Babolat Pro Hurricane 17 660' String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Best string ever! I strung it at 59 pounds in my Prestige Mid (2009) and it crisped it right up. I was definitely hitting better backhands with it and the tension loss was minimal even though I've been playing everyday for three hours for a week. It felt like I was hitting a lot harder than normal. I don't play with an awful lot of spin but my shots were definitely landing in the court a lot more. I had more control on my one handed backhand. My serves were great and I was serving closer to 100mph with it. If you can't generate your own power, have weak shots, or have any arm issues stay away from this string as it will not help. I would suggest if you have arm issues to try xcel or another multifilament string.
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: I use an old Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex and string at 54 pounds, which in my opinion is far too tight. It's often unpredictable and harsh when it misses the sweetspot, though powerful enough and capable of generating heavy spin when you really connect. It's far better in the lower tension regions. I don't really see why someone would put up with such harshness. Maybe simply for the durability?
From: Varun, 11/12

Comments: Great strings! I have been using these for around 3 years now and it is excellent for control. I can pin point where I want to hit the ball and these strings are very durable. Sometimes they last me 3 months, even though I play everyday.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: This is a very good string. It is comfortable and for me perfect on a Babolat Pure Drive. It seems softer than my usual string (Luxilon Original), and provides more power.
From: Fabio, 5/12

Comments: I bought this string from tennis warehouse cause of good feedbacks but to my surprise after playing 2 hrs it suddenly broke; very disappointed.
From: Anon, Malumay, Philippines, 03/11

Comments:I had my friend string my racquet with this after he suggested that I try a poly string. Before that I had never used a poly before, but now I wouldn't have a racquet strung with anything else! This string is awesome, it gives me great spin on my forehand shots and outstanding control from the baseline. The comfort level far exceeds that of any synthetic gut that I've used before and my already arm-friendly racquet has become even more playable. Overall, a very playable string with good control and great durability.
From: Adam, Chicago, Illinois, USA. 07/10

Comments: Hey! All Clay court players attention! This amazing 17 gauge string just kept playing better and better. Try this 17gauge string on the mains and use head synthetic gut pps 17 gauge (or use any kinds of softer strings 17 gauge) at the crosses at a very low string tension. My racquets are strung at just 53lbs of Prince Michael Chang midplus 95 grip size #3 and recommended string tension is 58+_5. It gives you extra top spin as you hit balls higher; so the ball bounces higher. On the ad side your wide kick serve pushes your opponent very far from court. Also, do not try this strings at both main and cross because of no power at all! And never try at very high string tension, it's going to kill your tennis.
From: Tagawa, Birmingham, AL, USA. 06/10
NTRP Rating: 4.0-5.0

Comments: Great strings that provide me with spin and accuracy. I have been improving so much lately. Just tried my first champion tournament a month ago and I made it to semi-final. Great string but not enough power on my shots. Overall, this string is great for player who can generate enough power on their own.
From: Victor, CA. 5/10

Comments: I have this on 1 of my racquets on the main and xcel on the cross, both @ 60lbs. It is amazing. Excellent control and it has an extra pop compared to my other racquets that are strung only with poly (Gosen polylon sp 17 or Kirschbaum spiky shark 17).
From: Brian, Walnut, CA, USA. 03/10

Comments: I am currently using the PRINCE EXO 3 IGNITE 95. I just bought a reel of this string and I am home schooled and train all day. The string lasted me the morning session and at night it popped. It was a good hit and not a mis-hit. I am wondering if it is the racquet. The string also generates tremendous spin.
From: Nicolas, Miami, FL, USA. 3/10

Comments: Felt rather weird at the start due to the unusual stiffness of this string. However, after a couple hours of play, this string felt brilliant. Good spin on the 2nd serve and groundstrokes. My play was definitely more consistent than other polys or kevlar used previously. Highly recommended.
From: Jet, Singapore. 11/09

Comments: I'm a 3.5 player. These strings are extremely durable and produce amazing spin. It is quite a dead string, though. The ball would not travel as fast as it used to. I will probably switch to the Tour version or Revenge.
From: Brandon, KY. 11/09

Comments: Great string that holds tension well. I strung it at 62 lbs on RdiS mid. A bit stiff and pingy at first but after a couple of hours of break in it becomes the best strings I've used. Pockets the ball more so than Tour version.
From: Oliver, Virginia Beach, Virginia. 9/09

Comments: Absolutely amazing string!!! I use it to string my Babolat pure control team. I use all pro hurricane and 58 lbs. I highly recommend this string. No tension loss!
From: Zhair, Djibouti 08/09

Comments: I used this string for the first time and I love the feel of it. I had very good power and control from the baseline, but had a little trouble at the net with it. Overall, a great string.
From: Mike, Chicago, IL, USA. 07/09

Comments: This string is amazing and I know it's hyped up to be extremely durable and that's why I switched to them. They felt good but only lasted me a week. Synthetic gut lasts me 2 days, I need a stronger string than this but if you don't pop often these are great.
From: Eman,TX 06/09

