Babolat Pro Hurr Tour 16 1/2 Set Customer feedback

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Comments: I'm a long time user of this string so I feel deserving of a comment. Pros: great ball bite, great topspin, decent pop, decent feel, super durable, little more "give" than RPM in my opinion. Cons: wild tension fluctuations, stiff, little unpredictable on launch. This string is taylor made for western grippers or big low to high swings that want as much top spin in their game as possible. With its high launch angle it didn't quite fit my game which is why I switched to ALU but a great string for sure. I recommend it!
From: Darrel, 2/15

Comments: Well I tried these strings a long time ago, I do remember the phenomenal amount of spin and power you could easily get, the ball biting action from the strings was amazing. But i was a heavy spin player at the time when I used them so I just blasted all of my shots with heavy spin and the topspin was amazing. BUT it does play very stiff, and you can't feel much from the ball, and even worst, they died out after a few weeks, and just remained dead on my string bed. I prefer prince tour alot more.
From: My, Westminster, CA, USA. 04/09

Comments: This string is really nice but it is a little stiff, it needs some breaking in to do before the strings full potential comes out. I played in a lot of tournaments; I'm 17 and the string helped me out a lot in the playoffs.
From: Liam, St.Charles Missouri, Usa. 04/09

Comments: No doubt it is a very harsh string, I strung at 50lbs with prince softflex in the crosses to mitigate what I expected to be a harsh string, 8-10 lbs lower than my normal 58-60. It felt like playing with a wooden plank like many reviewers have noticed...maybe I'll try it at 40? Overall the power was fine, but the sensation was awful.
From: Zaf B, Washington, DC, USA,
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I tried this string in comparison to the Gamma Live Wire XP I've been using. It was a bit harder to string because the string is slicker and it would tend to pull through the clamp on the first few mains. The string felt "mushy" to me and did not give enough feedback on how I was hitting the ball. It is durable, but loses tension and control after playing with it a while. In fact, I would end up cutting out the string because it was unplayable before it would break. I typically break strings after about 20 hours due to topspin. I've found that I prefer multi-filament that give me more feedback on the state of the string.
From: Tom, Atlanta, GA, USA. 1/07

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