I have ever played with. It is better than the Signum pro strings. This string has great power and I found it easy to get a lot of spin. I recommend that everyone try it.
From: Jimmy, QLD, Australia. 10/06

Comments: This string is really great. I was worried at first because I have used full stringings of Original hurricane and did not like it. I have been using Luxilon ALU and ORIGINAL ROUGH for a couple years now but it's always felt like it's missing something. Hurricane tour has what it is missing. It just has the right feel and doesn't go mushy and lose its control the way Luxilon does. I'd rate this string so far as the best I've tried.
From: Doug, Adelaide, Australia. 10/06

Comments: Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 17 is by far my favorite string! I have this string and the Babolat X-Cel Premium 17 half set on my AeroPro Drive. My shots are much more powerful and I have a lot more control and spin on them. I love it!
From: Kevin, Garden City, NY, USA 09/06

Comments: This string is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Best poly I have ever played with. Great bite, control, and power. Had the bite that I wanted from natural gut, but with better durability. Best of all, it didn't hurt my sore elbow. This string is just amazing; everyone should play with Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 17.
From: Grant, Littleton, CO, USA 09/06

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