Comments: I decided to use this string after reading all the reviews, but I really don't know what all the hype is about. This string is average. Even when knocking up for the first ten minutes I noticed this string felt dead and lacked control. I previously used Alu Power and Pro Hurricane; does not come anywhere near in terms of control. The one good thing about this string is the added spin as my partner noticed a significant increase in spin, but also noticed my power and control dropped considerably. As for Babolat's claim to be extremely durable, it is too early to say as I've only used this string for several hours, but my previous Alu Power took over a year to break and I play three times a week. Previous readers have noticed that this string becomes more lively after several more sessions, I will see if this is the case. If not, I will restring.
From: Simon, Hong Kong. 05/09

Comments: I bought two raquets with this string already. At first I was a little hesitant to play with these strings, because I have always favored the synthetic gut of all brands, but as I started to play with this sting I found out one thing, I didn't break the string, and the feel was great! I hit with a lot of top spin on my forehand and underspin on the backhand, boy what a string, so I went and bought a set of this strings for my other two racquets, great string, recommend it to any body that hits with a lot of top spin.
From: Tony, USA. 04/09

Comments: I love this string; I can hit with all my power and the ball stays in the court. the spin that I can generate with it is amazing and I recommend it to anyone; I am a 5.0 player and getting better thanks to this string. It doesn't lose tension so fast and I have never broken it. I tried the 16g but it was too stiff for my arm.
From: Carlos, palmdale, CA USA. 12/08

Comments: I initially purchased these strings because I was tired of having to deal with restringing racquets every couple weeks and was amazingly surprised that in addition to the impressive durability (only broke once during my entire high school season of 2 months), I still got the same spin as I got off of my old hybrid combination of strings. This is a terrific string and I would recommend it to all high level players.
From: Rohit, Cheshire, CT, USA. 6/08

Comments: I was astonished of how much spin the string actually had. This string is so hard to hit anything without a spin on it. My first serves have gone in a little faster than my old Luxilon Big Banger ALU. Good string overall.
From: Johny, Alhambra, California, USA. 3/08

Comments: I like to use this string for the mains and put Gosen Proform 15l on the crosses if using this string make sure to string about 5-7 pounds less as this string does not stretch at all very stiff but overall a nice string
From: Brent, Snohomish, WA, USA. 5/07

Comments: I'm a 5.5 player and in my opinion, these strings are good, but not the best of strings. It plays much better with the Xcel premium 17g hybrid (crosses) while the hurricanes are on the mains. I currently string my Babolat Pure Drive Team at 64lbs.
From: AJ, Valencia, CA, USA, 01/07

Comments: This string gives you a lot of durability and spin. I use this on the mains with Babolat natural gut 17 on the crosses. It is fantastic. It gives you power and control with comfort. Give this string a try.
From: Alan, Ocean County, NJ, U.S 07/06

Comments: I am a 5.5 player. I used this string for one week on my Wilson Six-one 95, and I broke this string every other day. I broke three strings in one week! I'll be looking for a different string.
From: Jeremy Atkin, ST. George, UT, USA 04/06

Comments: I have found that this string is pretty uncomfortable. Compared to the Luxilon Big Banger, Prince Top Spin, and Babolat Powergy it lasts MUCH longer, but isn't as good for your elbow. I found that out the hard way. It took me a few months to break it, playing every day and hitting the ball very hard.
From: John Clark, WS/ NC/ USA 04/06

Comments: This is a great string. It doesn't move around much at all, which is one of the characteristics I always consider when I choose my strings. Strung it on the mains on my nSix-One Tour 90, with Wilson Enduro Pro on the crosses. Strung both at 28 kilos. These 2 strings together provide a great deal of control and power. Love this string!!
From: Brandon, Singapore 04/06

Comments: Very durable string that holds tension very well. Very reasonably priced and extremely long lasting, even in 17g. I would strongly recommend this string for string breakers, but I feel that a full string job of Hurricane plays too stiff. I would suggest a hybrid with Hurricane mains and something considerably softer in the crosses (if you can afford natural gut, fantastic!). Currently I am using Yonex 850 in the crosses and the combination has worked out great. I am a roughly 4.0-4.5 baseliner using semi-western forehand and a two-handed backhand.
From: Will, Albany, New York, USA. 11/05

Comments: I got these strings with my new racquet, and even if it lacks feel at first, it puts so much spin on the ball! I absolutely love it.
From: Meng, Duluth, GA, USA. 10/05

Comments: After a few hours of break-in these are the greatest strings I've ever used. They give at least as much feel and action of expensive multifilaments but they don't snap after a few hours of play, and they never, ever move. I string mine at 65lbs and have not experienced any elbow or shoulder problems. A+ Bravo Babolat.
From: Johnathan, Charleston, WV, USA. 9/05

Comments: For the first hour or so this string is stiff, with no feel, no control, no spin. Then it transforms into one of the best strings I've ever used. Massive spin, massive control, and the most delicious sound on contact. I string it at 65lbs in my PS Tour 90.
From: Johnathan, Charleston, WV, USA. 9/05

Comments: These are one of the best strings on the market today. I have played with about thirty different strings, and none of them had such a great feel and the ability not to move as this one. And the durability is just fantastic! What else would you want from your strings? If you play power game using a lot of top spin, and are tired of having to restring your rackets every three days, definitely try these strings out.
From: Alex, Columbus, OH, USA 07/05

Comments: I've been using these strings 4 the past 6 months or so. Last week I tried Prince topspin and they broke in less than a week. I string them at 60 on my Head Radical Os but I'm considering switching to 56 due to the lack of power. These are the most durable strings that I have ever used.
From: Gill, Coquitlam, BC, Canada 07/05

Comments: Because of the comfort and cushioned feel you can really swing through the ball on all of your groundstrokes and serves. Having the freedom to swing away really releases your inner player improving all parts of your game. This string really adds power and control, improving confidence.
From: Anon. 12/04

Comments: This is a great string, it still plays well for a poly and works great in the mains with BDE or VS gut in the crosses. It's amazing that you can achieve great feel and power and still get decent durability. I wish hybrid stringing was more popular when I played in college, I would have needed less backups. Good string for durability and decent control and power, great when combined with a good gut. Strung in a Fischer Pro 1 FT and a Slazenger X1 racquet.
From: Peter, Brooklyn, NY, USA. 8/04

Comments: Great string excellent durability and playability in the 17. I strung it at about 56lbs. I even preferred it to the feel of natural gut.
From: Clive, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 8/04

Comments: This is Doug again, I've been experimenting ALOT lately with different strings and hybrids and I currently use Babolat Pro Hurricane in the mains and Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex 16 in the crosses. It is incredible. I get great feel from the synthetic gut and control and spin from the Pro Hurricane. This Hybrid also lasts me 4 hours before it snaps whereas Prince Synthetic Gut normally only lasts me 45mins in my Wilson Pro Staff Tour 90. Either way, this hybrid is awesome and I am very impressed with how powerful it is. My serve is on fire at the moment! We will see how it is in a weeks time and I'll know if its the strings or just me. Mains: 55lbs / Crosses: 58lbs.
From: Doug, Mt. Gambier, Australia. 8/03

Comments: This is Doug again, I've been experimenting a lot lately with different strings and hybrids and I currently use Babolat Pro Hurricane in the mains and Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex 16g in the crosses. It is incredible. I get great feel from the synthetic gut and control and spin from the Pro Hurricane. This Hybrid also lasts me 4 hours before it snaps whereas Prince SynGut normally only lasts me 45 mins in my Tour 90. Either way, this hybrid is awesome and I am very impressed with how powerful it is. My serve is on fire at the moment! We will see how it is in a weeks time and Ill know if its the strings or just me.
From: Doug, Mt. Gambier, Australia. 07/04

Comments: Great string, it has great feel for a poly string. I used to break Wilson NXT in a day or two. Pro Hurricane lasts me a week, and I absolutely love it.
From: Trent, USA. 6/04

Comments: I ordered this string very recently from Tennis Warehouse, simply because I am a big fan of Andy Roddick. I am 18 and I string my own rackets. I currently use a Wilson Pro Staff Tour 90. For the past few months, I have been using Kirschbaum Competition in the 17 (1.20mm) gauge. The Kirschbaum string is fantastic, it is durable, soft and is great for spin. However, using it in my Tour 90s, which have a small head, I sometimes wish they were just a bit more powerful. I string my Kirschbaum at 56lbs, and I strung the Babolat Hurricane at 58lbs. The difference in the width of the strings was barely noticeable. In fact, there is very little difference except for the Hurricane has much nicer power return off the stringbed and the sweetspot felt slightly larger. Hitting the ball at the top of the string bed still felt good whereas with the Kirschbaum it felt very dead. So if you need the durability of a poly string, and don't mind spending a few extra dollars to get a bit more feel and power then the Babolat is definitely the way to go.
From: Doug, Mt Gambier, SA, Australia.

Comments: First of all I love this web site. I am a 19-year-old all-around player on the satellite tour. I have recently been on a string hunt and have experimented with plenty of strings. Today was the first time I hit with the Hurricane and I felt that this string is reasonably priced and plays well. I like the feel of this string since I am not a fan of softer stings, but it also gave me something more than regular hard strings. It's a great string.
From: Asad, NY, NY, USA. 5/05

Comments: I thought the 16 gauge had good feel and power for the ball, but in all I loved the 17 because the bite for the ball was excellent.
From: Ryan, Peoria, Illinois, USA. 4/04

Comments: This string would be far better for those with more open string patterns. Used it in a friend's Head Ti.Radical MP (18/20 string pattern) at 55lbs & hated the stiffness of it but in a Wilson Tour 90 (16/19 string pattern)at 57lbs & it was much better. This Pro Hurricane string is very, very stiff & feel & touch isn't great. If you get the tension right, you can hit some real belters. Would prefer something with more with a tad more feel & softness combined with the durability & tension hold of the Pro Hurricane 17g.
From: Andy, London, UK. 3/04

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